Reporting In


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Date: 30 April 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Warin brings Hope's food to Indira's office and reports the earlier altercation.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Warin

With a woven rug beneath it, the huge desk situated slap bang in the middle of this room is pretty hard to ignore. Although aged, the deep mahogany wood has been well cared for and polished to a high shine. The high backed chair placed behind it has been upholstered to match the deep jewel tones that grace the Headwoman's domain. On the opposite side of the desk, and of lesser design, is a chair that offers not nearly the same kind of comfort as that of the 'throne'. This possibly chosen with deliberate intent in mind.

To the right of the doorway stand several crates, upended on their sides and neatly stacked one upon the other, serving as makeshift shelving. To the left, a door that leads into the Headwoman's private quarters which remains firmly locked.

Mid-morning, approaching the main lunch hour finds the Headwoman in her office, but instead of being behind her desk poring over a stack of documents as is her usual manner, she's to be found sitting on the carpet in front of it and she's not alone. Shapely legs tucked to one side and the skirt of her dress fanned about her, she's currently engaged in a game of peek-a-boo, the toddler before her with a mop of dark curls, and eyes as black as midnight, giggles and tries to reach for Indira's hands in an effort to peel them away from where they hide the Headwoman's face.

Warin arrives at the door with a plate of meticulously cut-up food and gives a polite nod to Doran as he knocks with his other hand. While he awaits her call to enter, he asks the guard, "How are you today?"

Doran eyes the plate, eyes Warin and then his face wreathes around a grin, "That for me? I didn't know you cared." As to how he's doing this day, broad shoulders lift and fall in an easygoing shrug, "Good as always. Yourself?" polite as ever and then his attention moves to the closed door as Indira's voice touched with laughter can be heard from the other side, "Come in."

Warin smirks and makes a show of handing the plate of to Doran. "I'm doing well. Or at least better than her son in the living cavern." On that cryptic note he opens the door with his free hand and enters the room, taking in the scene impassively.

A brow goes up for the comment made by Warin and just as Doran's about to reach for that plate, even although he does know it's not for him, the steward is given leave to enter the Headwoman's office. As her door opens Indira looks up, a warm smile starting to form until she realizes it's her steward and not her son. A light frown flickers in and then out again as she stands, deftly scooping the little girl up and setting her to one hip, the child in turn burrows her head in against Indira's neck and sets Warin with a solemn look. "You're not Max," the Headwoman states the obvious.

Warin waves awkwardly to the little girl, then says apologetically, "I'm sorry, no. There's been an altercation in the Living Caverns, and he's indisposed. Where would you like me to put this?" he asks, indicating the plate.

A little hand lifts as if Hope might wave back but instead it curls into a fist and presses up against her mouth, large eyes fixed to Warin warily. "He's what?" Indira's voice hitching up a notch, and then an exasperated sigh is exhaled, "I can't even send him on a simple errand and he's getting himself into trouble." Moving to the big chair behind her desk, the Headwoman sits, settling the little girl on her knees and then nods to a clear space on her desk before her, "There will be fine, thank you Warin." From out of one of her desk drawers a teaspoon suddenly appears, "What nonsense is he getting up to now?" Max that is.

Warin carefully sets the plate down and tries a smile at the little girl. A kind of "I'm more afraid of you than you are of me" smile, but a smile nonetheless. At Indira's question he becomes serious again. "There was a guest here who introduced herself as Charlie. She appears to expect to be obeyed, and tried to remove Max's hat when he didn't. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her hand away, then let her go. They were sparring vocally, and she was giving as good as she got. Then, for no apparent reason, she threw her klah in his face. She claimed self-defense afterward, but aside from the aforementioned physical contact, I saw no threat."

As Warin comes closer and sets the plate down, Hope's fist moves away from her mouth and she gives a whispered, "Boo," along with a shy smile and then quickly launches herself forward to try burrowing her head in Indira's bosom. Luckily there was no food on the teaspoon yet considering the way she knocks the Headwoman's hand. An indulgent chuckle rises up for the child's antics and then something about what Warin recounts about the woman calling herself Charlie, has Indira stiffening visibly. "This woman, was she tall with long dark hair and a Neratian accent?"

Warin starts slightly when the child speak to him, and it may even be just for show. He shakes his head at the second part of her description. "She's blonde, and although she speaks with an accent I couldn't quite place it."

"Blonde?" Indira lifts a brow as she carefully scoops up some of the food on the plate while prying the child from against her. Hope for her part is far more interested in Warin than she is in the food being offered and quickly claps hands over her eyes in mimic of the game the Headwoman had been playing with her earlier. "You say she's a guest here? Not one of our residents?" She doesn't seem too concerned about her son having gotten a mug full of klah in the face however. "Is she with a visiting party or here on her own?"

Warin gives another hapless smile in the little girl's direction, then considers the questions. "Definitely blonde. I assumed she was a guest. She wasn't wearing a shoulder knot and was rather… overdressed to be a resident, unless we were hosting some sort of dress-up event. As far as I could tell she was by herself."

Mouth opening and closing like a baby bird, Hope finally gets down to the business of eating, until the next spoonful is offered whereupon she presses rosy lips together and gives a firm shake of head, pushing Indira's hand toward Warin and stating quite decisively, "Boo!" Apparently Warin has a new name now and has just been invited to share her lunch. Indira takes all that her steward says into account and then with a frown forms, "It would seem that this Charlie woman and I need to get better acquainted." And then a slightly rueful expression forms, "I don't know how she got by me. I'm usually more on top of things than this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Warin." Welcome back to life with a toddler in tow, lady.

Warin looks at the offered food and says, "Um… no thank you? I already ate," he explains to the little girl. He nods at Indira's next words, and asks "Should I include the altercation in my formal report this evening?"

A light smirk curls about Indira's mouth as Warin declines the offer of food. "Boo's got a full tummy, love," she states using the adopted name while Hope sets the poor steward with the beginnings of a lip quivering pout. And then the Headwoman shakes her head, "No, I think you can leave it off your report for the time being. At least until I've managed to have a word with this Charlie woman," and her son no doubt too. "Warin," she suddenly looking at the plate and realizing something is missing even as Hope is squirming in her lap to be let down, "What happened to the vegetables?"

Warin looks bemused at the last question, and then something dawns. "Ah, that must have been what the Beast Manager was talking about. He mentioned something about admonishing the cook for trying to make him take some, but I thought he meant for himself."

Both brows go up and then sloe eyes roll with a faint air of exasperation as Warin explains, "I should have known he'd do something like that. I had to hide his vegetables in the middle of meatrolls to get him to eat them as a child. Still won't unless someone takes him to task about it. Except of course, tubers, those he doesn't seem to mind." Probably more information than the beast manager would be happy about his mother divulging. As to Hope? Well she's currently dragging a blanket around behind her and chattering away to herself in some kind of unintelligible baby babble.

Not to mention more that the assistant steward wanted to know, but he keeps his expression carefully neutral. He watches the little girl, smiling involuntarily, then asks, "Should I go get some for her?"

Chuckling, Indira shakes her head to the offer made by Warin, "That's sweet of you, but not necessary. One meal won't make a difference. But if there's any fresh redfruit to be had, I'm sure she'd enjoy that." Hope having disappeared into the Headwoman's private quarters and gone suddenly very quiet, has the tousled blonde standing, "I'd…best go check on her." For a busy two turn old and silence, can only mean they're getting stuck into something they shouldn't be. "Oh, and if you see this Charlie woman before I do, would you mind to send her my way?"

Warin says, "Very well," noting the preference for redfruit for future reference. Then he adds, "I will do so, if I see her. Had the Beast Manager not wanted to talk to her further I believe she would have come here herself."

Pausing in the doorway to her private quarters, Indira turns and puts a browlifted look onto Warin, "Oh?" And suddenly she's not looking quite so happy and at ease as she had just moments earlier. "And this was after she doused him with klah?" From inside the room, there comes a muted crash with a whole lot of smaller tinkling sounds like beads being rolled around in a box and the Headwoman darts a look through the door, "Hope, you'd better not be doing what I think you're doing!"

Warin avers, "Yes, it was." He looks torn between alarm and amusement at the girl's antics and her erstwhile mother's reaction.

Once again a frown mars Indira's expression as Warin delivers confirmation and she mutters a quiet oath under her breath, knowing her son and his ways all too well as she does. Just as she's about to make comment, Hope comes toddling out, bedecked in all manner of jewellery hanging about her neck and dangling off her tiny little wrists. Some of it, more expensive than the average Headwoman would usually be in possession of. "P'itty," the little one states with a wide smile and then claps her hands over her eyes, bracelets sliding all the way down to her small shoulders, "Boo!" Except that she forgets to remove her hands from over her eyes first. "Jaaaays, Hope!" Indira quickly makes a grab for the child who with a shriek of delight for the new 'game' toddles away as fast as her little legs will take her, making a beeline for Warin. A harried look is shot the steward's way, "I'll get a hold of Max too and see what the shards is going on, in the meantime, if you wouldn't mind asking the cook to send up some warm milk with the redfruit, I'd be grateful."

Warin nods and decides the better part of valor will be in the form of a hasty retreat. "I will do so right away, Ma'am," he calls over his shoulder as he strides quickly over the door, which he closes quickly behind him.

Note: This takes place immediately after the log "In Hot Water".

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