Sacrificial Lamb



Date: 2010.09.27
Location: EW - Headwoman's office and Bowl
Synopsis: Max has a plan! A rather devious one, but a plan nonetheless.
Rating: PG13 - Adult innuendo
Logger: Max

Later in the morning of Ahnika’s nocturnal visit to the beast caverns, found Max in the Headwoman’s office. Slouched tiredly in a chair, hat balanced on one knee and a sheaf of requisition papers set on the desk before him, he sat staring off into space awaiting his mother’s appearance.

“Indiiii…ra,” Salisha’s husky alto started to call out the Headwoman’s name as she rounded the corner and crossed the threshold of the office, and then faltered when her eyes landed on the man seated in the chair.

Max twisted around in his seating and sent an amused look up to the dark haired woman. “Only my closest friends call me that,” a cocky grin given before adding, “She ain’t here.” Dark eyes falling to the knot on the woman’s shoulder had him putting the woman under closer study as a sly grin started to form with the beginnings of an idea.

Salisha ignored the first with a snort and then narrowed sky blue eyes onto the man giving her the thorough going over and then she took up an arrogant stance by thrusting one hip forward and laying a hand to it in seductive pose before stating through a little smirk, “Look all you want mister, I don’t do men.” The last given with a little toss of cropped head before sauntering in deeper into the office and plonking herself in the Headwoman’s ‘throne’ of a chair with familiar ease.

Both brows lifted at the reprimand and Max let out a round of laughter, “I ain’t interested, darlin’.” Following her progress and impudent flop into seating used only by his mother, the beast manager sent another amused look the Southern bluerider’s way. “Well ain’t you the cocky one,” reaching for his sheaf of requisition forms, he set his hat to head and rose to his feet.

The dark head tilted to one side and Salisha sent a haughty little smile the beast manager’s way, “She and I, we got a deal.” And then promptly lifted her feet to plant boots atop the desk top in careless fashion.

Max had to concentrate on keeping his jaw from dropping at the bluerider’s outright impertinence and then with a swift movement he was around the side of the desk and grabbing her by an arm to try and haul her to her feet. “I don’t care what kind of business Indira has you conducting for her, she catches you lounging about in her chair, she’s gonna tan your hide, darlin’.”

Dragged to her feet, Salisha sent a dark scowl Max’s way and tried to jerk her arm free, “What’s it to you!?” she shot back with a touch of petulance.

Unaffected by the scowl, and the struggle she put up, he shrugged, “Nothin’. Just trying to keep you in one piece is all,” he returned, sounding far too innocent for his own good.

Disbelieving of his intentions sky blue eyes narrowed and Salisha tried aiming a punch at the side of his head with her free hand, “Just try it and my blue’ll have you for dinner!” she growled, squirming sideways and finally twisting out of his grip.

Max ducked the blow easily, his only response laughter as she twisted free. “Good, you got spirit. Just the thing I need. That blue of yours, how big is he?” the question asked as airily as if he were discussing the weather with the bluerider

Salisha backed up another step or two and set a wary look onto the man standing there all cool, calm and collected. Squaring her shoulders she sniffed, “Bigger’n most. Why?”

The beast manager nodded to that and posed another question, “What’s he like in the air, any good with mating flights?” still with that same unruffled demeanour at play.

Salisha started sidling toward the door, convinced the man was some kind of lunatic. However, pride in her lifemate had her answering his question before taking whatever gap she could and bolting, “Napolth catches his fair share of them.”

Max took a step closer to the doorway too, effectively meaning she’d have to almost literally go through or over him, if she wanted to get out. The cogs in his head spinning he stated through the semblance of a sympathising tone, “Crappy when they lose, huh?”

Her exit now blocked Salisha drew up short and folding her arms across her chest sent a pointed look to shoulders quite openly free of knots denoting him to be a dragonrider. “As if you’d know,” she shot back a little snappishly out of loyalty to her blue and the nerve point he’d hit on.

Ignoring the barb, Max leant up against the doorframe, hands to pockets in indolent pose and delivered the bait he’d been leading up to, “What if I fixed it so’s you’d know he’d win?” From under the brim of his hat, dark eyes held to the bluerider, watching keenly for her reaction.

Salisha snorted, “Impossible!” However sky blue eyes said otherwise and held the man with curious regard before she asked cautiously, “Let’s say you can. What do I get out of it?” Ever the one to try and broker a deal to her advantage.

Max pushed away from the doorframe and dropped a dry snort for the obvious. “Laid,” he retorted and then without further ado stepped into the hallway and lifted fingers in a beckoning gesture, simply expecting her to be intrigued enough to follow him.

The dark haired woman’s mouth opened and closed a few times as if to protest his audacity and then snapped shut when a comment from her blue, pointed the obvious out. “So wait,” having to do a short jog to catch up with his long strides, “Win every flight he chases?” suddenly sounding a little worried about that.

Max shortened his strides once she’d caught up and sent an expressive roll of eyes her way. “I could be wrong,” a little shrug added for effect as he steered their path toward the Bowl, “But the way I recall my Pa explaining it to me, that’s not the kind of drilling he was off to do every morning first thing after sun up.” Then again, given the deceased brownrider’s nature, that was always a distinct possibility too.

As they stepped out into the mid-morning sun, he turned his head slightly to flicker a glance to the Southern bluerider at his side and then turned it back away again when she sent a quizzical look in return. Still wrapped away behind that cool façade he was presenting her with, his mind was in turmoil for what he was about to do. His heart thudding behind his ribcage with a steady ‘No, no, no,’ that kept time with his boot falls. But what choice did he have? Some of that inner chaos slipped out and onto his expression.

Salisha, keeping pace with him, glanced sideways and caught patches of it, “You okay?”

“M’fine,” Max muttered and then pulled out a smoother tone and a smile to match as he halted in the shadows of the bowl wall and thrust his chin in the direction of a group of weyrlings being put through their morning exercise regime. “See that green?” eyes fastened to the bigger than usual green dragonet, “Name’s Jhath.”

The bluerider almost bumped into him when he suddenly stepped to one side and stopped. Pale eyes narrowed into the distance and dropped onto the dragonet pointed out, “Yeah?” turning a slightly confused look over to him.

“That’s your win,” Max stated without looking at the Southerner at his side, keeping his face immobile as Ahnika stepped into view from behind Jhath.

Salisha’s mouth widened into a grin, eyes raking over the redhead as a low sound of appreciation slipped out, “She’s not half bad. A win if ever I saw one.”

Dark eyes snapped sideways and all pretences fell away as Max pinned her with a hard look, “Flight only, darlin’!”

Mild confusion set in once again, “Huh?” And then blue eyes went round as the pieces fell into place, “Oooh, I get it.” Trying to keep the smirk off of her face her attention went back to the weyrling green pair, “What’s her name?”

“Don’t need to know,” Max gave from out of a set expression and then deliberately stepped in front of Salisha and blocked her view over the weyrling training grounds.

“And how do you propose to work it so that he wins, hmm?” Only vaguely annoyed to find the taller man filling her view, “Or is she in on it too?”

“Simple. He’ll be the only one chasing,” Max started out and then stopped and narrowed his eyes onto the bluerider, “She don’t know nothing about it,” not yet anyway, “this is between you and me.” Mmhmm, and his sorry ass in the infirmary should the green weyrling ever find out what he’s up to.

“The only one chasing…how in Faranth’s name do you know that?” Salisha demanded to know, more than a little dubious about the whole affair.

Max turned his head over his shoulder and sent a last look the way of the green pair and then taking Salisha by the elbow started steering her away and back from whence they’d come, “Don’t you worry about how. You just have him show up when and where I tell you to.”

The idea had only really taken root when Salisha had so cockily voiced her preferred choice of bed partners a short while earlier, so the details were all still a little hazy. However, his mind was already slipping down the alley of a picture painted by Ahnika in one of her letters to him, no matter how naïve it might have seemed to him at the time; he was now starting to think she might be onto something. Well, something, with a twist. More than likely a twist to his ear.

Max ignored the few questions the bluerider tried throwing at him as they made their way back to the Headwoman’s office. Finally when they reached the hallway, he stopped a few paces down from the doorway and tipped his hat sending a polite smile Salisha’s way, “Pleasure doing business with you, darlin’.” And then turned on his heel and walked away.

Stunned into speechlessness by this rather strange offer, he was a good few paces away before the bluerider called out, “Wait. I don’t even know your name.”

Max didn’t turn but merely lifted a hand into the air, “Napolth.” Her dragon’s name and all he needed to know right now. The rest would come later.

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