Shattered Eggs

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If you get involved in plots in a critical role and end up disappearing on us, we will come up with some explanation for your non-involvement and insert an NPC to keep things moving along.


Mystery, intrigue and drama surrounded the days leading up to Eastern’s first hatchings with the discovery of two of Kaseth’s eggs having been shattered, the hatchlings housed within, dead and later, a dead body found down one of the tunnels the smiths were still working on. This all having occurred on the very same day that Lady Isilna of Benden was to be wed but instead was whisked away to Stand for Kaseth and Rauzath’s clutches.

Who smashed the eggs? And what about the identity of the dead body, are the two incidents related to each other? And how about the aborted wedding of Lady Isilna, is there a link between that scandal and the crime perpetrated against the new Weyr on the Southern continent? Only time will tell…

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