Quiet Fears



Date: Aug. 16, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: Happens right after Ahnika and Rocio leave the Bar. Suli's got something to say following Ahnika's words for the taciturn bar owner.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

Suli is staring hard at the bar owner as she sweeps up the last of the card tables. Jaya, seeming far more into writing her profit figures than starting anything with the barmaid, decides instead to studiously ignore her at the counter.

Suli breaks the silence for them. "You're cracking, Dicori."

Jaya marks something off of her list, not looking up at her. "You're nosy, Telgar," is her clipped response to that.

"Couldn't help but to hear that little outburst of yours," Suli ventures to say, leaning now on the broom as she regards the younger woman. "Don't think those little candidates caught it, but I did." Eyes falling briefly to the ground, "It's been quiet on that front, by the way." That front. Vaputero.

"I'm not afraid of him," Jaya drops quietly with veiled anger, not looking up at the older woman as her stylus moves across the hide. "And I don't pay you to butt into my business."

Suli leans languidly against the closest table as she considers the bar owner for a moment. Propping the broom against her, "One would beg to ask why you are running, then," she points out, keeping her tone level. She'll ignore the barb about butting out. "If you aren't so afraid of him."

Jaya's eyes meet Suli's then at such words, her face growing both flushed and hard. She doesn't answer that one, but perhaps there's no answer needed. Suli is already sending her a faint smirk in the lingering silence. The barmaid's eyes linger on what she could see of Jaya's scar, then says, "But it's not my business." She straightens up, grabbing the broom and resumes her sweeping with feigned indifference. She could push much further - and at another time, she will - but for now she will hold her peace. Sardonically speaking, "You pay me to pour the drinks."

Jaya keeps that cold stare going long after the barmaid continues on with the sweeping. She wasn't going to grace the old woman with an answer to anything said, fuming. Nope. Not when she herself didn't really want to admit the truth of the real answer to that pointed question.

Damn Suli. Damn this Weyr!

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