Preliminary Decisions


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Date: 11 Jan 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Teallan and Neni discuss the first draft of designs for Teallan's commission.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

Set up for use as both a massive storage area and an everyday workspace, the Lower Caverns is a single, high-ceiling room that has been blocked off into several smaller 'rooms' for different work that needs to be done. This space seems to be used by crafters and non-crafters alike, general purpose business day-to-day dealings for the weyr that don't require a specially smithed room, like the laundry area. A single hallway that loops around with both exits connecting to the Lower Caverns leads to the residential section of the weyr.

Morning comes and often too soon. Teallan is settling into her new quarters, but likely not very comfortably so; it's such an odd transition to go from sleeping in a dormatory-style setting to sleeping on your own. She's dressed and everything in it's place, though clearly still a bit tired as she begins making her way slowly towards the stairs that will lead to the living caverns and food.

It's almost breakfast time by living cavern standards, so people are up and getting ready to head in. Neni apparently got up a bit earlier, and is watching people leave the residential area, some hides clutched in her hands.

Teallan steps aside as a few kids rush past; one greeting their teacher as they go by. She mumbles something almost incoherent in return before noticing Nenienne there. A hand is lifted slightly, wiggling fingers a bit to greet the smith.

Nenienne brightens up. "Teallan, just the person I was looking for. Have you some time before class?"

"I believe so, yes," Teallan says, glancing after the kidlets. "They take a while with breakfast."

Nenienne says, "Oh good." She holds out the hides to Teallan. "I got those sketches done. Finding you was a whole nother story. I didn't want to interrupt your classes."

Teallan takes the hides and begins looking them over. "Yes, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't find a… Harper-trained nanny or something to give me a hand from time to time."

Nenienne hmmms. "That kind of thing might be something Vanielle would be interested in, when she's not working in the infirmary. Though I forget if her training was in Harpercraft or if she just has a nice voice. I remember she was an apprentice somewhere before she ended up here." The diagrams for the briolettes are fairly plain. There appear to be three settings listed; two which involve caps of varying decoration and one which involves the top of the stone being drilled. For the bracelet, most of the designs are cuff bracelets, with one or two chain bracelets thrown in for good measure.

"I thought Herder, but I may ask for her help. There's a number of things someone can do that doesn't require extensive training. Mostly with the younger ones. It'd give me time to catch up on paperwork." Teallan looks over the bracelets, "I much prefer the cuff design. They stay in place better. Less likely to interfere with playing an instrument."

Nenienne says, "I hope she doesn't mind my recommending her, but she does seem the type who would be good with children." She nods about the cuff bracelets, saying, "I remember you mentioning preference for cuffs, but I wanted to be thorough. Sometimes people surprise themselves by liking something they hadn't considered."

"I doubt it. I've barely seen her recently myself and I ought to." Teallan smirks briefly at the last and shrugs slightly, "I like chain bracelets, but… But I want to know I can wear my jewelry for everything."

Nenienne nods. "So cuff it is. The big question is, how much do you want by way of design." The diagrams show everything from dead plain to something which looks almost lacy, and plenty in between.

Teallan considers, briefly, this matter, looking over the designs. "The ones between the two are certainly lovely. I don't want something too ornate that I don't want to wear it everyday, but at the same time… I like something to have a bit of… style to it."

Nenienne says, "I can leave you with the hides so you can pick one, or I can sketch out a few more designs if nothing there really suits. Any preference for how you want the briolettes set?"

"I like the caps, I think," Teallan says, flipping to a hide with the briolette designs. "It adds… a bit more of the fancy qualities without being over the top." She flashes a little smile at Neni. "I'll look them over and let you know what I like."

Nenienne actually looks relieved. "Drilling into the stone weakens it, no matter how proficient the driller. I was hoping you would go for the caps."

"Well, good to hear then," Teallan says, grinning a bit. "Caps it is, then. I'd hate to worry about my stone being weakened."

Nenienne says, "I'll definitely use adhesive, then, instead of half-drilling for the caps." The flow of people from the residential area has become a trickle, so Neni adds, "I should let you get to breakfast, or classes, whichever you do first. Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing what you select or to doing some new drawings."

Teallan dips her head in a nod, smiling a little. "I'll let you know as soon as I've figured it out."

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