Not Your Keeper


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Date: June 8, 2011
Location: Jonavan's Room, Healer Hall, Fort
Synopsis: Evie stops by to see her brother and ends up seeing a beaten-up Jaya. Jaya spills the beans on the reason why she and Hope are at the Hall and Evie makes an abrupt change of plans.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

The corridor of the Healer Hall wing reserved for masters and senior journeymen bears witness to the pitter-patter of little feet - but no, not that kind. It's petite, brown-haired Evie racing along in her socks, muddy shoes dangling from her fingers and a travelling coat draped over the same arm. She skids to a halt outside her brother's door and bangs on it with her free fist. "Open up, Jon, if you're hiding in there!" No privacy allowed. Evie, smothering giggles with her cheeks red and her hair in disarray, has just come in from the cold.

All that banging was bound to wake a blood-caked, sore woman up. Having draped herself over her couch to snore loudly, the noise wrenches her awake and has Jaya crawling out of her couch with a yawn. She still wears the same clothes from the night before, some blood from her purpling, swollen nose dried on her skin as she yells aloud, “Jona…..the fucking door!” Hearing no response, she turns to peer into his room and find both him and Hope gone, likely off to breakfast to leave her to sleep off the effects of a successful brawl. Since she was alone, the Bitran stumbles grumbling to the door and wrenches the door open with a “Ain’t no master here, so wha—?” before she finds herself standing before Jonavan’s sister.

Repressing her laughter becomes that much harder when the healer outside hears the woman within, and her suspicions are all confirmed. Her face is awash with delight and mischief when the door swings open. "Oh." Evie's eyes widen not because it's Jaya instead of Jonavan, but because of Jaya looking as she looks. The glee drains right out of her; instantly, she is sobered, concerned. "What happened to you?"

Jaya was not expecting to be faced with Jonavan’s sister, and she was not expecting to face anyone like this. She watches that smile slide right off of Evie’s face when she catch sight of the bruise, and the barkeep rubs absently at her eyes with a groan as she continues to wake up. “Not as bad as it looks,” is what gets mumbled, the woman setting to lean herself against the door frame before she finds her courtesy. She straightens abruptly, moving to the side with an ‘oh’ and gestures for the mindhealer to come in. “He’s not in,” she drawls, suppressing a yawn. “Think he and Hope got breakfast. Come on in, Evie.”

"He didn't…" Though Evie has never thought her brother violent and even less so capable of violence towards women, she has to ask. A second question follows on the heels of the first she hasn't finished. "Do you want me to get you some ice?" Then, with Jaya stepping aside, the petite brunette enters the room, still lingering round the door in case an ice-run is in order. "I heard you were here," she adds, not quite conversational as she continues to eye the discoloration of Jaya's face.

“Who, Jona-? No,” and Jaya waves a hand in dismissal of that as she returns to the room. She goes to the side table to drink some water before she reaches up to poke at the bruised nose and turns back to see Evie enter. When Evie offers to get some ice, the barkeep looks about to decline before she reverses it with, “Sure. I suppose I should get this looked after, being in a Hall of healers and all.” She drops onto the couch, Evie’s last getting a wryly drawled, “Yeah, I hear that’s been spreading around since we arrived. Met his friend, Ellis, the day before.”

Evie looks relieved as Jaya dismisses her concerns and even a little guilty for having thought of it at all. "I see it - it happens," she explains herself. "Hold tight, and I'll grab you that ice." She edges back out the door, relaxing into a grin when talk turns to rumours. "Yeah, he sent me a message saying I owed him so I had to run in to check - and to say hi, of course!" She leaves the details of the bet alone for now, dropping her muddy shoes at the doormat as she dashes back out. The healer's back before long, carrying ice held within a thin towel.

Jaya is silent, nursing the glass of water and her groggy, hangover eyes until Evie returns with that ice. When Evie returns, she’ll find the barkeep laying on her couch, resting her head on the pillow. She only moves to a slight sitting position when she spies the ice and towel, choosing to answer her then with, “For the record, the other one looks worse. He even looked worse before I hit him. Thanks,” she nods towards the ice and towel, hand reaching for it. Now processing something else said, she tacks on abruptly, “What you owe him? Some marks or something?” Her voice is still slightly slurred from the hangover that’s hitting her like a ton of bricks, the woman wincing when her hand brushes her swollen nose by accident as she scratches at her head.

Evie steps over her shoes and into the room, passing the ice over to Jaya with the words, "There, that should take down the swelling. And I'm sure he did - I remember quite well you saying that you knew how to hit." And then invited Evie to brawl in her bar. The woman steps past to pour herself a glass of water and falls into one of two armchairs near the sofa Jaya's laid out on. "More water?" she offers, catching the slur as well as the more visible signs of a hard night's drinking. "I don't think I owe him anything, unless it's true that you and my brother have had a kid together that he failed to tell me about." Sprawling out, Evie looks at Jaya expectantly, waiting for denial or confirmation.

Once Jaya has the towel and ice, she slaps it over her nose with a hiss and effectively hides much of her face. To her first, “Bastard thought he could cheat me at cards,” she tells her in a growl, her voice somewhat muffled with the towel over her nose. “Can you believe that? Cheat me! Puh! And then thought I would want to kiss that ugly face of his. Good thing your brother’s friend was there,” and she looks over towards Evie over the ice, brows lifted expressively. “If not for him holding my drink already, I would have got cut or something. Nope! My hands were nice and free so I could throw in that first lick! He got me good, though,” and she briefly moves away the ice to show the bruise, “ and I think it might be broken, but it was fucking worth it. Felt good to hit someone for a change.” Once Evie sits closer and offers more water, Jaya nods a reaches out with her free hand before continuing. “But anyway, I reckon he won’t be cheatin’ no Bitran anytime soon. I got to slam his mug down over his cheatin’ fingers, ha! Barkeep sure didn’t look much pleased though, and being one myself, I could understand. S’why I added double the price of the drinks with Ellis’s before we left. So you think he and I have a kid together?” The topics switch with ease, her catching that last bit with a look. “Huh, imagine that. Think Hope’s too cute to be Jonavan’s, though. Mine, neither, to be honest, but I think the girl would have a promising future in swindling men. Or, maybe I’m rubbing off on her already. What did Jonavan tell you?” Neither confirming nor denying just yet.

Evie grins through Jaya's account of her previous evening and sits forward when her professional capacities are called into play. "Want me to have a look for you?" she asks, offering to examine the potential break. "Good of you," she adds moments later to the mention of generously upping the amount of marks paid. That quick comment means she doesn't answer Jaya immediately when it comes to the rumours. Still sitting forward, Evie shares a long, considering look with Jaya. "No," she replies in the end, "I don't. He knows I'd kill him if he conveniently forgot to mention having a kid. I'm the one who bet against it. Jon didn't tell me anything - I haven't spoken to him yet." Hence why she's here to bother her older brother and leave her muddy boots at his door. "Not about this, anyway." It's a leading remark, one dropped knowingly. "Hope, is it? Sounds like a heart-breaker."

When Evie offers to take a look at her nose, Jaya sets the ice down wordlessly so that she could take a look. She responds when he mentions that she would kill her brother if he hadn’t told her about the kid, the Bitran snorting and saying, “That seems to be his motives, at least where I’m concerned.” Not explaining the comment, she moves on and adds, “You should go and see him, though. I’m sure he’d be glad to see his sister. How long are you staying here?” That leading remark gets a brow raised, and the barkeep echoes, “Not about this?” She smiles on the account of Hope, the woman nodding and saying, “Sweet girl. Don’t tell anyone I said that, though. I’m her protection detail.” Well, it sounds better than saying ‘I and Hope are being sent away to Jonavan to be protected.’

Evie comes in front of Jaya so she can gently touch her nose, asking, "Does this hurt? Any difficulty breathing?" She continues speaking while she examines, brows lifting at the first comment from Jaya concerning her brother. "He's trying to get himself killed? Sounds about right…I did see him when he first got in and after his exams, but I've been out doing the rounds. I'm in and out, but how long are you here for? Maybe I can arrange to be more in than out while you're around, if you like." She sits back, hands falling away. "Secret's safe with me," she promises, smiling. Jaya's prompt on what Evie and Jonavan may have spoken of since his departure isn't ignored, just shelved for later. "Have to take you down to an examining room to have a better look at your nose —" Healer instruments! "Don't think Jonavan's got what we'd need up here."

When Evie gently touches her nose, Jaya does wince just a little. Crinkling it against her fingers, “Nose been broken plenty of times,” she mumbles, and then adds, “And who knows with that brother of yours. Never seen him so drunk like that I did over a night ago though. Thought he had it made here, but after talking to Ellis, now I’m not so sure….” She falls silent in thought, and then in light of that question on how long she was to stay, there’s a shrug and a blasé, “Who knows. Could be a few days or a seven. Got some trouble down south that has me and Hope up here. Be good to have you more around though,” she adds, looking her way. “Nice to have someone to talk to. Your brother’s been…..hmmm, dunno,” not sure what to say there, shaking her head. When Evie mentions she may have to go to the emergency room, Jaya’s eyes widen and the woman blurts out, “Uhhhhh….oh, I’m sure it’s not that bad to go somewhere else, right?” Or maybe it’s because infirmaries and healers surrounding her with needles and the like makes her all skittish. She even flaps a hand in dismissal of it. “Nothing’s wrong with just slapping some ice over it and calling it day,” and to demonstrate, she does just that.

"So what's another break then, hmm?" Evie's grin is wide and unaffected. The grin fades a little as Jaya mentions her brother, and though the young woman doesn't respond immediately, it's clear that something about Jaya's statement bothers her, saddens her. Perhaps that's what prompts her return to professionalism. "I can't be sure it's broken without a closer look on, you know, the inside. But it doesn't need setting. Ice'll take the swelling down, and I can get you something to take the edge off." It doesn't seem like Evie's going to force Jaya into an exam room against her will, though her next trip out and in will certainly have her bringing back what she needs for a proper look. As Jaya puts the icepack back on, the brunette sits up in her chair, hugging her knees. "So what's the trouble that's got you to come up?"

“Ahhh….” Is all Jaya responds to Evie’s first, holding off the ice before watching the mind healer go silent on her brother. Since no response is offered, no further words are given there and the woman focuses then on the professional words about her injury. “Sounds good,” she gives in then, watching the woman warily as if she was going whip out some nasty healer tool without warning. Now with the ice pack back on, she seems to expect the question for the woman answers thickly, “Vaputero’s in the south.” It’s no point in mincing the truth with her, being that she was the one that helped put Olira back together. “I imagine he’s there wanting to see his son, among other things.” Shrugging a bit, “Max didn’t want’ his daughter there when he shows up so he sent both of us here to Jonavan. Protection detail.”

Evie has no healer tools to hand and has the grace not to stick her fingers up Jaya's nostrils. "Bet he's got something for the pain at least," she remarks dryly; something about how she says it isn't a straightforward comment on the medicines Jonavan keeps in stock. She swings her legs off the chair, about to go have a look and be nosy about what he's got in his room, when Jaya reveals what's had her and Hope come north. "He wants what?" Evie sits bolt upright in sudden alarm. Her brother and his problems are forgotten for another day; he isn't going anywhere. "Shells and shit."

Jaya looks to Evie when she speaks on numbing the pain and checking to see if Jonavan has anything for it, to which the barkeep states, “Maybe, but I don’t remember him giving me anything that night. I did shoo him off so…” Yeah. When Evie reacts with alarm at hearing Vaput was in town, “He was bound to come, shuga,” she tells her, shaking her head. “That was always a possibility, but we never knew when. Now we do, and he’s there and I was so close to getting my wish of knocking a knife through his throat but-“ she pauses, shaking her head again. “Well, I imagine, with Max running things there, Vaput won’t get far in taking his son away from Olira. He’d be foolish to try.”

"Shit," Evie repeats, falling back heavily, her small frame swallowed in the much larger chair. "Olira - she can't handle this." Perhaps the others knew that Vaputero might come, somewhere in the back of their minds, but it hadn't crossed Evie's. "She shouldn't have to face her attacker like this. If he was being brought to justice, then it would be different - if he's going to Eastern, can't the dragons stop him? Turn him over to Lord Bitra?"

Nursing her nose absently as she watches Evie, "She'll have back-up," Jaya tries to assure her with a sniffle. "You better believe wherever Vaput goes while in Eastern, someone of Max's choosing will be following. She'll be much safer facing him in the Weyr than she would at Keane's bar up in Telgar," which was where she got attacked. Head tilts slightly at Evie's question then, the barkeep answering after a brief pause, "Man's been around a whole lot longer than me, shuga," she tells her on justice. "Some guards can get paid off. If not for that, my ass would have landed in the mines long before he cut my face up." Setting the ice down, "And sure, the dragons could stop him, I reckon. Won't make matters better, though. He has informants here," and she nods with certainty on that one. "Neither Max nor I know who they could be. I'd rather the evil we know to the one we don't, if you know what I mean?" As for Lord Bitra, there's a snort there as she woman leans back more on her couch and drops the ice back on her nose before responding with "Lord Bitra? Huh, more like, turning him over to his good friend. He's in his pocket, too, Evie. That's how we were able smuggle what we could in and out of Bitra."

"I don't care if his tail is halfway up his ass. It's not enough and you know it and that…that fucking monster shouldn't be allowed to roam at will." Evie's temper is rising though her tone remains on an even level, cold and hard and, in that moment, resembling her brother. "It's always better to have a man like him off the lands and shipped off to an island exile or - even staked out for Thread. What kind of example are you setting letting him just get away with it?" The argument to leave the man in his place rather than seeking his banishment or death is met with utter incredulity. Evie can't sit still, can barely sit, and in another moment jumps up to begin pacing in front of the couch. "I have to go," she decides abruptly, not meaning out of the room - she means much further.

Undaunted, "Vaputero will get his," Jaya says that with strong certainty, a dark light entering her eyes. "Make no mistake on that, Evie. He's going to regret touching another woman or fucking over another person when we're done with him. When I'm done with him!" She sets down the ice to say that, regarding the mind healer with interest as her temper rises. The island exile idea does seem to resonate with her though, for she says, "Might work if you cut off all his ties. I prefer him dead, personally, though." Beat. "Wait, I thought you were looking to see-?" Evie's to her feet and Jaya's slow to follow, frowing as she watch the woman get more agitated. Then, frowning even more, she adds, "What are you going to do, Evie?"

A short snort meets Jaya's words; the mindhealer is not reassured, wants her justice swift and hard with the weight of Hold and Hall behind her. "I prefer him dead too." Evie is hardly what you'd call bloodthirsty, but she echoes Jaya's opinion as solid fact. She spins on her heel to face the other woman, mind going a million miles an hour. "I can see Jonavan anytime I like, he's not going anywhere, but Olira's my responsibility. I'm not going for him, I'm going for her. For support. This is what I do, Jaya."

Jaya's face falls on the last thing said, though she addresses the part about her brother. "You're not thinking….?" She pauses. "You know Jonavan's not going to li—" and she stops again, frowning. "Evie, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean this guy's pretty bad news, and…." Well, it's not like Jaya could necessarily stop Evie from going. Jonavan probably won't see it like that though, being that he'll find out that his dear sister went south to face a monster with Olira. She runs a hand over her face, trying to think of some excuse to get Evie to turn back from this course of action. "Well, he could already be there!" she latches onto that, looking her way. "He could have already ran into her, so I think that maybe you should wait until Jonavan gets back with Hope atleast…." and she'll pause to gauge Evie's reaction, to see if the mind healer was buying any of it.

"My brother is not my keeper," Evie says severely for Jaya's sentence hardly needs finishing, and it's easy to see that stubbornness is a family trait. "You don't have to tell me what he's like. And I don't need to see him, I just need to see Olira." Though she likely knows that one involves the other, especially if Vaputero's going to see his son. Jaya's attempts at dissuasion earn the lift of Evie's brows and little change to her determined expression. "If he's seen her, all the more reason to go now. She'll be needing someone."

The stubbornness would appall anyone, but Jaya just stands there with the ice on her nose, watching Evie as she speaks. She knew she was fighting a losing battle, so all the barkeep could do was shake her head at the mind healer and drawl out, “Can’t rightly stop you, so….you be careful, Evie,” she gives evenly and soberly, looking the woman over. “Be careful of that man should you run into him. I know what he’s like. He’s a rotten, turncoatin’ sort, shuga, and he won’t be against using force when threatened.” Dropping down to sit on the couch, she adds, “What should I tell Jonavan, should be ask?” for the man was bound to.

Evie's temper has dropped, and now she just looks grave, resolute without making light of the situation. "I will. I know what I'm getting into." She thinks so, anyway. She pours herself a glass of water and drinks a great deal of it at once, then sets what's left down alongside the pitcher. "Tell him the truth." Evie turns back towards Jaya and drops alongside her on the couch, reaching over with the intent of giving her hand a quick squeeze. "I don't go anywhere like this without logging it first, just in case." In case something happens. "It's no big secret. Just give me a head-start first, eh?"

With Evie answering that she was ready to meet the big Bitran, Jaya fits a long regard onto the mind healer before she finally gives into a nod. “Just be careful, shuga,” is all she gives there, given sincerely since she actually does like the woman. She’ll leave it at that, too, moving on to add on Jonavan’s account, “All I can give him is the truth. She grins at the quick hand squeeze, then to the last, there’s another long look before she sets the ice down from her nose and nods. “Fine, I’ll give you head-start. If you get fucked-up though, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Beat. “Now, I’m hungry,” she moves on, changing the subject. “Unless you’re planning to leave me right now, why don’t we hit up the dining hall for a bit?” She even tries to sound enticing, too.

For Jaya's warnings, Evie repeats, "I know what I'm getting into." She readily stands when Jaya suggests a meal, offering a hand up since the other woman, as bruised and beat-up as she is, looks like she could use it. "Sure. Never between on an empty stomach, that's my motto." Evie's cheer sounds a little forced. The meal will be a quick one, for the mindhealer's openly anxious to be on her way, practically fidgeting in her seat when the two make it down to the dining hall.

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