She Might Bite Me


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Date: September 26, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl
Synopsis: Andi and Zen run into each other, sharing an awkward bit of conversation - just like old times.
Rating: PG
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl West
Along the western wall is the infirmary weyr with healers and dragons often seen working and lounging - respectively - in the small patch of smooth ground nearby. Further north, the yawning entrance to the upper hatching caverns interrupts the otherwise sheer rock face. This whole section of the bowl is a good deal warmer than the rest, which makes it a less-than-ideal location to spend time in the heat of the Southern sun. In between the two caverns is a smaller hole in the rock wall; a set of stairs leading down to the lower parts of the weyr.

Freedom from his lifemate for the moment, the bronze resting while Zen works. Another workout, another drill, and such is the life of weyrlings. Yet, he doesn't mind the work from the looks of it. Easily moving along without a complaint or grunt, even though he is tired and worked. And when they are finally released for a break, the man takes to an easy pace around the bowl, simply walking. And watching, as always.

Andi has slowly, over the past weeks, begun to come accustomed to the hard work of a weyrling's life - having no opportunity to be able to switch her chores, to take something more 'tasteful'. Muscles are beginning to form where no muscles once were, and once soft hands are rough despite the liberal application of oil to her lifemate's hide on a daily basis. The green is much like a shadow, and despite their own drills being completed, the little green is still hot on Andi's heels as the greenriding weyrling continues along the bowl, pausing as she takes note of the form headed the other direction.

M'zen spots Andi in his walk, pausing, then hesitating in approaching. The bronzerider weyrling, once so proud and bold only hesitates for his own insecurities concerning the woman. The pause lasts a moment longer before he carefully plans his approach, taking one step at a time until he reaches her. "Andi…" Plenty more could be said, and voiced, and yet that is all he manages.

Hadath almost immediately snakes herself around Andi, the ltitle green winding herself around the young woman's legs, turning her muzzle up, wedging it into Andi's hands as she watching the young man with one facetted eye as he approaches. Hands gently running over headknobs, Andi blushes a little, dropping her gaze and glancing over her shoulder, before sneaking another peek at him. "Zen.." She offers simply in reply, as awkward as ever.

M'zen looks to Hadath and tilts a polite nod in her direction before he comes to a stop, remaining a respectable distance from her rider. "How are you doing? We haven't really gotten a chance to… Talk." He considers her with his green eyes, searching to see how she fares. "How… Is she?" Because he had a tough time those first days.

Hadath offers a soft little croon at M'zen, leaning more heavily into her person, nudging impatiently at Andi's hands as they stop offering attention, as Andi's attention has shifted to the bronzerider inside. "I.. I know." She offers softly, slowly crouching down to wind her arms around the green's neck, leaning into the dragonet with a soft sigh. "We… We're good." She offers slowly, hesitantly, stealing a glance at Zen then, around the green's muzzle as it burrows into her neck. "How.. How are you?"

M'zen tilts another look to Hadath, watching the green as she presses for more attention. "I'm sorry." For not speaking with her sooner. He watches the pair, slowly taking a step back as to look at them better, to watch how they are together before he shrugs and looks away. "Glad you're good. Doing better than we were at first." He quiets, then growing into an awkward silence before he looks to her again. "Glad you Impressed."

Andi frowns a little, her forehead creasing, and Hadath offering a low, concerned croon at Andi, before she's turning to peer suspiciously at M'zen - what did you do to her?! Andi stays quite for a moment, before slowly stealing a glance at him. "I.. I'm glad." A pause, and she hesitates. "I.. I miss you." She admits softly, her words causing a little growl from Hadath.

M'zen looks to Hadath as she looks at him, turning his gaze away again and to the ground, focusing on his boots before considering the woman again. Her admittance is met with a grin that slowly forms before he nods. The second, causes pause and he laughs softly. "I do, too. Didn't think I'd hear you say that again…"

Hadath's wings slowly lift, as she burrows into Andi, while Andi blushes and looks past the green to Zen, with a shake of her head. "Why.. Why wouldn't you?" She asks hesitantly, hands offering scritches to Hadath in an attempt to soothe the antsy little green, biting her lip and ducking her head. "I.. I'm not.. Not a Holder's daughter anymore." She doesn't have to hide it.

"Because…" Zen coughs, "because… Well, things are kind've different." He shifts, giving her a look before moving closer. There's no contact made, though the temptation is there. "Do you… Regret it?" His hand lifts, slowly, but then drops back to his side and is stuffed in his pockets. "I didn't change how I feel."

Andi gives Zen a long, questioning look, one hand lifting from Hadath's neck, offering it in his general direction, though it only lingers there a moment before Hadath is pushing her head back underneath it, claiming it for herself. "I.. I did. At first but.." She stammers for a moment, eyes dropping down to her lifemate, a smile settling on her lips. "I.. I can't regret it now." She hesitates, looking up at him as he stuffs his hands in his pockets. "But.. W-why, then.."

M'zen watches the two, mostly Hadath as she takes the hand offered out to him. He says nothing, though. "I'm glad you don't. I'm glad she found you." And this will be repeated for a long while let. "Why? Because… She looks like she might bite me if I try to get any closer. I'll respect that. Maybe later, though. When they're older."

Andi slowly shifts back to her feet, standing even as she slowly withdraws her hands from Hadath's head, the green offering a rather disappointed little croon, looking rather sulky as Andi's hands do not immediately return to her head. "She.. She won't bite you.." Andi wagers softly, even as Hadath offers a little snort of 'Maybe I will', an exasperated sigh escaping Andi as she looks at her. "Oh, -stop it-." She murmurs, biting her lip and squeezing her eyes shut.

"If you say so." He'll believe her, even if the green doesn't look like she won't. His hand is slowly offered out, despite that little snort. "I'm sorry." He can't do more, but he does smile in an attempt to comfort. "We'll be okay. Promise."

Andi slowly opens her eyes as Hadath shifts, the green lifting her head after Zen's hand, but after a moment of looking at it, he only receives a little nudge, and Andi is allowed to take the offered hand, hesitantly giving a little tug, even as the green is settling down on her haunches, still watching him suspiciously. "Promise, promise?" She asks softly, looking for reassurance.

M'zen accepts the nudge in silence, not pulling away, if only because he wasn't really expecting to make contact. Her hand is given a squeeze and he steps closer at the little tug. "I promise. We'll be okay." Another squeeze is given, since he can't do anything more."

Fingers hesitate for a moment, gently holding his as he moves closer, even as Hadath is giving a snort, the nearly two month old green peeling herself away from Andi's legs to slowly wind around the bronzerider's, lifting her muzzle to sniff and nudge at him, giving him a thorough once over, even as Andi blushes darkly, hurriedly averting her eyes. "I.." And then she simply nods, shoulders rising and falling with a soft sigh as Hadath returns to her spot infront of her, settling around her body.

M'zen considers Hadath again, gripping Andi's hand tighter as the green examines him. He remains careful not to pull away during that as well. "Good." Another squeeze is given before he slowly releases her hand. "I should… Probably go. Tuorth is waking." He hesitates in saying more before smiling brightly at the other.

The mention of the bronze has a little trill escaping Hadath, and the green is looking expectantly to M'zen, even as Hadath is hurriedly attempting to distract her as her hand is slowly dropped. "She.. She says she wants to play with Tuorth. -Later-." Andi offers softly, blushing as she leans lightly against Hadath for support. "P-Please, Zen.." She starts, words trailing off hesitantly.

M'zen chuckles softly at Hadath as she trills, "later." He promises before, he considers Andi. That smile that remains on his lips fades as she speaks and his brows draw into a frown. "Please what, Andi?"

"Please… Please don't leave me like that again?" Not truly alone, but not really there, either. She murmurs, dropping down to her knees, arms slipping around Hadath's neck as she presses her cheek to the soft green hide. "I.. I don't…" A shake of her head, and her voice seems to vanish. "Can't do it again." Hadath, meanwhile, immediately turns protective, tail twining around Andi's slender form as she looks to M'zen.. Maybe biting -is- a good idea.

"I'm sorry…" He breathes out softly, giving her a remorseful look and entirely guilty. "I didn't mean to.. I just… Was lost." He reaches out to her, gently stroking her hair for a brief moment before turning away quickly. If only just to keep the green from taking a chunk of his skin. "I'll send you a note…"

Andi ducks hurriedly as he looks remorseful, hiding her face more completely in Hadath's neck, nodding slowly at his reaction. Breath catching briefly at the touch of his hand, she sighs, arms just tightening around her lifemate - as much for support as to keep the green in one spot - lifting her gaze enough to sneak one more peek at him. "I.. I'll be waiting." She murmurs softly, lingering there with her lifemate, making no further move to stop him, for now, caught up with her own emotions.

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