Out Of Time

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If you get involved in plots in a critical role and end up disappearing on us, we will come up with some explanation for your non-involvement and insert an NPC to keep things moving along.

Kickoff Log: Nobody's Perfect

For a list of available Renegade Riders up for grabs: Renegade Riders

Plot Synopsis:

• With Eastern being a new Weyr and thus without a means to gaining their own tithes yet, the Weyr Council apportioned a percentage of tithes from other Weyrs to be sent to help the new Weyr out.
• This however was never meant to be a long term measure and the tithes sent weren’t nearly enough to support the influx of people that streamed to Eastern Weyr.
• At the beginning of Turn 02, desperate to try and save her beleaguered Weyr, weyrwoman Randi, the junior goldrider at the time after discussion with Headwoman Indira and her beast manager son, Lomaxin, took a controversial decision.
• From around Pern riders with a taste for adventure were gathered together, thirty in all. Some recruited from a list provided by Headwoman and son, others found by the resourceful Randi herself, forming what was to become known as the Renegade wing amongst those involved.
• Led by Randi and Timing it, raids were carried out back and forth in time, planned so that suspicion could never be cast on those involved for they always appeared to be present in their own time.
• However, the last jump went horribly wrong with the wing jumping too far back in time and making contact with the historically ill fated greenpair made up of Salarth and O’ren who were sick with Iceblood.
• With the sickness having taken hold, the fever riddled green had crashed into the side of a cliff causing horrible injury to a wing.
• The senior dragonhealer at Eastern Weyr, Randi did her best to try and save Salarth but it was already too late and the greenpair were lost.
• Worse was yet to come with the sickness spreading like a wildfire and infecting half of the Renegade wing before they even left. So much so that some were too weak to make the jump back to their own time and were lost Between with M’pret and H’tek coming out of Between a full seven after the others did.
• Those that made it back were immediately taken to a set of undisclosed caves by Kaseth in the Igen area where Randi’s mother helped her to nurse the ailing pairs with all but three coming down with the sickness with Kaseth being the last to contract it.
• In total, eighteen out of the original thirty pairs that had made up the Renegade wing were lost to the Iceblood with only twelve pairs surviving.
• Weyrwoman Randi’s mother, then told her maternal grandmother (Weyrwoman of Telgar) who in turn decided that being as how Randi had opened the nest of tunnelsnakes, so she should take responsibility for them.
• Thus it was arranged with many strings pulled and entirely on the down-low by the influential Weyrwoman of Telgar, that the twelve remaining pairs would discretely be transferred to Eastern Weyr. Out of sight, out of mind.
• Eastern Weyr’s Weyrleader, bronzerider J’cobi furious for having ‘criminals’ foisted upon him, summarily upped and left before the first pairs had even arrived. With senior Weyrwoman Alara called away to a family emergency, it is now up to goldrider Randi to step up to the plate and shoulder the burden of her actions.
• How will this affect the fledgling Weyr? Will the Renegade Riders be a hindrance or a help? And, is this the last of nefarious activities that will be associated with Eastern? Only time (and RP) will tell.

WYSK for Renegade Rider characters:

• There are still little errands that need to be run. Sensitive things that Randi sends the renegades to do since she knows she can trust them. However, there are no more organized group jumps back and forth through time.

Some details on the what, where and when of a few of the raids:

• Southern Boll, sixty two turns in the past - a large chest of clothing went missing from the Weaver Hall.
• Crom, twenty two turns into the future - Several sacks of cromcoal and firestone will disappear.
• Millers, forty turns in the past - Sacks of flour, sweetener and large amounts of wheat go missing.

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