Plastic, Is It?


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Date: 05 Jan 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Residential Hallway
Synopsis: Fiala receives a delivery from Neni.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

This roughly but functionally dug corridor off from the Lower Caverns is mostly straight, though broadly curves in the distance and eventually, at the other end, opens back out into the Lower Caverns, a very long and broadly etched runner-shoe of a tunnel, in fact. Glowbaskets have been arranged along the tunnel and at intervals to allow for maximum efficiency and safety at the same time, though anyone would be hard-pressed to call this well-lit. The first entrance off of this tunnel on one end is an opening into a large cavern used as the residential dorms. Other entrances dot the corridor at regular intervals with sturdy, thick wooden doors banded in metal and include a lock on each door. Numbers are carved on placards that have been nailed into the door to assist in the designation for each room so as no one gets confused, including the person assigned to the room.

Depending upon who is asked, it's either after breakfast, breakfast time, or too bloody early to be up. Neni appears to be in one of the two former categories, already up and dressed as she steps into the residential hallway.

It might be nap time, that ineffable stretch between breakfast and lunch, when those who have been up Way Too Long Already can get a chance to sneak in some rest. So it is with Fiala, who, yawning, mussed from duties, heads towards the dorms. She rubs at her eyes, shakes straw from her hair, and gives a slight wave to Nenienne as she nears her.

Nenienne glances over at the wave and brightens up, though as usual she continues frowning. "Hello, Fiala," she says, "Just the person I was looking for."

"I was? Am? Both?" Fiala blinks, then stares unsurely at Nenienne, obviously confused. She goes still for a few moments, trying to figure why she is wanted, and her lips move silently as she recounts to herself anything that someone might want her for. Finally she tilts her head, biting at the tip of her tongue. "Ermmm… why?"

Nenienne begins reaching for her pouch, asking in the meantime, "Remember that jewelry you asked for? The piece I said you could have if you let people know I made it if they admire it?"

Fiala thinks about it a moment, then nods her head. "I remember. Something pretty, but not too fancy," she answers, speaking slowly, drawing the memory out of fuzz. "Yes. I do. Because I was worrying how I might pay for such a thing."

Nenienne nods, and pulls out a string of flower beads. They're made from plastic, colorful but not too bright, and about the same size, though some variation can be seen. They are arranged in a pattern of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, two purples, blue, green, yellow, orange, two pinks, and so on. As Neni untangles the string it becomes obvious there are two strands. As she holds them out to Fiala she says, by way of explanation, "I had some beads left over after I made the necklace, so I made a bracelet as well."

The girl gasps and stares at the necklace, then at Nenienne, then at the bracelet. After a few moments of this she finally takes the jewelry. "I… oooh, Nenienne, these are beautiful! So colorful! SO light! What stone are they?" She runs one finger over the beads, her lips curving into an unconscious smile of delight. "Really and truly for me? But… just for the price of telling others?"

Nenienne says, "Actually, not a stone. They're made from some plastic I found lying around, about to be thrown away. I figured I could do better than that, so I repurposed it." She nods in reply to Fiana's question, but confirms with words, "Yes, as long as you tell them, if they say something about it."

Fiala gives a little scree of delight, and starts to move forward to hug the older woman. At the last moment she stops herself, looking rather sheepish. "Oh thank you, thank you," she breathes, jumping up and down just once. Then she blinks, and looks more closely at the beads. "What's plastic?"

Nenienne is about to step back when Fiala stops short, so she holds her grounds. After a little thought, she says carefully, "A material used by the original settlers. It's made by people rather than found, and it is more durable than materials like wood and easier to work with than materials like stone." No mention of AIVAS' involvement in the re-creation of the material.

"Really-truly? Real plastic? Like the Ancients used? For me? Something that precious?" Fiala clasps the strands to her chest and gives a little hopping skip. "Oh thank you, thank you!"

Nenienne nods, clearly amused, then says, "I hope to salvage some more, so as long as you keep up your end of the bargain I'll hopefully get some commissions out of it." Then she lowers her voice, "Don't be too forthcoming about the plastic, though. There are traditionalists at this Weyr."

Note: Fiana's necklace in living color.

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