Only A Little Bite


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Date: This is ICly the tail end of the My Pie Is All Just For You scene, with internal interaction between Jhath and Ahnika revealed.
Location: EW: Bowl outside the beast cavern
Synopsis: See above.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

A worried frown appears at the sort of choking sound, but it is replaced by a mild start at the hungry look. Not that Ahnika wouldn’t mind it normally, quite the opposite; it’s just a non-sequitor as far as she figures and so it’s confusing and surprising. So, in that slight startlement, his swooping of her up and over his shoulder in a firefighter’s carry is done too quickly for her to react to stop it. Instead, she shrieks reflexively, possibly startling the animals or some of them, and then yes, starts pounding at Max’s back and bum with the flat of her hands while her legs scissor and flail as much as possible. That is, until Jhath wakes up …

« I’m coming, my Ahnika! » Along with the intake of breath indicative of Jhath preparing one of her loud bugles.

NO!! DON’T!! and then more calmly as the mental shout startles her green, I am fine, my Nobleheart. He … took me by surprise. He’s not hurting me.

« We must sound the alarm! A call to arms! He has you! I can tell your stomach is hurting you! »

No! No call to arms. Stay there. He’s bringing me back. A pause and she adds, reassuringly Just my ribs … pressed against his shoulder. Not comfortable. Be calm, my Nobleheart.

… and then Ahni’s antics are cut immediately short, going suddenly still and quiet, while she silently works extremely hard on quelling any immediate ‘call to arms’ by the alarmed green dragonet, which she manages to do, insofar as the oversized green righter-of-wrongs is huffing it out of the weyrling barracks on a direct course with the beast caverns and mad as hell. It’s a good thing they aren’t flying yet or able to go *between* else she’d be there a lot faster.

Demands to be set down he'd expected, shrieks not so much and as such Max taps a light though playful smack to Ahnika's butt, "Quit it," when it's Renegade that's one of those animals starting to get all antsy. Those self same shrieks draw Waine quickly from the shadows but as soon as he sees the beast manager with redhead tossed over his shoulder he withdraws once again. A snicker comes from the big lout as they pass by him, "Say goodbye to Waine," he instructs the redhead who has suddenly gone quiet, simply assuming that she's given up the struggle. And then they're out into the bowl with him not being aware of one huffy green dragonet on a direct path with him and her 'captured' lifemate. Uh oh?

Ahnika scowls distractedly in Waine’s direction as they pass by, though considering she’s facing Max’s butt right now, it possibly goes unnoticed. To Max’s smack on her bum …

« Hold on!! I’m coming to save you! He’ll PAY with his life!! »

she only wiggles a little, still too distracted with worry for Jhath and trying to calm her

Be calm, my Nobleheart. Tis not a matter worthy of bloodshed. I care too much for him to let you harm him.

… and what she’s going to do to Max and so it is out into the bowl and the night air before she states with eerie calm, “Max … I think you need to put me down now.” Not a shouted or indignant demand and she’s not hitting him now either. So, if that wasn’t enough she says, “I … couldn’t stop Jhath … she’s not happy.” Up ahead, the thunderous beats of silver-taloned legs and feet pounding hard-packed earth heralds the large green’s approach, more than twice Ahni’s size now.

What Ahnika says probably registers at around the same time Jhath comes into view. But rather than be startled or turn and bolt in the opposite direction, Max quite calmly sets the redhead down and turns his focus onto the oncoming green, hands held to his sides in a non-threatening show. With a glance sideways to the green weyrling, the beast manager then lifts both chin and voice and starts loudly and clearly, "Ah, there you young Jhath. I was just bringing your bonded to you. She needs sleep." Which isn't exactly a lie. And then? Having had a rather enormous brown playing nursemaid to him from the time he could crawl and toss himself off of a ledge, he'll simply stand his ground, eyes fixed to the large green dragonet and leave the next move to her.


Even as Ahnika is set down and Jhath comes into view, the weyrling’s grey eyes are unfocused and her expression only partly in the here and now…

Calm. Be calm. I’m fine. She attempts to soothe See? He’s putting me down now.

… With a fierce roar that is much bigger than one would think belongs to the dragonet, she bounds forward again, eyes swirling red, and snaps her wings out to help her stop from barreling into the couple as she skids and sprays gravel and dirt…

« Insolent wicked cur of a watchwher!! How DARE he?!! I should bite him!! No one treats mine so!! »

… Ahnika doesn’t flinch at the spray, though she does blink a little in reflex to keep it from her eyes, and she doesn’t seem to register Max’s words, and instead seems to be heavily distracted with an internal dialogue of her own …

No biting, my Nobleheart, Ahnika tries to reassert her will, reveal some of the fondness for the man through her link with her green, despite his actions, in the hopes that showing to Jhath how she, herself, is not feeling angry or indignant anymore, Jhath shouldn’t either. Come. Escort me back to bed. I’m tired and want to sleep.

«Allow me to bite him only a little, my Ahnika? He will think long and hard of manhandling you in the future.»

You will not hurt him. Come. Let’s go sleep now.

«Only a little bite? I promise he’ll live. Please?»


… only to have the green dragonet snort and then issue a mournful, soulful cry at Ahni …

« He should be taught a lesson! Putting his hands on you, so! »

He has been. You’ve truly frightened him.

… “Sorry,” she murmurs to him distractedly, stepping forward toward the posturing green, “She’s …” and Ahni doesn’t finish. Jhath rumbles at Max grumpily …

« He doesn’t look frightened. »

… but some of the redness has dimmed in her eyes as Ahnika settles along side her with an arm around her neck …

He is. Though Ahni knew it was a fear that went well deeper than just the posturing green.

« He will NEVER lay another hand on you again. NEVER!»

… There’s a snort and a rake of the earth with her silver talons from Jhath as if daring Max to try something of the sort again …

Come away and escort me, my Nobleheart. That’s more or less what has started this mess anyway, with Max wanting to make sure she was safely returned to the barracks.

… “Love you,” Ahnika murmurs softly to Max, and is already urging Jhath around to escort her back the way she came.

Max turns his head away from the spray of gravel and dirt sent their way by skidding-to-a-stop dragonet. Whatever it is that's going on between the weyrling and dragon, he doesn't seem too perturbed by either it, or that mournful cry coming from Jhath. Or perhaps he does if the slight tightening of his jaw is anything to go by. "Pissed," the beast manager finishes off where Ahnika started out on what her dragon is, "I get it." Said somewhat stiffly. And while he should likely send apologies the dragonet's way, he doesn't, simply sending a short nod her way by means of acknowledging her displeasure with him. He doesn't however back down from the challenge thrown his way by the earth raking, posturing green and instead sets an even look to her, "You and me are going to have to have a talk one day." Well, more likely him doing the talking and her doing the listening but the idea is there. With that he'll turn an edge of a smile to Ahnika, and give quietly, "Love you too, baby." And then he turns and heads back toward the beast caverns, not waiting to watch the green pair leave. Actually he does, but only once he's stepped into shadows (against the advice given Ahnika earlier) and the discontented expression he wears, won't be seen.

«He desires to ‘have a talk’ with me, my Ahnika. He may talk, while I dine merrily on his entrails.» But Jhath is already walking alongside her bonded, slowly cooling off from her stoked fire.

You’re not going to dine on any human’s entrails without my express permission, and that is final. Ahnika sighs softly as they walk back to the barracks, unaware of any watching that Max is doing from the shadows, and she rubs her forehead with her free hand, the other resting on Jhath’s neck, near her chest, considering even Ahni has a hard time reaching Jhath’s head now, unless the green lowers it to her. You both just … need to … get better acquainted. They needed to bond, Ahnika realizes, lowering her hand to her side, and begins to consider how to go about arranging them doing just that.

Snorting, Jhath responds testily «Better acquainted. As much sense in that as getting better acquainted with a male bovine, my Ahnika. Boorish and brainless and brash and— »

He is NOT brainless. You do him an injustice in saying so, my Nobleheart. Though Ahnika doesn’t argue over the points of boorishness and brash.

The comment on injustice seems to quell more of Jhath’s ire, who lapses into brooding silence as the green weyrling pair make their way back to the barracks and their cot and couch and, eventually, slumber itself.

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