Portrayed By Billie Piper
Position Junior Weyrwoman to Kaseth
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Sex Female
Age 19
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Family See Table Below
Faction Progressivist

Character History

When the missing riders jumped forward, there was a young queenrider and her even younger daughter among their number. And though most of the 'Oldtimers' - as they came to be called – were eventually shipped down south to be kept out of the way, there were a few who were reasonable enough to stay in the north and be a help, rather than a hindrance. That young queenrider grew up to be a very helpful – if rather strict – weyrwoman. Rather than go south, she went north and settled in Telgar's Weyr. The then-aging Senior passed on and the young Oldtimer's gold Meryth rose first, which left Ianti as Telgar's new Senior Weyrwoman. Appropriately, at Meryth's first Telgar clutch, her daughter Rialla Impressed to green Presth.

Now, as disappointed as Ianti was that her daughter didn't Impress the gold of the clutch, she was assuaged by the fact that her daughter retained a place of importance within the Weyr community because she had inherited Ianti's bloodline heirloom trait of being able to hear all dragons. This bloodline trait was paramount in Ianti's eyes and so she was always very careful to steer her daughter away from males she couldn't confirm a 'good' lineage from. But, like all rebellious children, Rialla found that the more her mother insisted that she not procreate without that confirmation, the more she wanted to do it. And so, when P'len's brown Jonath caught in Presth's next flight, she did everything in her power to keep from aborting. Sure enough, she ended up pregnant and – despite her mother's avid protestations – kept the child.

So it was that during one of Telgar's bitterest winters that her own daughter Iardani was born. Resigned to the reality of her granddaughter's existence, Ianti kept a close eye on her as she grew, even though she was very sure to keep her distance. When, by age seven, little Iardani had still shown no sign of having her mother's and grandmother's gift, Ianti began to truly worry. She started actually visiting her granddaughter, asking the young girl a series of really odd questions and then leaving. This left Iardani with a very odd view of her Very Important Grandmother.

Aside from that, she had a happy childhood; always stirring up her playmates into some mischief or other. Always the staunch defender of the underdogs, she would take up for anyone she saw being mistreated in any way – often vocally – but would never stick up for herself and eventually the bullies among her age-mates and those younger – and even a few older – learned to tread carefully lest they earn the righteous fury the little weyrbrat could have inherited only from her grandmother. Instead of picking on the weaklings, they'd pick on Iardani. And though this infuriated her, she never fought back; it was almost as if she was afraid to fight for herself.

It was this tendency that started to worry her more sweet-natured mother. Hoping to teach her daughter some restraint – and give her some confidence as well as an outlet for all that energy – Rialla brought her in at age ten to work under her with the other Dragonhealers in the infirmary. Ianti approved wholeheartedly, thinking the near-constant exposure to dragon minds might trigger a late appearance of that ability which made both Rialla and Ianti so useful to the weyr.

For two turns, Iardani worked very hard in the Infirmary, learning all the things she could about dragons and their injuries and their maladies and their bodies. She learned to read the subtle body language that seemed to be universal even among such varying personalities. She was an able assistant and kept surprisingly calm under the high-pressure that came with working on dragons just scored from Thread. Just a sevenday after she had been given a real Dragonhealer's Apprentice knot, Iardani was very nearly molested by an older blue dragon who insisted that she Stand for this clutch.

His rider spoke with Ianti about it and the aging Senior readily agreed. Meryth had another gold egg on the sands and she felt oddly certain that this would be just the thing. It was agreed and that very evening, Iardani traded in her hard-won Apprentice knot for a Candidate's knot. Well-used to the chores of Candidates around the Weyr, Iardani begged to be allowed to continue her work in the Infirmary instead. And although there were grumblings that she only 'wormed her way out of hard work' because her grandmother was the Senior, the Dragonhealers, at least, were glad to see her stay.

And so it was that – aside from the extra lectures and the occasional egg-touching – Candidacy flew by much as the rest of Iardani's life had done, until that fateful morning when the dragons started to hum. With the rest of the Candidates, Iardani rushed to throw on her white robe and circle up around the hatching eggs. The sand was hot and miserable under her feet, but the moment that beautiful red gold cracked shell, she forgot all about it. Looking for all the world like she'd come straight from the forge, that little hatchling captured her immediately. It was heartbreaking to see her stumble into another girl's arms, but once Iardani blinked away the tears that pooled in her eyes, she had to smile. That beautiful little gold had stumbled into her dear friend and though she was happy for Alara – the sweet girl deserved nothing less – there was an ache in her chest that took several sevendays afterward to ease.

After the hatching, she went back to her work in the Infirmary, but after nearly a month of lackluster work and behavior, Rialla made an executive decision and sent her daughter off to the Harper Hall. She felt that Iardani took the results of the Hatching to heart and that a change of scenery would be the best way to lift her daughter's usually bouncing spirits.

When Ianti found out, she was furious, but by that time there was little she could do, as her granddaughter had been accepted into the Harpers as an Apprentice.

In a new place with new people and new things to learn, Iardani blossomed. She took to the making and the playing of instruments like a fish to water, and although her singing voice was more 'pleasant to listen to' than anything truly talented, she loved to play and that more than anything gave life to her songs. The other aspect of Harper training she loved dearly was the law. It was so much more difficult to grasp how it all wove in together, but Iardani found all of it fascinating in the extreme – even though she never showed much talent in that regard.

Three turns were spent quite happily at the Hall. Her mother came quite frequently to visit and she even saw her grandmother once or twice a turn. Iardani was finally in a place where she didn't have the shadow of Ianti and even Rialla hanging over her. She was free to be herself and she loved it. It came as a bit of a shock, then, when a month after a routine 'line up inspection' from a pair of swarthy dragonriders the summer she turned 16, Iardani was called into the Masterharper's office for an evening visit. He was very kind and offered her a cup of hot klah and a slice of moist cake, asked after her studies and her health and then showed her a letter from his desk. It was a Search letter from Igen Weyr. They had a larger than usual clutch this time around and had been granted permission to look for Candidates within the Halls. Iardani had been one of those whose name had been noted down for a good potential and, since he knew more of her history than the rest of the Hall, he felt it prudent to ask after her wishes before writing a reply.

Iardani was torn. For the past three turns she had lived quite happily in this place where dragons and their riders took a backseat to music and stories and law, but the opportunity to Impress a dragon as beautiful as Alara's Rauzath – not to mention the chance to finally stop those odd looks from her grandmother… It proved too much, especially once she had his assurance that she would always be welcome back at the Hall.

And so it was that once again Iardani packed up her few personal belongings and moved across the continent. Igen was hot. Thankfully it was hot and dry, but it was still hot. This time she didn't have the push to spend her days with the Dragonhealers. She could – and most often did – spend her free time with them, but she was on the chore roster with every other unranked Candidate. By the time the dragons finally started to hum, Iardani was ready for it to be over, if for no other reason than to get out of the heat and back to chores that – if she didn't particularly like at least she didn't actively hate.

She remembered the burn of the hot sands against her feet at Telgar, but that memory was burned out of her mind – quite literally, actually – by the feel of Igen's hot black sand. Here, the Candidates were actually allowed to wear thin sandals to prevent damage, but even with them on it was miserable. Unlike her last time standing, this gold egg seemed to take forever and a day to hatch. She watched others – some she knew well and others she didn't – get swept up into baby dragons right and left, but still she was left standing. Finally that queen's egg split with a big crack right down the middle before very literally exploding outwards in pieces. Tumbling from the egg, still wet and brand-spanking new, was a piece of captured sunlight held inside the baby gold. Unlike the other dragons, who hemmed and hawed and took time to make their choice, this hatchling knew exactly what she wanted and knew exactly where to find it.

It all happened so fast that Iardani – Randi now – wasn't aware of actively moving off the sands. She remembered herself only once she and her Kaseth had reached the shadows of the Weyrling barracks and found some food. It took time to adjust to the feeling of not being alone inside her own head, but Randi found that she felt safer than she ever had. That night was thankfully free of nightmares. In its own way, it was a mercy; the next few turns were busy.

Weyrlinghood was its own unique experience. The weyrlingmaster seemed to want to coddle her through most of the more 'fighter dragon' lessons and that drove Randi up the wall. Thankfully, one of his assistants recognized the problem and the bargain was struck that so long as she kept up with her 'weyrwoman' lessons, she would be allowed to participate equally in the other lessons and drills – save flaming. Over time, she found that she had a knack for some of the tougher drills – and was very good at giving her Weyrlingmaster heart attacks – because by the time Kaseth was finished growing, she was smaller even than some of the big bronzes. It was only her dragon's lack of ability to flame that kept Randi from going to pieces when she was finally taught how to use a flamethrower and tapped into the queens' sweep-up wing.

Where before she had been afraid to stick up for herself and had never ventured into conflict unless someone else was on the line, Randi with Kaseth's psychic 'oomph' behind her was a force to be reckoned with. Time and time again, her Senior Weyrwoman had to call her in and have a 'talk' about the unpopular political views she was openly supporting. More and more, she became involved in politics both in and out of the Weyr, and the name she was building for herself as a forward-minded progressive created more and more tensions with those at Igen, who had its own reputation as one of the most traditional-minded Weyrs on Pern. So when the Weyr Council made their decision and sent out a call for rider volunteers to settle a new Weyr on the southern continent with the goal of helping to protect the AIVAS complex, she jumped at the chance, packed her bags and left Igen's black sands forever.


Name Relationship Notes
Kaseth Lifemate Randi's rock and fountain of strength, Kaseth - for all her idiosyncrasies and oddities - is the best thing that ever happened to Randi. Being a goldrider - with all the numerous expectations that come along with it - has been hard for Randi, but she wouldn't trade her girl for the world.
Ianti Grandmother Rider of Gold Meryth and Senior Weyrwoman of Telgar for the past twenty turns, Ianti is the driving force behind that Weyr and one of the few Oldtimers with more sense than gripe. Able to hear all dragons, she runs her Weyr and her family with cool efficiency. Has always been disappointed in Randi for not possessing their bloodline ability.
Meryth Gran's Dragon Where Ianti is cool, Meryth is warm and affectionate towards Randi. Always has been. When Randi was a child doing a dare, Meryth was the one to break the ice and help save her. She's always kept a watchful eye on the rambunctious girl and Randi misses her comforting presence keeping an eye on everything.
Rialla Mum When Ianti jumped forward all those turns ago, Rialla - then a very small child - came with her. Now rider to green Presth, she works as Head Dragonhealer at Telgar Weyr, a job made much easier by her ability to communicate with all dragons, same as her mother. She's a bit rough around the edges, rather like her daughter, but she loves fiercely and has always done her best by Randi and is one of the young woman's pillars.
Presth Mum's Dragon Polished and aloof, Presth has always been distant from Randi. It led to a rather firm belief that the dragon doesn't, in fact, like her and only put up with her for love of her mother. Randi does not miss her spiteful nature.
Alara Best Friend Randi's closest friend and Senior Weyrwoman at Eastern, Alara's quiet tact is a much-needed balance for Randi's brashness and blunt force. Randi feels a bit protective of her, despite Alara being years her senior. One of the few people who can successfully rein Randi in when she's lost her temper.
Rauzath Alara's Dragon A kindred spirit and the first dragon Randi fell in love with - on sight, mind - Rauzath will always and forever hold a special place in Randi's heart. Especially when there's gossip to be had or shared.
J'cobi Weyrleader Despite having a few explosive meetings early on, Randi firmly believes that J'cobi is the perfect man for this job. He might not realize it, but she does value his opinion and would much rather he be in that position than most other men.
T'ryn Friend Alara's weyrmate and a good all-around guy, Randi has become rather attached to T'ryn. Definitely a part of the family, as far as she's concerned.
Donal Um. Friend? Not quite sure what they are or why she keeps going to see him, Randi is - rather amusingly - now friends with the Masterstarsmith, even for all of his cranky shortcomings.
Indira Headwoman/Friend-ish Randi believed enough in Rocio's words to give Indira and her whole family - among others - the benefit of the doubt and the chance to start over at Eastern. She's found Indira to be entertaining and refreshing, both very good things in her book.
Max Acquaintance Indira's son and one of the people brought down to start anew at Eastern, Max is … a mystery. Randi's punched him in the jaw, been scared by his advances and then been held close and gently carried to healers by him. He's … a mystery. There's no other way to put it.
Ciara Candidate/Awkward Friend Mildly concerned by the fact that she's pretty sure Ciara emulates her on some level, Randi nevertheless likes this friendly newcomer - especially since she can fish! Ci's run across Randi at some of her most vulnerable moments and has - so far - been incredibly discreet about them. Definitely a plus for her.
Jaya Barmaid Having won her position here at Eastern in a bet, Randi feels more than a little responsible for the woman, despite being well-aware that Jaya can take care of herself.
Merendezen Acquaintance One of the few people who can completely disarm Randi with charm and sweet words, Zen is a force unto himself. She avoids him mostly because she's not entirely comfortable with the feeling she gets when near him, but there were some wildcats promised…

Memorable Quotes:

<Public> Pink and Yellow Girl Randi says, "Literally, what I got out of that conversation was that all our greens should be boys that lay small clutches of 1-2 NPC eggs that sometimes hatch a silver or a white-gold dragon."

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