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Date: 2010.08.31
Location: Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Jaya stops by with the Weyr's percentage of the bar's profits, except that it's short five percent.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

With the bar's hours keeping Jaya busy, the only times she has to get away and take care of some business is either very early in the morning or very late at night. So, it's night by the time the barkeep leaves her dark little corner of the Weyr, a medium-sized packet tucked under one arm as she makes her way into the headwoman's office. She enters unannounced perhaps expecting no one else but the headwoman herself to be there, and so she calls out, "Indira," once she steps over the threshold.

At this time of night, Indira isn’t generally to be found in her office proper but rather in her private quarters. As such upon hearing her name called the headwoman exits her room, pulling a light gown into place and quite firmly shutting the door behind her, an enigmatic smile in place. Fingers raking through loosed hair, dark eyes settle onto the bar owner, “Jaya,” a smile sent the dark haired woman’s way, “how can I help you?”

Pausing, taking in the sight of that enigmatic smile and the light gown, "About time I turned these in," Jaya says, and she shifts from the threshold to bring forth the medium-sized brown package to Indira's attention. "Sorry for the late hour, just…bar's been pretty hectic of late with the two hatchings and all," she's quick to explain, now stepping forward to hold the package out. "I won't take up your time, so…35 percent, right?" One versed in it could detect the lie, especially one that knows the books of business between how much of the bar's profits go towards the Weyr itself - which is 40.

Indira’s mouth flickers around a wry line and then a rich chuckle unfolds, “Hatchings are one of the Weyr’s busiest times.” Tying the light gown in place, hands reach next for the package being held out to her, “You realized good profits over the Hatching period?” for now saying nothing of the 5 percent discrepancy, “The betting board proved to be a profitable asset too?” Dark eyes flicker upward and land a keen look onto Jaya, as the headwoman’s mouth curls around a watchful smirk.

The package, if moved around, pretty much feel like there's nothing but marks inside, and once Jaya relinquishes it she steps back. Shrugging lightly, "Profits are profits to me," she answers on the hatching, keeping her face carefully composed in its usual mask. "Hatchings or not. Glad the whole business is over, to be honest. Need to restock after that feast and the tithe-trains won't be here for another couple of sevens." The question on the bets got a flat look from the barkeep, though there's a slight lift of the corner of her mouth at it that twitches into place. "Wasn't my idea, unfortunately," she admits, the disappointment bare. "That woman from Bitra was pretty clever. Nice little business she set herself up in. Should have done something like that myself."

Long fingers play over the surface of the package and Indira settles a long look onto Jaya before stating mildly, “I’m going to assume that your books are in keeping with…” here she lifts the item and gives a short jiggle so that the marks within make a dull sound, “the Weyr’s cut of the profits?” Ooooh, sneaky! As to the hatchings being over, a corner of her mouth curves upward, “It can be tough on people for a variety of different reasons.” Although she doesn’t go into them but instead tucks the package under an arm and states in that same mild tone, “The Weyr’s cut is forty percent, Jaya. Not thirty-five. Although this time I’ll allow the five percent discrepancy as a token toward helping you further get your feet under you.” At the end a brow lifts and the headwoman puts a knowing look over onto the other woman.

Jaya's found out, and the scarrd-faced woman's settling a look of innocent shock at it. Blinking, her mouth forming an 'oh', "Oh yes, forty percent," and there's a snap of fingers as if she has suddenly remembered. Passed the glint in her eyes, "You know, my memory gets away with me sometimes," she admits with dramatic flair, shaking her head at the injustice of it. "I chalk it up to having a hard head. Forty percent, riiight. Well," and she pauses, shrugging again and not looking at all put out for being caught, "I can send Suli by with the five percent if you like. Unless you're serious about helping me get my feet under me. Then the five percent would be appreciated." The smirk comes now, adding mischief to the glint in her eyes.

A dull thud sounds against the other side of the door closed to her rooms, and while Indira doesn’t react as such, there does come the vaguest hint of amusement in response. Although Jaya might take that as reaction to her innocent act, for with an indifferent smile, the headwoman remarks, “I could have sworn the documentation you signed just before opening had stipulated forty percent. No mind, I’m sure we can draw up another if the original is indeed lacking of such information.” Making as if she’s indeed fallen for the bar owner’s dramatics. As to the missing five percent she shakes her head lightly, “No, no. Call it further investment on the Weyr’s behalf.” And with that, she turns as if to return to her rooms except that she halts the action and puts a pointed look onto the dark haired woman, “But Jaya. If it comes up short next month…” she lets her words trail in deliberately unspoken warning.

"No need," Jaya is easy to say on drawing up new documentations, perhaps realizing her dramatics weren't going to work fully on the older woman. The dull thud gets her attention, her gaze shifting a fraction towards that closed door before she catches that warning tone. Brows lift, then fall at that, the barkeep sending a long critical look Indira's way before putting in, "You'll throw me out?" as if to finish that sentence. Then, shifting focus towards the door, "Got company?" she asks then, deliberately nosy.

Moving over to her desk, Indira sets the package down and puts a light smirk over to Jaya, “Throw you out?” quiet laughter for that notion, “Hardly.” Although she doesn’t go into exactly what it is that might be likely to happen should another shortfall indeed occur. “Hmm?” the blonde turns and follows the younger woman’s gaze as if she has no idea –what- she’s talking about and then a deeper smirk than earlier forms as she leans her butt against her desk, “Why do you want to know? Running out of rumors to trade down at your bar?”

"Then what incentive do I have to…play by the rules?" Jaya takes to folding her arms across her chest and leaning against the doorframe. "You're going to send your son's thugs over to collect?" She could be playing, or not. That careful gambler's face makes it quite hard to detect whether or not she's joking. Her eyes go towards that door again, then settles on Indira's demeanor with a wry twist of her lips. "Well. I could always say the headwoman's keeping a tied-up man in her rooms and let the rest of the Weyr reach their own conclusions," she drawls, showing some teeth in her cheekiness. "And I don't trade in rumors, shuga. Just facts."

Blonde brows arch delicately upward, “What incentive?” Indira echoes. “The one you’ve already been given, darlin’. The one where you, like a lot of us, gets to start over and run her –own- bar. Or how about…” and here a knowing look goes to Jaya, “the one where the Weyr offers you safety and refuge, no questions asked, hmm?” and there endeth her ‘lecture’ for the time being. Comment made over the thugs under her and Max’s direction earns the other woman a short twist of lips but no response is forthcoming. An entirely wicked grin erupts at the bar owner’s latter which may or may not speak to her assumption being correct for the headwoman certainly isn’t going to lend voice to the notion either way, other than to remark to the last with an interested lift of brow. “Heard any useful…facts…lately?”

Jaya remains silent through the lecture, her face only betraying the slight amusement at Indira's response. Now it's -her- turn to play the innocent to the latter given. Brows lifting, "What are you insinuating, headwoman?" Now she's gone to calling the woman out by her title. Eyes flicking over her, "What rumors have -you- been hearing?" To the last, there's that low chuckle and a wry, "All I hear these days is hatching-this and who Impressed what. Stuff like that. Nothing note-worthy, why?" Jaya sends her a look. "Is there a….fact…that I should be aware of?" her lips press to that, seeming to lay off the questioning of what's going on behind that door for now.

“Don’t play coy with me,” Indira puts out with a knowing look, “We all got something, or someone, on our tails. Your face,” a pointed flick of eyes to the scars on the younger woman’s cheek, “tells me so.” And she’ll leave that there as light laughter lifts up that is in complete contrast to the crafty look in her eyes, “I hear –all- the rumors, Jaya. It’s my business to know,” leaving that open to interpretation. Brows hike upward again, “Why?” pushing away from her desk and taking the package back up again, the woman takes a step toward her private quarters, “Because there’s still a dragon killer out there,” with slight sarcasm filtering in, “Or had you forgotten?”

"You do?" Jaya is willing to turn the tables on what or who is on one's tail, her lips pert. "On the run? What do you know about that?" A little on the defensive? But her scar is brought up, and where she is usually self-conscious of it, this night she merely lifts her head proudly. "I might have gotten this from a card game fight," she notes, the smirk returning now, but she does let the banter drop for something more sober. "Word's still out on whether it's a good idea to be here," she admits, perhaps coming close to confirming what Indira suspects with a incline of her head. Indira's words on knowing everything only earns her a quick grin, and the more serious ones get a pause. Blinking, "I've heard nothing on that front," she answers to that crisply and blithely. "You'd know if I had - since it's your business to know." Bratty much? Since the older woman takes a step towards her quarters, the barkeep straightens from her lean and drops her hands from its fold, taking a hint. "I'll be sending Suli with the forty percent cut every begining of the month," she says, nodding firmly on this set schedule. "In the mornings."

The only response Jaya gets to the likelihood of Indira having been on the run from something is a dark chuckle and these few words, “Let’s just say that certain points of leadership don’t like their authority and methods to be questioned too…strongly.” And she lets off that as a snort utters softly for the bar owner’s words, “Like you’d really be stupid enough to get cut like that over a card game,” her tone implying ‘tell me another one’. Dark eyes flow a pointed look up and down the other woman’s form and she remarks with gravity, “Still look alive and in one piece to me, love.” Gentle reminder to give the Weyr chance to prove itself. The bratty tone and words earn the younger woman little more than a short smile, “I believe you would tell me, yes.” Still prepared to put faith in Jaya. Dipping her head in acknowledging response to the other woman’s last, she reminds quietly, “Along with your ledgers for balancing, Jaya.” She’s not singling her out; it is merely common practice under her mantle of the title she wears.

Brows lift at that explanation. "Sounds like all leadership is the same way," Jaya drops on that front, Indira's words over her own fake explanation for the scar getting a derisive snort. Scratching at it, "There are men out there that would cut like that over anything," she unveils huskily, her guarded demeanor in place before her hand falls from it. "But we have our burdens to carry, do we not?" That other, still looking alive, only gets a heavy look with no answer for it before she addresses the rumors bit with a simple shrug. "I have no reason not to, headwoman." Simple spoken. "Suli will bring the ledgers, then," she agrees to that, pinning the whole thing on her non-present barmaid. "Fine by me."

“No, they’re not,” Indira disagrees quietly, “Take the leadership here for instance.” But once again, she doesn’t expand. A bland expression forms and she gives out a derisive sound in agreement for the type of men one can be sure to encounter along life’s paths. However having moved toward the door to her room, a hand settles on the doorknob and a strangely soft smile filters out as she responds to the topic of burdens, “We don’t always have to carry them on our own, Jaya.” A simple nod to Suli bringing the ledgers by and the headwoman is offering a warm smile, “Take care.” These her words of farewell, but she’ll wait until the other woman is departed before unlocking the door and entering her room to face whatever it was that dull thud had been about.

"Perhaps," Jaya is willing to concede on the Weyr's leadership despite not knowing them so well enough to make a decision. It's the quiet response on burdens that gives her pause, the woman regarding the headwoman for a long moment with no response before she is dismissed. Nodding to that, "Good evening," is her farewell, sending one last curious glance towards that door before turning on a heel and walking out into the dim darkness.

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