Saying No


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Date: July 16, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lake Shore
Synopsis: Zen once again attempts to impress his opinions of various things on a reluctant Andi.
Rating: PG
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
At present, this large scoop in the ground - which only grows larger each day - looks a bit odd. There's a string of makeshift fencing around the edges to try and keep those without business there out of the way. However, small wooden poles and three lines of twine are more of a suggestion than a deterrent, and weyrbrats can often be seen playing in the sections not filled with digging workers. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there's not a drop of water to be seen anywhere in the scoop.

The rain that plagued the weyr in the morning has stopped, and while the sky is still grey, here and there the clouds are trying to part, to let Rukbat's rays filter down to the ground. Andi, is doing a little peeking of her own, having meandered down what will eventually be the lake shore, the dirt turned to mud, puddles there and there, not yet absorbed, as the workers were forced to take a break by the weather. And its there that she stands, arms folded across her chest, watching some imaginiary object, thinking.

Merendezen is out at the lake, but not for the sake of wandering. Pitching a hand in to assist with the working on the lake, though the working had stopped and various other workers had retreated inside to avoid the rain, Zen remains outside. He is actually seated in a spot where his rear would not be muddy, but he is still considerably wet from the rain, blonde hair sticking to his face. Closer inspection would reveal that the man is actually sleeping. Some people can sleep anywhere.

Andi wanders a little as she thinks, picking her way around the outside of the fencing, arms still folded over her stomach as she goes. Zen's form is hardly identifiable from the back, and so its with little thought that she makes her way past the sitting man, eyes never moving to his face, pausing a few steps away, looking at the growing hole with a soft sigh.

Merendezen shifts a little from his spot, slowly stretching out with green eyes opening. Then, arms lift to stretch out before he pushes to his feet. His eyes find Andi with a slight frown forming on his brow, but he doesn't say anything for a moment folding his arms across his chest and taking a deep breath. "Hey." But this is spoken normally, and the breath is only used for breathing, not yelling and scaring the poor woman out of her wits.

Andi lingers, looking at the mud pit for a moment even as the words register in her mind, and she's slowly turning to blink at the voice, and then look a little more panicked as she identifies the face. "Oh." She says almost breathlessly, taking a hurried step back on the soft ground. "H-hi." She finally manages, after closing her mouth which had been hanging agape, her eyes quickly turning elsewhere.

Merendezen raises a brow at the panicked look, "am I really that scary?" He queries thoughtfully before the second brow follows the first, but there's no step forward to her as there's a slight twitch to do so. Instead, shoulders roll and he casts a look skywards. "Be careful not to slip, little one." And then, a quick glance to her as she closes her mouth. "You're so twitchy, it makes me wonder why you fear me so much? I told you I wouldn't touch you. You're not my type, you've got nothing to fear."

"I.." Andi seems as if she's actually going to make some sort of attempt at an explanation, but just as quickly as she began, she's abandoning the attempt, her hands curling in her skirts and lifting them up a little bit more, as she talks another half step backwards. "I don't… -fear- you." She finally manages, shaking her head, though its all she says.

Merendezen turns that look to her once more, brows once again furrowing as he considers her. A soft pfft comes from him before his attention looks to what is supposed to be a lake. "Yet, little one, you look like you're going to turn tail and run at the sight of me. Speak your mind. I won't hate you if you do." Shoulders roll again, uncaring. "Watch where you step unless you want to take a bath in the dirt."

Andi probably should have taken Zen's advice - at least when it comes to watching where she's stepping, for even as he's talking, she's sort of shuffling backwards, mud gathering on her shoes and making them heavier and more awkward. "Its… nothing." She says after a moment, shaking her head, another shuffle, and then back luck strikes. The mud sticks heavily, and while her weight shifts, her feet do not, and over she goes, ending up on her bottom in the mud, almost immediately turning red.

Merendezen rolls his eyes, "everyone has something to say, little one. Simply hiding it bottles it up inside and you're stuck going nowhere. Like you are now…. Blindly following whatever you're told to do…" He turns to turn his gaze to her, watching as she goes down. A sigh is heaved and he steps in her direction, leaning down to offer a hand. "You're hopeless… I warned you. If you're so good at following directions, why didn't you at least head mine?" Green eyes search her face, unjudging of her embarrassment, remaining there until she takes his hand. "I may have to appoint myself as your official speaker if you keep this up."

"Why would I.. Would I waste words?" Andi questions, staying sitting there in the mud quite pathetically, a condition made even worse when she lifts a hand to rub at her nose, smearing mud across the bridge of it. His hand is eyed warily, as she bites her lip, blue eyes flicking from hand to face, and back to hand, slowly finally lifting hers, though not truly reaching.

"You can't waste words, they're meant to be spoken. And contrary to what you may believe, some people actually do listen to them." Zen shakes his head, sighing. "Hopeless." He repeats and as the hand is lifted he makes to grab it to gently pull her to her feet. "It's pointless to let people walk all over you."

"If.. If you talk just to talk…" Andi shakes her head, with a soft sigh. "Talk too much, people won't listen to what they need to." She says all in a spurt, managing to get it out without a stammer or a tripping sound, even as her hand is taken, and its slowly tightening on his, and she's being pulled to her feet. "No one.. No one is walking all over me."

"Then how do you make a conversation? It takes two people to have a decent conversation, otherwise one person will continue to talk and the other is slowly drowned away and their opinion smashed. You are left to silence while this person could take advantage of this and lead you to have your opinions expressed by them." Zen retorts, but his voice does not change from the calm neutral. "I could walk all over you right now. What if I told you that you were coming with me and we were going to get something to eat? What if I said you could only eat sweets until you got sick? What would you tell me? You can't even protest against me asking if you hate me without stuttering softly."

"I.. I'd rather listen." She says hurriedly, cheeks turning pink as she tugs her hand back to her side, hurriedly crossing them over her chest once more, making no move to look down at the mud now caked over her clothes. "Enough people do enough talking… And don't.. Don't watch." She says, her gaze dropping to peer into the muddy hole behind Zen. "I.. I don't know." She says. "I'm not hungry." She tries to claim.

"And I'd rather punch myself in the face." He rolls his eyes at her as she tugs her hand away, moving to tuck his hands into his pockets. "Don't watch what? Opinions matter, little one. They are /very/ important." Then, a hand reaches out as he moves to approach her. "You're stuttering, so I'm going to assume you are indeed hungry, and I'm going to lead you to the Caverns now and I'll pile your plates with sweets. I'll even assume you'll want seconds, so I'll make a second plate for you and wait for you to finish them both."

"Fool." She says quickly, before she's lifting a hand over her mouth, pressing the unmuddy back of it over her mouth, shaking her head as she realizes it was aloud. "No.." She says, shakes her head a little, and as he reaches for her, she's turning, backing up and moving around to try and put some space between them even as she tries to get to twist to get a better location to run from.

Merendezen actually smiles at her statement, "good." There's a chuckle that follows at her realization, shaking his head. "Don't be ashamed." But then she attempts to run, the hand is stuck back in his pocket and he moves at a leisurely pace to follow. "You said what you were thinking, little one, that's /good/."

Andi pauses as he speaks up, whirling back around at him, her hands curling fingers tightly in her skirt. "Not always." She counters, and pauses, eyes narrowing just a bit as she regards him, shaking her head. "I'm.. I'm here to do… Do a job. That's it." She murmurs.

Merendezen shrugs his shoulders as she whirls around, "not always, but, you should at least be more talkative. Be more sure of yourself, little one. You're more respectable that way." He stops, considering her quietly. "I know, I know. You're here to learn record keeping to be a proper wife to the man your father decides to marry you to…" The rest is left unspoken as green eyes focus on her. "You can fill in the rest, we discussed that already."

"I'm plenty respectable." She hurriedly says, face brightening with hues of pink, making her hair seem all the more blonde. "I'm.. I'm a Lord Holder's Daughter." She says, voice quivering as she stands there, eyes already looking as if they're welling up. "Maybe.. Maybe I -do- hate you." She counters as he trails off, and focuses on her.

"Yet, people can walk all over you. You /command/ no respect, woman. You do not make me think that I should treat you as someone who I would turn to if the situation required a leader." Zen shrugs, "women hold little to no position in a Hold. You are used for trading to better the Hold. You may cry if you wish, but this is the truth and tears won't change it. Only you can." Then, her declaration of hate is met with a simple nod and a smile. "Good for you. Keep it up and you may be able to speak properly." And with that, he makes to leave.

"Maybe.. Maybe I don't want to." She snaps back, and lifts her hands to her ears, covering them hurriedly and shaking her head. No move is made to stop him, or even slow him, as he turns, instead she just lingers there, eyes watering, face read, hands over her ears. "Wait.. Wait until my brother hears.." She whispers, barely more than a breath.

Merendezen waves a hand over his shoulder, "then you are simply a child." He doesn't look back at her, continuing on his leisurely stroll back into the Weyr.

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