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Date: 7/25/10 - (IC: Day #: 27 Month #: 07 Turn #: 1 Time : 09:30:00 AM)
Location: Eastern Weyr - Living Caverns
Synopsis: Ciara and Ahnika are having breakfast before heading out to do their Candidacy chores and the conversation turns to some uncomfortable topics, resulting in a terrible accident and rumors fly! Oh my!
Rating: PG-13, err, for some content, I suppose
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern

The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.

Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

The rain outside does not promise a good day to come, but it's early yet. The living caverns aren't too busy at the moment, with most people having gone off to take care of their tasks and chores for the day. Ciara's not quite ready to get started on the day yet though, and the teen is sat at a table, her feet up on the chair so that her chin can rest on her knees. A steaming mug of klah sits on the table before her, and she's apparently there alone - nobody's sat around or near her. The grey skin under her eyes is evidence enough that she's tired, and her eyes are dark with thoughts.

Even with Southern coming to help, it seems like everyone is getting more weary and tired lately. Ahnika herself, has taken to oversleeping the last few days, which is extremely uncharacteristic of her. Fortunately, however, her cot neighbors (which hopefully includes Ci) in the weyrling barracks are good about helping her get up in relative time to drag herself together. This morning, however, she was up and quietly about the barracks earlier than most, and slipped out, so this is the first chance she’s had to talk to Ciara today, as she finishes getting her own cup of klah and some bits of breakfast on her plate. Uninvited, Ahni settles at the same table as Ci, sinking with a small sigh into a neighboring chair before looking at her friend with similar fatigue under her eyes, “Heya Ci,” Ahnika greets. “Drab, soft day, it looks to be. Have you heard back about your fishing rod …” the younger teen pauses, thinking, “mechanism repair by the way?”

"Hey." Ci turns those dark eyes onto Ahnika, blinking a few times to try and clear her vision. She's groggy. The mention of the fishing rod doesn't seem to help things either, and the girl subtly stiffens, especially across the shoulders. "I've gotta talk to Smith Neythan about it but I haven't found him yet." She tries to buck herself up, but doesn't quite get there. The glow of energy that's usually about her is just…gone. She'll turn the conversation away, as if a new subject will explain why she's just not into things this morning. "Why've those darn Southern riders gotta be so mean to /us/? It's not like we personally asked them to come and help us." That's said grumpily, the girl reaching for her klah and holding it in front of her, staring down moodily into the liquid.

Nodding a bit as she sips the klah, Ahnika listens to Ciara, and after swallowing that sip when Ci makes that small pause to transition to a new topic, Ahni says, “I still mean what I said, Ci. I feel responsible there and will help with the cost of it, even paying or bartering for all of it if I can.” Her shoulders slump a little with the memory, and as Ci changes the subject, Ahnika’s posture remains slumped, as if finding some comfort in it now with her tiredness. If Ahni thinks the energetic glow about Ci being gone is of anything save what she and most of the other Candidates are feeling from being worked long hard days, Ahni doesn’t give any indication. Seeming content not to press the matter. But she does listen to the older teen with interest in her grey eyes before she lifts a hand to her left eye and rubs at it tiredly, “For the same reason older sisters are mean to younger sisters they have to take time away to look after, time they’d much rather be doing something else somewhere else.” There’s something to be said for living in an overcrowded cothold of foster siblings. One gets schooled in sibling rivalry early. “It’s wrong. But likely the reason just the same. “ Now Ahnika has slid her fingers to rub the bridge of her nose, “It’ll come around though. I’m sure on’t. It always does.” Whatever ‘it’ is, Ahnika buries a yawn in the mug of her klah.

Ciara stays off the topic of the fishing rod, prying one of her hands off the mug to rub an eye, trying to focus better. She looks up at Ahni again now. The other candidate's analogy does strike a chord, and Ci nods, slowly. "So…you reckon they feel better than us? Like, us as in Eastern Weyr?" She puts her hand back on the klah mug, frowning at the thought. "I just," she's struggling to work out exactly what she's annoyed about. "I don't like being ordered about," she settles on, grumpily. "Especially not by those people who don't even live here. Even if they /are/ riders, doesn't give them the right."

Ahnika is really still too groggy herself yet this morning to realize that Ciara has left off the whole topic of the fishing rod by the time Ci finishes her comments on the Southern riders. She takes another sip of her klah as she listens and mulls it over a bit, still not touching her actual breakfast on her plate yet. Finally, with her grey eyes looking at the surface of the table, she says, “Yeah, I bet they do. At least, you know, as a weyr,” collectively in other words, “Maybe one-on-one individually they don’t look down on our riders so much, but,” one slender finger reaches up to rub a bit at her eyebrow, “E’ro was sayin’ how the wings aren’t looking good right now. Like, they’re not really well coordinated or something, so probably as a Thread-fighting group, Southern is better than us, more together and trained, and they know it.” She gives another shrug and then looks over at Ci, and at long last the redhead sits up a bit from her slouched posture at the table, “They ain’t harrassin’ you are they? How are they orderin’ you, Ci?” An edge of protective threat in her voice, as if to say if they dare to order Ci to do anything unreasonable or even flatly /wrong/, Ahni will be on her way out to take care of it in a heartbeat. Nobody messes with her Ci.

The news on the wings comes as a startling shock to Ciara, and she looks at Ahni with widened eyes, more than a hint of fear in them. The tiredness in her face begins to fade away as it's replaced with worry. "Isn't that…really bad? For us? I mean…they're sending us out there as groundcrew, but if the wings aren't coordinated?" Her voice starts to rise, and she looks about nervously for any riders, and lowers her voice for the next. "No, not me. Just like, being snarky to anyone, really. It just winds me up, you know?" She catches the threat in Ahni's voice. "Don't go challenging them or anything though. We shouldn't be causing trouble, not if we wanna stay here."

The redhead lowers both hands to rest her forearms against the edge of the table, klah mug now held in both hands in front of her, with the steam drifting from the liquid slightly obscuring some of her features. Ahnika blinks a little at Ci’s first reaction, and inwardly chews on it, frowning a little, “I thought that was what Southern was doing here, letting our wings muck up the bits that fall through and then us on the ground crews.” Now Ahni is the one to look worried and uncertain, though she keeps her tone casual and conversational, “Surely they wouldn’t put us all out there without most of the risk being taken clear out, would they?” She bites her lip, seeking an answer from the surface of her klah a moment, and then nods thoughtfully to Ci’s comment, “Yeah, it gets to me, too, at times.” When she isn’t actually distracted enough with her own problems to be able to ignore it. She sets her mug down and looks at Ci, “Well, I won’t, if you’re sure they aren’t ordering you to do things that’s out of line for a Candidate to be ordered to do. It ain’t ‘causing trouble’ if what they’re about is simply /wrong/ and we’re in the /right/. Traditions be sharded.” A beat pause as she thinks about the context of that language and then says, “Be shelled, I mean. Or something.” She’s still getting used to cussing, it seems. “That’s another thing I don’t get,” Ahnika says, warming to the topic of tradition, “When and how did it come about that a pregnant girl can’t Stand? Why’s that you suppose? Seems silly to me.” She frowns, sulking a little into her klah mug while her food gets cold.

"I…I guess not." Ahnika's the voice of reason that Ci desperately needs. "Randi or Alara should look after us. Or J'cobi. They wouldn't put us in danger. I think." She lifts her klah to drink, then sets the mug back on the table and wraps her arms around her knees. "I'll see how…see if they keep it up. I'm not gonna do anything, but I'll go to Alara if they get too bad. Or something." She blinks, tiredness getting the best of her again. Ahni's change of topic - sort of - gets the girl a look. "I dunno…dragonriders have to train I guess, so maybe it's cos you wouldn't be able to keep up if you were pregnant?" You being used in the general sense, of course.

Ahnika lapses into a musing silence then, though her grey eyes slide to Ciara every time the other girl speaks, giving her friend that attention. So she’s not completely distracted with her musings, then, at least. Finally she nods, “Yeah, Alara. If they keep it up, she’d be the best to go see, sure. Highest authority and all that, assuming she isn’t busy with … “ Ahnika makes a vague gesture with one hand, suggesting ‘whatever it is golds are busy with’ as the end to that statement. She’s still learning about weyrs, weyrlife, the life of Candidacy and weyrlinghood, and heartache, all at once. It’s a lot to absorb, but Ahni doesn’t complain. She does, however, comment, “Just ‘cause a girl’s with child doesn’t mean she can’t do things. Seren was always encouraging that, keeping her patients active as much as they felt comfortable doing.” Her expression sours a little, picturing Indira in that kind of pickle, and her heart going out to the headwoman. “Pregnant doesn’t mean you’re an invalid,” but there’s no bite to her tone. After all, Ciara’s not the one making the “rules,” so Ahnika isn’t upset with her.

"Maybe J'cobi then," Ci muses, though her eyes narrow at the idea of approaching him for advice. After all, Alara doesn't seem to like him so…that means she shouldn't trust him? "I know he's in charge of wings. I dunno." She's too tired for this, and rubs her face with one hand, trying to encourage her brain to work properly. Ahni's vehemence on the pregnancy thing has her looking curiously at the younger candidate, misconstruing the sour expression. "Ahni…you haven't got something to tell me, have you?"

Distractedly, Ahnika looks back at Ci, “Or J’cobi,” she nods, “Randi and even E’ro, too. Randi especially.” Ahnika has seen first hand what that woman can and will do when she thinks someone is being taken advantage of or bullied, and cue the flush to her cheeks with the memory of that night in the beast manager’s stall, followed by the most recent event, and followed by a small sniff and quiver of the lip. Which, considering the timing of Ciara’s question and any attention given, the pair and their conversation at the breakfast table, is really not good for poor Ahni’s reputation. She looks at Ci with her friend’s inquiry, her eyes watering anew just when Ahni thought she had cried herself out of tears. The redhead scrubs at her eyes, bowing her head to try and prevent people from seeing, but, well, they’re in the Living Cavern for crying out loud. And then Ahni mutters with a shove to her untouched plate, “I think I’m going to be sick,” and stands up shakily.

Ahnika takes Ci completely by surprise with the sudden eye-watering, and when she mutters those words and stands up, Ci shoves her feet down onto the floor, standing too - and banging her knee on the table at the same time. "Ow!" But her focus is on Ahnika, and she ignores the throbbing knee. "I didn't mean it like that Ahni, I'm so sorry!" She's only adding to the scene already starting. "I'm not accusing you of anything, I just thought…what you were saying and all…." Wide-eyed, Ci knows she's screwed up.

It’s a little bit before 10 in the morning on this dreary, drizzly day at Eastern Weyr. Two Candidates, Ahnika and Ciara are sharing a table for breakfast, though both are standing and seem to be attracting attention with some kind of scene forming here, with one nursing a potentially bruised knee from banging it on the table’s edge as she stood up, while the other one is unable to hide the tears streaking quietly down her face and looking like she might sick up. One hand of Ahnika’s goes to the table’s surface to keep herself upright as her balance wavers, and the tears continue to fall, though at least she’s not sobbing loudly. These are quiet tears of heartbreak and depression. She sniffles, working up the energy and ability to try and make it to either the trash receptacle to throw up, or possibly even the Infirmary, if she can get over the mortification to go there. Distractedly, she looks at Ciara, not quite getting why the other girl is apologizing so much and looking like she screwed up somehow … and then it dawns on her and those flushed cheeks turn a deep crimson. She opens her mouth to try and deny all charges of a ruined virtue, but instead, through her tears which suddenly seem as buckets of the stuff, something that sounds like, “Frfrnthske! Nehbra! Ehkntbeweebyudtinkaddoodatsee!!” Well, oh just fine. That’s definitely /not/ attracting attention now. Quick! Liquor her up and maybe everyone will just think she’s drunk! The redheaded teen covers her face with her arm and staggers a bit toward the door before tripping over a chair, running into a table, hitting her head - thunk - and falling down. This is not a good start to her day.

Ciara's mouth flaps as she tries to work out what the heck Ahnika just said, and what exactly the best response to it is. Nothing comes out - and then Ahni's staggered off…only to trip over and end up falling down. "Ahni!" Ci hurries over to kneel down beside her collapsed friend. "Oh, Faranth! We should get you to the infirmary…your poor head." She reaches down to try and help Ahnika up, if the other will allow her - and if she's even still conscious! "Oh, ohhh." Little noises of worry keep escaping the ex-fishergirl's mouth as she tries not to panic.

Lexi is walking into the Living Cavern, a full pack slung over one shoulder and wearing thick leathers that she is slowly undoing. Her cheeks are red and she has a rather big smile playing over her lips. Taking in the large cavern, she arrives just in time to see a girl run into a table and fall over. In a moment of concern, she drops her pack on the floor and rushes over to where the girl fell. "I say! Are you quite alright?" Lexi looks at the other girl at the table and smiles warmly. "Do you need any help here?"

Yep, Ahnika has sufficiently managed to draw a crowd now, with some of the folks coming to crowd around Ciara and Lexi, who are around Ahnika lying prone on the floor, looking knocked out and feeling like dead weight. She doesn’t immediately respond to Ciara’s attempts to talk to her, and a knot on her forehead is already forming. Meanwhile, the folks who are starting to crowd around them are talking and asking questions, “Send for a Healer! Quick!” One says, while another adds, “Did she say she was pregnant? I think I heard her say she was pregnant and going to be sick!” Yet a third one gasps, “A pregnant Candidate?” and tsks. A fourth one, a gruff voice asks, “Who hit her?? I’ma gonna kill the bastard, hitting a pregnant girl like that!” And another said, “I think she did it to herself,” while yet another said, “Probably too ashamed to go on and wanted to end the pregnancy on her own!” More gasps. Ahnika finally moans a little, starting to come around.

Ciara looks at Lexi, startled when she comes over. "I think we need to get her up! Or leave her lying down? I can't remember which one's best when someone's hit their head!" Ahnika's lack of responses, and the mark already appearing on her forehead, have Ci worried sick. The people crowding round aren't helping a great deal either, especially when the speculations start being voiced. "N-no! That's not-!" Ci starts, staring up at the second person to speak, but it's too late as the rumours come thick and fast. Instead she gives Lexi a frantic look, then turns her attention back to Ahnika when the candidate groans. "Oh, Ahni! I think a healer's coming!"

Lexi nods her head a little bit as Ciara talks as she kneels down besides the fallen girl, quickly shrugging out of her leather jacket and balling it up as a pillow. "I think we should put this under her head. She shouldn't sit up I don't think." She hands the balled up garment to Ciara since its obvious that she knows the stricken girl better. To the crowd, she looks with a disapproving glare. "Don't you people have better things to do? Isn't there a Weyr needing building here? Poor girl will be much better if she doens't wake up to see that she has become a public spectacle while she was unconscious."

To Ciara’s voice, Ahnika finally starts to come around more fully now. Her still slightly moist eyes from her tearful episode are a little glassy and dilated as her eyelids flutter open. She moans again, lifting a hand slowly to her forehead and wincing, closing her eyes once more drowsily. Either she doesn’t seem to notice the crowd or she doesn’t care right now because of the freaking ten-star splitting headache she is getting. At Lexi’s admonishment, some of the crowd drifts away, though not all, and murmurs can be heard drifting with them, most often about an emotionally distraught pregnant Candidate teen trying to end her pregnancy by throwing herself into a table. Ahnika’s going to just love this whenever she fully checks back in.

Ciara takes Lexi's jacket and gently lifts Ahnika's head, if she'll allow it, to put the thing underneath. While the newcomer deals with the crowd, Ci continues to stare down worriedly at Ahnika. "Oh! She's coming round, thank goodness! Oh Ahni, don't try to move too much."

Lexi stands up and puts her hands on her hips while tapping one foot impatiently at the stragglers. "Now really! If you were the one down there with a bump on your head and your brains scrambled, would you like to know that you were being whispered about when you couldn't stand up for yourself? Really! Now go on, about your business." She has a no nonsense air about her and looks the ooglers in the eyes with a stare that plainly shows that she means business.

Normally the one around the infirmary in the morning, the slow mornings where nothing really interesting happens… Or, so some of the healers say to toss all the morning work onto Che. When random person number one ran into the infirmary, calling for help she was literally doing nothing and followed after said random person. Now the healer strides into the Living Caverns in a hurried pace and the downed Ahni is spotted. Everyone else? Well, they're pretty much ignored for the time being as she goes and moves to examine. "What happened?" This is directed to anyone who knows, really.

Her head pillowed now, Ahni issues a less pained throaty protest to the pain, lowering the hand she gently lifted to the head back to rest over her stomach. Finally, her eyes open again and she looks out at the hazy cavern ceiling and the people’s heads and shoulders who are looming over her. Her pale face pales even more until she spots Ci among those faces, blinking dazedly, and finally saying, “This is no good. Help me up, Ci,” and starting to try and sit up, that is, until the entire cavern tilts and swims in her vision, and between that and the pain, she turns and throws up all the klah she had that morning all over the boots of one of those stragglers, who yells and cusses and jumps back as Ahni slumps back against the makeshift pillow, closing her eyes just in time to hear the reassuring voice of the Healer. Not that she’s met this Healer, personally, but having been raised by Healer she recognizes the authoritative tone of one field medic. “Ohh. I t’ink I threw up there,” she says, wincing again, and mumbling, “Sorry.” Between the healer arriving, the reprimand of Lexi, and the girl throwing up on somebody, whatever was left of the nosy crowd backs away, but that doesn’t seem to stop the rumors already causing a low din in the cavern. “And someone dropped a boulder on my head, I t’ink.”

Ciara's shoulders sag in relief when Cheusia steps in in the authoritative way only a healer can manage. Ahnika's not in any state to explain what happened, apparently, and Lexi's dealing with the crowd, so Ci speaks up. "She fell and hit her head on this table," is the rushed explanation, her eyes wide with fear. "And then she was knocked out, she just woke up." She's sticking firmly by Ahni's side, at least until she's told to get out of the way. She doesn't mind the fact that Ahni's thrown up - many a green sailor's done the same aboard a ship, and besides, fish can smell worse! "Is she going to be okay?"

Lexi sees the healer arrive and the crowd disperse so as to allow the healer by the stricken girl. Lexi takes this as her cue to step back and let the professional handle things. She heads back to where she had dropped her pack.

Cheusia moves to drop down beside Ahnika, her hands gentle as she examine's the young woman's head. There's a check for blood or the tell-tale sign of a bump before she looks down at the woman's eyes. "Throwing up is normal." She notes softly to those around and actively listening, looking into Ahni's eyes, lifting a hand to cover one eye and check her pupils. If there's no visible change, she expresses nothing for a moment before gesturing a few people over and sending them out to get something to carry the girl with. "We'll still need to get you to the infirmary and get your head checked out. And we'll need to keep you for the rest of the day to make sure there isn't lasting damage. It seems like a mild concussion at this point," the last part is to Ciara, "and if that's it, it's nothing that she won't recover from in the next two days. She'll likely need at least two days in bed. She'll still be puking for the next day…. But other than that, she'll be fine." Though vomiting is not fun. "And next time this happens, turn her onto her side if she doesn't wake up so she doesn't choke to death on her vomit." Helpful healing tip of the day!

Cheusia's reassurances have Ciara…well, reassured. Mostly. She still has a worried look about her, but she nods at the healer's words, and at the advice. "Ohhh…I hope there won't be a next time." Now that an authority is here to deal with the situation, Ci gets up and moves out of the way. She'll stay to make sure Ahni's taken where she needs to be, then leave Cheusia to do her thing.

"And I'm /not/ pregnant!" Ahnika says as Ciara explains, using more emphasis than some might think a girl in her condition would use. "Tell her I'm not pregnant, Ci!" Woosily, Ahnika takes it all in with her eyes closed because the cavern just simply won't.stay.right.and.still. At least as much as she can while Cheusia is examining her and looking in her eyes. She doesn't resist the Healer's examinations in any way, but the notion of being in bed and sitting still for so long nearly sends her into a seizure. "No," whines the redhead in a murmur, arms flailing a little as she tries to sit up, "I can't be off duty that long, shard it. Please. I just need a candlemark. Promise." She tries to open her her eyes again and stares up at Ciara, Cheusia, and Lexi, "Whoa … why're there two of all of you?" She shuts her eyes again, "Okay maybe a little longer than a candlemark," she concedes, murmuring something about being sick again.

Lexi takes another look around and makes sure that the situation seems to be taken car of. As it looks like the poor stricken girl is taken care of, Lexi looks around and walks up to the first random person she can find. "Hi, could you direct me to the headwoman?" She gets some vague directions and nods her thanks. With pack hiked up on her shoulder again, she walks by the Cheusia and Ahnika. "Just leave the jacket on a chair when you're done with it. I'll pick it up later." she says indicating the rolled up jacket under Ahnika's head.

Cheusia gives Ahnika a serious look, brows furrowing. "Of course you're not pregnant… But, I'm starting to think we'll need to keep you in bed for a week if your delusions pick up any more." She notes softly to the young woman. The ones who were sent off before return with a carrier to keep the candidate straight as she lays down. "You're going to need much longer than a candlemark, candidate. I'll let whoever is in charge know you'll be out for at least two days. You'll be vomiting for the rest of today if you try to move too much, then again… You'll vomit either way." And then she helps with the assistance of the woman onto the carrier if there is no struggling. "You'll be fine and able to work again if you stay in bed." There's a glance to Lexi and she nods before turning back to Ahni. "Alrightie, off to the Infirmary with you. No buts about it. No whining."

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