People Screw You Over


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Date: 6/5/2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Jaya's Bar
Synopsis: Maura and L'han drown their sorrows over a bottle of wine and talk.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

Eastern Weyr: Jaya's Bar

A dark, cozy room has been carved out of the wall on this section of the hallway. It looks as if it was meant to be an archive of sorts, but when the back wall caved in, it made most of it too low for efficient shelving space. Instead, the remaining shelves have all been pushed back against one wall and a large wooden counter - so new it still smells of tree - blocks it off from the rest of the room. A few small tables take up the rest of the place; simple chairs sit around them. It's bare bones and boring, now, but there's potential. It just needs the right touch.

Being alone in her weyr was not really something Maura had been up for just yet, all things considered. And so after drills, and getting Rikath scrubbed fresh and clean, she headed for some place not crowded, with low lighting, and possibly a drink she could spend hours nursing. That's what led her to Jaya's bar, and how she found herself with legs tucked under her on a wooden chair at one of the few tables, with a still full glass of wine and some records of some sort to try reading. Nobody's bothered to approach her because, well, she still looks in a less then chipper mood compared to her usual cheerful demeanor in the past few sevens since arrival.

L'han walks into the bar with a tired expression and from the crisp clean clothes, it seems like he has just recently seen the baths. His gaze sweeps over the patrons in the bar, giving a nod to the barmaid, even though Jaya is noticably absent. When L'han's gaze hits Maura, the bluerider's expression draws a raised eyebrow as he walks over to the bar, quietly asking for a bottle of wine. When he receives it and gives the requisite amount of marks, he walks over to Maura's table and inquires, "Evening, Maura… mind if I join you?"

Given that L'han is a member of the same wing, he'd certainly have noticed the way Rikath growled when anyone came within a few feet of her. And how she showed up there, with P'sec, though she looked not at all her usual self in an oversized shirt and not the perfectly pressed leathers she always wears. Thus, consider Maura duly surprised when the greenrider walks up and asks to join her. The emotion flickers past her eyes and is soon replaced by an equally tired but subdued acceptable. "Sure, L'han. Have a seat." She even gestures over at the chair politely. "You're either more brave then the other patrons, or…?"

"Or I've been a rider long enough to know when something's bothering a wingmate. The shirt kind of was a dead giveaway. Not to mention Rikath being more grumpy than usual." He sits down across from Maura and pours himself a glass of the wine. Since Maura's remains, he just sets the bottle in the middle and he asks, "So whats going on, Maura?" The greenrider's got nerve… or as Randi would call it, sheer stupidity.

Dragon> To Rikath, Escaeth flicks one of her chimes at Rikath. « So why's yours look like someone ate her choice herdbeast? » A two pronged attack by the greenpair prehaps? But the green seems genuinely curious about it, as her music projects a feeling of calm flute and bells.

"More grumpy then usual." Maura repeats, her lips curling upwards without her really noticing. "Today he was just being protective. Unusual for him. He's typically just, as you said, grumpy." Her eyes stray towards the bottle of wine, instincively checking for the vintage, before she pales a little and looks away from it. "You don't really wanna know L'han. Really. I just… you ever hear the saying 'Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?" Perhaps that will be explanation enough. But regardless, she finally brings her own glass to her lips.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Rikath does his best to stop the chimes with a slick combination of tar and oil and anything else he can use - chimes. Yrrrg! « Because… » His sordi little mind works overtime. Can he use this to his advantage? A smooth polish of protective gleam coats his words then, as if sharing an absolutely devastating confidence. « Some douchebag was more cruel then he needed to be. » Okay, so it does't sound as sympathy inducing as he intended it. But he's still pissed.

L'han nods to Maura at her explaination for her dragon. "I see." And he lifts the glass to his lips although he raises an eyebrow at Maura's last bit and he says, "I've heard it… I almost wish sometimes I would get what I want, but I get what you mean… so you got something you wanted and it turned out bad? Well at least the bottle's here." His gaze is sympathetic to whatever the bluerider has going on, but he asks, "Will you be ok though? Later I mean."

Dragon> To Rikath, Escaeth watches with some faint amusement at Rikath's attempts to stop her chimes, but then when Rikath attempts to fool the green… she appears to swallow it, hook, line, and wherry. « What? Someone was cruel to yours? I hope you made him regret it? Who was it? »

"Yes, that's it. I got what I wanted, but it turned out poorly. I wasn't expecting the world or anything. But, wow. Yeah. It was a crappy morning." Maura admits, smirking a little at the bottle of wine. "I'm pretty sure I should just stick with my one glass. Apparently once I hit my second I'm a little careless." The sympathetic gaze earns L'han a smile, in part because it's just not her nature to be mean to anyone. Or to stay upset for long. "I will, I'm sure. A bit of casual cruelty hopefully doesn't take too long to get past. And, how are you and Escaeth? I said that right, I hope."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Rikath eases into what is, for him, torturous conversation. His words are truthful, even if he's trying to say much without actually saying anything at all. Gravel and stone crumble over and around each other while he further articulates. « Yes. Exceedingly. He's lucky I didn't shove him off the ledge. Doubt Abydoth would have let me though. He's far too nice. »

L'han nods to Maura and says, "Amazing how life and people can fuck us over when we least expect it." He of course has no idea how literally true his words are. He smiles back to Maura and he says, "Careless? Who isen't when we get drunk? One only needs hear the tales of the bronzeriders when they return from a drinking binge in a Hold or elsewhere." He then answers the last question after finishing off his glass. "Oh us? We're doing just fine. Escaeth is fine and happy to be flying in a wing again. She just wishes we'd actually get out and fight some Thread. I keep telling her that's not our job at the moment, but can you really argue with a dragon that's born to flame Thread?" He shakes his head with a grin.

Dragon> To Rikath, Escaeth considers something when Abydoth is mentioned… querying her rider as to the identity of Abydoth's rider, the following image is relayed to the blue. A image of Maura + image of P'sec = …. ? The green is confused, but she asks, « What did Abydoth's do? »

Alas, Maura has a mouthful of wine when L'han so accurately states the obvious. Which is why she near chokes on it and covers up a strange combination of a half-laugh and half-sob with the back of her hand before she can pull herself together long enough to nod. "Truer words." she mutters. "Suppose you have a point there about us all being careless. I'm just, well, I'm usually not. Too afraid to be careless, really." And iminently grateful for the change in topic, the girl gives a solemn sort of nod. "I expect Rikath would be much happier having thread to flame. Drills are fine and all, because we love being up in the air like that. But, it just isn't the same."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Rikath takes a quick mental inventory. Will Maura be too mad if…? Yes, she would. So, with a mental sigh… « No, Abydoth's did not do anything. He just picked up the pieces after the douchebag left. » He's apparently being tight lipped about the culprit here. Though apparently he has no problem relaying the embarassing image of his rider sobbing into P'sec's shoulder. « See. »

L'han raises an eyebrow when Maura nearly chokes to death on her wine. "You ok?" He then tilts his head and asks, "Too afraid to be careless? There are times to be careless, Maura, and there are times not to be. Those times are few and far between, up in the air flaming Thread is one of those times, but having a drink isen't. Or it shouldn't be in any case." He refills his glass and Maura's if she needs or wants it. "So how are you and the new riders settling in? Finding everything you all need?"

Dragon> To Rikath, Escaeth views the image and sends a soft soothing melody to Rikath. « Poor girl. I hope she'll feel better soon. » The green seems a little troubled by the image of Maura crying, but she simply keeps the blue mental company as she encourages, « Well, you're doing well to keep her safe now. »

"Yeah, yeah I'm ok. Sorry. Your word choice was just fortuitous." Not that the wine is loosening her tongue just yet, but Maura says it anyway. It's just fortunate that she never knows what Rikath is telling people or she would be pretty well horrified. "It shouldn't be." she agrees, suddenly, tilting her glass to be refilled on impulse. "Thanks. We're settling in just fine. The new routine takes a bit of getting used to. And the time difference between here and Igen. This is a big place though. I get lost a lot. And I've yet to head to Landing. I should take care of that soon."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Rikath twitches at the melody, imbueing the song when it reaches his ears with discordant notes and darker harmony to make it more palatable for himself. « Nnph. » he grunts, as a reply.

L'han nods to Maura and says, "Fortuitous? Wait… are you telling me someone…" He thankfully shares a better understanding with his dragon and the two conversations click. "Damn… sorry Maura." His look is -highly- sympathetic. Maybe the greenrider knows what that is like? But in an attempt to steer the conversation away from that obviously painful topic. "Fort and here was different too… although somehow managing to tick off the entire Weyrleadership with the exception of Headwoman Indira was a trick I never thought I could manage within a few weeks of arriving here. It's how I got the Watchrider job in the first place though." He shrugs and says, "Well, hopefully new eggs will be on the sands sooner or later and we can finally bring the Weyr up to speed… although how we're gonna do that with our income of tithes is bugging me." He shakes his head, drinking his entire glass down in one gulp before he looks at Maura. "What roles did you do at Igen? Just wingride?"

Maura winces, and does indeed look a bit horrified that something has been pieced together. Enough so that she drinks abit more out of that glass of wine then she should in one gulp. Two hangovers in a row; she's going for a personal record. "I don't even want to know what Rikath told Escaeth." she decides, letting ou a breath, but also not missing the sympathetic look. "Been there, huh? Well then, here's a toast. To being used and tossed aside like trash by someone you trust." she shares bitterly, tipping her glass to clink with decided lack of revelry. "You ticked off the leadership within just a few sevens, huh? That's more Rikath's style then mine, I have to admit. But… the tithes? We seem to be doing alright. I haven't had much cause to go to stores to check for anything though." Her expression is troubled, though not for the same reason as L'han. "Oh, uhm. Yeah, Rikath and I were just wingriders. I mean, really… an you imagine him being anything else? No way he'd be allowed near weyrlings!"

L'han nods as he clinks his glass with hers. "Greenrider, Maura. Blues may or may not catch in flight, but a green will always be caught. And believe me, there are some riders that don't have respect for us." Greenriders in particular, given the way some are viewed, which annoys the living shit out of L'han. "He didn't tell her anything really, just that P'sec showed up after whatever happened. And there's someone he'd like to drop off a ledge." His gaze turns a little troubled and he doesn't miss Maura's either. "It's a puzzle… we aren't bringing in enough to cover what we're using, yet somehow we have enough. I'm almost ready to go bug the Headwoman on it, since I can't figure out how that is. We are not -that- efficient. Most especially with food." The serious topic is forgotten in a burst of laughter though when Maura mentions Rikath being allowed near weyrlings. "I think they'd have a clutch of dragonets that speak profanity as a second language." He grins at that.

"Rikath never chases. So I… well, I have no experience with that." Maura admits, but looks sympathetic just for what he's said so far. "But I do know that greens are the backbone of any weyr. Smaller, faster, and plentiful. And if it weren't for greens, well - there'd sure be no blue's getting lucky, and far fewer of brown or bronze either. Can't imagine what that would do to morale. I mean… I'm not being disrespectful there." She'll drink to there being a lack of respect though, finishing off her glass with a brief close of her eyes. "P'sec's great. Don't know where I'd be without him around. And I have to admit, I was sorely tempted to shove that someone off the ledge too." Her voice lowers to a whisper then, since now after that full second glass she's a little less hesitant about saying things she ought not. "In fact, I helpfully suggested that P'sec could rip out his spleen for me and feed it to him." Ahem. "Aren't bringing in enough, but somehow making it by. That is a puzzle." she agrees, mind awhirling. She's going to have to tell someone about that. That there are suspicions. "If you go to her, Indira? Let me know what she says? I'm.. curious." She'll even join in the laughter about profanity-laced dragonets. Because it's so true. "Imagine that wing conversation. They'd all be calling each other rude names instead of using contracted ones."

L'han raises an eyebrow. "He never chases? Never? Odd." Well, maybe that's maybe a blessing, considering how Maura's just been treated, but still. L'han will nod in agreement with Maura's comments on greens, blues, and getting lucky. "I imagine gold flights would be a nightmare." Because the randy blues would probably chase, even if they had no chance of catching the big golds. The mentioning of vengeance gets a nod and he says, "Well, we'll see if someone's missing a spleen in the morning eh? As to Indira… sure. Although I'll have to track her down first, woman seems to travel." The wing conversation gets another grin. "The Weyrleader would have a headache."

"No, he never has. Suspect he might start though." Maura says it without any cheer, and smirks again. "I'm pretty certain all spleens will be intact come morning. P'sec wouldn't do that. Not to this guy at least." She waves the consideration aside blithely, however, perfectly content to focus on less depressing subject matter. "I've not even met her yet actually. Too busy getting settled, and her assistants have gotten me most of what I needed help with." She's toyng with her glass now, tilting it back and forth thoughtfully. "The Weyrleader would probably have a stroke. I just hope Rikath fits in here after awhile. Even a little bit. I know your Escaeth has tried to be nice; he doesn't take well to it."

L'han nods as he finishes off his third glass… or was it a fourth one? Whatever. L'han says, "Well, I suppose so. With one of our healers gone, it's probably best to save all spleen ripping until -after- he gets back." L'han nods somewhat sluggishly as the alcohol begins to have it's effect on him. "Well, Escaeth doesn't get too bothered by it. Voldrath, brownrider F'min's dragon was almost like Rikath and she didn't get bothered by him. I'm sure they'll get along sooner or later." Probably much later.

"You really able to drink that much and not do anything, you know, stupid?" What? Maura's new to this whole 'drowning one's sorrows' thing, so she's quite curious. "And, are you going to be able to make it back to your weyr alright? You're ah.. " Well, no need to say he's moving a little slow now. That just seems rude. "Quite an understanding green you've got then." the girl murmurs, taking a moment to zone out and check on Rikath. "I despair of him ever getting along with anyone. But, well, he's my other half so I love him dearly anyhow." Even when he causes trouble for her. "Hey, are the residents barracks here full yet?"

L'han smiles and says, "I'm not that drunk yet. I'd need a few more glasses before I'd do something stupid like. And don't worry, Escaeth will come get me. I can't get up to my weyr without her anyways." And for Rikath? "Dragons are dragons, Maura. They may grump, fret, and whine, but they love to talk and they'll eventually get along with someone just so they can talk." He smiles at that.

"Alright. Just checking." Another thing that's a part of Maura's nature. That's why it's such a puzzle that she wound up bonded to Rikath! "That they are, L'han. That they are." she'll agree, her smile turning a bit sleepy. "Think I might try and find an empty bunk down here to crash on tonight. You going to be fine here if I go hunting one down? I've been up since way too early."

Hence why she asked about the resident barracks. "Ahh there should be some still open. They don't mind a rider crashing there for the night… at least I think." L'han nods before he rises to his feet, taking a moment or two to blink his eyes to focus them and he says. "I'll be ok, Maura. I'm heading weyrward anyways. My bed calls to me." He looks over to Maura and asks, "Sure you don't want Escaeth to drop you at your Weyr on her way up to ours?"

"Why don't I just help you get to Escaeth." Maura suggests with a faint smile. "I don't feel real comfortable going back up to my weyr tonight, but thank you for the offer. You're sweet, L'han." She gathers up the records, and the glass so that the latter can be deposited back at the bar. "Don't try to fool me into thinking you can walk straight. I saw you blinking."

L'han smiles but when she says he can't walk straight he says, "Ok, that's true… I can't walk straight, but I can walk!" He starts to walk, almost right into a table as he blinks again and says, "Is it just me, or did Jaya find a way to make her bar tilt, Maura?" He holds onto the table wisely until Maura can come get him to Escaeth.

Maura hardly expected to find herself in the position of helping a drunken rider back to his dragon, but being who she is the young bluerider handles the situation with about as much grace as possible. She even bites back a bit of a giggle that threatens to escape when L'han starts talking about the bar tilting. "She did." the girl agrees, gravely. "It's called a bottle of wine. Come on, then." She'll take the greenrider's arm at that, and helpfully escort him to his dragon. Probably while listening to Rikath bitch about people who can't hold their liquor; yeah, that lecture will apply to her too.

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