Scouting The Joint Out


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Date: June 11th, 2011
Location: Landing: AIVAS Complex Entranceway
Synopsis: Rhyviel catches Gaelene, who is up to something. Then again, so is Rhyviel.
Rating: PG
Logger: Gaelene

The first room of the AIVAS Complex is a hallway. Doors lead off left and right to different classrooms, and straight ahead, a door opens into the wide Computer Room where the main AIVAS is housed. There is no evidence of any protection remaining behind, however, no one is certain whether there are lingering effects. Most people err on the side of caution.

It's after breakfast, and classes have just begun at Landing, so it's pretty quiet. A twelve turn-old, looking conspiratorial as well as dripping wet, is heading toward the computer room. Gaelene, for that is who the mysterious figure is, stops and takes a peek around.

That quiet (nor the presence of a child) initially doesn't quite register with the woman who ducks in from the rain and curses vehemently at having ended up more than a little damp in her journey over. The moment after, Gaelene's presence pops up on her radar, then the quiet and she peers about, looking quite dissatisfied with her own outburst. "Hey," Rhyviel calls ahead to the girl, voice low. "How does one access the terminals around here?"

Gaelene glances over as she hears the curses, her smile disarmingly innocent. She doesn't answer the woman's question at first, instead saying, "You're new here. I'm Gael." After a few seconds, she says, "You'd go to the computer room, where I'm going. But I don't think they'd let you in if the guards or the Computerers don't know you — they'd be wrried you might be trying to sabotage the computer."

"Nice to meet you, Gael," Rhyviel responds, her manner altering more than a little at the rest of that news, her own smile on just the right side of innocent. "I am new here," she confirms. "You can call me Vee." She doesn't hunker down, but she tries not to loom so as her smile broadens a little and she suggests, "Well, they know you, don't they? I'm certainly not here to cause any trouble. I'd just like to get a look at some files, that's all."

Gaelene cocks her head. "Hello, Vee. I don't think they would trust my word; I'm just a kid. And I can't lie, anyway; I don't want to lose my computer priveledges this close to apprenticing age. I'm still trying to decide between Computerer and Healer."

"Why would you be lying?" Rhyviel questions, brows dipping. "It surely can't hurt to ask." She leans back against the nearest wall, trying not to drip so all over the middle of the corridor. "I know a lot of good Healers," she remarks of apprenticing. "Not that that says a awful lot about the job. I imagine working with computers would keep you here, whereas healing might not."

Gaelene considers, then says, "I thought you were going to tell me to say you were my friend." She grins upon hearing the bit about Healers, and says, "I'd probably just stay out most of my apprenticeship here with my parents. If they were too progressive for the Hall, then I'll be *way* too progressive!"

Rhyviel briefly looks away at the opposite wall, the glance the only sign of having perhaps been caught out. "Maybe we will be friends, but I don't need you to go telling anyone anything that isn't true," she answers slowly. "But would you ask for me all the same?" She smiles slightly, saying, "The Hall, well, /Halls/ need to catch up a little, I think. People shouldn't have to suffer for their views."

Gaelene says brightly, "Ok! And maybe if they say you can't, I can try to get what you need. I can't promise anything, though — the computer is pretty random."

The blonde's smile drifts its way back to that grey area between innocent and playing at it, a quick nod following Gaelene's response. "Thank you, dear," Rhyviel says gently. "I'd appreciate that very much." Soft laughter follows as she adds, "Don't worry; lies and promises aren't something I'm here for."

Gaelene skips over to the guard and consults with her. Overheard are the words, "New person", and "Her name is Vee." The guard looks over the newcomer, scowling, and continues to scowl. Loudly enough for Rhyviel to hear she says, "No. No one not sponsored by the technical crafts." Gaelene sighs, though perhaps not in surprise, then says apologetically, "Is there anything you want me to try to look up?"

Rhyviel levels a long look right back at that guard, then smiles ever so sweetly, though doesn't seek to argue (on this occasion). "…Sponsored by the technical crafts," she murmurs, as if making a mental note. She brightens when Gaelene returns, telling her, "Not to worry," in answer to her apologetic tone. Pausing, she then swings her bag down from her back and rummages in it before producing a battered-looking hide. "I don't suppose there's anything on the computer that would say how to make someone sleep for a good while? You possibly being a Healer and everything…"

Gaelene says promptly, "Fellis, though you need to be careful, because too low a dose and they'll just be without pain, but too much and they won't wake up ever." She names off several herbs, and notes, "Those are easy to get from the Healers if you tell them you can't sleep."

Fellis doesn't appear to come as a surprise, but Rhyviel writes down the rest of the named herbs on the bottom of that hide with a quickly retrieved stylus. "Thank you," she tells Gael, perhaps about to leave it there, yet she asks, "You don't think it has any other ways listed? Less… traceable ones?" Notably, what can be glimpsed of that hide that she's holding has nothing to do with Healing.

Gaelene definitely takes a peek of the hide when it's offered, and looks positively curious at was she sees… or doesn't see, as the case may be. She doesn't seem at all suspicious, though, when she says, "Most of the time Healers aren't too worried about it being traced. I can check the computer, but that might be something better asked of a trained Healer. The computer's responses can be iffy under the best circumstances, and are downright wrong in others."

The rest of the hide is mostly comprised of a list of names, some with a strike through them, others intact. It's a pretty long list. "Shame," Rhyviel utters, upon hearing the status of the computer's responses. "Well. We'll see." The hide and her stylus are squirreled away again and her bag adjusted on her shoulder. "Thank you, Gael," she says, voice back to bright and sincere. "Hope to see you again sometime, but I'd best make myself scarce for now."

Gaelene nods, glancing over at the guard, who is glaring over at the newcomer. Gaelene skips back toward the computer room and is allowed in, while the guard continues to watch Rhyviel.

The fact that the guard watches her still makes Rhyviel laugh as she turns and heads out of the complex without looking back, that is, until she stops at the entryway and blows said guard a kiss before she heads off again and vanishes from sight.

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