Packaged Departures


Bowen.jpg Cheusia.jpg Ermina (NPC'd by Lorayit)

Date: Nov. 22, 2010
Location: Courtyard, Southern Hold
Synopsis: Bo and Che are leaving to return to Eastern, and Ermina's got packages for them along with a warning for Lorayit.
Rating: PG
Logger: Lorayit

It's early evening, after the dinner rush at Southern Hold, though there are probably still some lingering. Bowen, himself, has returned to his parents cothold and is preoccupied with the arrangements for their journey back. He has made the delivery and even gotten married to boot. It was time to head back. If it wasn't for Strider, he probably would just make arrangements for a dragon to ferry them back, but he wasn't going to sell Strider and leave him here, Strider who had been through everything with him since his return to Southern after he left the crafthall to marry his first wife. And now Strider who was embarking on this new journey of marriage with Bowen. Having one of the holdbrats deliver a message to Ermina that they were going to be heading out in the next few days, the tanner was loosely on the lookout for her, but presently he was on his back on the ground looking more intently over the cart axles that would be use to carry himself and his wife and the various trappings that would be needed for the two and a half-seven overland journey ahead of them. His legs stuck out from underneath the back of the cart, knees drawn up and feet flat against the ground.

Preparations are being made for the trip back, this includes Che double checking their own belongings. Though the task doesn't take too long for her to finish and then for her to escape the cothold. Then, she's approaching the cart and peeking curiously under to look at her husband. "Bo. Did you want me to see if we needed anything else? Or did you need any help?"

Ermina got the note by the holdbrat easily enough, thankful for the time to be able to step away from the kitchens. Since the wedding she spied on, things have been busier than usual at the Hold and the raven-haired woman would love for things to get back to normal as soon as possible. So, when she got the time she sought out to find the happy newlyweds with two packages in hand - both of medium size and tightly wrapped by a woman's hand - which was tucked under one arm. Her hair was bound back into a single braid, and her clothes were back to their simplicity as she spots both Bowen and Cheusia, already waving a hand even if they probably don't see her. "Sorry I couldn't stay after the wedding!" Yep, that's her greeting. No traditional 'hello, how are you?' for this one. Once she reaches Cheusia with a beaming smile she will try to pull the redhead into a hug unless stopped, nearly dropping her packages in the process. "Congrats to you both," she continues to speak, then turning to bend over a little and see Bowen's face. "It was charming, simply charming! So I hear you're leaving now?" She looks from one to the other.

Curling up into a near sitting position, with his height he only needs to duck his head a little to avoid the underside of the cart-wagon, Bowen looks to Che, "Freshwat'r is th' 'mportant part. There should be two kegs of it stacked in th' kitchen, an' a sack of dried rations," the rations more in case Bo doesn't have much luck scaring up small game along the way. "Guess ya could make sure it ain't dun walked off somehow…" his voice trails off as Ermina approaches and he grins and gives her a little wave, "Hey there, Ermina." He starts to shuffle out from under the cart to give a more proper greeting while Ermina is giving Che a hug, assuming it isn't rejected. "Thank ya kindly fer comin'. We're glad ya could make it." The wedding, that is. He picks his hat off the end of the back of the cart and puts it back on, rocking a little on his heels as he smiles a little more than when they had first arrived. Yep, this is a happy man. "Ayup, we should be gettin' on in th' next day or two."

Cheusia is squeaking from the hug and sheepishly returning it before she smiles at the other woman. "That's fine, really. Thank you for coming." Her smile grows just a little wider at the thought of the wedding before her attention drifts back to Bowen. "I'll go check on them again. Make sure that everything is all straight." Again. When he moves to give her the hug, she easily returns it and wraps her arms tightly around him and releasing when he moves. The talk about leaving is left to Bowen, as he's the one in charge of that.

That hug intensifying for just a second more before she releases Cheusia, “I enjoyed,” Ermina tells her, her own smile wide. “Interesting families you both have! Dresses were gorgeous, of course! It really came together!” She steps back once Bowen is up and with his wife, the woman looking at them both with a shake of her head. “Lovely. Well, since you’re leaving soon I’d best be getting these out for you to take back,” and she presents the two packages to Bowen with both hands, her bright smile plastering her face still from all the wedding talk. “Faranth knows I’ll forget if I wait on the day you leave. Lo will be happy to have his seeds and what have you…oh! And tell him some friends of his from up north were by to see about him, will you? They didn’t stay long, thank Faranth, cuz they looked pretty scary! Never seen them before, and they seemed pretty upset – well, nevermind that,” and Ermina’s flapping her hands at them both, her mouth going a mile a minute. If she’s getting any looks, she’s probably not noticing yet. “Just let him know, will you? I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” Riiight.

As Che talks about double-checking their provisions, Bo leans in to give her an affectionate kiss to her temple unless she pulls away at the last minute, and murmurs, "Thanks, Sweetheart. I think ev'rythin' else is set an' ready ta go, yeah?" It's more a question since she has been seeing to that end of things, their own bags and belongings and such. One of his lengthy pauses turns his attention back onto Ermina a bit, though including Cheusia, of course, in his response. "'Interestin'…" regarding their families, "…guess dat's better than whut I might say 'bout 'em." But his smile remains, so the comment isn't meant to be too critical as much as self-deprecating and gentle ribbing of his own kin. He reaches out for the packages with both hands, holding onto them rather than setting them down. He would have said something companionable and nice about getting the seeds Lo asked for to him, but he is slow to speak, as usual, and as such doesn't get to make the statement until after she's talked of the strangers from up north. His expression sobers, but it comes after she talks of them being scary. He frowns, "Scary fellas from up north, eh? Did they give names or a message we should pass along to Lo?"

"It was enjoyable." Che notes with an amused grin, being that she did enjoy the whole thing. "They were… Interesting." Though her statement is likely more of a mimic for Bowen's before she smiles brightly at him. "Mhm. Everything else is ready to go." Her arms fold across her chest as she looks to the packages, only briefly before considering Ermina. Though considering she's left in the dark about who Lo is, or anything for the packages, there is only a brief look of confusion before it grows to concern. "They didn't bother you, did they?"

“Families usually are the unusual part of our lives,” Ermina seems to confide that bit to them both, winking the Cheusia in understanding. Once the packages are out of her hands, she takes a step back while wiping her hands together. Talk of the strangers get some of her cheerfulness to wane, answering Cheusia first with a shake of her head. “Oh no, sweetie, they didn’t threaten me or anything, but they knew who I was, and who he was. It just concerned me a little, and they said something about coming back here if they didn’t find Lo…” She worries the bottom lip, then turns to address Bowen’s words on the matter with a brief, “One of their names was Solak. He talked the most. Just said something about Lo owing them something?” She frowns, recalling the incident before adding, “I didn’t tell them he’s at the Weyr, though, so let him know that, but…they seemed like they meant business. Lo can take care of himself, I know that, but I just want to make sure he at least gets a heads-up in case they find where he is?” She looks from Bowen to Cheusia, perhaps expecting her to pass it along as well before she blinks and brings the cheerfulness back into place. “I’m sure it will be solved, whatever they want,” she seems to dismiss the whole incident with a giggle, shrugging. “There’s nothing to worry about. But send Lo my regards anyway, you two. I do miss seeing him around these parts…”

If Bo didn't already suspect Lo was involved in Renegade business, he probably would just think Ermina was unnecessarily paranoid and nod and smile and accept her reassurances. But the man is unsettled and it shows. "Well, now," he drawls at first, considering a horizon point just past Ermina's head, and then looking to Cheusia a moment, the concern there mirrored. And for awhile, that's all he says. He has the urge to even lift his hat up and scratch his head a little, but doesn't do it on account of his hands being full. So, he just states quietly, "An' whut's ta happen if'n they come back, knowin' ya know 'im, an' he ain't here fer them?" His frown deepens a little, not liking the thoughts that spawns. "Mebbe ya should come with us, Ermina." And not just because Lo seems to like and miss her, but now for her own safety.

"They are, but, they are also some of the best parts…" Sometimes. Cheusia smiles, though it is only a fraction of the cheerful one from before, still concerned before she relents with a nod. "I'm sure Bowen'll let him know, once we get back to the Weyr. I'm sure whatever it is will get solved." Is also agreed to before she considers Bowen. There's no input for her coming with them, though she won't protest.

“I can agree with that,” Ermina responds to Cheusia on families, the smile turning warm before she listens to Bowen and she finally notes the looks of concern coming off the both of them. Blinking a few times before waving those words off, “Takes more than a bunch of rock-men to scare me,” she answers them, referring to their hardened size. Her cheerfulness returning, “I’ve got people, Bowen. The farmers and the like look out for me, and they won’t let anything happen.” One shoulder lifting up in a shrug, “They come back we’ll just deal with them,” she says it simply enough, as if ‘dealing with them’ was something more akin to throwing a tea party or something. Looking at them both in earnest, “It will get solved,” she tacks on behind Cheusia’s own, nodding firmly. “But I’d feel better having Lo know all the same. He needs not worry about us here in Southern. We’ve got him covered.” There’s a wink to that, given in the way to suggest to one that there’s perhaps more to this cheery kitchen worker than meets the eye. Whatever that glint was, it’s gone just as quickly as it showed up. Nodding towards those packages, “Get those to him safe, yes?” she says then, putting the matter of the men to rest as she starts to gaze around them towards any that should be close enough to hear them.

Bowen either thinks he knows Cheusia enough to know she won't object to Ermina returning with them when it's a matter of Ermina's safety, or … he simply intends to assert his will as husband (Yeah. Right.). Either way, he does nod quietly with Cheusia's words, supporting and reaffirming them, whether necessary or not. He frowns again as Ermina waves off the offer again, this time he opens his mouth to make another go at it, seeming to want to insist for her sake. But something else she says seems to forestall that and he closes his mouth, looking unsure, even all the way up to the end. Finally, he nods slowly, drawling out, "Aww-right," and then glancing to Cheusia once more before looking back to Ermina and adding, "But if'n ya change yer mind b'fore we set off, ya know where ta find us, yeah?" Another nod and a lifting up of the packages in his hands, "We will. Ya j'st be safe yerself, an' take care, y'hear?" the last is said with a smile. Of course, no doubt his own kin will have Ermina's back, too, should it come to it. And not because they know or like her as much as she is one of their own, a Southerner, and most in this place choose those in it over outsiders, to be sure.

Cheusia presses her lips together before relaxing, "I'm sure you'll be okay." More relenting in softer tones and she seems to be content to leave at that. A smile is given to Bowen when he agrees and she nods her agreement. "If you do change your mind…" Though she trails off, being that Bowen has already said it all.

“Southern’s my home,” Ermina says this firmly, the small woman seeming to straighten up proudly upon stating that fact. “One day I might see the Weyr, but, not because of something like this! I have too many obligations.” That was that for her. Looking from one to the other, her smile easy once more, “I will be safe, never fear,” she says to them both, hands coming together before her as she takes a step back. “The same for you both! Lands can be downright nasty sometimes. Make it to the Weyr quickly and in one piece, hear? Perhaps, someday, I will see you again.” It was her signal for departure, the raven haired woman lifting up a hand along with her awkward little bow and a bright smile. “It really was nice to meet you, Bowen, Cheusia! Don’t be strangers! I better get back to the kitchens before someone notices me gone.” Well, they likely noticed her gone anyway, but she doesn’t look all that worried about it. Ermina probably doesn’t worry about much at all if you can go by her demeanor alone.

Bowen adjust the packages in his big hands to hold them in one arm against his chest if they are too awkward for one of his big hands alone, then he slips an arm around Cheusia's waist as Ermina speaks, either for reassurance for his wife's own safety for himself or for her, or maybe even both. There's a moment's pause, as usual, before he finally nods, offering Ermina one of his quiet smiles, "We will," get back to the Weyr in one piece. And then, "We won't," be strangers. His head dips a big in farewell in lieu of a return wave since his hands are occupied, and he simply stands there and watches the raven-haired woman depart, his mind already churning on thoughts of how to bolster what safety measures she might already have in place. It is only after she is out of hearing range, to his mind, that he mutters softly to Cheusia, "Reckon I oughta tell Harson ta make sure he keeps a look-out fer her, or these fellas she mentioned."

Cheusia nods in a slight understanding, "well, when you can… Maybe make the trip? Though dragon is faster." She smiles more and nods, "thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you. Take care." She settles into Bowen as his arm around her and her head comes to rest against his chest as she considers quietly. Then, the final statement draws a nod. "I would… Just to be sure."

“Anything’s possible,” Ermina considers Cheusia’s words with a little smirk, the small woman sending a single nod her way. “I might be able to, someday. I’m always one for an adventure.” Another wink and the woman’s waving one hand towards Bowen and his wife before she’s running off back towards the Hold proper and the kitchens. Her messages were delivered and her job was done, and already she was putting those ghastly men that she ran across out of her mind for more pleasant thoughts.

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