Portrayed By Myanna Buring
Position Journeywoman Weaver (Eastern Weyr)
Former title(s) Journeywoman Weaver (Telgar Hold); Journeywoman Weaver (Fort Sea Hold); Apprentice Weaver (WeaverHall)
Sex Female
Age 23
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Family Father - Q'rey, Mother - Lianne, several half-siblings
Faction Neutral

Character History

A flight baby born to weyrmated parents - just not weyrmated to each other - Quiane was a sulky Telgari weyrbrat, although she's left that part of her life behind, she thinks: it's only dim childhood memories to her now. Her father wrote to her every clutching to ask if she wished to stand; her mother never wrote at all; Quiane's replies were only ever a single word, and once she walked the tables, the correspondence, such as it was, ceased altogether.

Quiane apprenticed young to the weavercraft, and worked hard at swapping out her Telgari twang for a Bollian burr, but due partly to a specialisation in tapestries - and mostly to an apparent inability to behave herself - did not walk the tables until the age of 20. She spent two years in Fort Seahold before being requested for a posting to Telgar Hold, to help work on a huge tapestry project. She lasted there just over a year. At 23, she feels she could have got a worse end of the deal, even if she did her best to shoot herself in the foot.

She made friends in the Fort area, crafters, holders and dragonriders alike, and the posting suited her; she was sorry to leave. Things went wrong at Telgar from the moment she walked through the door, however, yet how much of that was her and how much of that was circumstance is anyone's guess.

Whatever else happened, her time at Telgar came crashing to a close when in the background of a tapestry - commissioned for the Hold's main hall - she wove a representation of a couple engaged in an evidently compromising position. One of those pictured was unmistakably Telgar's Lord Holder, and the other was a Telgari Junior Goldrider. Weirdly enough, it lasted a full three days up in the hall at Telgar before any of the powers that be noticed - most of the holdfolk had it figured in under fifteen minutes. Nobody ever questioned Quiane as to how she had managed to find out about the affair - which spilled out very fast - they were much more concerned as to why she had chosen this manner to make it public, why she hadn't thought about the political consequences for the weavercraft, and for herself, a promising talent, if no-one else. Quiane proved bad at answering questions and thoroughly unrepentant.

Kicked straight back to Weaver Hall - with the Lord Holder adamant he'd like to do more than just kick her - Quiane expected to be kicked out. Instead she was ordered off to Eastern Weyr. Some people might call that a reprieve. Quiane calls it something unprintable.


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