Portrayed By Richard Dean Anderson
Position Renegade Wingrider
Former title(s) Wingleader (Igen), Assistant Weyrlingmaster (IGW), Wingsecond (IGW), Wingrider (IGW), Weyrling (IGW), Candidate (IGW), Weyrbrat (IGW)
Sex Male
Age 45
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Family Parents: P'cer & Liska; Half-sister Lissan and half-brother C'rel
Faction Neutral

Character History

A transfer to Eastern from Igen Weyr with bronze Abydoth, one of the riders recruited by Randi, P'sec brings with him a lifetime of riding experience and personal baggage that is rumoured but rarely spoken of by the rider himself. He blames himself for the recent loss of his son, followed shortly thereafter by the departure of his weyrmate.

As for what really happened:
“Won’t be long.” P’sec had started to taking his son along with him on shorter sweeps. The boy begged him, and as his weyrmate Serai had pointed out to him on more than one occasion, he was gone more and more, increasingly busy as the Weyr prepared to move from the Ninth Pass to the First Long Pass without the reprieve of an Interval.

On a summer day seemingly no different from any others, they touched down in Keroon when P’sec saw something he thought looked like a Thread burrow in a dry, dying field. “Stay back,” P’sec warned, and sent the boy out of the way. Petrei wandered off to play while P’sec went for a closer look. It was meant to keep the boy safe, out of danger. But Petrei didn’t go the direction he was told, chased something he fancied was a firelizard, and stumbled into a second, unseen burrow. There was hardly anything left of him to take between by the time P’sec got to him.


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