Saturday's Alright For Fighting


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Date: July 19th 2010
Location: Feeding Pens
Synopsis: T'ryn comes to talk about rumors, but finds a little more trouble than he bargained for.
Rating: R. Due to coarse language and violence
Logger: T'ryn

The one area of the Bowl that is cultivated for the growth of grass, it is eerily empty now as the seed planted in the fertile ashy soil takes root. For now, the beasts must be grazed outside the weyr. When the growth takes root, it will be an impressive field able to sustain the Weyr's herd without trouble. To the north, the sounds of the weyrling barracks can be heard, but they're far enough away so as not to disturb the - currently absent - residents.

It's early afternoon in the sky, meaning there's still plenty of sunshine in the Weyr as the sun peeks right down into the bowls. In the feeding pens however, there's a tad bit of a ruckus as a rider watches from the fence. It's L'han alright and he's watching Escaeth, his green, snatch herself one of the few herdbeasts kept in the Weyr to feed the dragons. The green drops her kill to the ground and then settles down to slowly rip flesh and meat from it's bones, enjoying a nice leisurely lunch as L'han shakes his head, "Always a slow and picky eater." The dragon ignores the words, too engrossed in her meal.

Luckily T'ryn's prediction of the weather has stuck true as the storm front that had been in a few days previous has already wandered out, leaving the chill, but taking some of the overcast with it. However that prediction about weather is not what has the brown and his rider swooping down from the ledges. Instead it seems to be meal time, or something else all together as the brown lands, letting his rider off, before taking to the pens for a morsel or two.
T'ryn left to his devices moves up to the fence, peering in and then on down the line to where a familiar shape has perched itself. "Ah." A grunt given, before the brownrider is moving in L'han's direction. "Hey, guppy." a call out to the other fellow. "You got a stretch?"

L'han glances at the sound of wings spotting the brown and rider, but turns back to his green, not paying them much mind until the sound of T'ryn's voice calling has him looking back. "Well, I'm not going anywhere till she does so yeah. What can I do for you, T'ryn?" He now recognizes the brownrider when he gets close. Escaeth however, is not so friendly, as the approaching brown causes some red to seep into her eyes, which follow the brown wherever he goes. And if the brown minds his own business, she goes back to eating her meal even slower, just watching the brown after each bite to see that he minds his distance.

It's probably the damned lines under his eyes that give him away. or he has a look-who knows? Still the brownrider moseys on up with his hands jammed into his pockets, before making it to the fences where the greenrider is perched. "Just a word or two would be find and dandy, that's all." And with that he clambers up to lean, and stand, as hands hold to the top rail. "You know rumors fly in a Weyr quicker than wherry shit in a coop, right?" A glance over to the other rider.

Ockath, for his turn has caught himself a herdbeast and has settled on by the green. However as the eyes seep red, the Brown only glances up from his kill. Eyes yellow, for now.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath gives a rumble, like rocks settling in a formation, the earth stirring, with that same scent of warm dirt. «Something on your mind, Escaeth? » The tone doesn't denote anger, just the usual grumbling of the Brown.

Rumors? In a Weyr? No… but the mention of rumors brings a quirked eyebrow and says, "Indeed they do… such like a skirt-chasing handyman and a Lady Holder-to-be visiting… but something tells me you're not talking about those rumors are you? You're probably refering to a rumor that's somewhat of a tall tale? Or a high one, in this case." He glances back to the feeding dragons, letting T'ryn have his say.

Escaeth for her part, once the brown is eating, her eyes drain of red and she simply goes on back to her meal… picking the kill apart piece by piece.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth lets out a jingle of bells, her mind now void of the tint of anger that was in her eyes moments ago. « No, I just usually prefer to eat alone… ever tried to eat when these pens are flooded with dragons? If you don't get trampled on, your meal will get stolen. » A bit of a snort before she asks, « Whats your T'ryn want with my L'han anyways? »

A deep laugh, but a short one, leaves the brownrider. Shaking his head, T'ryn turns his eyes and attention out onto the feeding dragons. "I've heard those before…" he says, before looking back to L'han and canting his head. "You're close." T'ryn admits. "I was speaking more or less of the healer's trip.." Which is basically the same as what L'han said, however T'ryn is pushing on, undaunted! "You know if that one is true, an all the participants in it, the right ones?" a careful question, that.

Ockath watches the green for a small time before returning his attention to his kill. he is not as picky or as slow, as Escaeth.

GAME: Save complete.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath remains calm despite what might have been there from the other dragon. The rumbling of rocks as the brown finally responds. « I have. » a snort given. « It is part of the fun of coming to peak meal times. » Well, at least for him it is. Another grunt eases forth again as the brown almost seems as if he's being prodded along. This is normal. « I think he wants to talk about the healer, and the ledge from the other day. »

L'han quirks his lip as T'ryn asks about the healer and who was involved and he replies, "You mean did the Headwoman ask me to strand a uncooperative healer for a few minutes at the top of the Weyr? She did and yes I did do that. The healer wasn't hurt and I let him in on the real reason for his misfortune that day. It seems doing that's gotten me on our Headwoman's good side such that she wants me to run some errands for her… the kind that take me up to High Reaches sweep area, but don't involve me going anywhere near the Weyr… rather evasive on who she wanted me to do for these errand, though." He shrugs and asks, "So which of the three sent you, T'yrn? Alara, Randi, or J'cobi?"

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth groans as soon as he mentions the healer and ledge incident. « Mine can be a idiot and a genius at times. This is one of the idiot times, even if it may help the Weyr in some manner in the long run. »

"If it had been J'cobi, I think he would have cuffed you behind the ears. I was thinkin' about it, but I doubt that'd knock some sense into your fool head." T'ryn notes, before reaching down to adjust himself, in his riding leathers. A shake of a leg, before it finds its' place upon the fence. "How do you know it was a good reason though, an not something petty?" a pause before the brownrider is reaching up next to pick something form his teeth with the same hand. "Also, a quick check-You a Wingleader, or a Wingsecond?" He'll wait for those to be answered before pressing on. After all he does have some things to say. "Just so you know-" T'ryn continues. "I sent myself, before th' others would come to your door. It's luck on your side there, my friend."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath does give a sound-something close to acknowledgement to the other dragon. « Our precious ones do have their moments. Mine still has a sodding pan that he's kept for who knows how long, and can't find his boots or words right sometimes. » Sympathizing? Sure. « Still I do not think it bodes well, for your rider-rumor has it there might be some ferry duty involved for it. »

L'han shakes his head, "I'm whatever the heck the Weyrwomen and Weyrleader need me to be until they get this place sorted out. Wingleader, Wingsecond, or Wingrider. I do whats asked of me. The leaders don't want me listening to Indira or whoever happens to be our Headwoman? I can do that too, but until they give that order, she's still the Headwoman and if it was something petty, she should take the shard for it. And if there's punishment to be meted out to me then thats the way it goes." He looks to T'ryn and says, "Randi wants to come down here and kick my ass perhaps?"

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth projects « :gives a musical melody of a chuckle, « I remember Rauzath calling that out during the flight. About the pan. » When ferry duty is mentioned she mind-snorts. « Just great, a whole bunch of flying and betweening… I'm meant to fight Thread… not be a pack-beast! » »

"Clean out your ears, guppy." T'ryn says before he's reaching over to poke at the green rider with a finger. Hard if it lands. 'Don't give me that sharding I am a rider eggshit. I've heard afore from bronzers, to blues. Doesn't matter. If you're not a Wingleader, or second, don't go shit-stirring." And now he is leaning over to spit away from them both, thankfully. It's what little class the rustic brownrider possess. "And She might-the point is, before you go listening to the Headwoman, think bout what she is asking. Healers are the folks responsible for keepin' this whole place healthy and alive. What happens if that healer's the type to go blabbing to the master healer, and they go to their craft master and th' whole sharding egg cracks. They leave, and we gotta go recruit more, or figure a way to treat threadscore ourselves. Shit man-think." A shake of his head. "There's punishment from what I have heard.." a kiss of his tooth. "Randi?" And there the Brownrider is peering over at L'han queerly. "What the fuck does Randi have to do with you pissing off healers? What's in your shellin craw about her?"

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath and so the chuckle rumbles along i his own laugh-like pebbles and gravel skittering down a hill. « Yeah, it's the queerest thing. But, I do love my Little Brother. » A term of endearment that he has for his rider. « Of course, we all are, but if our riders and us make mistakes, we get to be sharding pack mules. It's the way of it. Would you rather Rauzath snap at you for it? » Ferry duty better than an angry Queen..

L'han shakes his head, "Randi and I don't like each other. She, for something I said while her queen was proddy, and I, because she's called me a liar and a kissass even when I've tried to apologize for what happened when she was proddy." He just remains silent afterwards, simply thinking over what T'ryn's said, watching his green eat.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth chuckles at that. « True enough. Angry riders and humans are one thing… when the Queen gets mad at you, better not be home. Because a mad Queen could say anything… and if she's -really- mad at you, there's nothing she'd like to see more than you having one shard of a bad day. »

"She's a Weyrwoman, Empty Egg, It ain't so much angry at you for poking her for bein' proddy. It's a matter of you not knocking the crackdust out of your eyes, an seein' for what it is. She's got rank, which you an I don't possess. So she is dressing you down, and you not getting that and understanding that just makes her angrier. So please-don't complain it, or make a deal of it. Take your licks." A shake of his head for a moment and T'ryn falls silent. A sigh given as a hand comes up to rub at his eyes. "I'm not tryin' t' yell at ya, or be mean. I just want you t' see what's going on before you get in real trouble."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath gives off a sigh of contentment. Apparently the food and the conversation is agreeing with him. Soon enough he'll be heading off to be oiled and then catch sun. Or something. « And if she's prody move on your foreclaws. » Though, most likely, he would chat to either Kaseth or Rauzath, and place his game of fate.

Listening to T'ryn speaking, L'han simply replies, "Weyrwomen are simply women that got extremely lucky, T'ryn. I've heard that straight from a Weyrwoman's mouth, so it isen't me saying it man." He shakes his head and says, "The only thing that makes some of these days bearable is my girl there." He sighs, placing his head on his arms on the fence.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth sends over a jingle. « All too true. And… » The green's mind is distracted, her attention likely going to her rider before a mental sigh comes through.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath lets his rocks roll again. a sound of discomfort. « This is not about to go well. Mine is close to one of the Weyrwomen, he might take that as an insult. » a warning there even as he is looking towards the two riders now.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth has a mournful tone to her voice. « Hopefully not. » Something has the green's attention and it's not good.

And there it comes, a quick look of anger. A flash there, and so T'ryn's hand is moving out to pop the other rider with a backhanded slap. And T'ryn is no gentle flower with his smacks, as one could guess with how he got with J'cobi. But that was during a flight, also. Still the brownrider is now turned quick over to the green. "Listen, L'han. And Listen sharding good." Almost a venom there. "Don't you ever talk about a Weyrwoman that way-" and it is speaking as if he took that line as an insult. "You sharding idiot! If you say it's by chance then so is being a Weyrleader and everything else in life. You take away her purpose and rank, or anyone's then you might as well just send your Escaeth to the between and give up, because then we're nothing but damned lucky chances. That's fucking anarchy-and it is a dismal life if you're looking at it that way, because someone took a piss in your face water." Yes, the greenrider has sufficiently managed to get under T'ryn's dander.

L'han staggers back from the slap, and is shocked, but he hears every word T'ryn said. The greenrider stands there, looking at the ground till T'ryn is done and when he's done he looks back to Escaeth, the dragon having stopped her meal to look at her rider, even coming towards the fence at the slap that T'yrn gave him. "What do you think of T'ryn's suggestion girl? You want to go between?" Red fills the dragon's eyes and a hiss followed by bare teeth at the suggestion follows. "I thought as much." The greenrider abruptly moves, his right fist aimed at the side of T'ryn's jaw. He's not the biggest, but be damned if he isen't quick. It seems a fight is the order of the afternoon.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth sends her thoughts to Ockath and remarks, « This should be a good fight… I was wondering when someone was going to piss him off enough to fight. Good for the both of them prehaps. »

T'ryn stands there looking back towards L'han and shakes his head. "You're not sharding listening to me. How th' hell did they pass you out of weyrling I'll never kn-" However he hears what L'han asks his dragon and eyes flash to the green before he's looking back towards L'han "You i-" and nothing more comes out as the punch catches him in the jaw, causing him to jerk his head. And then there's nothing to indicate anything else. Instead the brown charges head on towards the green, making so as to tackle his ass back from the fences and to the floor. Well this should get some eyes looking their way, no?

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath grunts once as he remains where he is, not coming up to the fence yet. Instead he is content to talk to you from here « Well, who knows. Mine kicks and bites like one of their mules. I would caution your rider to be cautious. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath chuckles like skittering stones. « I have new gossip for you, little Sister. »

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath leans in, mindpresence close and curious. « Do tell, cowboy. »

Indeed, as L'han catches T'ryn as he charges him. The weight is a problem, but the greenrider continues to lay punches into the brownrider's back and sides as they probably fall backward from the charge. The dragon watches from the fence, her eyes following the two intently as they likely roll away from the fence.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath returns the lean easily. « I am witnessing a fight right now. » a pause « Between T'ryn and L'han. »

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth sends some musical notes through. « Oh yours will likely win out, I'm sure. Mine prefers a blade if he has to fight someone. He's not carrying one today, though. »

And down they go, rolling and tumbling down to the ground. Sure, he might and possibly will recieve bruises to his back due to this. However, T'ryn's seeking to pin L'han to his back, once the rolling/kicking and biting comes to a stop. "Hold still so I can punch you in the face, you scrote." the brownrider growls out, as he starts sending fists down, towards the other rider. My goodness this is not going to be good. For anyone. People shall hurt come supper.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath's calm shatters, and there is a shriek. « Whaaat! A fight! In MY WEYR? This //will stop. » Her presence draws back, and sharpens, like a mountain's point.//

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath grunts and there a booming sound like an avalanche. « Mine is a fighter, and if yours pulled a blade. I would likely have jumped out of this pen after him. Mine would never draw a knife on another rider. Never. » and there a bit of that anger simmers.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath contiues on. « I know..Apparently the green prefers blades..» Take that for what you will. Still there's a bit of a growl to the words. Someone is simmering.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth instantly realizes her mistake and sends a soothing touch to the other dragon. « Sorry, I meant if he has to fight non-riders. He has never drawn a blade on another rider because he usually never fights with riders. And believe me, I would have been the first to jump on him if he had… probably give him a good scar to remember not to do that ever again. »

L'han is finally pinned after a little bit of rolling, "Shard off, brown shit." That's before he starts getting pummeled as he tries to evict the heavier rider with no success. One greenrider will be a black, blue, and green rider by this time tomorrow.

T'ryn is not about to let up at all. Even as the greenrider bucks underneath him T'ryn is not letting up. Instead he's bringing his fist down, aimed for that greenrider's face. Hard. "Shut the fuck up, and learn your lesson, if I have to sharding beat it into you." Which seems to be on the brownrider's agenda as he is bringing that fist down like a hammer. Don't mind him, please-this is all done out of love.

Kaseth has arrived.

L'han is knocked back from that punch, even as he rolls onto his front trying to at least stop the blows from hitting his face, trying to get to his knees to pull himself from under the brownrider. He's not giving up that easy, T'ryn! Stubborness and probably stupidity are powerful forces.

Rauzath arrives at the feeding pens, roaring her displeasure loudly, bugling up a storm. Fighting, in HER Weyr. Not on your life. Not riders. Not like this. The trumpets continue.

"Come on you egg sucking son of a shell. Get your hands up." T'ryn calls out as the green rider is escaping from him, and he's moving to come after the green, his fists quite ready to continue to doing the talking, as lips got a spot of blood on them. Probably from the artful crack the greenrider got in, early on. And so that mean right of his is forming up for what would be a massive punch. Would be

However the brownrider stops as in swooping comes one of the two golds. A look up to the bugle, and he lowers his hand and his guard. Uh oh.

Ockath now stirs to come over towards the fence, to watch.

Popping out from between with an ear-splitting trumpeting screeching roar is the smaller of Eastern's two queen dragons. Eye blazing a swirling red, she dives towards the feeding pens to land with a heavy thump. Beasts scatter right, left and center, but Kaseth doesn't seem to notice. Instead, she gallumphs the few paces to the fence, leaps over it - though her tail smashes a beam or two - and comes to a dead stop near the two riders. Head is lowered and breath is sucked in to bray a long, forceful note right over their heads. It's a draconic version of Stop this, you idiots! but even without the words, the point seems to get across quite nicely.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath grunts, finally responding back, the anger gone, if it was there over the choice of the words. « I understand. » The brown pauses due to the appearance of the golds and there's a sigh to match. « Well this just got more interesting.. »

L'han manages to get away, but the fact that not one but -two- golds roaring their displeasure one almost right against L'han's ears causes him to get to his feet with some rather unnerrved movements. His nose is quite clearly broken and there's some bleeding, but the greenrider simply wipes it away with his hand. Where there be golds, riders are not often far behind.
Escaeth just looks over the fence as well and when Ockath comes to join her, the dragon glances at the brown before looking back to the golds and the two batterered riders.

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth is simply still in her mind. « How'd they find out? Rauzath probably heard it, but for Kaseth to show up as well? »

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth, and Kaseth, Rauzath imposes Command. « This. Stops. Now. » Rushing water, yellling nannies, and the scents of the same pass through the words, increasing in volume and intensity with each. « Yours are Riders, not little bratlings in the creche, fighting over stuffed dragons. » Ockath is not left out of the scathing tone. « This is not gossip, Cowboy. This is trouble. You tell me if something like this happens again. When it starts »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath projects « We were talking, she asked what was up, I answered. » Ockath returns easily, before there's a grunt and another shifting of dirt. « I would bet she was talking to Kaseth. »

The bleating roar from Kaseth does have T'ryn bring his hands to his ears. he has blood coming from his mouth, as he's ducking down, from the sheer force of it. If he still had a itch to fight it out here in the Weyr, it has clearly left now. Instead he's moving to look for the riders, that have accompanied the two golds. "Shards.."

Dragon> To Ockath, Escaeth, and Rauzath, Kaseth silently reinforces the other gold's command, the sheer intensity of the pressure from her mind more than likely bordering on the painful - even to Rauzath. Power she has in spades, but finesse… That's hard to come by without Randi's guiding hand. « How dare you? » Kaseth is not as unbiased as Rauzath. Her anger falls most heavily on the green, though there's plenty enough of the hot acrid tang of metal and ozone and blood to go around to all involed. « I expect this from the violent //humans, but not from my own kin! »//

Dragon> To Escaeth, Kaseth, and Rauzath, Ockath grunts like rocks dropping down a canyone wall. Perhaps a little guilty there for not coming in to stop the fight sooner, however that is his own part. « I did tell you-I just worded it poorly. » However Ockath is shrinking his presence back, a little. Two angry queens do not make for a bold cowboy.

Alara was happily working in her weyr. When she heard the mental shriek, and then the extra echoes seconds later that seem only to come when Rauzath converses with Kaseth, she runs like a little Weyrling through the bowls, pushing a young green out of the way. "Move." It's firmly spoken but not yelled. She runs toward the feeding pens, and stands, hands on hips, gazing angrily at the two riders. "Shards and Shells, riders. What are you doing to make Rauzath — " It's then she looks around, and blinks. "And Kaseth — so angry?"

L'han remarks to T'ryn, "Shard indeed… you got a little blood on your lip…" He just observes, he's probably in no state to talk, getting the worst of the beating, especially to his face, but when Alara steams in and yells, L'han replies. "Fighting, Weyrwoman." He glances to T'ryn, wondering what the brownrider will say to that.

"It wasn't fightin'." T'ryn says as he is dusting his jacket off. "I was beating some ass-" Or teaching a lesson, one of the two. He could say standing up for her position and honor, but that feels wrong. "I was mending out lessons." There- and so He's looking back to L'han. Taking time to spit down in front of him. "You got shit on your face." Okay, so the brownrider is a bit still angry, but he'll get over it.

Visibly shaking with the force of effort required to hold in all of her force of anger, Kaseth doesn't even trust herself to lie down or sit. Instead, she stands hovering over the pair of riders like a bull-canine about to tear into a weasel. The only sound coming from her now is a low, loud rumble that manages to voice displeasure in the same way a snarling predator would. Her eyes still swirl a violent red, but she makes no move to eat anoyone. Yet.

"Theron Klananpan. I told you to get help if you needed it." Alara is not best pleased with the situation, and that includes the man she considers closest to her in the whole Weyr. "And you, greenrider. I don't know what started the fight, and I really don't care. But weren't you saying earlier that you abhorred violence?" She tilts her head and gives a terse smile, one most unlike the pleasant one that usually graces her face. "It seems rather counterintuitive, doesn't it?" And her arms cross across her form, showing her displeasure with both men.

In most times T'ryn might try to fight that statement saying he had it under control, or that it 'weren't nothin.' However, given the way the Weyrwoman is reacting, he is simply setting a hard line in his features and nodding. "Aye Weyrwoman." is the only response she gets before he is looking away. And she used his WHOLE NAME. Yes, he must be in something deep, for having not called La down as soon as it looked like it might come to blows.

Ockath, for the most part is just standing where he is by the broken fence. Eyes of yellow, looking between the two golds, and the green close by. Apparently he too is not getting into this as well.

L'han listens to all thats said and done and yes, he's well aware of the angry gold that's hovering over them both and he replies, "Everyone has their limits, Weyrwoman. But since I pushed T'ryn beyond his with my words, it isen't fair to say what pushed me past mine since he hasn't raked me over the firestone with what I said. But I think this fight simply proved one thing and one thing only." He reaches up and unfastens the Eastern Weyr knot that is there and extends it to Alara. "I don't deserve to wear this. My attitude towards yourself, Randi, Rauzath, and Kaseth is unacceptable and until I find some way to deal with it, you don't need me here causing problems for you… any of you."

Alara looks down at the knot. "I can't take that, L'han. We need every available rider we've got right now. And it's not a matter of deserving. Your green chose you. You need a Weyr. You're at Eastern. So, we'll deal with it." She purses her lips. "We do not have a watchrider or anyone on ferry duty to Landing at this point. I'm inclined to let you take that role for a while, and see if it suits you and Escaeth better than life in the Weyr proper." Having made her decision, she gazes up to T'ryn. "Ther, we will talk about this later, even if my girlie needs to get the whole story from Ockath to get the picture."

T'ryn looks back towards Alara, for a moment and there is a faint nod given to what she has said. "Aye, Weyrwoman." Again not La, or anything that could take away from what he was fighting for-which he will now have to explain in due turn. Still he is looking back towards Ockath, and turning away from L'han. Moving through the broken fence, he is going to mount the smaller male, compared to the two golds here. Mounting-the brown is riding off- it's the easier thing to do, beyond remain and look like a total sharding cracked egg.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Escaeth projects « Of course… umm… is Kaseth going to eat my chosen? She looks about close to it. »

L'han nods to Alara not accepting the knot and it's kept by the greenrider, but not returned to his shoulder as he looks to his green and he starts that way to mount the green and he looks over his shoulder to speak to Alara once again, "Don't yell at him Weywoman, it was truely not his fault. He was trying to talk sense to me… he's a good rider." It seems the fight's brought back some sense to the greenrider where words likely fail. From his green's back he also adds, "The healer incident… the Headwoman wanted me to run errands to the High Reaches Sweep area… I dunno if she'll need to give those tasks to another rider… might want to see her about it since I'll be out often."

"Thank you for your honesty, greenrider." Alara continues to stand, arms crossed and watching the pair. "I shall talk to Indira about that and about other matters as well." She heard about the Healer thing. Not the whole matter, but it bothers her. "I have three young riders who need to be returned to ferry duty. They'll do nicely for that kind of thing." She gives that small, taut smile again. "I'll write the Mastersmith over there, and inform him of your pending arrival."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Ockath, and Rauzath, Kaseth does her best to rein in and clamp down on the intense pressure and weight of her anger, but some slips through the cracks and can be felt in all minds still. « If I hadn't just eaten this morning, I would. » There's acidic derision in her tone now, like the tang of battery acid leaking across a metal floor. « Probably wouldn't taste nice anyway. »

Dragon> To Ockath, Kaseth, and Rauzath, Escaeth sends a mental tune of bells to the dragons. « Well… alls well that ends well right? No one got eaten and… I'm going to fly over there now… »

L'han nods to Alara and his green launches herself into the air towards L'han's weyr to probably begin packing whatever he'll need to take with to Landing. Prehaps getting out of the Weyr will be for the best

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