Setting things straight


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Date: 2010.07.23
Location: Infirmary
Synopsis: Max finding it difficult to breathe properly through his mashed nose, goes against his better instincts and pays the infirmary a visit.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

[ Eastern Weyr: Infirmary ]

Long beds and examination tables are placed strategically throughout this room, each having its own set of curtains to give some sembance of privacy when needed. The walls are lined with counters, each housing cabinets containing the necessary items Healers need to do their jobs. A small sink fills the east end of the counter: the one nearest the entrance to the bowl. The entrance is sloped so as not to allow the sun to shine in the patients' faces. At the far west end of the Infirmary, a small darkened tunnel curves around to the larger rooms where the dragonhealers take care of their draconic patients.

[ Players ]

[ Exits ]
[WB] West Bowl
[TN] Tunnel

Luckily, this early on in the day there are hardly any serious injuries that need to be dealt with. The infirmary is, for now, quiet with a singular healer settled in a chair, quietly going over inventory lists. Brows are drawn down into a frown as she works. All in all, there is silence and Cheusia in the infirmary.

Although he’d shadowed the doorway of the infirmary a seven or so back when he’d delivered the goldrider into the care of the healers, Max is one to studiously avoid such places if at all possible. As such, the beast manager’s presence in the infirmary this day is an unusual occurrence. The one good thing about having a face that looks like it just met the hard end of a shovel, is that one’s nostril aren’t assailed by the various scents that linger about such an environment. Said nostrils of one dark haired young man, now seated beneath a beak that’s recently been broken and is in the process of healing slightly skew. Lingering in the doorway a moment, he steps through, hat in hands and looking completely out of his realm and clears his throat in an effort to gain Cheusia’s attention.

Cheusia's eyes flicker upwards, though more to scan the infirmary quickly before her attention drifts back to the list. It's not until Max clears his throat that she pushes to her feet and the list is placed in her previous spot. She turns, looking to the man with her brows furrowing more at the sight of him. Her eyes search his face, then the rest of him before she approaches. "Got on someone's bad side, did we?"

Three people’s bad side, but Max is not about to reveal as much. Cocky the grin that twists out, sardonic the humour, “Shovel didn’t like the work it was assigned,” glossing over any and all true emotion behind his currently not-so-pretty features. A hand leaves the brim of the hat, and indicates his nasal area, “Been having some trouble breathing, figured I’d see if you got some smelling salts or something.” Riiight, because that’ll sort it right out in no time at all.

Cheusia lets out a soft pfft, "sure." Though she doesn't seem to believe that, she shrugs and looks to his nose. "Well, first off, salts probably won't help you with that problem." She lifts both hands to cup his cheeks, if only to tilt his head in different directions while examining his nose. "Doesn't look like you got it treated after it broke, so it's healing off. How long has it been? If we're lucky, we'll be able to reset it… If not…"

Max sets a dubious look Cheusia’s way, “Broken it before,” probably more like, bumped very hard, “smelling salts worked just fine.” He doesn’t exactly jerk his head away from the healer but he sure does set a heavily wary look onto her as she takes his face in hand and starts moving it this way and that. Reset? That’ll have him backing up a step, snorting and setting fingers to the offending part of his anatomy and trying to wiggle it back into position himself. All that achieves is a muttered expletive and very watery eyes. Talking from behind his hand, “A few days back.” This to when it got broken for him.

"Probably a sprain or a very minor fracture. No, this is a pretty bad break… Your nose is going off to one side and blocking air passage." This is what she notes as he allows her to examine his nose. And then he steps back, a brow lifts to watch him and she shakes her head. "Not a good idea to do that by yourself. You'll make it worse." And when he finally answers there's a sigh, "well… Good news is that we won't have to reintroduce the shovel to your face. Come sit and we'll set it right. It'll hurt, but if you are a good boy, we'll let you have some sweets after."

“Was a pretty bad shovel,” Max gives over through an oddly placed smirk. When Cheusia suggests resetting the break, the beast manager raises a hand in a warding gesture and starts to set his hat back to his head. He’s getting outta there! Unexpected pain is one thing. Expected and deliberate pain? Another matter entirely! However talk of candy draws a roguish grin from the beast manager, who hooks his thumbs into belt loops and give the healer a thorough going over, “That a promise on the candy, ma’am?” Yes, he’s incorrigible.

"I don't think shovels are ever good. Always difficult." Che lifts her brows as he lifts his hand to ward her off. She opens her mouth to say something, by the look on her face she may be close to taunting him. And then he grins, and her brows lift. "I guess I should try candy more often…" She mutters under her breath. "Promise. Now take a seat?" Another gesture to where she would like him to sit and she turns an expectant look to him.

The beast manager’s smirk deepens at Cheusia’s words as he starts toward the seating indicated, “Sometimes a shovel simply needs to be put hard to work, in order for it to start behaving in a manner more fitting.” Hat set to a nearby cot, Max sits, or should we say, sprawls into the seating as he sets a crooked grin up to the healer, “Gonna kiss it all better too, once you’ve fixed it?” No real intent behind the teasing tone.

Cheusia hnns, "never had my luck with shovels, then. Luckily, I'm not required to use them on a daily basis." She moves over as he settles into his seat. She leans over him, her hands lifting to his face. "I don't kiss anything. Better luck next time… Maybe you'll get one of the girls who kisses everything. But, for now you'll have to deal with me." Her hands lift, thumbs gingerly testing the bridge of his nose.

Max goes deadstill as the healer leans over him, dark eyes flicking upward in amusement for her statement as he makes as if to try and move away from her hands at his face, “If you’re going to lie about not kissing anything, then I’m not so sure you’re the one to be doing this. For all I know you could be nothing more than a laundry girl in disguise getting her fun out of kicking dogs when they’re down.” There was more that was probably going to follow, but it gets cut in the wince that comes for the thumbs at his tender nose.

Cheusia lifts her eyes to meet his, grey once not showing amusement. "I don't kiss adults. Unless you're a child then I will treat you as such. Trust the knot I wear, or not. Either way… I'm fixing your nose." A pause as more gentle pressure is applied. "Though, maybe if you don't scream I might kiss it better. On the count of three. One… Two…" And then, the bridge of his nose is lifted and then shifted back into place. Three? What three?

Dark eyes widen in feigned shock, “You only kiss littlies?” Max smirks afterward, his sprawl becoming more exaggerated as he stretches his legs out in front of him, “So, if I’m a badly behaved boy, will you give me a spanking?” Cue the eyeroll at suggestion that he should do something as girlish as scream, “Aye, aye, ma’am. On three.” One…two…and holy mother of all things winged and crawling!! The pain that shoots up into his forehead and radiates out across his cheek bones has the dark haired young man snapping away from Cheusia, hands cupped to nose in protective gesture and growling out a string of curses that would have even a sailor blushing.

"When they're crying about it needing to be kissed better." Che narrows her eyes at him, "you're just asking for it, aren't you?" But no more follows as the nose is placed and he's jerking away. The smile on her lips is ill restrained, and she steps away. "Wasn't so bad, hm? Stay put." She fetches the promised candy and offers it out towards him. "You okay with the pain? Or do you want something for it?"

Asking for it? Well, yes and no. Crying, now –that- Max can easily provide at this moment in time. Alright. Not crying as in actually blubbering like a baby, but the tears now streaming down his face in reaction to his poor nose having just been abused –again-? Those are pretty unmistakeable. No ways is he staying in that chair. Not after that. Out of it and on his feet before Cheusia’s even returned with the promised candy, he shoots a dark glare over to the healer, “This!? This is how you help people, by hurting them more?” Voice all echoey from behind the hand still cupped protectively over middle of his face.

Cheusia watches him with a rather bland look, lips angled slightly in a smile. "But, can you smell now? Can you breathe? That's a little more important than pain." The candy is tossed over and a small container of numbweed is produced from the other hand. "Put the candy in your mouth and sit your ass down so I can numb the pain. I wasn't just going to let you walk out in more pain before. I'm not that big of a bitch."

Evil, evil, woman! – Max’s scowl seems to say. Slowly his hand drops away, eyes still setting Cheusia with a death stare; he inhales once and then again. Slowly but surely a grin starts to stray through the foul look, “Hey, I can breathe again!” wonder at such a miracle spreading across his face, lending a boyish look to it as broad shoulders relax. The candy tossed over is deftly caught, and promptly popped in his mouth as ordered. Moving back to the chair, the beast manager parks it and despite the throbbing of his nose, chuckles at the bossy healer, “I like you. Remind me a bit of my mother.” Probably meant as compliment but forgetting that no woman likes to be compared to someone’s mother.

Cheusia watches, still, the bland look slowly grows as he breathes and that grin begins to form. "See? It was all for a good reason." She approaches once he looks like he's not going to jump her for causing the pain. The mention of his mother draws a laugh, "well, then, I'm sure your mother is a wonderful woman." If only because she likes herself so much, or something like that. She leans in and places a gentle kiss to the tip of his nose, so not to cause anymore pain before she's putting the numbweed salve on his nose. "All better."

The beast manager for his part seems quite comfortable where he is, and the approaching healer, despite his accusations of earlier. She can’t do any worse to him right? Grin still in place, “Except that she only kisses adults,” the cockiness with which he starts the approach the subject of his mother in comparison to Cheusia drains right away, with dark eyes fixing to the grey of hers as she leans in and places that soft kiss to his nose. Spoken low, “Max,” feeling the sudden urge to give his name

A healer could always do worse, but clearly, Che has no intention of hurting the man further. "I see…" She trails off, meeting his eyes though her fingers work on numbing the pain. Her hand draws away, and she smiles. "Cheusia… Che."

Of course she could do worse, but that has probably not crossed his mind. Or he’s just arrogant enough to believe she wouldn’t. The jesting still not having returned, Max’s head moves in a bare nod under Cheusia’s fingers, unreadable eyes still fixed to her face, “Che. Like that.” Seems there’s not much about her he doesn’t seem to like. Aside from the infliction of severe pain but considering the women he’s encountered of late, that would simply be par for the course for the beast manager. Suddenly his gaze is broken and shifted about the infirmary, “Get any interesting cases in here?”

Cheusia searches his eyes quietly, "thanks…" She murmurs softly, stepping away from him and his watchful eyes. She rinses her hands off in a clean water basin. "Helped with a dragon in the other infirmary the other day. Not much besides cuts, scrapes, and other injuries due to building and construction. You're the only one I've seen who had a fight with a shovel." She turns back to him as she dries her hands, smiling. "Try not to break it again any time soon or we'll have to schedule regular fixings."

The only movement that comes from Max, is the slow draw of his legs under him as if to stand once Cheusia moves away. Except that he stays seated in the chair a little while longer, his eyes drifting off in the direction of the dragon infirmary spoken of. Finally a wry edge of a smile creeps out and he stands, “Probably should learn to pick my shovels better,” he states, reaching for his hat. Any other cuts and bruises he, like the dragon spoken of, might sport, hidden away and not spoken of. Stepping toward the healer a short chuckle spills out, “And if I do, I’ll know to come straight to my favourite healer.” Once close enough, the now hat bearing head dips and the beast manager lays a chaste press of lips to Che’s cheek before drawing back, with a tip of two fingers to the brim of his hat in farewell. With a wink as he leaves, “Much obliged, ma’am,” as strides lengthen and carry him out of the infirmary and back to his duties.

"Probably. Otherwise they're going to keep going for your poor nose." She smiles, tilting a look at him as he approaches. "Favorite healer, hmm?" Che chuckles, about to say something more before those lips press to her cheek and color sparks there instantly. Again, she makes to say something and nothing comes out. This, likely, is the first time the healer has ever been rendered speechless in her whole life. She can do nothing more but watch him leave, remaining planted where she stands.

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