Rio - Formally Rocio
Portrayed By A nameless woman whose picture I found…
Position Junior Weyrwoman, Eastern Weyr
Former title(s) Holdless, Glow Master, Candidate
Sex Female
Age 20
Place of Birth Crom
Family Yes, none PC.
Faction Neutral.

Character History

Previous History:

Rocio showed up to Eastern Weyr with the agreement to take on the onerous job of Glow Master. It is her job to maintain the fungi and ensure that the glows in the Weyr are replaced and replenished in a timely manner. Due to the foul nature of the work (glows feed on fecal material), and the necessity of judging glows' quality by sight, Rocio tends to work evenings and nights, and is often absent from society in the mornings and afternoons, unless some other duty requires her presence.

If someone inquires (feel free to assume your character might have inquired), Rocio's placement was arranged by a nefarious Holdless figure who sometimes assists other Holdless into a position somewhere. There may be some sort of cost at some point, for Rocio.

Weyr History:

Shortly after eggs were on the Sands, Rocio was Searched by L'han's green Escaeth. Despite her bizarre choice in apparel, she was allowed to Stand, wearing her veil, and thus it was that gold Eovarijath found 'Rio' on the sands. A relationship was born, then, that has since tested everything that Rio thought she knew about herself, and the world. Her loyalties lie with her dragon, and her dragon is devoted to Weyr, above all else.


Rocio does not tend to speak about the people or circumstances that landed her at Eastern Weyr. During her Candidacy, Rio was often found in the company of Neythan, evidently a pal. More than a few rumors link Rio and Jaya, the barkeep; the suggestion is that the two are good friends. And fewer, but enduring rumors, have Rio having some sort of relationship with the Bollian guard Kaskan, that seems to upset Eovarijath greatly.

Memorable Quotes:

None yet!

Trivia and Notes:

Actually, the photo above is the 'before' photo. Before some things happened. I don't have access to photoshop right now, so…

Rio wears a fabric covering, kind of like a mask, over her nose and mouth. Sometimes she loops this over her head, as well. Only her eyes are visible, when she does this. She also wears a cloth vanbrace on her right arm.

Rocio's Logs


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