Overstepping Boundaries


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Date: Dec. 14, 2010
Location: Headwoman's Office, EW
Synopsis: Jaya comes by late at night to drop off the Weyr's monthly percentage from the bar and touches on various subjects - that being, the 'uniqueness' of her twin, the self control of her bodyguard, the dark past of Indira's son, and a planned retreat away from the Weyr in order to reorient herself from recent events.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

Since Beddie Dicori’s departure, things have been busy beyond the norm for Jaya and her bar. There was still the buzz going on for that eventful night involving the three thugs looking to cause trouble, naturally prompting more than the usual patrons to show up at the bar each night in the hopes of catching another encounter. As Keane would say on such occasions, ‘A barkeep’s misery means a patron’s entertainment.’ Therefore, it’s taken till now to seek the Headwoman out, the package containing the current tithe to the Weyr on the bar’s profits currently snuggled under one arm as Jaya approaches the office. There’s weariness in her eyes as she walks, Shijan keeping back but trailing nonetheless as usual as she makes this trip. Having her sister here for a couple of sevendays, not to mention the ordeal with the bounty hunters, have the barkeep more tired than normal. Now that the run was done and things were slowly starting to settle once more (save for Solak), the Bitran is starting to wonder if a nice jaunt outside the Weyr for a bit is in order.

Late night though it might be, Indira is to be found not in her private quarters as one might expect but in her office. Except that, instead of her usual work attire she's already robed in rather sheer nightwear and is lounging, legs swinging over the sides of the arm of her chair, reading a letter. She is clearly, not expecting company of any style this night.

In walks Jaya, perhaps expecting Indira to be a night owl like she is since she’s not exactly pausing at the door to check and see if the office was indeed, occupied. She does stop a pace or two in, finding the Headwoman dressed in a certain way and far too interested in reading something since the woman has yet to look up in that split second. She drops herself into one of the chairs facing the desk, then tosses the small package onto the desk to get her attention. “Interesting late night read?” she asks, a brow lifting in askance before letting that gaze run over the older woman’s frame briefly. “I would have came by earlier,” she explains after a brief pause, “but with the bar being more busy than usual these nights…” She would explain the whys on the matter, but it was likely that Indira already knew about the incident by now with Hayli and Shijan being about.

Dark eyes flare wide and Indira throws up a startled look, the letter she'd been reading suddenly being stuffed down between herself and the cushioning of the chair for some reason. Swiftly legs are swung off the side of the chair and a thick wash of hair hiding the very, very faintest edge of colouring drawn onto her cheeks as she assumes a more Headwomanly pose. Clearing her throat she looks up and sets Jaya with a bland expression, whatever that was before, completely gone from her expression as she states with a slightly sardonic lilt to her tone, "I know I have an open door policy but…it does come with a curfew." A faint smirk attaching as she completely disregards the question about what she'd been reading.

Indira’s reaction to her coming seems to amuse Jaya greatly, but the barkeep remains with little reaction to it other than to show interest in that note the Headwoman’s suddenly stuffing away. It’s not everyday she catches Indira unawares, so the evasion of her question actually draws the corners of her mouth upwards. To the comment on curfews, hands spread wide from herself as she responds back with, “Hey, us barkeeps keep late hours, shuga,” wryly, eyes falling on the woman intently. “Not unless you don’t want the latest profit percentage from my bar…I can certainly find usage for such an amount…” and she’s leaning forward now with her hand reaching for the very package she had just tossed onto the desk, making as if to grab it and go with that proud little smirk plastered on her face. A brat, she is well.

She must have heard somewhere through the grapevine that Jaya's twin had left the Weyr and headed back home again for there hadn't been even the slightest hesitation (despite the scar Jaya sports) as to which one of the two was now seated across from her. That faint smirk hovers a little while longer on the keeping of late hours with Indira swifting the package away from the barkeep before her hand even manages to land on it, "Not so fast, darlin'." Setting it to one side, well out of the dark haired woman's range, a dryly amused expression is next to fit into place as she leans back in her seating, seemingly completely unfazed that her nightwear might reveal more than is commonly decent for it to do so. Perhaps she was expecting a late night visitor? "That sister of yours…is quite the character." She says, choosing to couch her wording carefully.

With that package being swiped out of her reach as perhaps predicted, “Quite,” Jaya responds on the account of her sister, now choosing to lean back more comfortably in the chair and settle her legs. Eyes travel down that nightwear with a slight raise of her brow, faint amusement still lingering on her face for that choice of words on Beddie. “Beddie told me she had a run in with you,” she notes blithely, her amusement rising up a notch. Eyes meeting Indira’s, “If you’re expecting me to apologize for her, I won’t.” Beddie was Beddie, after all, the way Jaya sees it. But still, she’s curious. Head tilting slightly, “What did you think of my sister?” she couldn’t help but to ask now, her interest showing in her dark features.

Indira disregards the faint amusement coming off of the dark haired young woman for her attire. Or maybe not for lifting a brow, a saucy smirk in place, she states as calmly as if she were talking about the menu for the next day, "You never know who you'll meet in your dreams, darlin'. Always best to be prepared." She's kidding right? Maybe. Who knows with her. Tucking her legs up under, the letter stuffed down the side of the cushion giving crinkling protest, the Headwoman once again resumes a more relaxed pose. Chuckling low, "Did she also tell you I gave her a dressing down?" Nope, she doesn't look to be apologizing for that either. Brows twitch for that head tilt of curiosity and the question that follows. "She's seems to have rather well formed delusions of grandeur." Given bluntly.

“And who seduces you in your dreams?” Jaya leans a little forward to ask, matching that saucy smirk with one of her own as she adds then, “Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.” Dark eyes catch the letter, along with its crinkling sound as it gets tucked away further as Indira speaks on her twin. She says nothing at first, her amusement still there through the other’s opinion given on the scarless one. Running a hand through her unbound hair with a low throaty chuckle, “Beddie was rather vexed with you,” she admits wryly, “but then, most would cause her to be when faced with one of her, ah, complaints?” A shoulder lifts up in a shrug. “I doubt your dressing-down did much good,” she tells Indira, one corner of her mouth lifting up more. “I’ve tried tearing some sense into her almost six turns ago, and I see how much good it’s done. She’s a lost cause, that one.” Lips twitching, “She did try to seduce your son,” she notes, leaning back again with a finger idly running across her bottom lip. “I found her as naked as the day she was born with me. Poor Lomaxin seemed beside himself, but he seems to think she might be better off living here rather than back home in Bitra.”

An oddly wary look flickers over to Jaya for talk of those that stalk in dreams and Indira's quickly looking away and leaning forward to lift the package and set it in one of the drawers of her desk, once again avoiding a topic. Which in itself is probably very telling. She'll choose instead to turn to the 'safer' topic of Jaya's twin, a corner of her mouth curving about a light grin for her having been annoyed with the Headwoman, "Oh I'll just bet she was. She's…got balls. I'll give her that much." Some amount of approval sitting in her tone for Dicori traderwoman's moxy. Chuckling once again, "Probably not. But maybe she'll think twice about coming in here as if she owns the place and telling me how to do my job." Beddie tried to seduce her…what!? Blink, blink. Clearly the tousle haired blond hadn't expected to hear that. Sloe eyes narrow lightly at the corners as she leans forward a little, setting the dark haired woman across from her with an intent look, "He had better have kept his dick in his pants!" Or the beast manager would have her to deal with. Not quite yet paying attention to the last given on Beddie Dicori possibly relocating. Or maybe she does for her expression exhibits a flash of mistrustful anger hovering at the edges for quite why it is that her son would suggest such a thing.

It’s what is not said that gets Jaya’s attention, that smile lingering longer than it should. Regarding that wary look but choosing to let the silence of the topic slide for her sister’s, “She might take offense if you say that,” she notes wryly on Beddie having balls. “But then, that’s what she was always known for – coming into a place and acting like she owns it. Bhadri doesn’t seem to mind it, apparently.” She also expected the reaction from Indira on the account of her son, confirming that this piece of news hadn’t reached her ears. “Nothing happened,” the barkeep assures, her tone continuing to be wry. “I walked in on him giving her a dressing down himself. She was merely taking his threats as foreplay, of course. Heard you went up to Telgar at one point.” It’s quick how Jaya changes the subject without pause, the Bitran seeming good at it as she studies the older woman intently. “You went up to meet with Keane. I trust he is well? Has he healed or did he still seemed to be in pain?”

A dry smile appears on the topic of Beddie, "She doesn't like being told she's in the wrong." Indira points out although it doesn't seem to have upset her any to have banged heads with the wilful young traderwoman. "Reminded me a bit of myself when I was younger." Ah, so that would be why. One dark blond brow arches upward and Jaya is set with a considering look as if she seeks traces of a lie to her son's benefit in the younger woman's response. Finding none, she gives a short dip of head in satisfied acknowledgement, "Good. Because if he hurts Ah…" words suddenly falter and whatever she was going to say gets completely thrown off track as the Eastern barkeep brings up the Telgari one. Recovering herself quickly a bland smile gets thrown into place. Not denying that she'd been up that way, "Keane and I …had some business to discuss." Alright, if that's what you want to call it. A hand lifts and tucks a swathe of hair behind an ear as her attention finds a pile of documents on her desk of short interest before settling back onto Jaya again with not a tell in sight aside from the slight hesitation in the words she chooses, "He's doing…better than expected. Asked after yourself and Relly." Using the pseudonym the Tillekian girl was going by these days. It's only now that a faint smile whispers into place, "He's really fond of you."

On that initial comment, Jaya cannot help but to smile a bit at that. “Seems to be common in my family,” she answers on it, Indira’s own admittance of it reminding her of herself getting more of a smile from her. “She’s well back home and comfortable now, so you don’t have to worry about another run-in with that one.” There’s a wink before the slight reaction from the Headwoman on the account of Keane brings her in pause. Even that slight pause when Indira speaks has her watching the other in silence before she blinks and nods in acknowledgement of it. “Business,” she states it in slight askance, and when she hears that he’s been asking after her and Relly it brings a genuine smile to the barkeep’s face. At the last, “He’s been good to me,” she admits on the old barkeep of the Blood and Bucket, that genuine lopsided smile lingering. “He has treated me better than my own father. Don’t like him being up there alone with me and Relly gone now.” Ina considerable pause, “Perhaps I’ll get a ride from S’las soon and go up to see him,” she says then, some of the smile starting to fade away. “Maybe sooner. I’m…looking at maybe taking brief rest away from the Weyr,” she admits, eyes finally off of Indira. “You know…getting away and catching my breath. I’m not running,” she’s quick to remind the other, a hand lifting in case Indira mentions so. “Not my intention at all. Just…a break, is all.” Now was probably the best time anyway with those bounty hunters sniffing about and recognizing her instantly.

Light amusement shows in the chuckle that gives short presentation for Indira not running into Beddie any time soon. A hand lifts and fingers make a flickering motion as if waving the notion aside, "She's welcome back any time you wish her to visit." A pale smirk tracing into place as she seems to divine from her own encounter with the Dicori traderwoman, the type of trial she must present her twin with. Fully recovered from her slight lapse, a perfectly bland smile reaches to Jaya on the topic of Keane, despite the letter all but burning against her hip where it's been stashed out of sight. "We needed a corridor of safety up there and he's kindly agreed to supply us with one." See? Business. Mmhm. Brows twitch toward each other in a light frown as the younger speaks on how the Telgari barkeep has been more father to her than her own. Given in a tone of compassionate understanding, "It's not always about who you began with, Jaya. But rather who's there along the way that determines father figure from sire." There's the barest heartbeat of a moment where Indira looks set to make comment on checking up on Keane but its there and gone before it even really presents in proper form. She does however set a silent and considering look onto the dark haired woman. Quiet many long moments before slowly shaking her head at the prospect of her heading up north to take a break, "It's too hot up there for you to properly enjoy some time to yourself." The pointed look she gives determining that she's not talking about the weather there. "I've got a better idea. There's a small and well isolated cove just down along the shoreline of Southern Hold. There's a small and dry cave you could use as comfortable shelter." Pausing to put another pointed look onto Jaya, "If you promise to take Shijan with you, I'll arrange for a rider to drop you off and pick you up after say…a seven or so?"

Both brows go up. “After tossing her out of this here office, shuga?” Jaya puts forth, amusement more prominent now before tacking on, “Who knows when Beddie will defy me and return.” Yep, she’s resigned to the fact that Beddie will defy her request to not come back eventually. The jury was still out on whether it bothered her or not. On the topic of her old Telgari boss, Indira’s explanation as to her reason of being up there gets a faint nod from the barkeep and a wry, “I’m surprised he agreed to it,” she says, propping an elbow up on the armrest. “He doesn’t think much of those in the Weyr, but I did notice he seemed rather taken with Max.” If only she knew about someone else he was taken with! Indira’s response on Keane being a father figure draws a more genuine smile from the barkeep. “I wouldn’t tell him though,” she notes to the Headwoman, leaning a little forward as if confiding the statement to the other. “But, I think he already knows.” The silence from the other gets a study from the Bitran, some of her amusement ebbing away at that look being sent. Perhaps in feeling awkward by the stare, and the request, she tucks her hair behind an ear and says a bit more soberly, “Been going through a lot of stuff lately, Indira. Too much going on. Beddie coming and stirring things didn’t help.” When Indira finally speaks with that pointed look, the alternative offer has her giving back a considerable look. “Used it yourself a time or two?” she asks, fishing to learn a bit more about the older woman with a slight crooked grin appearing on her face before nodding to that. “If it’s isolated, though,” she puts forth, leaning forward and setting her arms onto the edge of the desk, “then I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding me, right?” She doesn’t answer on Shijan coming along just yet – at least not directly. Now fitting Indira with a pointed look of her own, “I was kind of looking for some alone time, shuga.” She was well aware that Shijan was going regardless, but it didn’t stop the barkeep from seeming just a bit mutinous.

“Oh, she’ll be back,” Indira too seems quite sure of that and apparently not bothered by the notion at all. Then again, Beddie’s not her annoying twin sister, now is she? As to Keane and the agreement in place between himself and the Headwoman a faint smile touches her lips, “Lomaxin set the building blocks in place, I simply…” that smile turns over into a barely detectable smirk, “negotiated the terms.” Negotiated indeed! She doesn’t however make mention of the young man she’d brought back with her as part of said negotiations as that would totally defeat the object of his being at the Weyr now wouldn’t it? It’s on the very tip of her tongue to state that the Telgari barkeep views Jaya as a daughter in the same way she views him as a father figure but thankfully her brain catches up and she merely sends the younger woman an enigmatic smile instead. That hovering for a moment before her mouth turns down into a light frown for the troubles Jaya has encountered of late. Nodding a soft sigh spills out, “Aye, I know darlin’. Time to get yourself away and get your head together so that you can get back into the game swinging, hmm?” Thus lending open hint that she’s well aware of not only the Eastern barkeep’s troubles with the Bitran crime boss but also of her involvement and allegiance to her son’s new standing in the seedier side of Pern. That having been said a light chuckle spills from Indira as she shakes her head on the matter of the isolated cove, “Not personally, no. One of the sweepriders found it and reported it to me thinking it might be useful to land small craft undetected.” Say what? She doesn’t elaborate, simply adding, “It’s on my list of places to go though. You’d be doing me a favour by reporting back on whether or not you find it to be satisfactory.” To that slight mutiny coming from the younger woman, a dark blond brow arches upward in an expression that will brook no argument, “You’ll be alone as you want to be. He knows how to fade into the background.” Which by this time, Shijan’s charge should know for herself too.

“Don’t jinx it,” Jaya’s quick to return with fake sternness when Indira says the scarless twin will certainly be back. As to negotiations, a curious twitch of her brows is answer to that, but all the barkeep verbally responds back is a wry “I see. Perhaps his views on those of the Weyr is starting to change.” Hers definitely has – the way she was at the Blood and Bucket from this night being a stark difference in that matter. The topic of her troubles draws a faint sigh and a light shrug, her dark gaze falling on the little knick-knacks that might be around on Indira’s desk. “A sevenday or so would be nice,” she notes, falling back on what the Headwoman had offered before. “Not used to being ‘on’ all the time,” ‘on’ being, having to put up a constant front along with her gambler’s mask in place. Shaking her head, letting the weariness show on her young face, “Still haven’t had time to process everything since me moving down here, shuga,” she admits, running a hand over her face. “Used to being on the go since I left home. Not having to see the same faces all the time. Talk to the same folks all the time. Fall for the same type of men all of the time,” and at this one, the barkeep rolls her eyes and gives the Headwoman a look. “Having Beddie here reminded me of how fast I’ve been going, and things aren’t about to slow down for me in a long-ass while to come. Might as well get a break from my life before it starts to get complicated again.” As if it hadn’t stopped being complicated, that is. Talk of this cove has Jaya’s keen interest now, the young woman frowning slightly when the other mentions it’s potential use. “You and your son have some weird dealings, you know that?” she remarks almost dryly on that, but she doesn’t quite hide the amusement lacing her tone as she says it. Nodding then, “Alright, I can do that,” she decides to say, the crooked smile in place once more. “And Shijan can come. He better not try to stop me from drinking,” she adds with a mock-pointed look – especially since she was planning on bringing some of her personal stock anyway. Besides, in her mind, best to appear as if she was agreeing to his companionship rather than admit she was bringing a babysitter. Hand reaching out across the table as if to shake on it, “It’s a deal.”

Indira gives no response to the comment made about whether or not Keane’s views of Weyr inhabitants may or may not be changing, merely keeping that same unreadable smile in place. The Headwoman is almost OCD about her workspace with very little in the way of knick-knacks to be seen save for a hand carved wooden box in which she keeps stylus and sealing wax. Everything else is perfectly lined up and perpendicular to desk corners. Control freak much? Her private quarters however, might tell a different story. Or not. Resting her head back against the padding of her high-backed chair a rueful expression forms as Jaya opens up a little about the stresses and strains she faces, “That was something I learned very quickly in the beginning,” sharing hard won experience, “If you don’t take time out to…play,” the edge of a sultry note entering her tone for her choice of words, “You’re going to burn out and be useless to everyone. Including yourself. Drinking yourself into oblivion doesn’t count.” And she should know, though she’ll likely never admit it. Inscrutable the cast to dark eyes at mention of her and Max’s dealings, “More than one way to skin a feline, darlin’.” In other words, they’ll use any and all means at their disposal to get people moved about as needed. Leaning forward, a slim hand meets the one held out to her over the desk top, delivering a firm grip as a smile gets sent over Jaya’s way, “Deal. Just…remember what I said about Shijan, hmm? Keep him away from booze or else he’ll be of as much use to you as a canine pup.” Apparently she’s not about to lecture the younger woman about enjoying a few drinks while on her break.

Studying the desk of a control freak with open interest as she listens to Indira’s advice, “I’ve played,” Jaya counters with just a little playful tilt of her head. “Maybe not…enough, but, considering all that’s been happening….I don’t have the time to be myself.” And then her chin drops a bit, a brow lifting at something said before she quips almost sardnically, “Shijan’s been reporting that I drink myself into oblivion?” The woman seems fiercely protective of her booze, but she doesn’t even seem surprised if that’s indeed the case. There’s wry amusement on Indira’s answer involving her and Max’s methods, the barkeep drawling out in return, “I seem to be learning that.” Pausing as she puts together what she wants to say next without it coming out wrong, “Your son,” she begins more evenly with a slight incline of her head, “I…he’s doing much for me. You both are,” she amends, darting a look towards the Headwoman now. “Like Keane. I won’t forget it.” It was her way of thanking them, the words coming out awkward before she clears her throat before releasing her hand from Indira’s grasp. At the bit in Shijan and drinking, “I don’t like to share,” she notes with some arrogance and a crooked smirk, her way of reassuring the other on the matter. “Sounds like you’ve had previous trouble with him,” she adds idly, leaning back in her seat again as she tries to probe on the mysterious bodyguard. “Hard to believe, really. He seems to be the master of self-control.” Not that Jaya’s been ‘trying’ or anything to make him lose it. The barkeep was still, after all this time in his presence, trying to figure Shijan out. “Still, should be interesting – taking him along. Haven’t told anyone else yet. Plan to let Max know when I can.” She wasn’t asking to go either since essentially, he was her boss now. Telling him that she was going on a break was her being courteous and respectful in her eyes.

Indira’s head tips to one side and Jaya is put under curious study until an understanding nod is given, “Aye,” a soft sigh spilling passed lips, “the past has the way of doing that to us.” In finding it difficult to remember to take the time just to be one’s self. She has nothing to offer by way of advice to that being as how she so rarely lets her own guards down enough to even remember who Indira the woman is any more. All that Jaya gets in return to what Shijan might have been reporting back on, is an odd little smile. Lips part as if to make comment on her and Max’s methods of getting things done in the pause the younger woman leaves but nothing gets verbalized for what is said next by Jaya. With the dark haired woman’s hand still in her own, the Headwoman gives it a light squeeze before releasing it, a warm expression in place, “It’s what you’re doing for yourself, love. We’re just here to help you where we can, hmm?” That having been said she leans back in her chair again and finally becoming irritated with the edges of the letter stuffed down its side that keep poking into her, retrieves it, smoothes its crumpled surface out over a thigh and folds it back up again. For some reason its low laughter that greets all comments put out on Shijan. “Master of self-control,” the older blond repeats, apparently highly amused by that. Sloe eyes flicker upward once the letter has been refolded, her hand curling around it, “Until he’s been drinking.” She notes of the bodyguard enigmatically before one corner of her mouth curves up into a smirk for the woman’s next, “Get up before him one morning and you’ll see something really interesting.” That all she says on the subject of Jaya having Shijan for company during her break before giving forth a firm nod to her letting Max know of her plans, “Aye, do so. And while you’re at it. See if you can figure out what his sudden interest is in Holder conclave law? The harper’s been at my door whining about the volume he borrowed and hasn’t given back yet.” So…mother and son don’t share everything after all then, hmm?

Jaya smiles more to that squeeze of her hand before it’s released, Indira’s words getting a brief incline of her head in understanding. Eyes drop to that crinkling she hears, a brow twitching upwards at the other’s obvious attention to it. Considering the fact that it was late at night and the woman didn’t look to be doing any work, the barkeep drawls out, “Keeping the men coming?” with a pointed nod towards where she heard the crinkling of the hide below. And then, there’s the topic of her bodyguard – one that has Indira laughing and Jaya’s eyes slightly narrowing at the unexpected reaction. “So he drinks, and then what? I find him cavorting about in my underwear?” she seems to tease on the man with a playful drop of her chin as she fixes the Headwoman with a look. Of course, Indira’s suggestion of getting up before the man is being put away for the woman to do just that, her curiosity strong and apparent now in her intense gaze. She even voices it: “Hmm, I will. I will do just that, Headwoman.” She was determined to know something on the aloof man – being that it was highly possible that he knows so much on her. There’s a suggestive tilt to her voice as she says it as well, but it all fades when Indira brings up Max in connection to Holders. Brows furrow at that as if this was sudden strange news to her, when in reality she was well aware of why her son would be interested in that sort of thing. What was more curious to the Bitran was why Max was hiding his daughter from his mother. It was peculiar move, and one Jaya was planning to get to the bottom of. Realizing that enough time had gone by where the other would think she hadn’t heard the request, she nods to it shortly and answers, “Lomaxin holds most of his cards close to his chest,” understandably, “but, I’ll see what I can do.”

Keeping the men coming? Indira fits the younger woman with a look that would suggest she doesn’t quite understand what it is she’s alluding to, even adding a small blink before glancing down at the folded letter held in her hand. “Oh. You mean this?” lips tipple into a strange little smile, “Letter from a friend up north.” Not a lie. Grateful to switch away from the topic she sends a quick smirk out in response to Jaya’s narrow eyed look, “You’ll see.” That is if she dares not to heed the Headwoman’s warning and lets the man near a drink. That smirk lingers further still with the younger woman confirming that she will indeed rise before her bodyguard to see what it is he might get up to in the dawning hours, adding only, “I do warn. There will be consequences.” And no, she doesn’t look to be explaining herself there. Sloe eyes fix an intent study onto the barkeep, taking note of the silence that draws out after asking her to look into the matter of her son and his interest in the harper’s borrowed book. That Lomaxin plays his cards close to his chest, she’s disputing. In fact, that would be the very reason why she’s not been able to figure out for herself yet. Shoulders shift against the chairback as she straightens a little in her curled up pose in the chair, “I know your loyalty lies with him, Jaya, but…don’t be foolish enough to think you can lie to me. I’ll always find out.” Warning delivered in casual tone, although eyes will tell of her being deadly serious.

When Indira indicates the letter and explains, “Must be some letter to keep it close so,” Jaya merely says to that, noting the strange smile with interest. She’s willing to let the topic slide though, letting her amusement on the matter speak for itself. It even lingers through the topic of Shijan, the older woman’s warnings getting a rather dry, “He comes after me for catching him, I dunno, singing in his sleep or something, he just better know that I can bite back.” Or well, he probably knows the feistiness that is Jaya by now, anyway. Still, such warnings only serve to intrigue her more – which is probably not a good thing for her bodyguard. When Indira studies her, she’s returning the study back and saying nothing through it. At the warning of a different nature being delivered now, eyes drop to her desk briefly before meeting Indira’s eyes and saying, “Perhaps you should ask him yourself instead of going through me.” Slowly getting to her feet with a roll of her shoulders as she starts to stretch, “I’ll talk to Max,” she chooses the say then once she straightens up. “I can’t promise anything. You know how he is.” Then turning from her on that, looking over her shoulder pointedly towards that letter in the pause before meeting her gaze once more, “He’s just like you.”

Cue the faint trace of a smirk now filtering into place as Jaya calls her out on the letter, "For all you know, darlin'. It could be a missive from my good friend the Masterharper himself." She's personal friends with the Masteharper? Could be. Could also be a means to throwing the younger woman off the trail. Laughter, rich and husky peels out for the younger woman's quip on catching her bodyguard doing something such as singing in his sleep, "He does have a lovely voice." An oddly warm note to her tone as she speaks of the aloof former harper. At the return study she's put under, Indira lifts a challenging brow, uncurling her legs and rising as Jaya does, leaving the letter behind on her chair. "He's more likely to talk to you than he is to me." Yes, she knows how Lomaxin can be - stubborn as an ox. The Headwoman doesn't so much as turn her head in the direction of where she'd left the folded piece of hide as she follows Jaya to the door, "Tell you what, you tell me everything, and I do mean everything, that happens during your break and…I'll tell you about that letter. Deal?" Smiiirk.

“You’re friends with the Masterharper?” Jaya’s taking up that line of talk with a little smirk to match Indira’s own, clicking her tongue against her teeth. “Didn’t think you would have connections like that, Indira. You’ve been clearly holding out on me.” That cheekiness fades somewhat when she catches the other’s warm note on the account of Shijan, a tentative gentle smile coming, then falling in check as she answers, “Yes, he does,” remembering what he did for her that night when her nightmares got to be too much. At least she knows that much about the man! The barkeep makes it to the door, one hand falling on the doorknob as she listens to what’s being said on the beast manager. Catching that challenging look, “The matter really isn’t my business,” she notes – for once, actually acknowledging some boundaries she shouldn’t cross. Still finding the whole matter peculiar though, she draws back and looks Indira in the eye and adds, “I’m surprised, with all the connections you employ, that you don’t know.” That has her attention and interest more than anything, and she’s about to turn and head out of the office, her hand turning the knob and preparing to push the door open, when Indira’s last causes her to pause her motions. Eyes dart towards the Headwoman’s own, eyes slightly narrowing onto her at the odd offer given. Lips twitching into a bland smile, “You want to hear about how, day in and day out, I and Shijan spent the time throwing sand at each other and how much of tanning-time I got?” she seems to tease, brows lifting at her. “Something tells me your friend’s letter would be far more entertaining than the time spent between a mere barkeep and her trusty bodyguard, shuga.” Uh-huh. It sounds right, at least.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Indira gives back with that enigmatic smile trickling back in again, "He puts his legs into his trousers just like the rest of us do. One at a time." Dark eyes settle a lightly considering look onto Jaya for the gentle smile that presents when she agrees on her bodyguard's vocal talents. Whatever it is she knows, or is picking up on, she's not telling or letting on about. Arms coming to wrap lightly about herself, hands rubbing at her upper arms still and the Headwoman's jaw tightens a fraction for the comment given about her connections versus those of her son's. "Things changed when he left for Tillek. He learned how to cover his tracks and those loyal to him would rather risk being holdless than betray him." Even to her and therein lies the problem it seems. Some of that disgruntlement and unease melts off at the younger woman's quip on trading tit for tat with regards to personal lives and the goings on therein. Slowly a sly grin curves the one corner of her mouth up, "In this life, darlin'. You don't get nothin' for nothin'." Falling into the northern rhythm and speech of her roots.

Jaya considers the response given on the Masterharper for a moment, and then she allows herself to nod to that and answer it with a wry, “There’s a crimelord out there that’s been looking to meet him one day.” That amusement doesn’t linger when Indira mentions how Max has changed since Tillek, a light frown falling on her dark features at the expression on the other’s face. “How was he…before that?” she asks curiously, that frown lingering in the face of that. She could remember the first time meeting him at the Blood and Bucket, the barkeep trying to create her own timeline from the moment. “Tillek,” she breathes the name of the place, her tone lowering as she looks away towards something in the office. “You haven’t looked in Tillek itself, then? Surely not everyone is loyal to the beast manager.” It was logic to her, being that she used to run in notorious renegade circles growing up. Not everyone was loyal to Vaputero, for sure, which prompts her to add, “There’s always someone that can be bought.” That slight smirk returns on the last, though, at that sly grin being sent along with those return words. “Alright,” she decides without thinking much on it, nodding firmly. “I’ll tell you everything when I get back. Not sure on what you’re expecting to hear, Headwoman, but I’ll play along.” The smile spreading, “I can be fair.”

On the matter of there being a crime lord wanting to meet the Masterharper and spoken with the low sincerity of one telling the truth, "Aye, I know." Perhaps this might be the reason why a certain former harper, talented at extracting information, has gone into hiding as the bodyguard of a certain barkeep? A light frown forms on Indira's face and she shakes her head slightly at heading up Tillek way herself, "No. That…would overstep the boundaries between him and I." And getting Jaya to try and get information out of Lomaxin isn't doing the same thing? "But he has put some of my people in place up there to keep watch over a new interest." And she's hoping they'll report back to her as well as to her son. As to how the beast manager had been before he'd departed for the coastal Hold shoulders twitch in a discomforted gesture, "Angry at the world." Pausing and then adding, "But openly so." A soft sigh passes her lips and then a quick smile covers it over, morphing quickly into a smirk as it appears a deal to trade personal information has been put in place, or at least the idea of one. "Don't forget, darlin'. I'll know if you're lying or you leave anything out." Stepping away now as if to head back to her private quarters a more genuine smile offers itself forward, "Make what arrangements you need to for the bar while you're away and I'll have that rider for you when you're ready."

Perhaps Jaya is a little shocked at hearing that Indira knows about a crimelord looking to meet the Masterharper. It shows in the single blink of eyes and the firming of her lips. Perhaps that would be delved into another time – like, when she gets back from her retreat. The frown on the other’s face when it comes to overstepping boundaries has her saying, “I’ve heard about that. However,” and she pins the woman with a look, “perhaps overstepping boundaries is what you need to do, in this matter?” The look lingers a little longer before she drops it, not appearing surprised to hear about how Max was before Tillek. It’s being taken in stride, not appearing to know anything about the Tillek matter as she in turn files away what’s said for later perusal. She turns the handle and is turning to head out, Indira’s words hitting her back as she takes a step out into the hallway before she snorts and looks back. “Said I would, didn’t I?” she directs at her, the cheeky smirk in place before she winks and starts her walk back to her bar. Lifting a hand in farewell, “I’ll have everything prepared. And thanks, shuga.” Dark eyes falling over her shoulder as she moves, “Glad you and I have an understanding,” she adds wryly before she turns back and continues to head out.

The chances are quite good that the two women are speaking of different crimelords. Then again, maybe not but she's not about to risk the safety of one of those under protection by revealing which it is that she'd been speaking of. Indira sets Jaya with a long unreadable look for the advice given on the matter of her son and Tillek and then gives quietly, "It's not worth the risk of losing him again." Clamming up firmly on the matter now. From midpoint in her office she sends a wry smile to the younger woman's parting words but says nothing in return, merely lifting a hand in farewell herself and closing the distance to her room.

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