Portrayed By Alex Kingston
Position Holdless
Former title(s) Trader (Northern Continent), Senior Apprentice Harper (Fort Hold), Apprentice Harper (Harper Hall), Holdbrat (Numerous Holds)
Sex Female
Age 24
Place of Birth High Reaches Hold
Family Mother: Emelia (Journeyman Harper) Father: Lorren (Journeyman Healer)
Faction Progressive

Rhyviel's History

Born the only child of Journeyman parents (a Harper mother and Healer father), as a child Rhyviel became accustomed to being uprooted every few turns and thought it nothing out of the ordinary. Though her parents were committed to each other, other elements of their lives were not so stable, the urge to travel and see new things (fully embrace the ‘journey’ part of their ranks) often taking priority over anything else. On occasion, they couldn’t manage to be posted together, meaning one would keep Rhyviel with them and the other would visit often, leaving the girl with the impression that adventures and learning were to be valued above people, even if she was clearly loved and wanted.

To explain her rather odd upbringing, she would often invent stories to explain away the absence of one parent or the other, telling others that they were off on secret missions for some Lord Holder or another or up to some kind of shady business that, on occasion, lent her quite the reputation, as well as her parents. Believing it to be simply what one did when they were of age, Rhyviel was apprenticed and sent to the Harper Hall in her early teens, those stories of hers believed to be a sign of a talent for /something/.

Turns passed and Rhyviel was expected to walk the tables in her early twenties, only… Well, she didn’t have the patience of her parents and wanted to get on with the journeying before she had the knot with which to do it. As an apprentice, she had been sent here and there, but always looking to someone and not ‘out on her own’, which was, in her view, unacceptable. In the end, impatience got the better of her and she left her senior apprentice knot behind and took up with the first trading clan to pass close enough to Fort Hold.

Four turns later and Rhyviel has had her fair share of adventures already, if one is to believe her. She might well have simply been collecting stories from traders, holders and crafters on her travels, before she eventually turned up at Fort Weyr with a small collection of holdless (presumed traders) ‘storytellers’ in tow. These were left behind at the Weyr, while Rhyviel chose to barter for passage to Eastern Weyr, where she had heard there were curious times to be had. Bringing a bunch of battered, handwritten books and hides with her, she is, at least, a good records keeper and one with Harper training, if no longer affiliated with the craft.


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Rhyviel's Logs


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