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Date: June 30th, 2011
Location: Landing: Dining Hall
Synopsis: Nuri and Rhyviel discuss printouts, and are joined by Gaelene, who chats about dolphins.
Rating: G
Logger: Rhyviel and Gaelene

The dining hall is filled with roughly twenty circular tables, seating eight to ten people apiece. The room itself is clean and done in tile and white walls, much like AIVAS' own room, but the walls have tapestries from different crafts and holds all over Pern. There is a longer Head Table for Master Crafters and other visiting dignitaries. A set of double doors leads off into the Kitchen.

It's after lunch already in the Landing dining hall but a few stragglers seem to have gotten either caught up in work or just generally late. Nuri a part of the former group sits on the edge on the hall with blueprints in hand that she seems intently focused on. They are printed on the new fangled paper and look like they came off a printing press if any catches a closer look it's obvious they came off a printing press. Frowning the young woman's brows furrow as she drinks a thankfully still steaming mug of klah and gives a half-hearted wave to a passing greeter without looking up. The remnants of a meal are pushed to the side.

Rhyviel looks like a woman on a mission. A failed mission, if her expression is anything to go by, quite the exasperated look settled on her features. Time for something to drink. Klah is what she has to settle for, a mug claimed with a shake of her head and a sigh before she scans the dining hall. It's the blueprints that catch her eye more than Nuri herself for the moment, or perhaps the paper more than the blueprints themselves. Crossing the room, she stops at a seat opposite Nuri and asks, "Mind company?"

Looking up from her paper almost reluctantly Nuri raises an eyebrow but gives a small shrug of her shoulders, "Oh sure. It's a big table." As if this gives her the excuse she needed to stop scowling at the drawings the apprentice's face relaxes as she sets the paper down. "Sorry just engrossed, I thought I knew most of the Landing folks by now. I'm Nuri." She reaches out a hand offered to the unknown person.

"Vee," Rhyviel responds, putting her mug down before she goes to shake hands and sit down, hand drawn back quickly, but politely. "Well met, Nuri." She and the apprentice are sat at one of the tables at the edge of the dining hall, the latter with blueprints spread out on the tabletop. "And I'm not Landing, really, so you're forgiven for not knowing me," she teases. "Pardon the question, but… What are these for?" A gesture is made towards the blueprints, but she doesn't touch.

Nuri smiles to Vee now, "Well met, Vee." She chimes back before frowning at the blueprints again. Picking up her klah Nuri leans back from the table and takes a much needed sip, "Oh from one of the printers. It's using to much ink and making half our work come out unreadable. I'm no smith but there is never enough willing to look at our equipment." She shrugs and a light blush touches her cheeks, "I'm rambling again sorry. I tend to over this."

Gaelene is heading by the table and can't help but overhear Nuri's last. "Don't worry; I'm that way with doll-fins," she says with a smile. "Hello, Nuri and Vee," she greets both women, whom she met before, if not at the same time.

"Sounds like whatever system is delivering the ink needs a thinner tube. Or a better valve," Rhyviel thinks aloud, lifting her mug to her lips. "Not that I'm a Smith or know anything about printers. Are you putting books together with these printers?" she asks Nuri, before she takes a sip of her drink and has to swallow it quickly to greet Gaelene. "Hello, Gael." Her head tilts. "What's a doll-fin?"

Nuri startles at the arrival of the younger girl before giving a low chuckle, "Gael. You seems to be everywhere lately." She smiles to the girl and raises an eyebrow at Vee, "You haven't heard of em yet? I'm sure Gael can regale you with information. And yes." She continues shuffling at the blueprints with her free hand. "It's kind o my project to put together books of the teaching ballads. My mother's a harper." She explains and eyes still skimming over the paper as she mutters to herself quietly something regarding ink.

Gaelene heads over to where the pitchers are and pours herself some juice, then heads back and sits, uninvited, near the two, and says, "Doll-fins are what shipfish call themselves. After this last bad storm we found a bell which they respond to, and we found out they talk!" She also listens to Nuri's assignment, though he doesn't offer any machine advice.

By the time Gael has claimed her seat, Rhyviel has a battered book out on the table and a stylus in her hand, 'dollfins' being scrawled across a spare spot on the back page of her book. "Shipfish talk? Like dragons talk?" she presses. Putting her stylus down, she inclines her head Nuri's way and says, "Mine too. My mother is a Harper, that is. Posted out at Greystones, last time I heard."

Nuri smiles to Vee again and shakes her head at the woman, "Oh no they talk like us sort of. It seems more their clicks and other noises just kind of make childish sense." She pulls in her bottom lip to nibble it lightly, "My mother got posted to Eastern, or well requested the post when my dad volunteered to go. He's a blue rider."

Gaelene says, "I wouldn't say childish. I mean, they're frisky and all that, but their talk is really intelligent, and they don't sound spoiled." Although she's still technically a child herself, Gael probably thinks she looks very grown-up when she muses, "Maybe more like child-like."

"So… someone could wander down to the coast and hold a proper conversation with a…" Rhyviel pauses and taps a finger against the tabletop. "Are we supposed to be calling them shipfish or doll-fins now? Because using both already feels slightly confusing." She reclaims her stylus and scrawls 'shipfish' under 'dollfins'. "Has anyone recorded any of the things they've said?"

A smirk starts on Nuri's face as she thinks of the dollfins and she nibbles her lip harder, "I don't even know who is really looking into them. I mean most of the adults think it's some kind of joke played on them. It took showing the mastersmith they talked for him to agree I wasn't an idiot for saying so." She looks to Gaelene as if the young girl might know the answer.

Gaelene hmmmms. "To the doll-fins, shipfish are what they get when they follow Seacrafter ships. The Seacrafters think doll-fins are good luck so they keep fish for them," she explains. "I know some adults have been assigned to study them — Seacrafters, I think. And once I can get some terminal time, I'm going to look them up to see if there is more information about them. I'm not sure about Harpers, though."

"Doll-fins it is then," Rhyviel decides, drawing some brackets around 'shipfish'. "I can see how it might look like someone's playing a trick. If it /isn't/ a trick, then that means there's essentially a whole new civilisation with all sorts of things we might not know," she says, punctuating her words by gesturing with her stylus. "And I'd have thought that the Harpers would be all over that. Heck, I would be."

Nuri starts to gather up her blueprints back into a neat and tidy pile. "Well I'm sure the masterharper will have someone down here as soon as everyone stops thinking it's crazy." She winks at Gaelene and standing up neatly places the papers in the satchel dangling at her side, "But I better get back to work before I'm in trouble. Thanks for the advice Vee." She says to the older woman and absentmindedly reaches out a hand to ruffle Gaelene's hair and waving to the two heads off without even thinking about her plate or cup, mind far away on her work already.

Gaelene says, "Or even assign one of the Harpers posted here." She makes a face at the hair-ruffling but doesn't try to pull away. "Did you ever find out the information you needed about sedatives, Vee?"

Rhyviel sends a cheery, "You're welcome!" after Nuri, whose name gets added to the back of her book too. When she looks up, Gaelene's question seem to throw her for a moment or two, before she assures, "Oh! Yes. My father helped out a bit in the end. I probably should have asked him in the first place, but you know what they say about missing things that are right in front of you."

Gaelene nods and smiles, trying to look grown-up as she sips her juice. "I'm glad it got sorted out. Were you writing a story about it or something?" she asks.

Rhyviel slowly inclines her head again. That's a good answer; let's go with that one. "Yes," she confirms. "It was all about the bit where of the characters escapes a bad situation by drugging one of the men watching her. Her accomplice had to find out how to do it in the first place," she tries to explain. "The whole thing's nearly finished. Maybe I'll write about doll-fins next. Sounds like you know them pretty well."

Gaelene nods enthusiastically. "I'm friends with one of them named Dare, even. And I'm learning the names of the others. And I know how to get bloofish off of them now, without hurting them at all. I even started feding them fish," she can't help but wrinkle her nose as she says it.

'Dare' gets added to the growing collection of words on that page. "So, what's this bell got to do with it?" Rhyviel asks. "They respond to the bell only? Or are there other ways to call them?" She finishes the rest of her drink and sets the mug down again. "I figure if the bell was damaged, they must respond to something else too."

Gaelene shakes her head. "The bell is really really loud — I think that's what they can hear underwater. Now that they know we're back, they come close to see if anyone is here, but I think to call them you really need the bell."

"I wonder if it's the pitch of that specific bell," Rhyviel considers. "Less that they can hear it, but more that it's the pitch that they respond to." She shrugs and closes her book. "Perhaps people should look into that. Experimenting too much with it might upset them though." Eyeing Gaelene thoughtfully, she asks, "Do you know anyone good at drawing? They don't have to be a Harper or anything like that."

Gaelene says, "I think they wouldn't mind if people experiment. Especially if you say it's a game." She ponders the question, and names one of the Harpers, despite Vee's disclaimer. "I know some of the others my age can draw, but not as well as her," she adds, referring to the Harper."

"Right," Rhyviel replies, reaching into one of her pockets. "Someone your age will do just fine," she adds, setting two pieces that don't quite add up to a full mark between them down on the table. "Can you get one of your friends to draw a doll-fin for me? Doesn't have to be fancy." She gestures towards the marks. "You keep one and give them the other and you give me the drawing when I'm here next?"

Gaelene's eyes go wide. "Whoa. Makes me wish I could draw," she jokes. "I'll be happy to, though. I think I know just the boy, too."

"You keep one," Rhyviel echoes, of the pieces. "I don't think there are going to be many pictures of doll-fins circulating, so it's worth it," she declares, tugging her book and stylus back into her bag. "I'll visit again in about a sevenday. That okay?"

Gaelene nods. "He doesn't draw too slowly, but a sevenday will definitely be enough." She puts one of the marks in one pocket and the other in a different one. "Thank you!" she adds.

"And thank you," Rhyviel returns, pushing to her feet and slinging her bag over her right shoulder. "I'll see you in a sevenday," she says in farewell, shooting Gaelene a broad smile. And then off she goes, out of the dining hall and (presumably…) back to Eastern.

Gaelene waves after Rhyviel, finishes her juice, and also heads out, presumably to the cove where the dolphins are.

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