Other Pernese Locations

These locations on Pern don't fit the main three designations of locations (Hold, Hall, Weyr) of a traditional Pern setting. They also include unused ancient stakeholds organized by province that may or may not see the light of day again in modern times.

Araby Province

Stakes: Paradise River

Boca River Stake

Colors: None
Leader(s): None
Overall Political Viewpoint: N/A
Technology: Ruined Ancient technology
Notes: Boca was the first Pernese home of Admiral Paul Benden and has been abandoned since the Second Crossing. Its existence and original ownership are not currently public knowledge. It's called Island River Hold when it was rediscovered in the canon, and is located in the old Delta province.

Cathay Province

Stakes: Mexico, Xanadu

Cibola Province

Stakes: None, Cibola was as yet unoccupied by the original colonists prior to the Second Crossing.

Cove Hold

Colors: On a light green field, a rich blue harp
Leader(s): Harper Master Allizen
Overall Political Viewpoint: Progressive
Technology: Cove Hold remains traditional in its technology, although it was built Southern-fashion on squat stone pillars to keep it off the ground.
Notes: Originally built for the ailing Masterharper Robinton earlier in the Pass, Cove Hold doesn't belong to any Hold or Craft hierarchy, remaining its own autonomous setting. Despite its location, Benden Weyr always flies Threadfall over the Hold in honor of Robinton championing the one-time last Weyr of Pern at a time it needed the assistance the most. Cove is a very small Hold, more like a rather large house on Earth, with room enough for a medium-sized family but that's with a little crowding.

Delta Province

Stakes: Boca River, Drake's Lake, Suweto, Yukon

Dorado Province

Stakes: Karachi Camp, Key Largo, Seminole


Colors: None
Leader(s): None
Overall Political Viewpoint: N/A
Technology: Honshu Hold retains some Ancient technology, buried in the lost Hold, with beautiful Japanese-style murals painted by Kenjo Fusaiyuki and his family and the remains of his personal flyer. Also lost somewhere in the structure is a series of fuel sacks, their plastic intact over the Turns.
Notes: Honshu has been abandoned since the last visitors to Pern rescued Stev Kimmer and his family and returned the survivors to the FSP.

Ierne Island (aka Big Island)

Stakes: Lochahatchee, Longwood, Orkney, Uppsala

Jordan Province

Stakes: Calusa, Cambridge(-on-Jordan), Cardiff, Jordan, Landing, Monaco Bay

Kahrain Province

Stakes: Amsterdam, Bavaria, Bordeaux, Killarney, Milan, Oslo Landing, Vienna-on-Jordan


Colors: None
Leader(s): Harper Master Danellin
Overall Political Viewpoint: Progressive
Technology: Landing has the highest level of technology on Pern, although some of it has fallen into disuse or not weathered the Turns very well.
Notes: Much of the plateau still shows the ravages of the ancient volcano eruption and subsequent pyroclastic flow that caused the original settlers to flee. The remains of the three shuttles that once ferried settlers to Pern can be found in what's known as Ship Meadow at one end of the plateau. The excavation is still ongoing, although the Administration Building where AIVAS was discovered is the most clear area. It should be noted that there are armed guards around this building at all times of the day or night, with at least one watchdragon on duty as well.

Macedonia Province

Stakes: Honshu, Roma, Sadrid, Thessaly

Monaco Bay Sea Hold

Colors: On a white field, a sea-blue fish (same as Seacraft)
Leader(s): Master Seacrafter Callen
Overall Political Viewpoint: Neutral
Technology: The Hold is home to the original Dolphin Bell from Ancient times, dredged up and lovingly preserved, but much of the technology present is the timeless tech of the sea. Ships and tar and sail and rope.
Notes: Refounded after the discovery of Landing, Monaco Bay Hold was set up as a bustling port for the Seacraft and is in fact the best harbor to be found near Landing itself.

Paradise River Stake

Colors: None
Leader(s): None
Overall Political Viewpoint: N/A
Technology: Ruined Ancient technology and many plastic bins of stuff left behind by the original settlers of Pern during the Second Crossing
Notes: Our timeline splits from canon before when Jayge and Aramina found and Hold Paradise River, so it remains in the same state it was when it was originally abandoned in the First Pass. It is part of the Araby province settled by the original colonists.

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