She Ain't No Helpless Puppy Or Dress-Up Doll


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Date: 1/23/11
Location: EW: Cheusia and Bowen's Quarters
Synopsis: Cheusia tells Bowen she wants to adopt Fiala. He's not what one would call enthused. But good sense prevails and an all-out argument is avoided, despite Bowen's lack of tact.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Bowen

A good, hearty dinner after a long, hot day at his workbench surrounded by vats of stewing, smelly hides was just the thing to help him put his mind at ease after fretting over trying to arrange a much faster way of getting word to Max without anyone letting on that they weren’t on as bad terms as they’d been letting on. His last means took too sharding long. That pretty trinket Nenienne gave Cheusia helped too, knowing that it made Cheusia happy at least. Leading his wife into their assigned chambers after supper, Bowen’s first stop was to put his hat on the peg he’d taken the liberty of installing himself. In fact, he was quite well sated from dinner and content with the company of his wife that he’d already forgotten that Cheusia wanted to talk to him about something to do with the commission request of Nenienne. “Didja wanna have a bath t’night or in th’ mornin’?” He asks quietly, poised and ready to take off his boots if the latter with the expectation that he’d not take them off of she wanted to stay in tonight. He’d already taken his, but he’ll go with her to hers if she wanted, or he’ll go have a drink with the fellas while she did, something along those lines. Either way, he’d need to keep his boots on if she was headed back out.

"Oh, in the morning…" Che decides, settling onto the edge of the bed to slowly making to untie her boots. "Anyway," she begins as the boots come off and making to lean back on the bed. "I was thinking… You know that girl we helped? The one with the Traders? Fiala is her name… I really like her, Bowen. And… I think she needs a mother figure. She's being picked on and not taking care of herself properly. She's still young… And I think she just needs someone to be there for her, to take care of her…"

With a nod of acknowledgement, the tanner closes the door the rest of the way and latches it locked, and then bends to finish taking his boots off as she is doing with hers. His hair falls a little past his ears, but he’s short enough as a person that he doesn’t have to worry about his hair sweeping the floor as he’s bent over. That girl they helped? Bowen’s got Lo and Max and Enker on the brain right now, so he does a little mental backtrack, grunting a bit in acknowledgement once he remembers who Che means. “Th’ girl who doesna know howta read,” as if that was the one thing that stuck out about the little redhead with him. By the time Cheusia’s finished, Bowen is finished with his boots, and he sets them carefully in the usual little corner he keeps them in to keep them out of the way. “She needs somebody ta show ‘er howta take care of herself, at least,” he says in somewhat agreement, “though I reckon getting’ fleeced like she was ‘bout to woulda been lesson ‘nough. Mebbe we shouldna stepped in as we did, after all. Mebbe we shoulda just let them fleece ‘er like they were gonna. She’d learn quicker howta look after ‘erself an’ not be so trustin’ of strangers.” Like he had to learn. Like all people have to learn, he thinks.

Cheusia nods, "right. The one who couldn't read." She repeats, tilting a look at her husband and listening, though it doesn't stop the frown from working onto her brows and the wrinkling of her nose. "No. That's not what I meant, Bo. She needs a mother, really. A girl should learn from her mother…" Though, Che didn't learn from her mother at Fiala's age, at least. "She's a sweet girl, doesn't have a lot of self-esteem.. I want to get her a Gather dress. And I was going to have Neni make a necklace to go with it."

It’s probably going to take something akin to a brick to clue Bo in on this one. Though, is that really a surprise? Straightening from where he deposited his boots, he looks over at his wife on the edge of the bed. Slow as his responses come, it’s after Che’s said both that Fiala needs a mother and that Che wants to get her a dress and a necklace that the idiot opens his mouth, with a small uncertain noise coming from his throat, “I could maybe pull a favor with Indira and see about having a dragonrider take ‘er back home ta her Ma if ya like. But I doubt that’ll sit well with th’ Headwoman. Mebbe Hari can make ‘er a dress, too.” He’s reasoning the gifts would all be ‘farewell’ gifts. Well, isn’t he just the sweetest thing?

Cheusia laughs softly and shakes her head, "no. I don't want to send her back, Bo. Not at all… Your brother doesn't need to make her a dress, either. I can contact my weaver friend who makes most of my outfits. I want to get her fitted and get her some new clothes as well." She muses thoughtfully, casting her husband a look. "Love, I want to take care of her."

Well now. Bowen remembers being here before, though it was with a different woman and over some new fangled trinket she wanted, not over a teen girl. It didn’t end well, then. Bowen’s blue eyes never stray from his wife’s face across the scant few feet that separate them from where he stands and she sits, but he lifts his hand to run through his hair and stops and thinks. His stoic expression reveals nothing in this time, and perhaps if it did, it might be easier to bear what the man says next, “She ain’t no helpless puppy or dress-up doll, Che.” Which is a perfectly honest and frank thing for him to say, and one can hope that his brutal honesty will help keep him from receiving the full brunt of an angry wife, considering that’s what she’s always wanted him to be with her. Maybe? Hopefully? Perhaps Bowen should put his boots back on before she starts throwing hers at him?

Cheusia frowns slightly, but, she nods in understanding. "I know, Bo.. But.." She sighs and closes her eyes. "I think a girl deserves some new clothes and something pretty at least once. But," she opens her eyes and considers him, drawing her legs up onto the bed and nodding once more. "I guess you're right… I do want to get her a Gather dress, at least, Bo. Maybe as a Turnday present for her. She's a sweet girl."

Score. She’s not throwing her boots at him or yelling and screaming at him. Which, honestly, they’ve been together long enough for Bowen to know Che isn’t like that. Still, there’s not been much to test it out. His shoulders visibly relax a little as he had been gearing up for an argument. “Ya ken buy ‘er whutever ya like, Che,” shells, the woman makes more marks than he does, really, “an’ I’ll even chip in some. Dat ain’t whut m’worried on.” He’s more worried about Cheusia’s big heart being taken advantage of by an underprivileged girl who suddenly finds herself with a benefactress, but he doesn’t say as much since Che is obviously taken with the little chit. Instead he says what concerns him about Paerin since, really, the two are a little similar in circumstances, “Ya think she’ll learn ta do fer ‘erself if she’s got somebody dotin’ on her and spoilin’ ‘er like Ma did with Paerin? No, all she’s gonna learn is if she puts on dem waterworks an’ gets dem vapors she gets ‘ttention and presents and baubles.” He crosses the distance then, slowly, and reaches for Che’s hand, managing to sound a little more gentle now, “Dat ain’t gonna do ‘er no good, Che. She’s in th’ best place she can be fer a girl learnin’ ta look after ‘erself. She’ll stumble a bit mebbe in th’ beginnin’, but she’ll learn eventually, I wager, or she’ll be put out fer not pullin’ ‘er own weight. She ain’t a child on a nanny’s apron strings. She’s Paerin’s age, or looks about it. She’s old ‘nough ta do fer ‘erself.”

"Oh, Bo.. You don't have to chip anything in." She promises with a loving smile settling upon her lips. Che does considers his worse before she shakes her head, "you're right.. But it isn't doting to get her some nice things… I think your sister is doing a lot better. She doesn't come and bug me for things, at least." She actually hasn't seen her for some time outside of the times when she's working on the kitchen and serving the meals. "You're right… She's pulling more than her own weight, though. I've heard she's working really hard already." But the defenses stop there as she's pulling her husband to come sit on the bed with her. "Your sister looked really upset in the kitchens this morning." Subject change, sort've, being that they were on the topic of the girl.

Beautiful wife in bed and encouraging him to join her? Duh? Bowen’s slow, but not that slow. He’s not gotten into his loose-fitting night-breeches, mostly because it’s still a little early in the evening, but he climbs into the bed at her encouragement, curling up behind her where she sits and moving to wrap his thick arms around her middle if allowed to, even if he has to be right up against her back to do so given their respective positions. Since Che seems to be in agreement over Fiala, he lets it drop, all the better to enjoy the curve of her body in his arms, really. Teenage girls are such a buzzkill for such things, most especially his sister. He closes his eyes and holds back the sigh that was about to come as the topic is changed. “Mmm. Prolly sumpthin’ Hari did. He caught ‘er suckin’ face with some boy in the Living Caverns a sevenday or so ago an’ dressed ‘er down fer it after runnin’ off th’ boy.” By the fact that Bowen’s tone sounds utterly bored, it’s apparent that he’s not too concerned. “Is dis a new dress?” He asks, looking at the material under closer scrutiny, pondering how fast he could get her out of it.

Cheusia leans back into her husband as he wraps his arms around her, eyes closing and head tilting back. Her breathing is slow and easy, completely relaxed. "Mm. I see. Well, she's that age…" Though it is an idle note, no longer paying full attention to the subject though she originally was the one who brought it up. The mention of her dress has her peering down at her clothes as if she's forgotten what she was wearing. "Somewhat. New as in I forgot that I had it made? Then, yes." A soft chuckle slips from her lips as she begins to loosen the material that keeps it closed.

… fade to black here as *cough* well, Bowen's sure as hell not going to make Cheusia finished getting undressed by herself, afterall …

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