Plain Dirty


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Date: Dec. 23, 2010
Location: Lakeshore, EW
Synopsis: A carefully laid out plan between a bodyguard and a blue weyrling has Jaya thrown into a mud fight until her barmaid comes by and sets things on edge.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

It’s been quite a bit of time before one has found the barkeep of the Weyr taking an early evening stroll along the lake’s shore near the weyrling barracks. Suli and Hayli are taking care of the bar while she’s out, Shijan trailing a few paces behind her as usual – though maybe just a little closer with those bounty hunters still out and about the Weyr. She was hoping to run into Lorayit again, but a trip by the gardens proved fruitless. So, she’s here watching the lake, her skirt rustling against the gentle evening breeze as every now and then she turns her gaze towards the barracks. Those on her mind at this moment all seemed to be within those barracks: L’ron - whom she hasn’t seen in so long, Relly – whom she hasn’t seen lately either, and Rio after the recent encounter they’ve had. Thoughts on the gold weyrling pulls a further frown from Jaya as she walks, her steps starting to falter as she passes the barracks again with the desire to go in and see her. Eventually, she would turn and start walking again, back to letting all of her thoughts stew as she takes this private moment before the rigors of an evening to come.

Early evening finds L’ron with one of those rare moments of being able to take a breather. Balkrith having expended a great deal of energy just earlier trying to roll a wherry about the feeding pens like an oddly shaped turnip had eventually given up and quite literally…squashed an old herdbeast when he’d misjudged his pounce and landed on its back. Now with belly bulging, the blue is passed out in his couch. As such, just as Jaya passes by the barracks, so the blue weyrling emerges, hands in pockets and whistling a merry tune which has someone from within who is trying for an early night, tossing a bunch of rolled up socks at his head.

When L’ron emerges, Jaya was on her way passing by and her steps falter once more. Since it has been so long since she’s last seen him, eyes roam over the physical changes in him briefly before changing her direction and approaching with a fond smile for him. “Do I have to come by with baskets of turnips to see you more often?” is her amused greeting, a hand lifting in a still-wave when she’s near enough to speak. Hand dropping, “I trust you and yours have been well? W’red’s been keeping you in line?” Question after question comes from the barkeep that usually has a lot of questions, the woman looking the weyrling over once more for any signs of injury. She’s probably changed some herself – both physically and in demeanor – though there’s a lingering weariness in her dark features that isn’t at least overpowering.

The months of training have certainly had their effect, more especially the recent sevens of tossing full sacks of firestone about. Standing at almost six foot now, a frame with shoulders broadened and filled in with muscle tapers down over a ridged abdomen to narrow hips. Not that any of that is likely to be seen under his clothing, the tautness of shirt sleeves over well defined biceps, might however be noticeable. Lost in thought, he almost walks right into Jaya, alerted in time only by the questions she starts putting to him. Amusement shows itself in the grin that broadens across L'ron's face, “That depends on whether you're wanting to see me or Balkrith?” a wink ending the tease as he starts on a path toward the lakeshore, likely assuming the barkeep to trail along beside him. A short glance is sent over his shoulder back the way of the barracks and a chuckle arrives on the matter of the Weyrlingmaster, “He's a good sort. Strict, but fair. Bal, all but hero worships Tavaith.” Brown eyes take in the both the physical appearance of his friend and her demeanour, concern showing in the warm depths of his gaze, “You don't look like you've been getting much sleep, Jaya.” Noted with easy bluntness.

“Balkrith of course,” Jaya teases, stepping up to him and taking in all that she could see of the young man. Impressed, “You look well, L’ron,” she puts in, meeting his gaze with fondness for her friend. “Really well. Suppose he is the fair sort. You’ve lost a lot of that awkwardness about you.” Whatever that means, right? She catches up to him easily when he starts heading towards the shore, her steps falling in line with his own as she listens to him talk about the dragons. “You’ve grown more into yourself,” she also notes to that, seeming pleased. She means to add more until he speaks about his observation of her, some of that amusement ebbing away as she looks off towards the lake at his bluntness. “Drained,” she openly admits, meeting his gaze again. “Been going through some things. I keep it together. You know me.” Hands delve into her pant pockets as they walk, silence lingering in the wake of those words before she tries to nudge him with her elbow. “But you,” she says, smiling lopsidedly at him. “Tell me how training’s been going. Anything. Everything.”

“I can go get him for you?” L'ron offers teasingly with a grin. That slides off a little into a shy smile for the compliment given, reminiscent of the young man before impression. Broad shoulders lift and fall in a shrug as he gives wryly, “Reckon having someone like Bal in your head would change the Masterharper himself.” Tone fond for his quirky blue. Concern lifts up once again as Jaya admits to being tired and as she shoves her hands into her pockets one of his comes free as he moves to sling an arm about her shoulders in companionable gesture, “You need to remember to stop and breathe sometimes, Jaya. Holding your breath like you do…that's not good.” He goes a quiet a moment as she asks after training and answers in quiet tone that speaks to his truthful response, “Had some problems with a few of the other weyrlings but W'red sorted them out.” Drawing closer to the lakeshore he casts a glance behind him, seeking out the ever present Shijan, an impish grin forming and then he sends a sidelong glance down to the dark haired woman, “You still owe me,” he gives a timbre that openly speaks to mischief on the rise.

L’ron’s getting a look for that offer of getting the blue, and Jaya lets it slide off into short laughter. “Guess it really is different having a dragon in your head,” she says, seeming to agree with what he says. “Always thought it made riders a little unhinged. Hearing voices and all that. Dunno how I would take something like that.” Not that she’s worried about it. She had no dreams of riding the great winged beasts of Pern. When L’ron wraps an arm about her shoulders, she shrugs a bit before sending the weyrling a reassuring grin. Nudging him gently, “I’ll be alright,” she tries to tell him, trying to make it as convincing as she could. “I’ve been through worse, shuga. Try having to work for a paranoid crimelord day-in and day-out and see how that messes with your head! I’ve just …” and she pauses, lips pressing together. “I’ll be taking some time off from here,” she does admit, looking towards the shore. “Get my head together. Breathe. Won’t be for long, but, enough to relax myself.” At hearing that L’ron’s been having trouble, the barkeep frowns at him on that and puts in, “What kind of problems?” She’d ask for more clarification there until she catches that look behind towards Shijan. Eyes narrowing at the weyrling then for his curious words, she’s going for playing innocent. “What do you mean? I paid my debts to you, last I checked.”

Easy laughter greets Jaya's assessment of dragonriders being unhinged, “There are some that would say the dragons choose who they do because they were unhinged to begin with, yeah?” Not in the least bit offended and quite happily inserting himself into that bracket. The nudge to his side draws a warm smile from the blue weyrling but he responds in slightly sombre tone, “That was in the past, Jaya. This is here and now where you got all of us,” himself and every other dragonrider that would likely heed his call to arms if needed, “at your back, yeah?” Faint surprise colours his expression when she speaks of taking some time away and so it's with open approval that he answers, “Good, I'm glad you're finally starting to think about being kind to yourself.” As to his own problems, he shrugs lightly against her, “Nothing serious.” Unless you count the fact that the young man who is slow to anger had come perilously close to losing his temper and using his fists for the first time in a very, very long time. Stopping near a boulder set just back from the boulder, L'ron grins on her having paid her debts to him, “You sure about that? I seem to recall a certain bar owner promising to go squelching barefeet through mud.” And no, he's not loosening his grip about her shoulders. If anything, it becomes firmer in anticipation of her trying to wriggle free for his last comment.

“Well, I’m keeping away from any crazy eggs in the future, shuga,” Jaya is saying with a shake of her head. “Not unless those eggs can be scrambled.” She does gives a crooked smile to his answer – the fact that she has him at her back – and shakes her head slowly. “Max has been taken care of me there, you know,” she says, alluding to her taking his advice from before. “Him and Indira have been really helpful. Haven’t seen such kindness since my old boss up in Telgar. I’m getting my two feet together, shuga.” She expected the surprise from him too, being that the retreat is so unlike the Bitran. A hand lifting an waving to stall off further words there, “I don’t know if I’ll be kind to myself, but I’ll have company,” and she nods sharply behind her towards Shijan, “and I could use a step away from the Weyr for a change. Used to the open lands, see. Starting to go crazy being all bottled up like this.” She does a little shudder, hands bunched up in her pockets before they relax. When L’ron this time is being evasive about his troubles, she turns to him and tries to pin him with a stern look. “Must be if you’re mentioning it,” she notes then. “Must be is W’red had to step in, too. Who are they, huh? You know I’ll keep asking.” Once L’ron stops, she does in kind with a grimace showing up on her face at his last. “Uhhhh, you didn’t send that letter though,” she points out, making excuses. “And even if you did … tell you what,” and she turns to slide a look Shijan’s way. “At the retreat, I’ll stick my feet in lots of mud for you, hm? Shijan can vouch for me. Is that right?” she ‘s turning this on her bodyguard, a brow lifting pointedly as she tries to get him to play along with her. Yep, she can feel him tightening his hold on her, and it’s only serving to drive her plead further in her eyes.

Pre-impression, L'ron might have found that comment on scrambled eggs amusing and snickered, however given the atrocities that occurred before the last hatching and then having found Balkrith on the sands, he simply sends her a look of discomfort for the thought but pays it no voice. He turns instead to the topic of the beast manager and headwoman having taken Jaya in under their wings, a genuine smile fitting into place, “Can't go wrong with them at your back.” In his opinion anyway. A chuckle greets her next, “Just by going you're being kind to yourself, Jaya.” Pointed out as he turns another look over to Shijan, “He's going with you?” expression turned curious with the blue weyrling surmising there must be something going on between barkeep and bodyguard to take him along with her on a retreat. The very faintest edge of irritation mars his easygoing countenance as she presses on the matter of the troubles he'd had, eventually he gives in slightly rough tone, “Just a couple of my brother weyrlings trying on a pissing contest.” Strong words from the usually carefully worded young man. But other than to re-iterate that it's been sorted out, he says nothing more on the matter. With a smug expression slipping into place he corrects Jaya's assumption on his having not sent the letter, “Ah, but I did.” Or at least, Ahnika did. As far as he knows anyway. “So now,” dipping slightly to put his other arm to the backs of Jaya's knees and lift her easily up off of her feet, “You owe me.” Unless she puts serious fight into remaining on them, of course. Shijan, having quickly caught on to what the blue weyrling has in mind breaks the distance between them and is soon setting hands to his charge's boots, a very rarely seen wicked grin of his own in place.

Jaya catches the look discomfort from the blue weyrling on her comment and is backtracking: “Er, uhhh… not what I meant. I mean …” but since L’ron’s moving on, so does she. She looks agreeable on the account of the beast manager and his mother, and his continued insistence of her being kind to herself gets a wry, “Are you being kind to yourself, L’ron? In the form of a certain gold weyrling?” Her look is pointed but her tease is light. It’s curiosity more than anything. At his own curiosity for bringing her bodyguard with her to the retreat, there’s a light shrug to that as they walk and answers with “Still need the protection. Besides, I need to have somebody there on hand to hold all my brandy bottles while I lounge in my hammock, right? Can’t get you or Balkrith to do it yet.” Er, hope Shijan didn’t hear that. She’s stealing a quick look back at him just in case. Besides, it was easier for her to go for the humorous approach than admitting that a part of her wanted her quiet bodyguard there when it came to answering such questions. It interests her when she catches that small trace of irritation when she presses, this being something not common in the weyrling. Regarding that rough tone, “Well,” she drawls that out, looking away from him. “I know how you boys like to handle things yourselves. Just being concerned is all, shuga.” She was willing to drop the matter especially upon hearing that his letter was sent already. She blinks once at that, head tilting slightly at him as her lips part to speak when she finds herself suddenly off of her feet. L’ron? Picking her- what?? Jaya gives him the Eye, shocked enough that he had the dare to do so in first place that a cuff to the head hasn’t quite come yet. Give her time. Mouth opens further, this time in protest, when Shijan suddenly appears and hand his hands on her precious, like-new boots. Catching that very rare wicked grin in place, “Oh you can’t be serious,” she’s putting forth, shooting Shijan, and then L’ron looks. To Shijan in particular, “He threatens me with mud and now you want to comply? This is mutiny in the highest degree! You don’t think that I,” and a hand goes to her chest as she shoots L’ron a look now, “Jaya Dicori, would not retaliate?”

Aha! There's the L'ron she probably better knows from before, for her bringing up a certain gold weyrling brings a wide but shy smile to his face. And even through the faint blush that presents he gives out with a chuckle, “About as kind as we're allowed to be right now,” wink. Yup, the boy is definitely becoming a man. The chances are quite good that Shijan heard that quip of hers; however, the bodyguard isn't letting on as much. Not yet anyway. The light furrowing of brow over the topic of troubles had with a few of his fellow weyrlings smoothes out as the blue weyrling puts a wry smile her way, "To enjoy the ups, we have to understand the downs." One of his life philosophies apparently. With Jaya now secured in L'ron's arms and her feet up off of the ground, it's now that Shijan puts forth hint that he had indeed heard her quip earlier as he steps forward and tugs first one and the other of her precious almost-new boots off, followed by her socks if she's wearing any. "Allow me to hold your boots for you then." Smirk. In response to be serious and the look thrown his way the blue weyrling grins, "Sometimes when you take the runner to the water, you just have to make it drink." Or the barkeep to the mud as so applies in this scenario. To the accusation of mutiny, the teak skinned bodyguard merely flickers an amused look over to his charge, seemingly unconcerned about the threats of payback. With Jaya now barefoot, L'ron heads right toward a patch of thick, oozing mud along the waterline, apparently not too concerned that his feet are still shod.

“Damn restrictions still in place, hm?” Jaya notes that wink and the shyness that she know of the young man with amused understanding present in her tone. “Been wondering when those will let up. I guess when you and Balkrith can fly?” Out of the Weyr, that is. Once in L’ron’s arms though, and Shijan pulling her boots and socks off, she gives the teak-skinned man a look at his quip for earlier with narrowed eyes. “What are you guys, in cahoots with each other?” she comments on them working together to bring about this one task – putting her bare feet in mud. Eyes go from one to the other at that, L’ron’s response getting a blithe “I’m not thirsty, nor am I a runner, so you – put me down!” She didn’t realize when L’ron had gotten strong. Where was she when this happened? Shijan gets another dirty look and then the weyrling’s taking her towards that oozing mud that has her turning up her nose in distaste. Really, she’s no holdbred lily by a long shot, but she does have certain quirks to her – ones like trying to avoid oozing substances when she can. “You know, you didn’t read the fine print in our little deal where it said that I would have to see that there was a return letter from your folks, as proof that you sent it?” she’s telling him then, eyes on that mud she can see as it gets closer. “So unless you have that letter on you . .” Well she is a Bitran.

Broad shoulders roll in a shrug as to when restrictions are likely to be lifted, "Some are saying only once we have our own weyrs." Which would indicate he's not about to question the Weyrlingmaster about such things and put himself and Ciara in the front line of the brownrider's focus. Most likely don't give much thought to the type of upper body strength that develops from tossing firestone sacks day after day with the goal being able to toss them a full dragon's length to each other. However, by the time Jaya's gotten to the bit about insisting she be put down, L'ron's already up to his booted ankles in mud. "Okay," he gives with a wicked grin and loses his grip behind the backs of the barkeep's knees, meaning that she'll have to quite literally hang off of him if she's going to try and avoid her feet splodging into the mud below. Brows go up and then it's laughter that flows from the blue weyrling, "Nice try, Jaya. Keep that up and I'll plonk you on your butt in it." That for some reason has Shijan joining in the laughter, though his is held quieter the depth of his amusement shining in those hazel eyes of his.

Mention of them getting their weyrs draws a light ‘oh’ from the barkeep, but much of the conversation has left her at the sight of that mud L’ron’s insistent in putting her feet in. Of course, when she demanded to be put down she had meant somewhere dry, so when the weyrling loosens the hold around her legs, she is definitely scrabbling around her hold on him to keep from falling her feet in. Shooting him a dirty look, “I’ll pay you in the best turnips your dragon has ever seen,” she’s now trying another tactic, though it wanes in the face of her previous one being threatened. Poor Jaya. No help from both sides, and even her own bodyguard has turned on her and joined in the ‘fun’. The threat of falling into the stuff on her ass brings her up short, the scowl now in place in light of the fact that Shijan is quite amused by it from where she’s literally hanging. Yep, he’s getting the scowl, too, and his behavior sets her to muttering, “… must be a fuckin’ blue moon up there . .” before she looks back at the mud, then at the weyrling and rolls her eyes expressively. “Alright, alright!” she concedes, now that it’s apparent that she’s not going to get out of this so easily. “Fine, put my poor feet that has been through much in its young life with me in mud!” She’s going for dramatics here. “Send me to the baths with muddy feet, if that’s all you care about! To treat me as such, your friend! To put me through such defeat!” One dark eye slides towards L’ron, just to check and see if any of her sob story, as it is, is working. Perhaps the barkeep has similarities with her over-the-top twin sister, after all.

Laughter continues to rumble in L'ron's chest, eyes dancing with fun as she tries to bribe him, "Make that a length of the finest sisal from the Weaverhall and maybe I'll consider it." Er what? With Jaya now trying to hang onto him, the weyrling loosens the arm he'd had about her shoulders too. Yup, it's going to be either fall fowl of gravity and sink her feet into the mud or have a go at scrambling up him, which is likely to send them both toppling over into the mud. As to Shijan, he's keeping well clear of the mud patch merely sending the semblance of an innocent look out. He has Jaya's boots to protect after all! L'ron has a hard time trying to put a somewhat believable expression of sincerity in place as he pretends to take the dark haired woman's words into consideration. He even gives a soft tsking sound of sympathy, "I know. It's a hard life. But you're so terribly brave, Jaya. If anyone can do it, you can!" And with that the rascal will go so far as to try tickling the woman hanging off of him along her sides to see if he can further loosen her grip.

Now he’s bribing her! “What thoughts has that dragon of yours been putting through your head, huh?” Jaya is accusing Balkrith of this bargaining change in L’ron, lips pressing together as if in annoyance. Really, she’s rather pleased by this new change in the blue weyrling, from the way he used to be in her presence. She only has time to think that before he’s loosening his hold around her shoulders now, too. Help! Jaya’s strong, but there’s only so much she can do with her battle with gravity. She’s no monkey hanging off of a tree, either. Looking towards an oblivious Shijan, “Alright, I won’t make you hold my liquor for me!” she offers, thinking this is a hard sell for the bodyguard. “I’ll, uhhhhh …” Well, that’s the thing. She doesn’t know the man well enough to know what to bribe him with, so that falters with a blink and a frown before L’ron’s answer to her dramatics get her attention. Appearing taken aback that that didn’t tug on his heartstrings either, she takes a moment to regroup when she feels him tickling her. Admittedly, the barkeep is ticklish, and it’s something she doesn’t want anyone finding out about, so she shoots the bodyguard that knows too much a look before she tries to swat at L’ron’s shoulder. A shame, really, since in effect it has her letting go and stumbling her poor feet right into that mud like he’s been wanting. “Gyahh!!” she cries out, her feet sinking into the oozy mud a bit upon impact as she tries to twist away. Her feet’s in the mud. It’s getting quite cozy there despite her blustering about and sending the men hard looks. “If I find out anyone else knows about this,” she starts the threat out, pinning one then the other looks meant to be serious but it comes off weak in the light of her trying move squelching feet around in the mud.

Little does Jaya know that bribery and bargaining was a lot of how a younger L'ron made his way through the paths of the northern continent before happening upon Indira's group. That and his ability to pick-pocket with the best of them. With his charge dangling from around the weyrling's neck, Shijan takes a step forward as if he might indeed intervene and save her feet from the mud. But then she fails to produce anything with which to motivate him, (or so he makes it appear) and he halts, just a foot short of the mud an expectant brow lifted for what she might still try to offer him. Brown eyes shine with mirth as the dark haired woman in trying to swat at him, loses her grip and lands feet first in the mud. The moment she's let him go, off come L'ron's boots and after tossing them further up the shoreline, he rolls already muddied hems up and is soon happily tramping back and forth in the mud. "Bal's already told Rauzeth , Kaseth and Jhath," the blue weyrling gives out in a total lie to anyone else finding out, "So, too late I'm afraid." Reaching for one of Jaya's hands he beckons encouragement, "Come on, you can do better than that. Move them around in there. Let the mud squelch between your toes." Grinning widely, "I dare you to say, it's not fun."

When Shijan does take a step forward as if to save her from a muddy fate, even though she’s already in the mud, Jaya catches that expectant brow lift from him and she casts wildly about in her mind. Finding something of interest to offer, but not choosing to reveal it just yet, “I’ll offer you something worth while when we get to where we’re going – something better than the best wine?” Well, perhaps it’s too offer such things with feet in the mud and all, and now L’ron’s kicking off his own boots and joining her. She turns to watch him do so, the happiness radiating in his face from just tramping about in the stuff seeming to amaze her. “Lies,” she returns on Balkrith telling anyone that she’s out in the mud. “I’d believe it more if he had somehow gotten word to those that don’t have any dragons.” Snorting to that, eyes drop to his legs as he moves about and gives her instructions as to the proper techniques of … having fun in the mud. “You do realize this is crazy, right?” she’s just making sure to let him know, her gaze then dropping to her own feet, the idea of mud squelching anywhere about her is causing her to frown. She looks up in time to catch that wide grin though, and the barkeep finally tries to imitate his movements at least half-heartedly at first. First one, then the other moves about, the feel of the mud doing just that between her toes getting a weird look at first. While doing so, “I am so glad Beddie’s not here to see me doing this,” she notes to him, shaking her head. “She’d probably want to jump in for the sheer sake of it. Be glad you missed her running about here.” Beat. “It’s not bad,” she grudgingly gives the weyrling then as one foot comes up and she examines the mud covering it before she drops it. She’s also giving him the look that pretty much says ‘Make me say anything more and I’ll fight you in this mud for all to see’ that’s laced with faint traces of amusement.

Amusement peaks across his teak coloured visage as Jaya fails to come up with anything concrete to put words to and Shijan slowly and deliberately sinks down into a cross-legged position where he'd been standing. Nope, no help coming from him although there had been the very faintest flicker of interest when she'd mentioned wine but there and gone so quickly it might well have gone unnoticed in the dark. Scooping up a blob of mud with his toe, L'ron flings it somewhere in Jaya's general direction, "Oh, they'll be here soon enough to bear witness, never you mind." And true enough the rustle of dragon wings sweeps out across the night sky overhead, temporarily blotting out Belior. Uh oh? It simply turns out to be a dragonriding pair arriving back at the Weyr and heading back to their ledge. Brown eyes alternate between the progress the dark haired woman is making with getting acquainted with the mud and what the rest of her body language is saying of her thoughts on the experience. The blue weyrling actually appears to be genuinely remorseful that he'd missed the visit of Jaya's twin but soon casts it aside with a mischievous grin, "Maybe next time she visits you can show her the new things you've learned, yeah?" Emphasis given with a quick nod of head down to her mud covered feet. Another blob of mud gets scooped up with the top of his foot and flung her way again, clearly intent on engaging her in a mud fight if he can as evidenced by his next, "Oh come on now, you're loving it! I can see by the way your toes are curling all happily in the mud." He can't see her toes. Or maybe he can?

A sudden thought occurring to her as she shoots a happy L’ron a dark look, “Come join us and I’ll give you a massage after one of your training sessions when we head out of here. How about that?” she sends this offer to Shijan, arching one brow at him in askance. The retreat, she means, not detecting any move of interest from the man on drink. If that offers sounds risqué to L’ron, then well … by now he should know his friend is a shameless one for the most part. At L’ron, when he directs her attention towards the sky and those dragons she nearly blanches before she watches them just pass on by. She’ll try to swat the weyrling if she can, catching that glob of mud being sent her way with a glare. Oh no, he’s not about to—“The only thing I’m showing her is how to keep her clothes on,” she answers on her twin, this time ducking out of the way of the next glob of mud being sent her way. At that last said? She lifts her foot and tries to flick some mud his way this time. “Are you trying to get my dirty?” she asks, fixing the young man with a look before shaking her head. “Not going to work, shuga. You have a better chance getting your dragon up in this mess. Or your Weyrlingmaster. Maybe even Relly. You ever talk with the redhead girl that’s keeping W’red’s books in there?” she asks, moving her other foot this time and – despite her saying she was not down for a fight – flicking more mud in L’ron’s direction in the hopes that it lands.

Oh yes, that most certainly gains L'ron's attention who puts a brow lifted look between the two. Shijan for his part merely sends an enigmatic smile in return. Deliberately setting Jaya's boots to the side of him, he lowers himself to the ground, long legs uncurling as he stretches out on his back, arms folded behind his head. No mud for him, he's looking at the stars, see? A smirk touches the weyrling's face for Jaya's reaction when that dragon chooses just then to pass by. Brown eyes widen at talk of her trying to get her twin to keep her clothing on, "Eh?" Yeah, that's floored him a little. The mud flicked his way lands on the knee of his trousers and draws a grin from L'ron, "Trying to get you dirty?" Putting a very un-L'ron-like emphasis and suggestion behind the query. "Nope, not me." Too innocent as his foot swirls about in the mud, eyes cast downward and then lifting up at the question put to him of Relly, "Seen her about, yeah. Not really talked to her though. She seems to try and keep to herself. See her with Ahnika sometimes." Clearly he's not about to insert himself into the space of the weyrlingmaster's assistant without invitation. As Jaya flicks her foot full of mud at him so he sends his in her direction. Hers hits him square in the chest with a squelchy 'Splat' sound, drawing a wide and devilish grin from the blue weyrling who immediately bends and scoops up a handful of the stuff. Oh yeah, this fight is on!

Jaya’s eyes narrow when Shijan looks to be getting cozy in his chosen spot, a snort given as she turns away from him with a flat, “Fine, have it your way!” Oh yes, she’s going to remember this. Make no mistake about it. When L’ron appears floored by her comment on her sister, there’s a wave of her hand along with a wry “Take Beddie appearing naked in Max’s office and go from there, shuga.” One wouldn’t need that much of an imagination there. She rolls her eyes to that, but she has to blink at the suggestive tint behind his echo of her words on getting dirty. Taking a step back when she sees that her flicks of mud made impact, “You should try talking to her sometimes,” she offers on Relly, figuring the woman could do with more friends. “Nice sort. Trying to get used to the Weyr and all, still.” That’s all she can get out before she sees that devilish grin. Uh-oh. Both hands lifting up as she takes a few more steps away from the weryling, “Now, now,” she tries to stop him, eyes landing on that handful of mud he’s just scooped up. “We’re just dealing with feet here, shuga. No need to add hands into this! That throw wasn’t even meant for you!” Riiight, cuz there’s someone right behind him. Right?

Shijan, likely unseen, glances down over his prostrate body to where Jaya's playing about in the mud, grins and goes back to his 'stargazing'. Yeah, the barkeep's going to find him a master at side stepping things suits his purposes. Whatever those might be. L'ron sends a startled look over to the barkeep, "Max…and your sister…got naked in his office?" Not that he hasn't seen firsthand the horndog that was once the beast manager, but with Ahnika now being in the picture? As such an unhappy frown crosses the weyrling's features, concerned about such a thing might affect his weyrling-sister. The innuendo he'd leant his 'dirty' quip was less come-on and more example of the young man starting to come more into his own and being aware of such double talk. Suggestion that he seek out Relly has him putting a thoughtful look onto Jaya and then he gives a short nod, thus agreeing to doing just that. All this falls away in light of the mud now dripping and oozing between his fingers. Grinning widely, "Then name of the game here…is fun," that slight pause coming as he quite openly flings it in her direction.

Shijan is perhaps lucky that the barkeep did not see that smile, for he would have gotten some mud flung his way in response to it. Right now L’ron’s startled look has Jaya’s immediate attention as he interprets to statement involving her sister incorrectly. She shakes her head, “Just Beddie was naked,” she corrects to reassure the weyrling once that unhappy frown shows up. “Max was trying to get her out when I showed up. She is … she is trouble.” How else to explain Beddie, really? Once he agrees wordlessly to see about Relly, “Keep an eye out on her for me?” she asks of him, pausing in the ‘fun’ to give him a serious look. “She’s real important to some people up north.” That’s all L’ron needs to know, accompanied by that significant look before she lets it off and continues to take a step back. Eyes fall to that dripping mud again, and towards that wide grin. “We can have fun any number of ways that doesn’t have to involve …that-“ and the mud is thrown and she slow to duck before it hits her square in the chest. “Gahhh!” She pauses, looking down at her now- soiled top in shock before looking up at L’ron and saying, “Now you’ve gone and done it.” He wants a battle? He’s going to get one! The barkeep then bends to grab at some oozy mud and aims it for L’ron’s chest area, making sure to duck at the same time in case he’s planning on retaliation. Oh yeah. L’ron’s going to get his, too!

Shijan could perhaps have cared less if she'd flung mud at him. But we'll never know, now will we? L'ron's eyes narrow in somewhat sceptical gesture as Jaya explains what had really happened, still somewhat uncertain about the events that had transpired between her sister and the beast manager. "I'll bet he was." Is all he gives on the matter, although one can be sure the weyrling will be seeking his former employer out on the matter. With head tipping to one side in curiosity for Relly being important to people up North, he gives a cautiously voiced, "Okay. I'll see what I can do." Rumour filtering down from up North has it that someone's been on the hunt for him as such he's a little wary about getting himself too involved in what could potentially play out in his disfavour. L'ron of course having no way of knowing that the someone looking for him had been sent by his parents long before his letter to them had been sent. All that gets put aside when his handful of mud finds it target, open laughter coming from him for the shock Jaya displays, thoroughly enjoying the moment. As such, he's a little slow in reacting and her muddy missile slaps him square on the forehead, splat. It's a moment or two of total and utter silence as the mud drips down his face and then lifting a hand to wipe the worst of it away with the back of his hand, a wide grin is revealed, playful threat in his eyes, "Oh, so that's how it's going to be, huh?" Bending, he scoops up another dollop of mud and flings it in Jaya's direction before stalking closer.

At what skepticism she could see, “He loves Ahni far too much to do anything to her,” Jaya offers those words in Max’s defense, which is starting to come easier and easier for her to do. That’s all she’s going to say on the matter then, especially since her throw didn’t reach its intended target – nope, it ended up hitting L’ron in the forehead. That moment of silence has her shooting a look (or plea) towards Shijan, along with a blithe, “Uhhhh … life kinda in danger over here!” She waves her hand to get his attention in case he’s fallen asleep. “This is part of your fault, you know,” with her gaze pointedly going to her boots that he’s keeping. Too late though, she looks back to see that playful threat in L’ron’s gaze along with that mud hitting her square in the face when she tries to flinch away. She staggers back, shock hitting her as both hands wipe it away and she attempts to see through it. “You don’t know who you’ve just stepped into the ring with, L’ron,” she notes, firmly bending down to grab up mud in both hands now. Now she’s stalking closer, flinging the first one but holding on to the other once she gets in much closer range.

L'ron seems at least a little mollified by Jaya's defending words on the beast manager and his intent toward the green weyrling. With a little sniff, "Good because I'd hate to have to hurt him." Yeah, really now! Taller and stronger he might have gotten but such an encounter would be guaranteed not to go too well for the weyrling. Shijan grins up at the sky for the plea coming from his charge and eventually lifts his head and sets a smirking expression down to her just in time to catch her getting a face full of mud. Laughter deep and rich breaks free from the usually reserved man. For a while he's unable to respond. Eventually laughter subsides and he gives out in high amusement, "They say mud's good for the complexion!" He's being helpful right? Riiight. As to L'ron and the 'threat' put out there by Jaya? His muddied grin simply widens, "Big words for someone scared to get their feet dirty." He taunts. His next words not even forming before mud splatters across his neck and the side of his face. Spitting out a mouthful of mud he doesn't realize just how close the dark haired woman has gotten but does fling his next handful somewhere in her general direction.

Even Jaya is eying the weyrling for his response on him hurting the beast manager. “Such bold words from one that enjoys squishing his feet in the mud,” she notes though she tosses a wink his way through all the mud before Shijan’s laughter hits her. Eyes narrow when he cannot even respond right away, the mud dripping down her face before he’s able to answer her. Such a cheeky response only deserves a response in like kind, right? Brushing mud into her hair as she tries to wipe it from her face to see his prone form better, “That’s fine,” the barkeep says way too non-chalantly, which can only mean for ominous as she’s tightening her hold on the mud she has left in one hand. Creeping closer to him, “Guess you don’t mind if you try some for yourself!” That mud goes flying, the woman bold enough to let it fly towards her bodyguard before she pivots around at L’ron’s taunt. “Scared?” Yep, he’s said the wrong word now! “I’ll show you ‘scared’, you –“ Smack! Mud hits the side of her face and the next thing she knows, she’s dropping down to scoop up more into both hands and is launching one towards the weyrling before she even straightens up. Oh yeah, if only the bounty hunters and Vaputero could see her now!

Smirking, "Even mud has rocks, Jaya." That L'ron's sage comeback. It's a great pity that Shijan had fallen onto his back again, still chuckling as his gaze goes once again to the evening sky, for he misses the barkeep's stalking approach. As such that big blob of mud lands square on his chest, drawing a grunt for the unexpectedness of it and in one lithe movement the former harper is up and on his feet. Oh yeah, now Jaya's in 'serious' trouble and would be advised to…start running? L'ron, well he's taken the opportunity of her turning her back on him to sneak up behind her and if possible, drop a lump of cold, squishy mud…down her back. Of course, in having tried to do so, he's well within range of that flying mud, catching one handful across his shoulder and the other…unfortunately for him…slap bang in the groin area. Luckily, there aren't any rocks in this mud so it's simply with a slight grunt only doubling over a little that he receives the blow.

Okay. Jaya has to admit to herself that throwing mud at Shijan and watching it hit him in the chest was pretty fun. No, really fun! She keeps L’ron in her sights but when her bodyguard jumps to his feet like that, the look of daring challenge flares up in her eyes. Now being the one that’s chuckling all cocky-like, she lifts up both hands in a ‘come hither’ gesture towards him as she backs away. Of course, she’s not above taunting, either. “What, did I just mess up your cool over there?” she starts, hard to hide the smile of mischief in place now. “I do seem to recall ‘mud-slinging’ being in your job description, Shijan! Unless you’re going to just admit defeat now and let me run and tell all who’ll hear that I bested you!” A brow lifts at him, daring him to come at her reap his revenge. But … taunting Shijan had presented L’ron with the perfect opportunity to drop that lump of cold mud down her back, and the barkeep jumps up with a cry and turns to lob the ball of mud she has left on hand towards him. The weyrling getting hit in the groin causes genuine, loud laughter to bubble up from within the usually taciturn Bitran, and she’s now backing away from him too as she bend to rearm herself. Taunting him, too, “Told you, you didn’t want to step into this with me,” she sends his way, eyes glinting in the evening light as she straightens up with more mud. Yeah, clothes are pretty much ruined now, and she can forget returning to the bar looking like this! L’ron gets the ‘come hither’ gesture too, now trying to keep both Shijan and him in her sights properly as she waits for where the attack is going to come from next.

And come hither Shijan most certainly does except that…he doesn't look at all to be bending to scoop any mud of his own with which to retaliate with and in fact, hooks his thumbs into the belt loop of his trousers. Aside from the blob of mud staining across the front of his shirt, he still seems to be well within his bounds of 'cool'. "Singing…dancing…loving…fighting…living…" the teak skinned 'guard ticks off the list he'd given her on that first day of meeting, still maintaining that calm and unthreatening pose as he does so, "Never mentioned mud." Baritone dropping low over the next words, husked out if she's allowed him close enough to be in her personal space now, "I never…admit defeat." The smirk he puts out entirely roguish. However, the mud goes down Jaya's back and L'ron gets groined. Once again laughter deep and rich peels out from the bodyguard, remaining where he is and sending the blue weyrling just the slightest tip of one brow and flicker of fingers in coded gesture from their otherwise restive dangle off of a belt loop. The weyrling, having recovered from that below-the-belt shot gives no indication of having interpreted the message and closes in on the barkeep, a glob of mud in each hand, herding her toward the impassive teak skinned man. "Ha!" L'ron gives with a grin, "You're mighty sure of yourself, aren't you?" One handful of mud gets lobbed her way as he continues to shepherd her in a circle toward destination point Uh Oh.

Watching Shijan come closer, “Haven’t seen you dance before,” Jaya continues to taunt him, staying where she is as he approaches. “You can show me how to live right now,” and she lifts the mud she has, the smile devilish as he continues to come towards her. Once he is in her personal space, hands held out with mud in both as she looks up to meet his gaze, “Neither do I, shuga,” she returns on admitting defeat, her husky tone low and full of challenge. Body shifts as she displays the sign of daring him to get her back, his close proximity momentarily causing her to lose focus of the mishcievious L’ron. She misses the slight communication between the men since taunting is her current mission, seeing how far she could push the man to retaliate on her. Eyes narrow when Shijan laughs, and she turns a fraction towards L’ron enough to get mud hitting her in the shoulder. “I am a Dicori,” she gives to him in response, pride and arrogance coloring her tone as she turns back to face her bodyguard and adds, “It takes much to befall us.” Left hand lifts with mud within it, seeming to offer it to the tall man before adding, “Whaddya say? Above getting a little dirty?” Oh yeah, one can take that wrong. Perhaps it’s meant to be since she is in a playful mood despite her being, literally, dirty herself. She’s missing the position L’ron is moving in to be, unless she’s pretending to. One never knows with her!

"Haven't seen you play in the mud before," Shijan parries back with. "Right now, hmm?" regarding her intently through that hawk eyed gaze of his, still not shifting a muscle now that he's right up in her space. "I am a Dicori," L'ron mimics through a grin, "And I am a dragonrider." And you better believe that Balkrith could scoop up huge amounts of mud were he currently there. Which thankfully, he's not. Her left hand lifting to offer up that mud has the bodyguard moving one of his as if to take it from her, "Dirty's my second name, Jaya." Except that at the same time he's distracting with that huskily intoned response, his leg sweeps out gracefully as if he's about to step aside and then…will hook about the back of her knees and tug lightly in a bid to have Jaya falling to her butt in the mud patch. Sneaky! Of course, that is if she hasn't seen it coming and side-stepped. If the attempt has been successful, or even if it hasn't, laughter flows from the blue weyrling for the ruse he and Shijan had put together between them.

“There’s a first time for everything, clearly,” Jaya tosses back on Shijan without breaking stride, meeting that intense gaze of his without flinching herself. Taking a deliberate step closer to him then, “Right now,” she echoes, the smirk in place and full of debauchery promised before she catches her words thrown back at her from L’ron. Turning her head towards him with narrowed eyes, “Come say that to my face!” she demands with laughter in her voice, the arrogance still present. She turns back to Shijan, the man looking as if he was going to take the mud offered along with that witty response … and the next thing she knows, she is on her butt right in the mud with a light WHOOMP. Gasping at such a move, “I saw that coming,” she tosses immediately up at him with a scowl, and for good measure, she scrambles back while throwing the offered mud in Shijan’s direction. L’ron’s not out of the woods, either - he for his laughter at having been successful gets mud aimed right in his face if it connects, and the barkeep stumbles to her feet while trying to assess the muddy damage done to her. Scooping mud as she straightens, “Very funny,” she drawls at the laughter, backing up so that she could see the both of them again. “Like I said, can’t bring me down long,” she amends her statement uttered earlier now, still keeping that pride in her voice. “A shame the both of you would dare gain advantage over one poor barkeep! I can understand, of course… the threat I pose to any and all that I meet . .” Yeah, she’s full of it.

Shijan's expression forms around an expression that easily reads - Exactly! A brow threatens to go up at the 'right now' comment on showing her how to live and then white teeth are highlighted against teak skin as lips pull back in a grin, "That's just what we're doing, aren't we?" A wink given in emphasis of the fun she's having and that likely without even realizing it. One could almost assume that weyrling and bodyguard might have planned this whole thing together before this evening even presented opportunity to carry it out. Deep male laughter combines both their voices together as Jaya indeed lands butt first in the mud, with L'ron almost doubled over with mirth. That is until he gets a face full of mud. This time it leaves him spluttering and trying to spit it out of his mouth given how it had been open at the time due to laughing. "Good…" cough, splutter, snicker, "one." Shijan doesn't fair much better for as he'd bent forward to offer the dark haired woman a hand up, she lets loose with her next splodgey missile and it hits him on the forehead, spreading it's clinging mess through ebony curls and dripping off the end of his nose. Stunned momentarily, "What the…" and then springing into action as he scoops up large handfuls of oozing 'weaponry' and advances on the woman, "You want dirty?" the innuendo there, "you got it." This as he lobs both at her.

Jaya realizes too late that it’s very well been the plan all along to bring the barkeep into a mud match out on the lakeshore, and cheeky return she has for Shijan seems to die on her lips at such a realization. She stares at him for a few moments before letting out soft laughter, shaking her head slowly at that – she’s also certain the man’s been watching her too closely lately to notice the stress she’s been under that this whole thing was made possible. She eyes that wink and snorts, Skirting by him with wry and yet low, “As opposed to my bottles? I see you, Shijan.” The smirk is there, peeling out into full-fledged laughter at L’ron’s words when the mud she threw makes contact. She’s laughing even more when Shijan gets it too, trying to hastily scurry away at his words with the glint returning to her eyes at the innuendo detected. Eyes one the missiles he has, “You wouldn’t-“ she starts, but then it’s quite too late as one clips her in the head and the other against her chest and sends her back on the ground with an ‘oof’. Looking to see through the mud one her face if L’ron has recovered any while on the ground, “Given up yet, weyrling?” she taunts in mirth, just in time to look up and see the familiar tower that is Suli. Yes, Suli had arrived sometime ago between shots made, the barmaid looking at her mud-soaked barkeep with open distaste before she takes in the rest of the scene. With Jaya looking quite awkward on the ground, “Thought you were out on business?” Suli asks her, something looking like a package held under her arm that is suddenly getting shifted from view on her person. It’s definitely obvious that she was not expecting to run into any of them here – especially any of them playing in the mud.

Perhaps it was taking note of that very stress she'd been under that had decided Shijan to help L'ron with this muddy plot of his. Understanding that laugher is good for the soul. Something the barkeep does precious little of. He gives no verbal reply to her quip on her drinking habits, merely sending a short smile in response. L'ron's…not recovered quite as well for in taking a step backward and not being able to check where he was going due to his mud covered visage, had tripped over a twist of root when he his boot caught it and gone down heavily. Flat on his back and roaring with laughter despite the mud now oozing into every possible opening of clothing that it can. When he's eventually able to catch a breath he lifts a mud soaked arm, "I give…I give…" - "You doubt me still, Jaya?" this from Shijan as he moves in closer, an arm lifting to wipe his arm across his face and clear his vision. It's around then that he notices Suli standing there. All sense of play dissolves off of the tall man and he sets the barmaid with an intent look. Without even waiting for Jaya to say anything, he steps out of the mud patch and firmly inserts himself between the bar owner and her employee putting out in pointed tone on the matter of business the dark haired woman had had. "She does. Her own." Given in cool tone. Facing off against the sour faced barmaid for the first time ever as he holds out a muddied hand for the parcel, "I'll take that so that you can remove yourself from such…distasteful matters as having fun." Yes, he'd caught that look coming from the woman.

Jaya’s still laughing through Shijan’s non-verbal replies, and when L’ron trips over she joins him in his laughter even more as her arms drop into the mud in defeat. She knows what the weyrling was about to say, her teeth being shown in that smile until Shijan’s words on doubt has her looking his way as he approaches. Whatever her response is dies at the sight of Suli, however, her answer coming to mind dying on mud-caked lips when her bodyguard answers instead. Suli’s eyes narrow first to L’ron, then towards the more immediate threat that is Shijan. Brows furrowing on the matter of business, “Her own,” she says in near whisper, showing her full hatred of his presence having been put into the bar from that day forward is now on full display for the tall man to see, “is my own, and it will continue be so long after you and your ‘puppet masters’ are gone.” – “Suli, enough,” Jaya starts from the ground, but the barmaid merely pierces her with a sharp look. No. She was not about to let the Bitran butt in this - especially since she’s been waiting patiently for the teak-skinned man to finally step to her. Hard eyes fall back on Shijan when he holds out his hand, completely putting her out there in regards to the hidden package. Her pockmarked face turns white in her held anger, chin lifting at him as she coldly hisses, “Fuck off, canine.” Voice lowering still so that only he can hear it when she leans close, “You don’t want to mess with me.” Recovering herself enough with a lie in place, she deliberately straightens up and looks over at Jaya and explains, “I have a relative in Telgar that is sick, and is in need of one of my remedies,” hence the hidden package she’s not bringing into the light. Eyes flicking towards L’ron, then Shijan again, “I’ll leave you and yours, to your ‘fun’.”

While Shijan had been cool, calm and collected and only trying to see that Jaya not be disturbed by work matters but rather that she continue on with this rare moment of fun, it's Suli's reaction to him that has his frame tightening a fraction. Silent at first, merely staring down at the woman and then openly blinking and recoiling when she warns him off in such vehement manner. The change in him is instant. The easygoing cloak he normally wears thrown aside to reveal deep and dangerous threat blazing in his eyes, the muddied hand that had been held out for the package flexing as if he would very much like to wrap it around her throat and throttle her. It doesn't. It falls back to his side and a cold smile fits into place instead, "Be careful with whom you make enemies, Suli. For the day will come when patience will snap its last chord." He gives her nothing else, just that before deliberately turning his back on her and heading over to where Jaya's boots are. The game for him, now over. L'ron of course doesn't hear the exchange between bodyguard and barmaid but he does pick up on the sudden tension, expression colouring surprised and putting out a tentative smile toward Suli, with whom he's never had any problems before. Sitting up in the mud, a lifts and scratches his head, spreading more mud about in brown curls, "Ah yeah…I uh…guess a bath is in order, huh?" Trying to relieve the situation that seems to have so awkwardly developed. To the barmaid he puts with sincerity, "Hope your relatives feeling well soon." And then pushes up to his feet and slops out of the mud patch, brow furrowed as he tries to puzzle it all out.

While Suli is her barmaid, Jaya’s eyes remain firmly on Shijan as she watches the exchange between them. Suli for her part remains stock-still in light of much male power being alluded to, that cold smile she’s faced with causing a tick to start at her temple. To those deliberate words, it’s a slow, frigid smile that greets them as she slowly takes a step back. Turning herself, “I fear nothing, Shijan,” she says aloud, that smile falling on Jaya as she meets her eyes. “Nothing at all. I will be on my way.” L’ron gets a look from her for his sentiments, but the barmaid makes no further comment as she pushes on through to her true destination without a look back. Jaya watches her go, slowly getting to her feet with an exhale of her breath before she flicks a worrying glance towards Shijan. To L’ron, “I can do with one,” she agrees on baths, then turning to send L’ron a fond smile as she approaches him and tries a chaste kiss on his cheek. Pulling back, “Thanks for the fun, shuga,” she tells him with an incline of her head as she actually admits it. “I needed a good laugh tonite.” She looks towards her bodyguard then, adding in the weyrling’s vicinity since she could tell the two knew each other, “He’s going to be alright?”

Though he doesn't turn back at Suli's response, a truly dark and threatening smile flickers on and off Shijan's expression, intoning quietly enough to himself so that the words go unheard by any other, "Everyone fears something, and I'll find yours." Stooping, he takes up Jaya's boots, hawk eyes set to some distant point as if consulting internal counsel on the matter. Bemusement still lines L'ron's features for the exchange between bodyguard and barmaid but slips off quickly enough when the dark haired woman is stepping in and pressing that kiss to his cheek. With warmth in his tone he slips muddy arms about her in a brief hug, "Any time, Jaya." Slopping his way out of the mud patch now he casts a look over to the silent and now impassive bodyguard a dry smile turns back onto Jaya, "He always is." Alright that is.

Much is revealed in the mud this night, and Jaya casts a long look after her dwindling barmaid with a heavy frown. The hissed words and frayed demeanor was something new seen from Suli, and the barkeep wasn’t sure she was liking it. Max’s warnings on the woman was flashing through her head at that moment, but for now she shakes them off and sends L’ron another smile betraying none of her internal feelings. With the kiss connecting, “I just might take you up on it,” she says with a wink before nodding and turning towards Shijan with his answer. Now she approaches him, steps deliberately smooth and easy as she fits a genuine smile for him that’s meant to be reassuring more than anything. Holding out her hand for her boots, “Her relatives in Telgar are dead,” she tells him, revealing the lie. Suli must be slipping. “I wonder who the package really is for at this night.” Pause. Nodding sharply towards the Weyr proper, “Let’s hit the baths, hmm?” she offers then, her smile turning a bit playful. “Need to wash off the evidence before we get back.”

Smile turning quirky, "I hope you will, Jaya. I enjoyed it too," L'ron gives and then moves off to the side a little to try and get rid of the worst of the mud before dirtying a trail through the caverns to the baths. Hawk eyed regard is turned onto Jaya as Shijan silently hands her boots over, his gaze casting for a heartbeat in the direction Suli had left and then settling onto his charge through a dark smirk, "I figured as much." Not so much that her relatives were already dead but that she'd been lying about her reason for needing to go away for a spell. "She tries too hard to appear to be flippant in telling her truth." As to whom the package is for, another faint smile ghosts in and then out again, "If you hadn't gotten me so dirty…" the smirk lending innuendo, "I'd have trailed her and told you." That now being a moot point as with a sharp nod of head in agreement he holds out his hand in gesture that she lead the way to the baths. Jaya, the leader of the little rag-tag band of mud-fighters.

“Hopefully with something less messy,” Jaya is quick to amend toward L’ron, “although, I’ve been meaning to try out my cooking skills in the kitchens for some time now …” Which could only lead to debauchery, right? Back to her bodyguard, she takes the boots and looks in Suli’s direction at his answer. “Max doesn’t trust her,” she says the obvious with a frown. “I’ve … never seen her like this, before. I think it might be time to … corner her.” Whatever that means, she doesn’t reveal, but seeing as how Shijan has to be involved, the barkeep doesn’t censor her thoughts there. She shakes her head to that, clearing it and shifting such thoughts for another time. Eyes on Shijan then for the innuendo, “A shame,” she drawls that out, the smirk slightly suggestive before she turns and raises up on tip toes to attempt a kiss to his cheek as well. Lower, “It was better than the brandy,” she says, assuming him to know what she means before stepping back and saying louder for L’ron’s ears, “I wouldn’t worry about her. She’s not going anywhere.” A flick of fingers for the weyrling as she starts on towards the baths, leading the way with a twitch of hips and amusement in her tone as she adds for both their sakes, “Anymore tricks, you two, and I’ll have no choice but to reveal my ultimate prank. It’s made boys cry for their mothers before.” Literally. She was like eleven in those prankster days.

Cooking? Oh that grabs L'ron's interest for sure! "Okay," he gives without even a moment's hesitation. Uh oh. Indira better never catch wind of this. Shijan's gaze returns from the lake and settles back onto Jaya. Silent a long few moments as she notes the beast manager's distrust of the woman and then stating in quiet baritone, "Be very careful doing so, Jaya. For even a cornered rodent has sharp teeth." You can believe he plans on hovering somewhere out of sight when she tackles her barmaid on her questionable attitude of this night. He doesn't avoid the kiss set to his cheek, his frame does however, go oddly stiff before a smile laced through with warmth appears for her words, "I'm glad you were able to see that." As she steps back bodyguard and weyrling turn an unseen look between each other, wide grins in place for a mission accomplished, despite the concerns now being carried by all. Hands to pockets, L'ron is at Jaya's back with Shijan trailing a pace or two behind. "Just as well we're men and not boys then, huh?" this the weyrling's cocky response to her last.

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