OOC Search Application


Here on Divided Skies, as you know, we take a different sort of approach to Search. With the Dragons pre-made, some by you yourselves, and Impressions chosen mostly by chance, we try to fit the people who'll Impress with the dragons that are available with limited amounts of change. To do that, we need to know a few things in this application, beyond the normal basics.

  1. What is an email address we can contact you by?
  2. Do you have another rider character on Divided Skies? Have you played a rider character on another game? (don't need to tell us which game or who for that part). Have you put this Character up for Search here before?
  3. What is your character's name? If it's a male character, how would you elide it? How old is your character?
  4. Where are they from? Which faction (if either) does your character support? Would you like the dragon to be involved in the politics, or unaware?
  5. What color(s) are you interested in for your character? What color(s) do you absolutely not want? Do not answer "surprise me", unless you really don't care. We'd prefer you didn't answer that way at all, but if it really isn't important, then we understand.
  6. Are you Stand Only, or do you want your character to Impress?
  7. What do you see in your character's personality that would draw a dragon? What in that personality would conflict with rider's / weyr life?
  8. Between your character and the dragon, would you like to see a relationship of similar minds, a relationship of different but complementary minds, or something else entirely? Explain.
  9. Give us some ideas of things you like in popular culture. We can't tailor exactly, because of how we've set Search up, but we do want to get a few ideas. Broad ideas are good.
  10. What role would you see your character taking in the Weyr? Would his or her previous experience help? (I.E, dragonhealing or weyrharper, etc.)
  11. If it came down to a decision between a dragon who was an excellent fit for your character but not of your preferred color, which would be more important to you; fit or color?
  12. Hypothetical situation: Your character Impressed Mooth, of your preferred color. The dragon is tired, and the pair are finishing up sweeps. Give us a pose or two featuring the dragon and rider interacting.
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