Regaining Her Charge


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Date: July 21, 2010
Location: Landing
Synopsis: Alara comes over to Landing to look something up. Instead, she takes someone back to the Weyr with her.
Rating: G
Logger: Alara

It's sometime around midday. Just after lunch, likely. Teallan is, as always, one of the last to eat. She steps outside the dining hall and stretches. Arms overhead as she squints up at the sky. Arms flop back at sides and she begins her way slowly towards the AIVAS complex, whistling brightly as she goes.

Alara has just finished lunch, and directs the ferry-dragon to land down into the bowl with precision. She slides off his back, and smiles up at the rider. "Thank you. I shan't be more than a candlemark, probably." The woman turns, and begins toward the computer complex, deep in thought.

It's not difficult for Teallan to spot Alara and her expression brightens. She quickens her pace, whistling halted. "'Lara!" she calls brightly, rushing up towards the goldrider. Barely out of breath once she catches up, either. Breathing exercises do many favors! "I did not expect to see you here. How is the Weyr coming along? Any new things found?" A mile a minute right now, she.

"Calm down, Little Tea." There are no other people around, so she's free to call her by her childhood nickname. "I'm here to check a few things out in the databanks. I just talked to someone, and she had some interesting ideas. I wondered if they were possible, at least with what's available." She grins. "What are you up to, darlin'?"

Calm down? Teallan's eyes go wide a moment, lips parting for a retort. However, it's a retort that never comes as she thinks more upon it and falls quiet a moment. Calm, indeed. "What sort of ideas?" A pause, "If I may ask, of course." She glances towards the AIVAS building, then back. "I wanted to see if there were more of those musicals AIVAS had in the database. They're quite fascinating."

"It has to do with the history of dragons and firelizards." Alara shrugs. "I don't think it's a possibility, but I wanted to see what information AIVAS has before I encourage her to do more." She nods as Teallan mentions the musicals. "I would love to hear whatever you come up with. I'm sure you could do a great job." She pats the young lady on the head. "How are your studies coming along? Hopefully you aren't causing problems for your teachers?"

Teallan looks briefly flustered as she's patted on the head. Hrumph! Still, it doesn't last long. Gotta love ever-and-naive optimism. "What is it?" she presses. "Have they caught a firelizard?" She clasps hands behind her back as she walks, leaning up onto her toes. "If I am, they've not told me," she says heartily. "I'm hoping to perhaps turn a ballad or something into a musical."

"Hmm, that would be quite interesting." Alara ponders, walking toward the building, expecting her former charge to follow her. "It would definitely make for a different style." She frowns. "But you'd have to be very careful about how you did it. The teaching ballads are near sacred to most people and some would take something like that as …" She tries to remember the words. "Sacrilige or blasphemy." She frowns, hoping she's said that right.

"Not one of the teaching ballads," Teallan says with conviction, keeping in step with Alara. She's young yet, but long-legged enough now to be able to keep up. "But one of the others. Or perhaps just a new telling of the same stories." She shrugs again, "I'm not sure yet. I'm studying more until I feel comfortable with them."

Alara nods her agreement to that. "That is a better plan, then, I think." She replies to the explanation of the concept, and then pauses rather quickly, possibly running into Teallan. "Do you have proper supervision here, Teallan?" She imagines she does, but wants to make sure. "Because, if you like…" She pauses in the middle of her sentence, waiting to hear her comments before continuing.

She does stumble. Kind of. Teallan isn't too terrible at catching herself. She flails her arms for a moment, windmilling them. "Proper supervision?" Her brow furrows briefly before she shakes her head. "Not compared to the Hall, I suppose. There's only a few of us here, as it were. The other crafts are too focused on their people."

"Hmmm. There are two harpers at …" She tilts her head and considers. "I know. We'll get your information and you can come with me. Come back to the Weyr. We've got two decent Harpers, I think, and they can watch over you. And I can too." She grins at that. However, there's a problem with that. "That may not work. Hmmm." She's thinking.

"Uveline and Kestian," Teallan supplies, beaming brightly. "I've been fortunate enough to meet them both." She leans back slightly, blinking a few times at Alara. "What?" Another blink. "Me? At the Weyr?" It sinks in and her eyes widen a little. "I mean, that'd…" A tilt of the head. "It won't? You're a Weyrwoman, aren't you? Can't you just request those things?"

"I can, but it'd be an embarrasment of riches. Three Harpers when Landing has so few? I mean." Alara considers for a moment, rubbing her chin. "There is another way, but you may not like it. It'd mean a lot of work, and not as much time to work on your projects. Although we could probably make some time for them…" She smiles. "It'd be similar to being a green Apprentice again, or perhaps worse. Would you be willing to do that?"

"Uhm," Teallan considers this, chewing on her lower lip a little. The prospect of more work is a bit upsetting. She /is/ still young enough just to want to play around and screw responsibility! But, even so. It's the Weyr. She's fascinated by a /new Weyr/ opening and she being able to witness it. The young woman draws in a breath, "Yes, I would. Definitely." A nod and she looks to Alara with a grin. "I could… write about the Weyr. And see it being built and… I'd work hard for that!" Pern's first reporter?

"Well, then. If you're willing…." Alara reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small knot. "I would like to ask you to Stand for Rauzth's clutch." She beams. "I haven't had a chance to ask anyone yet, and I'd be proud for you to do so." She beams. "What do you say?"

Jaw? Dropped. Eyes? Wide. Teallan stares at the knot for a moment, before her vision shifts to Alara. Lips curl in a smile, then a broad grin. "I'd… I'd love to!" She rocks onto balls of feet and bounces there for a moment. "Oh, that'd be wonderful and… I /would/ work hard, I would!" At least she can be trusted for that.

Alara's face breaks out in a great answering grin, and she reaches out to hug her. "Alright, let's get your information, and get your things, and you can ride back with me. I can come back another day for my own research." Maybe after Rauzath isn't so grumpy.

"Yes, yes, of course." And here Teallan would've just run off to the Weyr lickitysplit had Alara allowed it. She grins, sheepishly. "You did always have a more sensible mind than I did, 'lara." She chews on her lip and casts attention towards the AIVAS complex. "I imagine one of my Journeymen is in there."

"Alright, then. Let's go find this Journeyman." Alara releases her, and starts walking back toward the complex. Collection of information and belongings, and then return to the Weyr to set her up in the barracks with her fellow candidates.

And poor Alara must suffer an endless chatter interspersed with squeeing upon the trip to the Weyr.

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