One Cot Or Two


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Date: 2011.05.17
Location: EW - Living Caverns
Synopsis: L'ron catches Ciara hard at work in the living caverns and intentionally distracts her into taking a break. She in turn, invites him to move in with her.
Rating: PG
Logger: L'ron

The warmth is almost repressive today, not helped by the cover of grey-whte clouds. it's just after dinner time and most people have left the living cavern to get on with what work needs to be done, but Ciara looks to have only just started eating. Her plate is piled high, and she's got not one but two glasses of juice to her left - thirsty? Her eyes are glued to the paper to her right, a writing tool in the hand that rests on the paper ready to write. Her forehead creases as she frowns at something, the tool is tapped on the paper, and then she reaches with the left hand to take one of the glasses and take a long drink.

L’ron is one of the few weyrlings that while having graduated, hasn’t settled into a weyr of his own yet being as how weyrs with a separate lock-up area for smelly turnips are somewhat in short supply. As such he and Balkrith have remained in the weyrling barracks that seem to be emptying out on almost a daily basis. While he’s not one to complain, it stands to reason that it’s starting to get a little lonely down there especially when it’s a rest day such as today has been granted to the bluerider who now comes ambling into the living caverns wearing a light cotton shirt, khaki shorts and sandals.

The tune he’s whistling quietly turns into a low wolf-whistle when his gaze lands on the goldrider and then a wide grin forms. Stopping just behind her he bends and murmurs in her ear, “You know, all work and no play, makes Ci a very tired girl.” Not about to call her dull, for that would be untrue to begin with.

The wolf-whistle gets her attention where nothing else could, and Ci looks up from the work, startled at first, but the expression rapidly changing to a wide smile as someone murmurs into her ear. She'd recognise that voice anywhere. "Is that so?" Her reply is low, and she turns her head to try and steal a kiss off the blue rider. The writing tool is set down now - as if she's going to carry on trying to work in this situation! "How're you? And Balkrith? Found a suitable home for the both of you yet, or…?" Her eyes are bright as she smiles at him, though one may notice the bags beneath them. A tired girl, indeed.

Kisses are easy to steal from the bluerider, especially when the thief is Ciara. “Mmm,” he confirms, his hand setting gently to the side of her face, making that kiss count despite the looks they might be getting from the few remaining old biddies and then he slides into the chair next to her. L’ron doesn’t immediately answer the question put to him, warm brown eyes sliding over the goldrider, taking note of the tiredness and then frowning a little. “Keep burning the candle at both ends like this and you’ll be of no use to anyone,” he states in a tone that brooks no argument and unless she fights him off he’ll reach across her and confiscate whatever she’d been working on along with the writing tool. Only then does he put reply to the query with an easygoing roll of shoulders, “We’re doing okay. Bal’s liking having more space in the barracks and has taken to stashing his turnips under empty cots,” a fond grin appearing. So no, they’ve not been moved into their own place yet.

Ciara is too tired to stop L'ron taking the work, and instead she slides her hand over to take his hand, if he lets her, seeking out further contact after the kiss ends. "I know, I know." Her free hand rubs the bridge of her nose, and she leans back, easing muscles that have tightened up from bending over the work for too long. She doesn't look to be in a mood to protest about the work, instead taking an interest in the weyr situation, watching L'ron thoughtfully. "You and him can't stay in the barracks forever." There's some teasing in her voice, but seriousness beneath the jokey appearance, too. "Are they offering you weyrs right up near the top?" She's an idea of where Ahnika's weyr is, and figures the smaller dragons must all be housed quite high on the bowl walls.

Had she not been too tired to argue, Ciara might have met L’ron’s rarely seen intractable side, especially when it comes to her well being. Setting the weyrwork aside, his fingers interlace with hers and he scoots his chair a little close. Heck he’d likely pick her up and plonk her on his lap if it weren’t for their public surroundings, simply to enjoy the close contact. Again, concern shows up when the goldrider leans back carefully in a bid to loosen tight muscles. “You know what you need?” the bluerider doesn’t wait for an answer, “A nice long hot soak in the baths and an early night.” His tone decisive enough to indicate he may very well next attempt to drag the poor woman off to the bathing caverns.

A lopsided smile appears for the teasing, though there’s an edge of eagerness to his expression that speaks to him wanting to be out of the barracks as soon as possible. “Yeah, I know, Ci. I just…I love the blue twit but those turnips of his,” a small shake of head is given, “its one thing in the barracks its another in our own weyr where I’m hoping…” sliding a sly look over the young weyrwoman, “to perhaps entertain a certain goldrider that I happen to know.” And this time there’s no blush, just a warm smile as he gives her hand a squeeze and then nods to where it is the bluerider’s are being situated.

Ciara's eyes close as she considers a long, hot soak. Her look is blissful, even as she reopens her eyes to smile at L'ron. "I think I'd fall asleep in the water…then I'd get all pruney. Or drown." The comment is made with humour, and she makes an attempt to sit up straighter so she doesn't look too much like she's about to nod off in the chair. Now that the work's been taken away from her, she can feel the fatigue at the edges of her mind. She flushes as he talks about entertaining. Ahem. Ci does return the squeeze, though, teasing, "the smell of turnips is very alluring, of course." Though with that said, she adds: "Well, you don't have to always do stuff in your weyr…I've got plenty of room in mine. For guests…and, um, entertaining." Her smile's shy as she dares to speak in such a way. Tragically innocent, this one, sometimes.

Her comment has L’ron chuckling and he lifts the joined hands to his lips, lightly kissing the back of her hand. “Nah, I won’t let you drown. And if you fall asleep I’ll wrap you up in a big fluffy towel and carry you to your weyr,” he’s got an answer for everything it seems. Never mind the looks he’d be likely to get carrying one passed-out-with-exhaustion goldrider to her weyr. My how the tongues would wag! The flush to Ciara’s cheeks is met with a warm smile and then he leans sideways to steal another kiss (to help keep her awake, see?). “You’re a liar,” he states teasing gently for her comment on turnips, “A beautiful one. But a liar still,” wink. “Hmm,” brown eyes lit with something other than the usual mischief that normally lurks there fall to her lips and that shy smile, “guest of a goldrider,” he muses, “how very grand.”

Ciara's smile widens at L'ron's promises, the gold rider sighing, satisfied, as he kisses her hand. "I'm glad you'd look out for me. Wouldn't be good to have me drowning in the baths, huh?" And then he leans over to kiss her, and she brushes his cheek with her free hand, enjoying the feel of his cheek under her fingers. "Hm, maybe a little bit." She flashes a grin at the wink, before one eyebrow lifts. She can do mischievous when she wants to. "A guest, yes." Then she clears her throat to be more serious, voice softening. "It's pretty big and lonely in my weyr, even if Suosith's about…." She's trying to get at something without outright saying it…typical.

“Nope,” L’ron returns on it not being good for her to drown in the baths. And then his lips curve against hers for the light touch of fingers to his cheek and then he draws away and laughs. “Yeah, you are little,” deliberately misinterpreting her words on lying and turning them into a tease about her height. It’s not so much the clearing of throat but the serious tone that enters Ciara’s voice that has the bluerider giving her a curious look. Of course, he can be pretty obtuse at times himself and so he doesn’t quite get what she’s trying to say. “It’s that big?” he chooses to go with instead, having not dropped by the goldrider’s weyr yet. “Maybe you should get a canine or something. I’m sure Scrappy,” the mutt he’d befriended as a candidate, “wouldn’t mind yeah? And he’s easy to keep happy. Just feed him and give him scratches and he’s all good.” Dumbass.

"Hey!" She may be tired, but Ci can still prod L'ron in the ribs for that height comment. Her smile belies the fact that she took the tease well, though, despite how she'd like to act insulted. He gets a long look at the canine comment, and then Ci scratches her head, making her hair stick out madly at one spot, and tries to approach the topic differently. "I don't think Suosith would fancy sharing with a canine, but she…might be more open to sharing with you…if you wanted to sort of move in. I mean, I don't know if you'd be allowed or whatever - though I'm a Weyrwoman so I suppose I can do what I want? - but, uh. Yeah." She runs out of nervous energy and lapses into silence, looking at L'ron wide-eyed as she waits for his response, whatever it might be.

There’s a grin and a playfully faked, “Ow,” for the poke in the ribs. And L’ron would likely have teased a little more about their rather obvious differences in height save for the fact that he rather likes that she’s this tiny little thing compared to him. Brows press toward each in a light frown, not too sure why he’s getting that look from Ciara for suggesting she get a canine and then it dawns on him around the same time she sets to explaining and brown eyes go wide. The grin that flashes into place is broad and lights up his face and then he considers the goldrider for another moment longer. “Is that something you’d want, sweetheart? Would…will…” his turn to stammer and stutter a little and then after a deep breath he tries again, “would that…make us weyrmates?” And there’s no denying the warm flame of hope that flares in his eyes as he searches her face.

The silence is just about to prompt Ciara to open her mouth and start babbling again, likely apologising for being too forthright and of course it was a silly idea, it's too soon, when L'ron speaks and she thinks twice. Her eyes are bright, and she's smiling now that she's said it all and got a good response. A great response, actually. L'ron's stammering even gets a little giggle out of the teenager. "I wouldn't be saying it if it wasn't!" And then she nods, slowly. "Yeah, I think so. I don't know how Weyrs do this sort of thing, but…I think so?" She's giddy, caught up in the moment, grinning now.

Before Ciara’s even finished speaking, L’ron’s letting out a whoop of joy and unless she scrambles out the way, he’ll pick her up, arms about her waist and twirl her about, kissing her very soundly right there, in the middle of the living caverns and he could care less who sees or what they say. And then he’s grinning from ear to ear like some silly goofball as he nuzzles his nose against her, “I love you, Ciara, goldrider of Suosith.”

Ciara lets out a squeak as she's lifted up and twirled around, silenced when L'ron plants that kiss on her. She's an amusing shade of pink by the time he's nuzzling his nose against her, the petite rider almost speechless from the emotions of the moment. "I love you too, L'ron, bluerider of Balkrith!" Going with the flow, of course. She nuzzles him in return, before pulling her head back to give him a thoughtful look. "Does this mean Balkrith's going to want to move turnips into the weyr? Suosith wants to know." She laughs though, at the whole situation and the gold's query.

Such a lovely shade of pink she is, who wouldn’t want it to last a little longer? L’ron does however relent and gently sets Ciara back down on her feet again, still grinning broadly and then laughs as Balkrith has obviously joined in the celebrations via their mental link. “Bal says he’s really glad that my turnip makes me so happy and he wishes me many hours of….” Ahem, yeah no, he’s not going to relay that because no matter how he puts it, it’s just not ever going to come out right. And so the tips of L’ron’s ears shade and he quickly switches subjects, “Nah, I’ll get a turnip locker or something made for him to keep them in. Maybe tell him they’ll be safer there.”

Ciara finds her balance once she's back on her feet, head tilting slightly as L'ron conveys Balkrith's words. At first she's grinning, but her cheeks are soon flushed as he trails off, and she catches on to what is unsaid. "Oh!" Ahem. Moving swiftly on! "A turnip locker! Oh, that would be nice…you could have it decorated as well. Suosith would love that." She of the love of sparkly things and accessories. "Suosith says she won't mind sharing her ledge with Balkrith," she adds, smiling fondly as she leans into L'ron for a hug, her arms snaking round his waist.

Awkward much? Just a little. One wonders how these two ever plan on having children with the amount of blushing that goes on. “Decorated, huh? And what sort of decorating did she have in mind, hmm?” L’ron is highly amused by that and likely has no idea the sort of bling the gold is likely capable of. Arms wrap about Ciara as hers snake in around his waist and he drops a kiss to the top of her head, “Balkrith says that…” mental blank where the blue was, and then the bluerider clears his voice, “He’s uh…taken it upon himself to,” a low groan sounds out and he’s looking quickly to the exit of the living caverns, “he’s dragging my cot from the barracks up to the ledge as we speak.” Oh dear.

Ciara shakes her head, almost exasperated. "Don't ask. I'll need all the marks on Pern if I'm going to get everything she wants." Some indignation seeps in from the gold at that. She leans her cheek against his chest, eyes closing as that kiss is dropped onto her head and…then she's staring up at L'ron as he looks over to the exit and explains. "Ah." She has to contemplate that without comment for a moment. "Um. Well, we won't need two cots…?" She just made herself blush even more! Amazing. Awkward is the understatement of the century.

Nenienne heads into the living caverns and, surprisingly enough, does not go for the klah pot. Instead she pours herself some fruit juice and then looks around to see a lot of empty tables, a few old aunties, and two friends. She ponders for a second, then crosses over to said friends and asks, "Is it ok if I sit here?"

He could stand there like that all day, completely ignoring the fact that people are having to skirt around the two young lovebirds to get to where they’re going. But then there’s the matter of his blue trying to help him move it seems and a chuckle rumbles in his chest, L’ron not being able to resist the tease that comes for not needing two cots, or perhaps he just really likes that shade of pink that Ciara turns. “Not unless I’m in trouble, we won’t, no. Just the one biiiig bed with lots of room for…pillows,” he modifies what he was going to say, “lots and lots of…pillows.” Riiight. It’s only then that he realizes that they have company in the form of one jewellery smith and as a thought occurs to him out of nowhere, he sets Nenienne with a broad grin, “Hey Nenienne. Sure, you’re welcome to join us.”

"Pillows, yeah." Ciara grins up at him, only to start when she hears someone else's voice addressing them, and L'ron's greeting them. "Nenienne!" Ci would probably have leapt back away from L'ron, if it wasn't for the arms around her. She does look incredibly flustered instead, as if she's suddenly realised what a scene they're making in the middle of the living cavern. "Oh! Yes, join us!" She does loosen her arms from around L'ron, smoothing her ruffled hair and trying to compose herself. How much has the jewellerysmith heard?! "How are you doing?"

Nenienne says politely, "Thank you." She sits at a nearby table rather than, say, trying to make it a group hug. She also seems blissfully ignorant of the discomfort level, instead taking the words at face value. "I'm doing well," she then addresses to both "How are you and yours?"

While L’ron does loosen one arm from about Ciara, the other stays very firmly in place around her waist. Not about to let her go after such an event. It’s only when the goldrider starts to look flustered that he reluctantly slips the other arm from about her and then dips his head to murmur, “You’re cute when you blush.” And then steps away to give her room to compose herself, hands going to the pockets of his shorts and setting Nenienne with a ridiculous grin that he can’t seem to wipe off his face. “Doing well. Better than well,” he states having decided to leave it up to Ciara as to who she wants to tell and when, “How’s the jewellery crafting business going?”

And that murmur only helps to make Ci blush even more. Finishing messing around with her hair, the rider replies to Neni. "Really good," and with an enthusiastic nod to go with the statement. She glances over at L'ron, unable to keep herself from grinning, and adds, "me and L'ron're moving in together." Quiet pride in the statement. She looks interested in hearing how Neni's business is going, expression open as she watches the jewelcrafter for her reply to L'ron's question.

Nenienne brightens at Ciara's news, though as per usual doesn't actually smile. "Congratulations!" she exclaims. Her enthusiasm doesn't seem to waver, either, even as she admits, "The jewelry crafting has slowed quite a bit; no new commissions since I made the graduation set, and the one outstanding commission I keep missing the one who made the commission. I think her free time coincides with my classes at Landing, or something."

Catching the glance coming from Ciara, L'ron's expression warms, his smile deepening and he gives a nod as if to confirm what the goldrider had just said and adds with just as much pride, "Weyrmates." Or perhaps he's just trying out the sound of it to see how it fits. Inclining his head for the congratulations given, Nenienne is sent one of those goofy grins and then it falls right off his face and he utters a low curse. Hurriedly explaining as his eyes once again dart toward the entranceway, "Erm, Bal's left the cot in the middle of the bowl and in trying to move my press has broken it and…" all his clothes are now scattered about the place, "well I better go sort it out before I find my undershorts up on the star stones or something." A quick kiss is dropped to the goldrider's cheek, "See you in the bathing caverns?" An apologetic smile is sent to the jewllerysmith and then he's dashing off to go and gather up what few possessions he has. However, as he passes by Nenienne he drops his voice to keep what he says next between just the two of them, "I need to speak to you about something." And then he's gone, narrowly missing bowling over an old uncle in his haste.

Ciara grins all the more at the congratulations, though the expression falters as Neni continues to explain about the lull in her work. "Oh no…maybe it's just a bad time? I'm sure it'll pick up, right?" She's trying to be optimistic about the poor news. L'ron's got news of his own though, and her eyes widen at the mental image the description summons up. "Ah! Okay." She smiles fondly as L'ron drops a kiss and flees, before gathering up her abandoned paperwork. The remainder of her meal is cold now, but she doesn't look to mind too much. "Sorry to run on you Neni, I need to go put this back in my weyr and have a bath. I'm sure I'll see you around again, soon!" Though with so much of her free time being eaten up by work, who knows when soon is? With a final, warm smile, Ci is off, hurrying maybe just a little.

Nenienne does manage a smile at L'ron's description of his dragon's antics. "At least it's not turnips?" she offers. She also doesn't seem to be too worried about the drop in commissions, explaining, "Nothing to celebrate, really. It may even pick up now that Weyrlings are graduating," she notes cheerfully.

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