Alara's Rauzath

Rude, Busybody Ginger Gold Hatchling:

Dipped in a deep shade of molten gold, this queen hatchling could be a living statue if only she would hold still. Her underbelly is dark - burnt a brassy red by too long in the forge. These marks brush upwards to claw at the sides of her belly and twist around the upper parts of her limbs. Her sails are darker still, burnt almost to a bronzed hue while white hot marks lie along the line of her shoulder, the arch of her neck; places that bend and move and burn. In sharp contrast to this, her talons are a wicked and deadly black; onyx purified by fire.

Impression message:

A rush of words fill your mind as Rauzath speaks. «Oi! Over here! You! You with the … Hey! You're not ginger. Well, you'll do. Tut, tut. Time's a'wastin', girlie. Go get me some meat. Hop to!» There's a pause. «What? Got somethin' on my snout? Oh. My name, right. I'm Rauzath. Now you've no excuse. C'mon.»


Based partially on Donna Noble, and partially on Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Rauzath is a strong personality; she is very much in charge of things.

“OI! Time-boy!” – Donna to the Doctor.

“And you don't care how many of my people, or anyone else, dies while you make up your mind to act? You said earlier that your brothers' greatest weakness was their arrogance. May I suggest it runs in the family?” – Elizabeth to Oberoth.

Rauzath cares very deeply for her rider and for her Weyr. However, she has very firm ideas about how it should be run, and in some cases, who should do the running. When you suggest something new that the Weyrfolk asked for or proposed, Rauzath will often turn down the idea outright, just because it's not what she thinks Should Be Done. However, with some persistence, rider and dragon can come to an acceptable compromise, one that usually works well. Your negotiation skills will come in handy quite often dealing with your dragon and the rest of the Weyr.

However, somewhat ironically, Rauzath likes to learn new things, and her interests shift very quickly. One sevenday, she'll want you to bother the Harpers and keep up with your Harper skills. Another Seven, and she'll think the Smiths are being really interesting. The bonus of this annoying behavior is that she'll recall minutiae that no one else will… well, until her dragon mind forgets it. Then, it's up to you to remember the things she'd stuck her nose into.

And gossip. You have the Harper's discretion, but your dragon does not. She doesn't spread anything that's malicious, but she will use the information passed around the infamous dragon grapevine as a scalpel to get things done. « I know you want to get back to Mozooth, Palorth, but you've a job to finish. And then, I'll point you out where you can grab those flowers she's always got in her straps. »


Rau is a nimble dragon, but she's not small. She moves easily and with grace, though she can appear to have stark movements at times. Her steps are uneven but they work easily together to move her frame.


Rauzath will copy someone each time she eats. She'll watch another dragon eat, and then, when she gets hungry, she'll try that way of eating. Usually she'll decide that it's not the best way. She may follow Kaseth's style for times when she can't find someone else to watch, because, eh, that one worked pretty well.


When Rauzath gets proddy, she gets even more snappish. She wants everything exactly so, and if it's not exactly so, she will find someone to make it so. This is one of the times she's willing to use her Gold Dragon status to get her way. As time goes on, she'll get even more and more irrational.

When she does take to the sky, which thankfully isn't that long after she starts showing signs, she starts calling out things to her pursuers. The longer the flight goes, the more acerbic and private they may be… Early on, it'll be more annoying than scathing. « Montroth, I heard your rider's leathers got soaked in the lake last seven. Did you find the weyrbrat who did it?? » Later it'll be some of the Weyr's deepest secrets. « Oi! Zalleeth! Your rider's got a babe in the caverns waitin' to be born. You know that caverns girl with the shiny blonde hair he took home?? »

Her actual flying style will depend on all sorts of things, but mostly upon her mood. If she's been “taken care of” well, it may just be a straight flight. However, if she's felt slighted, especially by any of these particular bronzes, beware. She will attempt to circle and tease and torment, twisting in the air. It makes the flight shorter, but somewhat more dangerous.

The Doctor : "This man you're marrying, what's his name?"
Donna : "Lance"
The Doctor : "Good luck, Lance."
Donna : "Oye! No stupid martian is going to stop me from getting married. To hell with you!"
The Doctor : "I'm… I'm not, I'm not from Mars…"
(DW: The Runaway Bride)


When she's caught, she'll settle for a while. The bronze or brown who catches will be considered part of her world, at least for a while. If you like the rider, that 'while' may be negotiable. She does realize in the grand scheme of things, this is her job. It's her role. Nobody else can do it. So, she'll begin preparation for her “grand job.” She may seem a bit different, like a different dragon during this time. Luckily, there are only a few needs a brooding dragon has, so she becomes quiescent – well, quiescent for her.

When it's time for egg touchings, she will allow it, but watch very closely. She does this for two reasons. Firstly, it gives her more ammunition, and secondly, she can make sure nothing happens to her precious babies. When the dragons finally hatch, she will let them go, only checking in with them when she feels they have something juicy to share. If one or more of them happen to be as voracious a gossip as she, she may visit them more often.


Rauzath's mindvoice can change with her mood. When she's content or when things are going well, she sounds calm and collected, a soft alto, like Elizabeth. When things are frustrating, hectic or scary, her voice takes on the tone and timbre of Donna, the slightly higher voice with the nasal edge. You can hear all sorts of sounds from different parts of the weyr, depending on the mood. She'll give you the loudness of the crèche before naptime if she's getting tired and cranky, or she'll send the clanking of the Weyrsmith if she's wanting you to get to work

Her mindscent is as varied as well. It's pretty easy to tell her mood by her voice's mindscent. Angry might have the steel and acrid fumes from the smithy, and happy might be your favorite smells from the kitchen or a field nearby. When proddy, she smells like the baths or a recent encounter of your own. As stated, it'll be pretty clear.


This is where her “Elizabeth” side will come out. Thread is an Enemy, and she'll fight it to the death. Like Weir against the Replicators, the Wraith, the Genii, or any other serious enemy, there is no quarter. Negotiations are possible, but not with terrorists. And Thread is the ultimate, non-sentient terrorist. She will be a general, barking orders to her fellow queens, and even keeping an eye on those above her. She will also make sure that everything is in place at home before they rise to meet it. If not, there WILL be Hell to pay.


Rauzath comes from the German word for “blood”, which is apropos in two ways. Firstly, because Donna has the red hair, and secondly because Rauzath goes out for blood when she's fighting thread, or when her family (read: her Weyr) is in danger.


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