Becuase the goal of this whole endeavor is to get a bunch of people together to RP in a unique and enjoyable environment, we as staff feel that we'd like to keep the list of rules to a minimum. We want to trust you! However, we also recognize the fact that sometimes people need things spelled out for them and so we reserve the right to add, take away from and edit the rules as we see fit. Any major changes will be noted on the game's main +bboard.


As much as we hate to say it - because there are many creative, talented and mature RPing teenagers out there - we feel that due to the plot-intensive nature of our intended storyline, it is necessary for us to require an environment of 18+. This not only covers our butts from a legal standpoint, but also lets us relax a little. Staff wants to play with you, too! Unfortunately we can't do that if we're constantly policing everyone and with this age requirement, we can at least start out with the assumption that we're all adults here and can handle/behave ourselves.


In that same vein is another safeguard put in place. Some may be familiar with it; it is called an Acceptable Use Policy. It's a short disclaimer that basically says that you have read and accept the rules of the game and will abide by said rules. This as well as the statement of 'overage' will be coded onto the charbits when you follow the directions set out in chargen.


Here on Divided Skies, we have no cap on alts. So long as you can keep them active, we see no reason why we should prevent you. Another aspect of the alts issue is that during chargen, there will be an option for you to register this alt with staff. It is a command that will link the character to your other characters - and is mandatory - but will not be viewable by anyone except you and staff. It is NOT the policy of DS staff to disclose any private information about players to anyone outside of staff. This DOES include your alts. We do this for our own sanity and so that we can keep better track of another fun addition, not to make anybody's lives miserable.


This is always a touchy and unpleasant subject. Our headwiz herself has a personal vendetta against idledesting. Unfortunately, all of us agree that it's a necessary evil. We have a finite amount of space on the game and can't afford to clog it up with bits who aren't out and playing with us. There will be a timer set on each character bit that will count down idle days. Unless the VACATION_OK flag is set - that policy will be detailed below - the charbit will be put on a list to be nuked and written out of the story after 90 days.

Before each character is nuked, a backup copy will be made of their @decompile and saved to a secure hard drive. This is done - at the expense of staff time and space - as a courtesy to our players because we know that RL happens and that someday a player may return and want to resume their character or retrieve the information from their character for personal reasons. Again, this is a courtesy afforded to our players. Sometimes accidents or bad things happen. We recommend that each player keep an up-to-date backup of their own character, just in case.


This - despite its name calling forth images of time off spent on a beach somewhere - is the default procedure for any and all extended absences. If you know that you're about to move, start a new job, have a baby, start university or some other event that will keep you away from the game - especially if it will do so for longer than 90 days - you must let staff know before that 90 days is up. This can be done either on the game - via page or mail to staff - or through our staff email address, just in case it's an internet or game issue. Once we know, we can work with you to find an IC excuse for your character to be out of the picture for a while so that we don't just leave people hanging.


Although our characters may not be the nicest peas in the pot, we as players need to remember that games like this only work when we cooperate, and that on the other side of that computer screen is another person. And while it is unfair to assume that a player is mean just because her character is, any actual OOC abuse or harassment of any kind will be grounds for immediate action. This includes all action leading up to and including suspension and banning.


We know just how many of you saw that heading and groaned aloud to yourselves. For many of us, it has been drummed into our heads since the day we started RPing. But for those who are new to this particular incarnation of the saying, it is ICA=ICC, or In Character Actions have In Character Consequences. In a game as RP driven as ours is, this is paramount. If your character is too flippant or rude, he could be demoted or kicked out of his Hold. If she disobeys a direct order, she could very well be punished. This is not to discourage people from making not-so-perfect characters, but to enrich the RP as a whole and provide a whole spectrum of experiences for our characters, from the good to the bad. Only in the most extreme of cases will staff step in; otherwise the RP falls how the RP falls!


That being said, we would still like to be kept in the loop. Any action that you plan on your character taking that would affect more than four people or six characters - whichever comes first - must be submitted via +job to staff. This is so we can coordinate the timing of various and sundry plots and help out with the planning and execution of them in any way we can. In a case where RP runs away with itself - as it often does, we know - we would ask that you submit a +job to staff and for sure post the log so that we can be abreast of what's happened and adjust and plan other things accordingly.

A Note: While we know that RP runs away with itself and expect and live for surprises and twists and turns, if it comes to a point where players are abusing this leniency, we'll have to go back and rethink the rules regarding TP's. Just something to keep in mind.

Coverall Clause

As new challenges and issues arise through the course of the game, staff reserves the right to adjust, remove and add to these rules as we deem necessary.

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