Off Balanced


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Date: 2010.08.04
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Galleries
Synopsis: Another run in with Andi and Zen expresses his confusion with her once more.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Merendezen

Open sky gives way to stone as one enters the galleries. The small room built into the rock is architecturally designed to draw the attention down below: to the sands. Holding six tiers of five seats each, the room is fairly etched out of the stone of the caldera, giving its occupants places to rest while their focus is on the life-changing space before them. A long rail sits between them and the ground, keeping people from angry dragons or painful falls.

With Rauzath's clutch complete upon the sands, the flow through the hatching galleries has increased as of late, with both candidates and hopeful candidates alike spending much of their time in the galleries, looking over and taking guesses as to which will be 'their' egg. While arguably, Andi is in neither category, she too is in the Galleries today, the Scribe bent over a square pad of paper - likely a gift from her father - painstakingly scribbling neat, tiny notes.

What brings Zen to the Galleries is not the eggs. He's had his fill of eggs for awhile and isn't looking to go and stare at some more for awhile. Even if they're from a different clutch. The candidate comes with a broom to sweep out the dirt and the muck and the trash left behind by the lazier folks. Andi goes unnoticed right away as he pauses in the entrance to examine what must be cleaned.

Shoulders stay hunched as she works, carefully adding a little sketch to the corner of the page, small, neat numbers next to each curving shell, the young woman looking back and forth from the sands to the paper infront of her, biting her lip as she compares her rough sketch to the real thing. A wrinkle of her nose and she carefully shakes her head, setting about crossing something out with one simple line, writing something else in place under it.

Merendezen begins his work, sweep sweep sweep. And this leads him to spot Andi. If she hasn't noticed him yet, she wouldn't see the hesitation before he leans over. "It looks fine." The sketch. Because he's nosy. Then, he shrugs and quickly sets back to work as if he's never stopped.

Andi was quite caught up with her work, and so at the voice over her shoulder she's actually jumping, nearly dropping the pad onto the floor, fingers snagging it and keeping the precious book from falling. "I… Thanks." She stammers a little bit, not actively looking up, blushing darkly even as he moves on.

Merendezen chuckles softly, but there's no apology for startling the girl, continuing to sweep through the gallery. The silence is awkward until finally he speaks. "Are you getting records of the eggs or are you just doing this for yourself?"

"My.. My father was.. interested." Andi stammers a little as she contemplates her choice of words, thinking it over with a soft hmm. Attention goes back to the little, cramped descriptions, tapping on it lightly with the back side of her pencil. "He.. He says its important to have an unbiased record." She says, repeating the Lord Holder's words in a certain tone.

Merendezen lets out a soft snort, "I see." Green eyes roll as he continues to sweep, making piles of garbage. He pauses to turn a look to the woman. "He doesn't trust the Harper's then? They are supposed to be unbias. They are the record keepers." He shrugs, "I don't like your father."

"He doesn't tru-" Andi starts to counter his remark about Harpers, and quickly changes her mind, shaking her head with a gulp, looking away. The note is given a little flurry of writing, and then the pad is flipped closed and tucked against her chest, holding it carefully, glancing back at Zen then. "He's.. He's a good Lord."

"He's a fool." Zen states simply in response to what she doesn't finish saying, returning to his work and then shrugging. "I suppose that's true, then. Good Lords don't make for good men, from what I'm hearing."

"He's my father!" Andi says quickly as Zen calls the Lord Holder a fool, and immediately winces as her voice carries a bit more clearly than she had thought, shrinking down as she sits on the bench, looking sheepish, shaking her head. "He.. He's a good Lord." She repeats again, stealing a glance at Zen, before quickly looking away.

"Of course he is. But that doesn't make him less of a fool. It doesn't make him a good father. I'm sure my father and mother are both awful people, doesn't make it right for them to be that way just because they're my parents." Eyes roll and he gives her a look. "If you say so."

"I.." And Andi snaps her mouth shut again, shaking her head. "He's not a.. bad father." She tries to argue, glancing at the eggs as a reason to not have to look over at Zen. A slow sigh, and she shakes her head again, avoiding him for the most part, even as she steals little glances now and then.

"If you say so." Zen won't argue anymore, continuing to sweep and work and noticing her looking at him with those little glances. Brows furrow and he stops. He starts to say something, but, stops and shakes his head.

Andi is caught and suddenly the little glances stop, and she's making a rather big show about turning and looking somewhere - anywhere - else but in the direction he's in. A little cough, and a shake of her her head, and she starts, not once but twice, to say something before cutting her words off.

Merendezen stares at her for a long moment, green eyes focusing entirely on her. Work is completely forgotten. "Andromeda." His free hand lifts to cover his face and he grumbles. "I don't understand you."

Andi tenses as its not just her nickname that is said, but her full name, and she's stealing a look at him from the corner of her eye, not giving him a full look. "I…" And she shakes her head, not sure how to respond.

"I don't get it… I've been nothing but a dick to you most of the time." Zen starts, giving her a look. "What do you want me to do?" Because confusion is clogging his brain. He'll likely never ask this of anyone when he's not confused.

"I.. I don't know." She says softly, blinking, finally turning to look up at him, biting her lip hesitantly. She takes a deep breath and drops her gaze, lifting a hand to cover her face, looking quite confused herself, trying to hide away.

Merendezen gives her another look his hand lifting to run through his hair. "What do you want from me? What will get you out of my head?" Eyes close and he shakes his head again. "Tell me."

Andi spreads her fingers just a little, peeking through the gaps up at him, catching that motion, blinking a few times. Eyes continue to linger, hands lifting slightly to unmuffle her words. "I.. I don't know how I.. I got in your head." She whispers.

Merendezen lifts his his hand again, palm cupping his forehead. He says nothing, not looking at her as he tries to compose himself. The calm has been broken.

Andi continues to peek through her hands as he falls silent, biting her lower lip a little, the blush that covers her face also evident over the back of her hands. "I.. I'm sorry.." She meekly apologizes, for whatever it is she did, still sort of baffled.

Merendezen calms, suddenly and the broom is abandoned as he turns a look to her. Green eyes search her face, and then approaches her. He moves to stand before her, looming over the sitting woman with an intense look. "I don't think you're sorry." And then, he leans down to capture her lips in a rough kiss. If she doesn't pull away, a hand will lift to gingerly cradle the back of her head.

Andi drops her hands as he abandons the broom, peeking up at him with a weird look, eyes wide as she stares at him. And then as he's looming, she's looking up, starting to counter that she really is sorry, but then she's caught is a kiss and she's frozen in place for a long moment before her eyes close and the hand in her lap curls, and she tentatively actually kisses him back, the epitome of awkward.

Since she doesn't pull away, his hand is cradling her head, fingers moving to play in blonde hair. The kiss, despite her tentative response, is pushed deeper with the man meaning to devour and dominate the poor woman.

Trapped, as it were, Andi still makes no move to break away, even as fingers curl in her hair, her hand lifting ever so hesitantly to his shoulder, resting fingertips lightly on his collarbone. As the kiss is deepened, she's giving in, before pulling back just a little with a startled gasp.

Merendezen breaks away as she pulls back, green eyes focusing on her face. He stares at her, long and hard before he draws in a slow breath. "Tell me now if you want me to leave."

Andi swallows, face flushed, her hand dropping off his shoulder, resting on the pad of paper in her lap. While her eyes drop to it briefly, a series of emotions flicker over her face, and she hesitantly glances back at him, a slight shake of her head.

Merendezen searches her face, watching her. And then she she shakes her head, he gives a very slight smile. This time, he leans in slower and places a more gentle kiss. Testing, exploring and allowing her to do the same. His hand still linger on the back of her head.

Actually meets his gaze for a moment, giving a little nervous smile back at him, "Zen.." She whispers so softly and as he leans, she lifts her chin enough to meet him, a soft kiss given back, her hand lifting again, tentatively resting on his shoulder, eyes closing.

Merendezen chuckles very softly for that nervous smile, saying nothing in response for his name. When she meets him for the kiss he lets out a sound of approval. His fingers curl in her hair, tilting her head back a bit further and deepening the kiss with the curious exploration with his tongue.

Perhaps a bit startled - Okay, most definitely startled - Andi's eyes open a moment, before they slowly close again, and her hand squeezes his shoulder. And then, with a start, she's pulling away, hurriedly looking away, blushing dark red as she does so. "I.. Should we.. I mean.."

Merendezen chuckles softly, pulling away as she does. Grinning he leans in to press a kiss to her forehead. "Should we what?"

Andi stays red, glancing over her shoulder at the galleries, and then down at the clutch on the sands. "M-Move?" She answers hesitantly. "What if.. someone sees us?" She looks a little panicked then, recovering from the fluster of her first kiss.

Merendezen chuckles, "I suppose we should." He agrees and then, with that, he'll make to throw the little woman over his shoulder. "Where should we head?"

Andi is reaching for her little pad of paper as he agrees, smiling a little, and then all of a sudden she's caught and over a shoulder, a little squeak escaping her as she clutches desperately for purchase, holding onto him. "I.. I don't know." She squeaks.

"Well…" Zen considers, holding her gently on his shoulder. "It depends on if you want to keep kissing or if you want to get something to eat."

"I.. I don't.. I don't know." She says again, sounding almost like a broken record as she does so, shifting and wiggling a little on his shoulder, fingers tightening again as she tries to peek at him.

"And this is why you need to be more sure, I could whisk you away and do all sorts of terrible things to you because you don't know." Zen repeats. Really, he's looking out for her. In some twisted way. "C'mon. Pick."

"I.." And she stammers a little, still rather confused, and becoming even more so as she's settled across a man's shoulder's, though his comment has her squirming all the more. "No.. Don't.." She protests a bit more.

Merendezen laughs as she squirms. "I'm not going to. I'm just warning you if you don't start making up your mind, I'm going to assume things for you." He gives her a light pat. "How about we get something to eat?"

"I…" And she nods slowly, before realizing that he can't actaully see her, offering instead a little affirmative squeak. "No.. Nothing in.. In front of people, though." She says warningly, blushing again.

Merendezen chuckles, "alright. Food then." As it's now settled he begins to head out, Andi still on his shoulder. "As you wish." He'll oblige with her wishes, for now, at least.

Andi is holding on more firmly as he's moving, fingers curling in his shirt, turning to try and peek over his shoulder at where they're going. Ducking instinctively to keep herself balanced, she gulps a little, and then squeaks. "You.. You aren't going to tell anyone.. A-are you?"

Merendezen hmms softly and then shakes his head. "No, probably not. I don't generally kiss and tell, little one. Besides, we'd hate to get you in trouble."

"G-Good." She squeaks once more, and relaxes just a little bit, even loosening her fingers in his shirt, as she'd carted off towards the promise of food, something that is sure to stir up rumors by itself, even if once truly in public she's once more shying away from any sort of touch or contact - at least ones that are easily noticable.

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