Rocks Are Fun


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Date: 2010.08.22
Location: EW - Baths
Synopsis: Leron explains how even hauling rocks can be fun and promises to show Uveline how. Also, Leron can't sing.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Leron

Eastern Weyr: Baths

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

Evening has fallen upon the Weyr, and with it, darkness. Since light is necessary for digging Lake Hopeless, the candidates tasked with that chore have been released for the day, and several have immediately come to wash away mud, grime and pain in the baths. Among these is Uveline, the harper-candidate singign softly to herself as scrubs herself in a cooler tub in preperation for joining others in the warmest for a long soak.

Leron got stuck with the choicest of duties this day, latrines. However, the former stablehand doesn’t look to phased about the wrinkled noses and looks of disgust being sent his way as he lopes into the bathing caverns. In fact, he’s whistling as he goes about stripping everything off and dropping it into the empty laundry bag he has tossed over one shoulder. A bag that is probably if he’d thought about it, supposed to contain a change of clean clothes. But this –is- Leron we’re talking about. Without further ado, and not seeming too interested in the nudity of others he splashes his way into a pool. One of the nice –hot- ones that has but one or two occupants who scoot waaay over to the other side.

Ah, the sweet smell of the latrines! Wrinkling her nose as the scent impinges upon her senses, Uveline glances around until she spots the offender. "You want a bag of sweetsand?" she asks Leron, quirking a brow and holding out the one she had just finished with toward the neighboring pool. "Nothing against you, but you reek," she adds, nose still wrinkled with distates. "And I'm pretty sure the others in your bath would appreciate it." The last is said with a slight smile.

Leron does a slow head turn toward the others huddled up against the opposite side of the pool, blinks owlishly at them and then turns a wide grin onto Uveline, hand reaching out to take the offered sweetsand. “Nah, its not me, they just wanna get all kissy faced,” amused for that as the poor couple in question go beet red at the accusation and cast scowls his way.

Uveline's lips twitch at his reply and she shakes her head slightly, passing the sand to Leron. "If they wanted that, they wouldn't have waited for your, ah, fragrant presence," Uveline points out before ducking underwater to rinse the last suds away. Fresh and clean, Uveline glances toward Leron and his pool companions. "Is there room for one more over there? I need a good hot soak, and this pool just isn't warm enough for that."

Setting the sand down to the edge of the pool, Leron ducks under the water and pops up again –right- in front of the couple, “You know, that pool over there,” he states pointing at one way yonder at the back of everything, “no one hardly ever uses,” he offers oh-so-helpfully leaving off that it’s probably because that’s the one that the fish was said to be found in. The green and brownriders simply stare at the candidate as if he’s mad as a hatter and creep out and…head for the secluded pool. Ha! Heading back to where he’d left the sweetsand, he comments with a grin to Uveline, “There you go. Plenty space now,” brat! Quickly he sets to scrubbing vigorously at arms and then head, making peaks out of his hair with the flats of his hands as he does so, just for fun.

Uveline stifles a laugh at Leron's words, ducking her head to hide her smile and watching the couple through her lashes as they depart. "Clever. You get what you want, they get what they want, nothing to complain about," Uveline says once the riders are out of earshot, letting her smile show now. "Ah, I'll wait until you've scrubbed, if you don't mind. I've just gotten clean, and I'd prefer the water to cycle clear before I start soaking." She watches him muss his hair, still smiling slightly. "Is that the lastest fashion, putting your hair up like that? I've never been able to keep track of such things."

Leron’s smile widens and he sends Uveline a wink for having managed to engineer things to the satisfaction of all involved. Her next words draw an entirely mischievous grin from the lad who then sets hands to hips below the water line and does a dramatic puffing out of chest, “You just want to watch me bathe. That’s okay. I don’t mind. We Lerons are rare, so everyone is curious about us.” Yeeeeah okay. Having dropped the act and started in on scrubbing chest and then twisting arms at all curious angles to get to his back, he stops and strikes a pose a covergirl might have been proud of as he nods solemnly, “Right from the ramps of the Weaverhall. Its all the rage with Lords across Pern.” Riiight.

Uveline snorts at his suggestion, countering, "I could just turn around and go back to my singing, and then you can let me know when it's safe." His dramatic behavior elicits a soft laugh from the older candidate and she shakes her head. "You certainly seem to know how to have fun, even with all the work and stress," she observes. "That's a skill I could do with learning." She crosses her arms on the side of the pool, resting her chin upon the top of them. Her eyes are for his face as she ignores the rest of his form.

“You can sing? Do…” that captures his interest and he quickly ducks back under the water mid-sentence to rinse the suds out of his hair and comes up with water streaming down his face and carries on talking as if he hadn’t cut off in the middle, “do you know any funny songs?” Taking a hold of a foot, Leron hops about trying to find his balance, fails and disappears back under the water surface. Looking a little sheepish when he comes back up again, he moves to where a handy ledge is and uses that to stick his legs on alternately to scrub them. Shoulders shrug easily as he finally sets to making reply, “If you don’t have fun, then what’s the use of doing anything? I mean, sure the latrines don’t smell so good and everyone clears out of your way like you have a dreaded disease, but someone has to do it, right? So I make up funny songs about it and then it’s not so bad.” Ever the optimist.

Uveline blinks at Leron when he asks her about singing. "I take it you don't eat in the Living Caverns most evenings, if you don't know that I sing? I've been doing evening entertainment since I came to the Weyr, and being Searched didn't stop that," she says. "As for funny songs, I know several." She politely refrains from laughing at Leron when he unbalances, though a smile does cross her lips. "As I understand it, the point of candidate chores isn't fun, it's getting work done. I certainly don't find digging the lake fun, but it will be wonderful when it's finished." A pause, then, "What kinds of funny songs do you make up?" Professional curiosity, honest!

Leron blinks at Uveline a few times and then shakes his head, “Used to eat in the beast caverns and now…” well now he has this scrawny Weyr mutt he smuggles food out for every night. “Sorry?” he tries lamely for having not known this of his fellow candidate and having missed her performances, “Will you sing one now?” Now done with his scrubbings, skin glowing red for the vigorousness of it, his mouth quirks upward and he shakes his head lightly in disagreement with her over candidate chores, “Doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun,” he points out. Which would probably why he used to get so many cuffs to the head at his former place of work. As to what funny songs he knows, there his mouth bares teeth in a wide grin, “Not really lady type ones. More…for the boys,” trying (for once) to be delicate rather than sexist.

Uveline shrugs easily, clearly not unhappy with his lack of knowledge. "Nothing wrong with that. Just unusual, and thus, unexpected." She tilts her head slightly, raising a brow. "How can you make digging a lake, or hauling rocks, fun? As for your songs, do you really think I've never heard any bawdy songs?" Shaking her head slightly, she adds, "If you have a specific song in mind, sure, I can sing."

Tapping a finger to the side of his head, Leron states quite simply, “You make it fun in here.” And then he sinks down into the water until it’s up to his chin and stares off into the distance as if he’d lost the thread of the conversation. Suddenly he pipes up, “Rocks are interesting. There’s all kinds of shapes, like the clouds. And colors too. I like the different colors. I’m going to find gold in a rock one day.” And that perhaps, is how he sees even something as arduous as hauling rocks, as fun. Grinning back Uveline’s way he shakes his head again, “Not from me you haven’t,” and then shrugging on her last, “I dunno. A funny one about a canine perhaps?” Which, if she comes up with one, he’s likely to sing (or should we say, warble) to the Weyr mutt he’s befriended on his evening stroll with it.

Uveline shakes her head again at Leron's words. "I don't work that way, and I'm not sure if that can be changed. As for rocks, they might be interesting to you, but to me, they're just rocks. Good luck with finding that gold, though. It'll be a pretty stone, I suppose." She lets the bawdy songs idea drop, and instead nods slightly. "I know one that you might like." She takes a few breaths, relaxing her diaphram, then starts singing a short but upbeat song about a canine with a floppy long ears that trips over them when it runs.

Leron listens quietly as Uveline speaks, hands making idle swirls in the water before him and his eyes light up as he states to her first with a wide smile of decisiveness, “I’m going to swap chores with Janshu and come dig with you and then you’ll see that rocks are interesting. You can even make stories with them too. They’re way more, than just rocks.” Yup, he seems pretty determined about helping the older candidate see the ‘bigger picture’ there. Brown eyes dance with delight for the song she settles on and sings for him and then he’s scooting over to the edge of his pool that’s closest to her, “Could you teach it to me?” And before she can answer he’s already trying out the first bit of the words and melody that he can remember in a warbling tone that cracks and breaks as is normal for his age. Pity the mutt that’s going to have to listen to that. He should rather stick to whistling.

Uveline finishes the song and blinks at his offer, shrugging slightly. "Up to you. Maybe you will find a way to make it fun for me," she concedes. His attempts to reproduce the song draw a wince from the pitch-perfect woman, and she shakes her head. "How about you wait until your voice settles before I teach it to you? Otherwise, I'll have a headache pounding my temples worse than being on the drumheights," she suggests ruefully. "As it is, I've probably spent too much time here already, and should head back to the barracks soon."

There comes a bright smile and a firm nod to trying to find a way to make hauling rocks fun for Uveline. The comments over his singing, despite the fact that he's well aware of his deficiencies, draws a small flash of hurt behind brown eyes. Leron's smile however remains in place and he simply offers another short nod and a lift of pruning hand in farewell, "Thank you for singing for me." For all his goofiness, he is at least, polite. Only once the older candidate has departed does he shift his butt into gear to heading out of the pools too, only to find thathe had indeed forgotten to bring a clean change of clothes with him. As such, one former stablehand turned candidate will be seen to be making his way back to the barracks, with nothing more than a sheepish grin and a towel held tightly about his waist.

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