Search here at Divided Skies is run differently than on most Pern-themed games. Here, we take the IC approach a bit more literally and in the process attempt to make Search less stressful and more fun for everyone involved. The process will be detailed linearly, here.


Yes, we know this seems a bit like starting at the end point, but that's what makes this approach so unique. A month before OOC Search officially opens, a call will go out to the entire game asking for - you guessed it - dragons! Rather like the calls that go out for Eggs, we'll be calling for dragons. Each person who is so inclined will submit a full dragon, including description, mindvoice, personality and their growth through their various stages. Include an Egg or a suggested name if you like, or submit just an Egg desc or just a name! Everything submitted goes into a big file and if it doesn't fit the theme for this clutch, we can always use it for the next one! From these dragons, we'll select however many we need for the PC hatchlings and put them in a safe place until later. NOTE: The goal of this is to create as fair a Search for everyone as we possibly can. In that light, you probably will not receive a dragon you've written for the same clutch.

Gold Flight!

ICly, this is the time when that proddy gold takes to the skies and leads the lads on a merry chase! Goldflights may or may not be RP'd at the discretion of the goldrider, but if they're not, a post will be made detailing the highlights and the results!

OOC Search Begins!

About a month after the call goes out for dragons, OOC Search will open up. The dragons to be used for the clutch will already have been selected, but only the SearchCo will know which ones will be used. OOC Search consists of a short form that will be made available on this site when the time comes. Fill out the form, send it to the attached address and your part of it is done! Understand that by applying for OOC Search, your character is not guaranteed a dragon, but we'll do our best to give you a good time! You'll need to fill out this form and email it to moc.liamg|ffats.seiksdedivid#moc.liamg|ffats.seiksdedivid (this address can also be found on the contact page).


At this point in the proceedings, the queen who has been growing wider and wider and wider in the course of growing healthy eggs now takes to the sands and deposits them. From here on out, she will spend most - if not all - of her time on the sands with them; guarding and turning and generally overseeing everything. If a goldrider wants to host a clutching scene, she can work with staff to come up with justification, but as it ICly takes a couple of days for the queen to lay them all, our more common approach will be to host a smaller version of a Hatching Feast as an event once all the eggs are laid.

IC Search Begins!

At this stage, those who have applied for OOC Search will start to be picked up by the Weyr's Search riders. OOCly, we have no discrimination against riders of any color, but one of the perks of riding blue or green is the Search riding. If a brownrider really wants to ride Search, he/she can talk to staff and we'll work something out, same as if a bronze or gold rider has an IC reason to want someone to Stand, they can talk to staff and 'Search' but brown, bronze and goldriders have other IC perks. Green and blue riders will have preference.

OOC Search Ends!

Sometime after IC Search has started - and the date will change with each announced Search Calendar - we will close OOC Search and not accept any more applications for Impression. If you miss this date, don't worry! You can still attend as a Stand Only Candidate, and that has its own perks as you'll see below.


This is the time period where the characters who were Searched have time to get to know their Weyr! They will live in the Candidate Barracks and they will do odd jobs for the Weyr based on the posted duty roster. Candidates are at the bottom of the food chain within the ranking system of the Weyr, so following orders and respect is paramount! Consider this the first term of a military academy. During this time, your character must prove that they're capable of following orders and respecting rank, because in a crisis those two staples can save lives. Remember, a Weyr is very similar to a military unit. Thread is the Enemy!

IC Search Ends!

Technically, IC Search goes on all the way up until the day of the Hatching, but as a general rule, we'll do our best to get you Searched at least two weeks before a scheduled Hatching. Special exceptions can and will be made, but must be cleared with staff, first.

The Main Event!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! The act you've all been waiting for! The Hatching! Now, during the Search process, SearchCo had the chance to get to know each and every Candidate that joined us. From that pool of Candidates, the ones whose IC personality - and dragon request - best fits the dragons that were pre-selected - before Search even opened - will Impress. We as staff feel that this is the most fair way to go about the Search process while being true to the spirit of Impression in the IC world. Dragons choose the rider. And this is as true to that as we could get.

Those who are left on the Sands are given the usual option of staying on at the Weyr or returning home. The difference comes in this. Those that stay on at the Weyr will remain Candidates. They will still live in the Barracks and will do similar work to that they did prior to the Hatching. We'll ask for an OOC application for each Search, but only because we know that characters change and we want to make sure that we have your most up-to-date thoughts on and goals for the character.

Characters can be Searched until the age of 25, but if they were Searched and stayed on as Candidates, they may continue to stand for clutches until their early 30's.

If we have 'rollover' Candidates, the dragons for the next clutch will be selected by rolls of the dice to avoid any possible bias or other unfairness.

Any questions, comments or concerns should be directed to staff, either on-game or by email.

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