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Date: Sept. 28, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: After hearing about the bar brawl, Indira pays a visit to asses the damages. After talking with Ahnika, Jaya takes a chance on the Headwoman. Truths are revealed and a valuable business transaction takes place to the benefit of them both.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

The bar's been closed for a half an hour now this night, giving both Suli and Jaya some time to clean up the place. Luckily the barmaid had been on point in keeping things in line since the brawl - and likely so that she didn't have to interact with the bar owner all that much with the crowd between them. Even now, there was a heady silence between the two as the barmaid finished up at the tables and the bar owner finished up behind the counter. Clearly the two haven't talked about recent events - or rather, Jaya has refused to even bring the subject up since whenever Suli did, the subject got changed - which only served to pump the tension in the room up a notch.

Thanks to the fairly decent network Indira has put into place, it didn't take long for word of the bar fight to come to her attention. In fact, it was one of the infirmary aids that brought the information to her. However, rather than fly down to Jaya's place right then and there, she chose (for whatever reason) to leave it a day or two and let things calm down. As such, it's well into the latter part of the evening when the Headwoman makes her way down to the establishment with a clipboard in hand and a no nonsense type expression on her face. As she crosses the threshold and into the room the tension between barmaid and owner is noted but verbally ignored as she heads straight for where Jaya finishes up behind the counter, "Heard you had a little fun in here?" Straight to the point.

With the place empty save for bar owner and her barmaid, the Headwoman's arrival is duly noted by both women. Suli is setting aside the broom she was using when Indira arrives, shooting a glance Jaya's way as she straightens to her full height. Jaya, on the other hand, stays hunched over the counter as the stacks of marks she's tallying has the majority of her attention. Her dark gaze shifts to meet Indira's own at the counter, noting the tone with a pointed look to the left of her. Left of her, against the wall, are those very damaged things that have been pushed aside: a table, a few chairs, and a barstool. "Define fun," Jaya drawls dryly on that, her gaze returning to the Headwoman. It's then at that time that Suli clears her throat to get the women's attention, putting in, "I'm heading out. Night, Jaya. Headwoman." The Telgari clearly didn't want to stick around for whatever's to come, and she doesn't spare either of them a backward glance as she turns and leaves.

Suli's farewell and departure is met with a nod of head and a polite, "Goodnight, Suli," from Indira before she turns her attention to the damaged items against the wall. Strangely enough, it draws a faint smirk from the woman who puts her gaze to Jaya next, "Told you when you first arrived that running a bar in a Weyr ain't like running one anywhere else. Boys will be boys, darlin'." Laying her clipboard down onto the counter top, it's clear to see there's a copy of the bar's inventory attached to it. Rather than seating herself, the Headwoman hooks a boot heel up onto the cross strut of a bar stool, "We'll get those replaced for you in the morning," that obviously being a given and then dark eyes narrow lightly with a display of casual interest, "So what started it all up?"

Jaya is actually slow in returning Suli's farewell, the scarred woman watching the barmaid's back before one gets murmured out. It's clear that the young woman is on edge - not that she's always been an easy sort from jump. Still, there's seems to be a tightness around her eyes and a set to her jaw that might point to the stress of recent events. Finally straightening up to glance over at the furniture set aside, "I meant to get to you sooner," she says, frowning a bit at Indira's words, "but I've been having to deal with more important issues of late." Beat. "I handled it well," she takes it upon herself to add then, putting just a bit of arrogance into her tone as she starts to sweep up the stacks of marks with one hand into a waiting bag. "One will be a fool to fight in my bar again and not expect a punch to the head from me. Started enough fights to know, myself." Dark eyes seek out that clipboard then, "Figured it would get to you." The brawl. "And thanks. Hope it's not coming out of my cut?" She looks almost hopeful at this. When Indira asks what started it, a dark shadow passes over the woman's face and she shrugs as she turns to leave the counter. "Beats the fuck out of me," she admits, shooting Indira a long look as she moves. "I stepped out for a moment and, next thing I know, I'm hearing crashes. Not too familiar with the men that fought, either."

"It always does," Indira gives with an odd little smile to word getting back to her. As to the tension Jaya wears, she's putting that down to the bar brawl, or at least, that's exactly the path she's going to lead the bar owner down. Tipping her head to one side, she draws up a sympathetic smile, "Was just a fight darlin', they happen. Probably over a woman or a bet unpaid." She'll even reach out a hand to pat a comforting touch to one of Jaya's if it's within reach, and then it's back to business, "Any glassware and booze that got destroyed are on your ticket. The furniture," a glance back over to the items, "are on the Weyr's. For now," adding the last with a pointed look. "Next time round, furniture's coming out of your take." Making a few notes on the inventory list, the headwoman puts a warm smile out to the younger woman, "So aside from pulling roughnecks apart, how have you been keeping, hmm?"

When Indira sends her that smile, Jaya doesn't return it. One shoulder hitching up, then down, "Could care less if they did," she answers on fights, snapping the drawstring bag of her profits closed. "As long as I don't have to deal with a dead body, I'm shiny." It almost sounds like she had to deal with one before, the way she says it, and at least she doesn't flinch away when the Headwoman pats her hand. It causes her to pause her activity to regard the older woman, unreadable eyes on her before she inclines her head into an acknowledging nod to her words. "Fine," she allows on who's to pay for what, and it's probably strange enough that she doesn't argue the point with her. On any normal day, one that is Jaya Dicori would have in an instant. The bag of profits get dropped into one of her pant pockets, and then the barkeep's turning towards the counter where a stack of her own inventory lists lay when Indira's latter words give her some pause. Strained eyes shoot a long look at Indira then, speculating on what else she may have heard - especially from that son of hers - until she lets a light frown settle to the fore at that smile. "Things have been….difficult," she admits that much, brows furrowing slightly at her as she takes to leaning against the counter. "You've heard….nothing else, have you?" she has to ask, a tight look sent Indira's way for her answer.

A dark blonde brow lifts in response to Jaya's words over dead bodies but Indira let's that one alone. It's the bar owner's easy acceptance on where payment for the damages is to land that has the headwoman setting her with a careful look one that quickly shields the darker expression that was starting to form when they younger woman asks of what else she might have been told. With a nonchalant shift of shoulders, the tousled blonde's smile is back in place, "Oh nothing more than the usual. Like, runner thieves down in the beast caverns and all that fine stuff." Pointed the look that develops and then flickers down to her clipboard, giving nothing further in response. "Met any new and interesting people in here?" as if they were just two friends holding idle conversation over wine, except that, there is no wine, "this place must be a hive of good gossip." Though the way she says it would allude to her suggesting information rather than gossip.

Jaya is in the process of leafing through her inventory lists while Indira speaks until the other brings up the runner thieves. She couldn't even hide the slip of one sheet from her hands, nor the twitch of one shoulder if she had wanted to. She'll miss that pointed look to keep her gaze on retrieving that sheet, adding with forced non-chalance, "Huh. Yeah, I heard about that. Hope nobody got hurt." Sheets get stacked together again, the set aside, turning now to face the Headwoman with arms folded across her chest. The question gets a long silence, the woman studying the other as if she were someone suspicious as well before, "I think it's time for a drink," she answers, straightening from her lean and dropping her arms to move behind the counter. "Care to join? I hear praises on my choices in wine," this given a bit sardonically as she bend to retrieve glasses. It's after this that she finally answers her question. "Two fighters were new and interesting," she admits to that, setting two empty glasses on the counter. "One thought it wise to sweet-talk me into dropping my skirt. Nice eyes, though. Plan to hunt him down and make him pay his shares of the damages here. As for good gossip," and she bends again to pick up a decanter, "well, I heard just as good down in the laundry room. Depends on the type of gossip you're looking for," and now, she pins a pointed look in the Headwoman's direction to acknowledge her line of questioning her.

Noticing the Tells coming from Jaya, the headwoman's mouth twitches toward a grim line and then smooths back into a more casual and pleasant one as she states, chin propping in hand, "No pain, no gain, darlin'." Delivered with such ease she could be talking about a beauty routine. "Never say no to a free drink," a tiny smirk produced for her intention not to pay for the wine about to be poured and then she lapses into silence as the younger woman speaks of one of those that had started the fight in her bar. A slow grin pulls into place, "Nice eyes, huh? You know" and here her voice slips into a decidedly sly tone, "you should think carefully about how you're going to make him pay for the damages. Fighters are usually" and she let's that slip off teeth catching at her lower lip and thinking better of completing that particular sentence. Back to business, or gossip as such. "Mmm," she gives in slightly bored deliverance for laundry gossip, "heard about all I want to about whose doing who to last me a lifetime, thanks. However," her hand drops from her chin and dark eyes pin an intent look onto the dark haired woman, "What I don't always hear are the comings and goings of those just passing through. So I was thinking…maybe you could do with a little free labor around here?" mouth curving up into a friendly smile at the end.

Jaya finally slips a small smirk Indira's way at the woman's initial words, pouring a deep red wine into the two waiting glasses. She nods for the woman to sit at one of the bar stools, for she'll take up the one behind the counter as she addresses the words on one of the fighters with a dry, "Fighters are usually….?" the bar owner picks up what's dropped there, letting a brow raise for Indira to continue. "And, well. He isn't bad looking," she admits on the man, moving one of the filled glasses forward for Indira to take. "Got a way about him. He'll pay, I've no doubt." How, is probably the question, and she's letting that hang in the air. Taking up her own glass in both hands, the bar owner regards the other on gossip and her expression turns a little wary. "Free labor? Do tell," she decides to put forth, leaning a little forward in veiled interest. "Someone in particular you're hunting for, Indira? Sounds like you're looking for a lot more than mere gossip."

Curling her fingers about the stem of the wine sent her way, Indira’s mouth pulls into a deep smirk on the topic of what fighters are, “Interesting,” she decides is the best way to finish that one off with and then takes a sampling sip of the deep red liquid. Tongue catching up a droplet of wine on her lip, the headwoman’s next is put out with might seem like simple curiosity, though the sharp gaze dropping to Jaya would say otherwise, “And the other one, the one that paid his share of the damages, you seen him around here before?” Her mind already having made a leap to one likely candidate but preferring to have confirmation before nabbing him and opening a can of whoop-ass on his sorry butt. Lips curve around an inscrutable smile as she tilts her glass to her mouth yet again and this time swallows down a healthy mouthful of the wine. “Always looking for more than gossip darlin’. Too many loose ends that need tying round here. ” Setting her glass to the counter, she runs a finger idly around its rim, taking her time about responding to the topic of free labor, as if she were rethinking the offer. Until dark eyes lift and set an intent look over to the bar owner, tone businesslike, “I want one of my own girls in here. I’ve trained her myself, so you can trust her to keep her mouth shut. She’ll be under your hand as a barmaid, but will report back to me as an informant. Just one thing,” a slim finger lifting in the air, “no one’s to know the true nature of her business here. Not even Suli.” Another swallow of wine and then it’s a crafty shape that Indira’s mouth takes on, “And don’t be fooled by the blonde curls, big baby blues, batting eyelashes and breathy little voice, she’s good at what she does.”

"No need to still your tongue in my bar, shuga." Jaya drawls that out low, her Bitran accent a bit more pronounced in the words as she fights back the wry smirk. "I'm sure you and I have humped our share of 'interesting'." Jaya certainly has a crass and very unlady-like side to her, and it seems the Headwoman always manages to bring that out of her. She tastes the wine, letting her tongue linger on the flavor as she watches the other woman above the rim of her glass. As to the other fighter, "Never seem him in my life. Big sort of man. Seems polite. Nice one the eyes as well." Since she didn't have a name, his looks was all she had to go by. "Not surprising," she goes on to say, setting her glass carefully down as she settles onto her own stool. "I get plenty just passing through my bar. Nature of the place. Generally don't care what they do, provided they don't smash my whole place to bits and leave me a body to clean up. Been there, done that." A pause is given here, eyes narrowing slightly as the Headwoman explains her proposition. Jaya was complaining about needing another hand for the bar - before the whole Vaputero scare - and to be honest, having someone established should she need to suddenly leave would lay her concerns over the bar's welfare to rest. It's these thoughts that assail the bar owner as she regards Indira, searching her eyes for something and trying to read between the words for anything else. Tracing the rim of the glass with a finger idly now, "An informant in my bar," she repeats that slowly, letting her gaze shift to her own glass. "Hm. Suppose that could be arranged." Eyes slide to Indira. "Am I to take this informant in under the kindness of my heart? Especially, to keep such a thing from one such as Suli…well, you're going to have to do something for me." A brow lifts, the bar owner's tone slipping into something serious and businesslike as she says it.

Laughter, rich and throaty floats out Jaya’s words and the headwoman lifts her glass in toast thereof, “Mostly chewed up and spat out for breakfast,” she gives, that humor still in place, “but there were one or two that stuck around for a while.” Before they started getting all serious on her and she kindly showed them the door. Another mouthful of wine and then Indira smacks her lips together in quietly appreciative sound, “S’good stuff this.” Nowhere near on her ear or slurring yet, but some of the rougher accent of her youth filtering through. Dark eyes go distant as she searches through her memory banks of good looking men that might fit the vague description given by the bar owner. However, too many come to mind and she gives up with a little shrug and promptly downs the remains of her glass. Setting the glass back down to the counter, the head of tousled blonde hair nods, “Aye, an informant,” and then her mouth pulls into a smirk, “you do it out of the goodness of your heart and I’m going to have to start rethinking our association, darlin’.” Indira sets an assessing look onto the younger woman and then with a decisive intake of breath gives a curt nod, “Name your price.”

"Mm," Jaya seems to agree with Indira's philosophy on men, leaning back a little as she cradles her wine with both hands. "Never had the time for the few to stick around. I keep moving. Seems, like, easier life." Alluding to her past, and a light and disturbed frown settles on her features at it. The frown is short-lived with Indira complimenting her wine, the scarred woman grinning before she moves to bring the decanter closer in case the other wants a refill. She'll be refilling her own pretty soon. As to business, "So we have an association going on?" That seems to amuse the woman for some reason, but she doesn't linger on it when Indira prompts her on prices. "I know your son keeps men around him," she notes, back to business in her tone as she looks the other over across the counter. "Can I assume you keep the same company?" Not the type of company one sleeps with, either, but figuring the nature of this particular topic, Jaya feels she doesn't need to elaborate to that effect.

“Safer,” Indira gives on not letting any of her male companions stick around for too long. Helping herself to more of the rich burgundy wine once the decanter is close enough, she sends a rueful smile Jaya’s way. Her next comment perhaps seeming completely out of character or perhaps it’s a glimpse into the woman behind the masks she wears so well, and the alcohol loosening her tongue, “I’m passed looking for that silver lining, but you’re still young, Jaya. At least give it a good shot, aye? That way you can say you did and have no regrets.” Not finding it necessary to detail exactly what it is she’s talking about. Tipping the wine glass back to her mouth she meets the bar owner’s eyes and gives slight nod, “I need you and you need me. Call it an association of convenience.” That having been said dark eyes narrow onto the younger woman when the men her son runs with are brought up and her expression schools into a carefully neutral mask as she answers simply, “Aye?” Tone lilting upward in unspoken prompt for Jaya to elaborate.

"Me? Looking for silver lining?" If Jaya finds the comments odd from Indira, she doesn't let on - though it's likely due to that fact nerves have been frayed so much the last few days that she just doesn't have the energy to hold up her usual guards. With a small snort as she drains the last of her wine, "If I live long enough, shuga." She could be joking, the way it's said, but one never knows with her. Reaching for the decanter to refill her glass, Jaya pauses when Indira prompts her to continue along from her own questioning of what she wants in return. It's a hesitance of what she should said, how she should say it as she pours herself another glass in the pause and sets the decanter down carefully. Eyes on the Headwoman now, some of her guards weakened, "Just as well you're looking to send me a girl," she chooses the say hoarsely, her gaze wary. "Might need to be making a quick getaway." Pause. Frowning into her wine, "Bar's nice," she admits, "but I've got some trouble on me. Unless I can fight them off here…" it trails, eyes seeking Indira's own. "I ain't a good person, shuga. Done some things, and now it's catching up to me. If I stay here any longer…" she pauses again, finding the words difficult, but it's too late to stop them from coming now. "Slept with men to get protection," she changes tactics, chin tightening as she gives the woman a challenging look. "Women, too. I do whatever I have to. If you got someone to spare for me…if you don't, that's fine too." Then she buries herself in her drink, finding the rest of it hard to say.

“Sure, what you got to lose?” Says she, who could do well with taking her own advice at times. Indira hears the comment given on living long enough to do so but rather than give verbal response to it, merely tucks the information away. She continues to hold to that silence as Jaya speaks, watching the younger woman carefully from behind her raised glass as she sips at her wine. At the end, she leaves a long time of silence to spread out and setting her glass down carefully and eyes slipping to the bar counter as if carefully going over everything the bar owner had said. Finally her head lifts and she fits the troubled woman with an even look, her tone brooking no argument for the first bit of what she says. “First of all, you’ve got a better chance of surviving your troubles if you face them here,” a finger tapping to the counter top, “rather than out there,” her head tilting in the direction of the lands beyond. The next words spoken in gentler tone though they still carry a firm edge, “Secondly, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of, Jaya,” including herself in that, “but it comes down to whether we stay and fight, or cut loose and run, that determines who we are as human beings.” She doesn’t so much as bat an eyelash at the lengths Jaya has gone to in the past to buy herself protection another then to put forth with a dry smile, “Whether you fuck him or not is your choice.” Alluding to her already having someone in mind that could be put to the bar owner’s back, “Also,” a sip of wine taken and then she carries on with her line of thought, “you’ll need to find him something to do around here so that he blends in. He’s got a mean left hook and isn’t too bad with a knife either. So maybe…” glancing about the place as if to find inspiration, “as a bouncer?” Holding up a finger to add one last comment on the thug in question, “Just…don’t let him drink, he gets all soft and mushy and you won’t get a decent fight out of him.”

Jaya is silent, the wine mulling down the guards she usually keeps in place in so that her weariness with her lot shows. What's seen is a woman tired of fighting, of running, the last couple of turns having taken its toll on her having to be constantly looking over her shoulder. She listens to what Indira has to say, hunched over her wine, her face dark. "I don't want no trouble here," she voices her fears then when she mentions her having a better chance fighting there at the Weyr. "This man….he won't stop. Not for dragonriders. Your son, Max…one of those thieves he has apparently works for him." If Indira knew about the runner thieves, then the bar owner's assuming her and her son had a talk. "I need to go down there and see if I can question this man. See how many of them are here. How much trouble I got." On the talk of this protection, she lifts up her chin a little more and brings the wine to her lips. Swallowing a healthy full of it, "I could use another bouncer, apparently," she notes with a look towards the damages shucked to one side. "I got the one. Suli. She's not bad, but even then…Alright." She straightens up nodding a few times in agreement to what's said. "I'll keep the drink from him. Be good to have a man around here. Something I'm use to," her dryly alluding to those days when one was around and paid for with her body.

She’s been there herself albeit in a slightly different situation, as such, compassion warms Indira’s expression and she reaches a hand forward to lay it lightly over Jaya’s wrist if she doesn’t pull away. Ducking her head down a little to try and catch the younger woman’s eyes, her tone turned softer, “This entire Weyr is made up misfits, rejects and hopefuls all looking for a better chance at life but we all got one thing in common, to protect this place we now call home and those in it that have accepted us with no questions asked. We’re family here, aye?” She’ll even be so bold as to try and take a hold of the bar owner’s chin and lift it, in a manner more fitting of an older sister or that which she is, a mother, “You’re one of us now. Best you get used to it.” And with that she’ll withdraw her hand, and her lecture and go back to her wine, arched brows creasing toward each other in a light frown for her wanting to question Jinnet, “Max isn’t going to be easily persuaded about that,” thus demonstrating she’s well aware of the thief being held in the beast caverns, “But I’ll speak to him and see what I can arrange.” A slow swallow of wine and the headwoman nods, “Good, I’ll send Shijan around tonight so you two can get acquainted and Hayli will report for duty first thing in the morning.”

Jaya doesn't pull away when Indira touches her hand, and there's no scowl to darken her face at the words given as she allows the woman to capture her gaze. Her gaze even softens a bit at the word 'family', clearly something that has been missing in the Bitran's life for many turns now. "Family, yeah," she's slow to say it, but there's some certainty at least. An improvement. With her chin taken and lifted, the further words on her being one of them actually getting the glimmers of a genuine crooked smile from the bar owner as she takes in their meaning. "Perhaps I can…you know, do this," she says with something hopeful, the first glimmers of it in days from when Max visited her. "Thanks, shuga." Her face doesn't change from it when Indira speaks on Jinnet and Max, the scarred woman nodding once and answering with, "Still worth a try. That man knows something and I need to find it out. The other one escaped, which means he might be going for reinforcements. Need to know how much trouble I gotta face." She seems a bit more confident that this trouble can be faced too, though it's likely to be the wine talking. She nods once on Shijan and Hayli, agreeing to it without any arguments from her as she brings the wine to her lips. "I'm good with that. Going to need to somehow convince Suli. She's …not going to like this." In fact, Suli's going to reach some pretty bad conclusions, and Jaya still wasn't sure what the old Telgari was capable of. That was going to be a concern, and some of that shows on her face as she mentions it.

Indira’s own expression warms as Jaya’s does and she gives a firm nod, “No perhaps, darlin’. You can do it.” And then her eyes shadow with a perturbed look, a sigh spilling out as she takes up her wine glass again, “I don’t know, Jaya. You just be careful if he let’s you in there with him. This one’s got Max real rattled for some reason.” Which might go to indicate that the headwoman isn’t aware of some of her son’s past. Finishing up the last of her wine, the glass is set down and pushed away from her, a tight little smirk falls into place, “Suli’s got a problem with Hayli and Shijan? You put it on me. Tell her you had no choice, I insisted as a means to looking after the Weyr’s interests after that bar brawl. And if she’s got a problem, she can take it up with me,” offering a little wink at the end there. Oh dear, she might now well end up on the Telgari barmaid’s shit list too.

Well, Indira must be quite the motivator, for that smile threatening from Jaya does come forth. She just maybe able to look more favorably on this situation… "Vaput's men usually are…rattling," she admits, letting the name slip as she finishes her wine without realizing it. Setting the glass down, "It's what we had to be. Rough. I was one of his best." Perhaps it's Indira's nature compared to Max that gets the bar owner to open up a little more - and the fact that she's getting the help she needs right away. Dark eyes seeking Indira's out, "Reckon I'm still one of his best," she adds just a bit arrogantly now, with a hint of danger. "Taking him turns now. I'll be sure to send Suli your way then." It's added a bit dryly, thought there's a crooked little smirk in place at the other's latter words. "She's been a bite in the ass lately. Not going to have fun trying to calm that woman down." Seems like Suli's shit list is about to get bigger, though with the Headwoman, Jaya's strangely not concerned as opposed to her son.

Indira doesn’t even bat an eyelash at the name given out, so it’s safe to assume her son had filled her in on that. However, what does get a brow twitching and threatening to hike upward, is the further information Jaya hands out that hints to the type of association she’d had with the Bitran. “Collections, deliveries or reminders?” the Headwoman asks with casual ease, this type of thing clearly not being something she’s unfamiliar with. On the topic of the barmaid she delivers a crafty little smile, stating simply, “I’ve dealt with worse.” And without expanding on that, she slips off the stool and reaches for her clipboard although she’s not leaving until she’s heard the answer to the question she’d posed to the younger woman as that could make all the difference as to how things are handled.

"Collections, deliveries," Jaya answers without thinking, though Indira does get a sudden glance. "Little bit of everything. Can smuggle anything for the right price," actually admits, by now figuring the feline being already out of the bag. What was the point of lying at this point? "Vaput liked that I was fearless, even against him," she adds with a quick incline of her head as she goes to drain the last of her wine. "And I was, up until then. Thanks for the talk." She switches topics, watching the Headwoman slip off the stool as she herself pushes her empty glass aside. "For the help, Indira. I really appreciate this. Won't forget it." And perhaps it's a favored owed, the Bitra bar owner willing to let that meaning slip in with her words in that one lingering look she sends.

“Hmm,” the sound of musing coming from Indira before she gives a short nod, “So in pretty deep and know far too much of how his operation works then.” Not a question, an observation. Nodding again, “We can use that to your advantage.” Jaya’s smuggling skills earn her an odd little smile but the headwoman merely tucks that information away, no doubt to be taken out at a later date when she has need of such things. Shifting her weight as if to take a step back, she sets a level look onto the younger woman, “You’re going to need to tell me what changed that,” her having developed fear for the man, “but right now I have a meeting I need to get to.” A warm smile and incline of head is given in acknowledgment of the thanks given and then she turns and starts toward the exit, “Shijan will be only shortly.” Those her parting words as boot heels sound out her progress down the hallway and then fade as she turns a corner and heads down another.

"Know enough to get him worried, I'm certain," Jaya answers that alittle darkly, passing over a level look towards the Headwoman. "Not much use in that though, Indira. I implicate him to any guards, then I might as well turn myself in, too. He knows it." And to Between if any tries to cart her off to the mines! When Indira notes that she would have to tell her about what changed, the bar owner merely stares at her and tilts her head slightly in acknowledgment of that. Then, "You have yourself a good night, Headwoman," is given in farewell, perhaps either the first or one of the very few times she's called Indira out on her title. Then she will stay where is she, watching the woman leave before she herself slowly get back to closing up her bar.

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