Returning Favors


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Date: 1/12/2011
Location: EW: Upper Bowl
Synopsis: Bowen and Nenienne run into one another and Bowen makes good on his promise to show her some pouches he had in stock, pre-made, offering them to her at a discount for the jewelry she is making for Che, something he considers a favor since he'd never likely be able to afford something like that on his own income and it takes some of the sting away from not being able to treat his wife the way he feels she deserves, the way he knows her father can treat her.
Rating: G
Logger: Bowen

It's been a day or two since Neni commissioned the mark pouch, but between the Smithing she does for the Weyr and the commissions she is doing in her spare time, she hasn't thought about it overmuch. This evening she is in the bowl, her expression exasperated, as if she came here for a reason but has forgotten it.

Bowen’s been busy, too, and while he promised to track Nenienne down the day after, he’s not a man who looks very hard for any women except his wife. It’s more of a casual affair of looking for Nenienne in places where he already happens to be. So far, he’s not encountered her where he’s been. But he’s had the small selection of leather pouches in his satchel for the event that he does. Today seems to be his lucky day, however, as he moves along the worn path in the bowl, heading toward the Infirmary and presumably Cheusia who is possibly getting off her shift in time for dinner. Spotting Nenienne up ahead, he picks up the pace to an easy trot until he gets within a calling distance that doesn’t require him to shout per se. “Journeywoman,” Bowen calls out.

Nenienne appears relieved at the call, since it takes her mind off of the blip. She glances over and doesn't smile, but her frown does lessen. "Bowen, hello," she says by way of greeting.

Bowen isn’t a runner. He’s more like a small tank, well maybe a Bradley considering Dubose is really more of the tank-standard in these parts. Regardless, Bowen takes a few breaths when he reaches Nenienne before speaking again. It’s not the bent-at-his-waist-gulping-for-air type of breaths, but it does take a heartbeat or two before he sucks another bit of O2 down and swallows, pulling the satchel off his shoulder in the process, and finally saying, “Got some pouches I reckon ya might wanna see, ma’am.” He is a man who likes to get to the point of things sooner than later, probably because he’s so slow to begin with. He withdraws the first of three pouches in his bag and hands it to her. It’s undyed tanned leather, rounded, and with a wherhide drawstring just as she asked, but even tanned leather is subject to the natural coloring of the hide it came with, which is probably why he brought a selection. This first one is more blonde in tone than brown. The second one he withdraws is a darker taupe, and he hands it off to her. “I got a third ‘un fer ya ta look’it, too, in ‘ere.”

Nenienne accepts the pouches and looks between them, admitting, "I like both shades. Unless the third one os a seal maker, I may have to flip a coin between them."

His hands free, Bowen reaches in and pulls out a chestnut-toned pouch. They are all about the same size. If there is any difference in size, it is within a tenth of a centimeter and negligible. They are all made the same way, too, none of them reinforced or made waterproof. There is a slight smile from the man for her saying she liked the first two well enough, though in all honesty it’s pretty hard for someone who was once a senior apprentice tanner close to Walking The Tables to mess up a simple pouch. “Dey all cost th’ same,” a price he names thereafter, which is a little below the normal rate for a non-crafter tanner. Discount? Maybe. Nenienne is making some jewelry for Che for a wedding gift, and Bo is reasonably sure it’s jewelry the man could never afford on his own.

Nenienne looks between the three for a while, then finally pulls out her worn pouch, which may have, before fading, been the same shade as the medium one, though it now more closely resembles the blonde. After a few seconds she hands back the medium pouch and pulls the price out of her old pouch, while pouring the rest of the coins into the blonde one. "This will be the most familiar," she explains, perhaps needlessly to the terse man. "Thank you."

Bowen puts the other two pouches away while she is getting out the money for the blonde one and nods, “Glad I had sumpthin’ fer ya then,” he puts the money away without counting it, and tips his hat, “Th’ stitchin’ is strong an’ will last ya ‘while so long as ya don’t do nuthin’ ta it but normal wear an’ tear. But if sumpthin’ happens, like it gets a tear or sumpthin’,” unlikely from just normal wear and tear, of course, since the wooden marks are really light, “just come an’ find me an’ I’ll fix it at no charge.” He tips his hat with that and swings the satchel back over his shoulder.

Nenienne nods and says, "Will do. Thank you again." She resumes trying to figure out what brought her out here in the first place.

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