Theme of Clutch: Noble and Ignoble
Dragon Name: Orteith
Dragon Colour: Blue
Hatchling Name: Charles In Charge Blue Hatchling



Up we go into the wild blue yonder; flying high into the sky! The thrill of flight captured the imagination of Charles Lindbergh, who became one of history's most iconic figures. Despite his anti-war sentiment, Lindbergh joined the fight after Pearl Harbor and flew several important missions at the risk of his own life. It is this noble sentiment that inspired your Orteith - named after the Orteig Prize which gave Lindbergh his first big start into aviation.

Hatchling Description

Sleek - even in his youthful roundness - this blue hatchling is the height of his class. Stained an impressive royal blue, but crossed with both starlight and shadow, his hide invokes a belief in his strength, his speed and his nobility. Only at his crest and tail-tip does the color bleed out, leaving just the barest wisps of cloud at his polar ends. His wings are large, but cut to precision - the absolute image of a midnight's flight perfection. Across the 'sails, darker greys roll in like a storm just threatening along the horizon. His talons are a dull gun-metal grey. This is a beast of the air; one that can blaze a path into history and beyond.

Dragon Description

Sleek despite his size, this blue dragon is the height of his class. Stained an impressive royal blue, but crossed with both starlight and shadow, his hide invokes a belief in his strength, his speed and his nobility. Only at his crest and tail-tip does the color bleed out, leaving just the barest wisps of cloud at his polar ends. His wings are large, but cut to precision - the absolute image of a midnight's flight perfection. Across the 'sails, darker greys roll in like a storm just threatening along the horizon. His talons are a dull gun-metal grey. This is a beast of the air; one that can blaze a path into history and beyond.


Every hero needs a muse; every soldier needs a girl worth fighting for. To Orteith, for Orteith, you are that girl. You are the center of his world and his reason for fighting the fights he does. Anything and everything comes back to you and you alone. When life gets tough, he'll come to you for comfort and renewal. Any time you have a struggle on your hands, he'll be at your back cheering you on every step of the way. He may flit and flirt with the occasional bit of green 'skirt', but it's you and you alone who holds onto his heart.

"Real freedom lies in wildness, not civilization." - Charles Lindbergh

Born with the innate sense that he knows it all and has seen it all, your Orteith has more confidence rolled into one little blue than three bronzes put together. The real kicker is that, most of the time, he deserves it. The perfect balance between agility and endurance, he learns fast and outpaces even some of the smaller browns. This massive amount of confidence will carry Orteith through situations that would otherwise seem hopeless. The adage that 'a dragon can do anything he thinks he can' is proved truest in your blue. The interesting side-effect is that he tends to think your roles are reversed. He is the lead of the team and while he will always listen and value your opinion, in the end it's his call. (Or at least, he has to think it's his call.)

The upside to this is that he's always the one trying to take the fall for you, no matter what actually happened. You are his responsibility and even if he doesn't agree with what you've done, that's his prerogative and he'll shield you from as much fallout as he possibly can. After all, you are just learning. He gets very defensive about you, too. If someone in his - or your - hearing starts to demean or terrorize or otherwise upset you, Orteith gets raging mad and is ready to leap to your defense in whatever way he can and as soon as possible.

"Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?" - Charles Lindbergh

Orteith has a very strange sense of etiquette. He is the model of an early 1900's gentleman. Ladies are valued and protected at all costs. Other males are valued as comrades, as intellectual partners and as playmates. Conversation is always plentiful - it's only proper - but it's mostly all small talk, light discussion, maybe even the occasional theoretical debate. The things that he thinks on most, however, the truly important values; those he holds close to his chest, only letting you see them. While he recognizes that you are brilliant and intelligent and all-over incredible, you are the exception to the rule - he chose you because you are the best. To the rest of the ladies, he is kind, polite, courteous, but overall condescending in his attitudes and actions. This could most definitely present difficulties upon interaction with either Kaseth or Rauzath - or any of his feistier sisters and agemates.

"I owned the world that hour as I rode over it. free of the earth, free of the mountains, free of the clouds, but how inseparably I was bound to them." - Charles Lindbergh

One of the most definite and defining characteristics of your brash blue is that he loves flying only second to you in the world. The feeling of wind under his wings and the freedom of being able to move in all dimensions - in any direction… It's a heady thing. He will find kinship with Eovarijath in this, if nothing else; the sheer, absolute, unadulterated joy of flight. It doesn't hurt that he's good at it, either.

Mind Voice

One basic sound behind everything Orteith does is the whirr of an airplane engine. Always in the background, there will be the putter-putter of the lighter planes.
http://www.metacafe.com/watch/335803/worlds_smallest_twin_engine_airplane/ (ignore the stupid ad before the vid.) That's the kinds of sounds this blue's mind makes. When he's angry, he does the flyby sound, and when he's riled up to fight, it's a steady sound. At rest, it might putter-putter like it does as it starts up.

Another sound that can be heard is the clink-clink of goblets and the laughter of a group of people. In keeping with his manners, the telltale signs of a party in motion can be present in his mindvoice. Other influences are the sounds from the sky: firelizards, birds, the wind whistling through, and about any other kind of aerial sound.

His mindvoice itself is a light tenor, much like Lindbergh's own. (Heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAlCDMp-Y3c) He is quiet and unassuming, but there is a power in the words he does choose to use. The words are the power, and he is quite aware of this. He's much like Uallath in this way.

Mind Scent

Fine wines scent his words, at least part of the time, as well as the unmistakable smells of gasoline, firestone, agenothree, or any sort of scent he can grab related to flying. Oftentimes, it'll be the ozone of the air just after a rainstorm, or the fresh spring scents that waft through the wind while in the air. Also, grease and oil and the scents of hard work needed to keep the planes in the air can show up from time to time, as well, especially when he's not able to fly due to youth or injury.

Physical Voice

Orteith's physical voice, for all his class and carriage, is a gravelly thing. It sounds more like his motors than his mindvoice. This may be something that bothers him at times, as it doesn't help project his confidence for him to bugle, only to have it sound more like scratching on a rough metal surface than anything smooth and sexy. So, he doesn't often use it. It is a tool in his arsenal, to be sure, but most of the time, he'll have you or … maybe brother Jinith sound his alarms for him. (If Jinith can remember why he's doing it.)


For the first while, Orteith's food and energy will appear to go straight to his wings. They seem to need the most care and growth, and you may both fret that nothing else on him will grow. However, after his wings grow for a time, his tail will grow, then his body will lengthen, then, finally, slowly, his body will bulk up a bit. He will always appear sleek, no matter how much he eats.

Eating Habits

Orteith eats like a gentleman. Since dragons don't have cutlery and crockery, he makes up for it with precision cuts with his claws, and steady, neat tears of meat from bone. This isn't to say that your blue does not enjoy his food, or eat all of a beast or two, but as he does, it's not a sloppy, bloody mess.

That's only for when he's blooding a kill to chase a green.


Egg Name: Pale Blue Starred Egg
Egg Desc: Average in size, this egg is somewhat oddly shaped. Instead of the typical ovoid it is more like a true oval cut in jewel-like proportion. It is somewhere between pale and medium blue, a true shade with no hint of any other color. The distribution is even, no lighter or darker variants throughout. Most of the time it is plain and uniform, but occasionally, when the light hits it just so, three lines intersect at one point, forming a six-legged asterisk in white to cover the shell.
Inspiration: Star sapphires are cabochons, as opposed to the more familiar faceted gems, and thus have a shiny finish over a matte coloration. The star effect is called asterism, and can occur naturally or be man-made. In the latter case the treatment is called "diffusion", and is distinct from the heating process which may also be applied. The way to tell natural from diffusion sapphires is by the star; in diffusion sapphires it is always present. Thus the egg emulates a natural star sapphire since the star only appears when the light hits it just so.
Submitter: Nenienne

Hatching Foo

EGGPOSE1: The Pale Blue Starred Egg is taking its time. Time is something it seems to have, though not in abundance. It will wait until the specific time is reached.

EGGPOSE2: The Pale Blue Starred Egg has found the time to begin the process, at the least. Small, precise cracks appear on the top of this egg, the slow, steady action presaging something more just around the corner.

HATCHING_POSE: From the cracks atop the Pale Blue Starred Egg, a cut-out of shell in roughly the shape of one of the egg's own facets pushes up, revealing the blue dragonet within. As he pushes harder, the Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling completely emerges, examining his wings once, twice, flapping them and attempting to take off right there. However, it merely has the effect of drying off the blue's wings.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: Eschewing any ruder lady, or more crass gentleman, the Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling sketches a draconic bow to the dark-haired, fair skinned, blue-eyed lady that has the class to fly by his side, and looks up at her with a knowing gaze.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: Putter putter, sputter sputter. Your mind is aware of a series of quiet whirrs and clanks, which might well come from the Smithcraft's experimental Journeymen and Masters' workrooms. Some machine is being started. Or someone is trying to start a machine. The accompanying smells of grease and oil and human effort waft in, and then almost as suddenly as they are noticed, they begin to fade. In their place, the soft tinkles of glass and the more familiar scents of fine Benden wines pervade. « Oh, Isilna. How are you this evening, my dear? Isn't the sky gorgeous tonight? So beautiful. Much more beautiful than I imagined. » A light, easy tenor voice speaks to your mind, and it is unclear whether his last phrases refer indeed to the sky, or to his company. « I am Orteith, your humble servant. » The 'humble' portion may be questionable, as the words are spoken suavely and confidently. « It appears we are to gather ourselves on the side by that rider over there. Shall we? » If he were a man, here is where the elbow would be proffered to escort you to the weyrlingmaster. « We shall indeed fly well together, lady mine. »

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