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Date: 26 Jan 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Nenienne and Teallan discuss designs and pricing for the latter's commission.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

Set up for use as both a massive storage area and an everyday workspace, the Lower Caverns is a single, high-ceiling room that has been blocked off into several smaller 'rooms' for different work that needs to be done. This space seems to be used by crafters and non-crafters alike, general purpose business day-to-day dealings for the weyr that don't require a specially smithed room, like the laundry area. A single hallway that loops around with both exits connecting to the Lower Caverns leads to the residential section of the weyr.

It's just after dinner, when most people are in the living cavern entertaining themselves or taking some quiet time in the residential area, especially those who have their own rooms. Nenienne arrives with some of the other Smiths, but she appears to be looking for someone even as she chats with them about the day's work.

The Lower Caverns are much quieter this time of day. Teallan has finished her meal and is heading towards the residental halls; no more kidlets to teach, no more paperwork and reports to go through. She stifles a yawn as she descends the stairs, slowly padding her way across the vast cavern.

Nenienne notices Teallan and murmurs an excuse, peeling off from the other Smiths. Approaching Teallan, she greets, "Hello, Journeyman. Have a few minutes?"

Teallan blinks a few times at Nenienne, as if she's not really seeing the smith at first. Finally there's the recognition as her brain fires properly. "I suppose I do, yes. I…. the sketches, right?"

Nenienne nods. "I don't mean to rush you or anything, but when I was at Landing earlier I saw a Miner who specializes in briolettes, so I wanted to see if I could snag her and get your order in. If you're ready to place it."

Teallan shakes her head and gives a small wave of the hand. "No, no. It's quite alright. Yes, I do believe I am."

Nenienne says, "Oh good, you found something agreeable, then?" As if perhaps someone else has been utting her through revisions recently or something. Indicating the private rooms for Journeyrank crafters, she asks, "Should we take this into one of our rooms? If so, which one? If not, I imagine we can find room at one of the drafting tables."

"My room is an utter mess right now," Teallan admits. Instruments, drafts of music, reports… You'd be surprised ho wmuch space that takes up. "If yours is better, we can convene there, or the drafting tables. Any of those would be fine."

Nenienne nods. "My room it is, then, so we don't attract any unwanted listeners. She points to one of the rooms, then says, "Grab the drawings and meet me in there, please?"

Teallan dips her head in a nod to Nenienne. "I'll be right over. I need to retrieve them." Fortunately, despite how much she has in her room, Tea is organized, so it doesn't take long to have the drawings in hand to return to Nenienne's room.

Nenienne's room is pretty sparse. There's the requisite furniture, including a small round table with two chairs, to which the Smith heads. Her bed is neatly-made and the only thing which might seem to be of note is the impressive lock on her press. She sits in one of the seats and indicates the other for Teallan, saying "Please, sit. I'd offer some klah, but unlike certain Healers, I don't swipe the whole pot."

Teallan snorts absently as she takes a seat, shaking her head slightly. "I've often learned to struggle without. I feel too much klah can't be good for me, despite how much the Healers themselves drink and should I ever /not/ have access to any, I'd hate to struggle just because I'm so used to it."

Nenienne mmmms. "Good point, though I imagine I could go without if I needed. I just enjoy the taste more than water or juice." Changing the subject abruptly, as she is wont to do, she leans forward and asks, "So, what do you have for me?"

Teallan sets the papers down on the table, pushing them around to reveal a few things. "I like this setting," she says, gesturing at one like they had discussed; the briolettes in a setting, rather than drilled. "And I like this filigree," she adds, tapping another lightly, "it's not as… light as this other one, so it looks stronger."

Nenienne nods thoughtfully. "And the chain or charm bracelets were right out. Would you like a design matching the filigree on the cuff, or has one of the others caught your eye?"

Teallan chews on her lip briefly, mulling that over. "I've been considering that and I think I'd rather it match. No others really seem to blend well enough and the filigree is simple enough that a matching pattern wouldn't be overwhelming."

Nenienne nods again, pulling one of the papers toward her, one which did not have any of the winning entries on it. Turning it over, she quickly sketches out three more cuff bracelets, then on one she draws a simplified version of the filigree down its middle. On the second, she draws the same filigree on both edges, and on the third she draws three lines of filigree, on both edges and down the center. "Of course the filigree will match the setting, but it would take much longer to draw," she notes. "Do any of these appeal, or would you prefer off-center?"

Teallan plays with a loose strand of hair as she watches Nenienne sketch out the designs. She makes a thoughtful sound, before releasing the hair to reach out and tap the design with the center filigree only, lightly. "I think this one would work best."

Nenienne nods yet again, then says "Finally, do you want this to be actual filigree, with the metal punched out, or just an etching?" She pauses, then adds, "Real filigree will be more dramatic, but will also weaken the cuff's structure dramatically."

Teallan scratches at her cheek a bit as she leans back, thinking about it. "Well, since… we aren't going with as much filigree as that one," she gestures to the sketch with filigree in center and sides, "the center should be fine to be punched out, right?"

Nenienne nods. "Correct. If we were going with even the middle option I would recommend it just be etched, and I wouldn't have offered for the trice-designed one. If you had asked, I would have tried earnestly to talk you out of it."

"I like the look when it's punched out," Teallan admits, tilting her head slightly. "Whichever design is best for that, I'd like to go with."

Nenienne says, "I'm glad you went with the sturdier looking filigree, then. And now, for the part I didn't think you'd want discussed in public; pricing." She begins, "Zoisite is fairly common, but the really deep specimens will cost more than paler lilac-hued stones. Briolettes are the most expensive to cut because they're so unforgiving; the miner can't make any mistakes, and has to abandon the stone if she does. Silver, on the other hand, is one of the easier metals to work with and is more readily available." She names a price, one which is in the multiple full marks. "I can give you an itemized list if you want, and I will need half down to secure the supplies."

Teallan mulls over the number, but doesn't seem too phased. Nenienne might remember the original order was made because Tea's parents had given her a gift of marks to buy herself something and with her promotion… well, it's likely she has more yet. She's not one to spend too much… except on clothes and jewelry. She dips her head in a nod, "I think I can work with that. I'd like the itemized list so I have it."

Nenienne says, "Very well. I'll ask L'han to take me to Landing tomorrow; the Miner promised she'd be there at least that long, and get her estimate for the stones and the cutting. The price I quoted includes the highest-quality stones, so there should be no unpleasant surprises. I'll give you an itemized list in the evening."

Teallan gets to her feet and smiles at Nenienne. "Just send word once you return with the list. I'll give you the half then, if that's alright?"

Nenienne nods. "Excellent. I look forward to working with you. Oh, one last thing — if one of the queens should rise and we become candidates again, I can either postpone the commission until after the hatching or turn over the materials and sketches to another Journeyman. Is that acceptable?"

"I hadn't even thought about that," Teallan says, thoughtfully. "It'll be that time again, won't it?" Huh. She draws a breath and gives a slight nod, "Yes, certainly. I imagine I'll Stand again when that happens and I likely won't be wearing any fancy jewelry." That did not work out well for her last time.

Nenienne nods. "At least I think it is. I'm not really sure about when they rise, but the current Weyrlings are about a turn old, so I imagine it must be soon." She gets up and opens the door to see the other journeyman out.

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