Poetry Of The Soul



Date: 2010.08.21
Location: EW - Weyrling Barracks
Synopsis: Leron tries on his robes and finds a folded note taped inside of them
Rating: PG13
Logger: Leron

Taped underneath the candidate's robe is a fold sheet of hide. Unfolded, it reveals a written poem - something that would be familiar to Leron since it's the very one he read in the laundry room:

The winters are cold, the days crisp
I wait for my love among the rare leaves.
A summer dress so soft that light travels through,
and yellow flowers against my dark hair behind one ear, too.
I know he's here, I know he's there
Wanting my hair loose and fancy-free.
I'll wait forever to see his face
Till the darkness covers me.

Why it's given, there is no reason — nothing else is written on the back of it.

Even for having grown up in a cothold and despite the easy color that could rise to his cheeks unbidden, Leron had few inhibitions when it came to the communal manner of living in a Weyr. As such shortly after having bidden Jaya farewell, the lanky lad stripped off down to just his under shorts and did as bidden. He tried on his robe, a wide grin in place. He even took a run up and down the main aisle (much to the amusement of those not quite asleep and watching the antics of the strange teen from up North) and lo and behold, it was as the bar owner had said she’d made the white article of clothing to be – trip free!

There was however, something scratching along his ribs which had him twisting about trying to figure out what it could be. Eventually, satisfied that the robe met all his clumsy and lanky requirements, Leron pulled it off over his head. When the folded piece of hide caught on his ear, the candidate’s arms halted, still caught in the sleeves and he tried to squint at it. Janshu, in the next cot over flinging a fruit peel at his bared midriff had him quickly pulling it all the way off and sitting down on the edge of his cot to examine the hide.

Removing the folded piece of hide and opening it, brown eyes scanned over the lines of poetry and a slow smile broke free. Carefully refolding the hide, he rose and moved to the press at the foot of his cot. Lifting the lid and moving his few meager possessions aside, he reverently laid it right at the bottom and covered it back up again. Leaning back on his heels Leron rested his elbow on a knee and propped his chin into his fist staring down at where the piece of poetry now lay hidden. Finally another smile broke free and he patted the pile of clothing, as he murmured to the note safely stowed below, “One day Jaya, you’ll find the one you wait for.” And then he rose and stretched back out on his cot, pleased that she trusted him enough to share such a private piece of writing with him and not for one minute giving it thought that entrusting him with such knowledge might hold other implications.

He is after all, just another country boy.

Theme song: Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends

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