She Who Chops Up Men


Rauzath and Voldrath

Date: Aug 20, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Voldrath comes to Rauzath with a concern. Rauzath is less than sympathetic.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Rauzath

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath's roiling anger preceeds any touch that actually identifies the brown dragon's identity to Rauzath. « What is SHE doing here? »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath recoils from the anger, though she doesn't back down. « Calm yourself, or I'll do it for you, sonny jim! » She traces the link back to the mind, scanning, calling to discover it's identity. « Who are you talking about, Voldy, boy? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath projects « My name is Voldrath, and I'm talking about She Who Chops Up Men. She is talking to Mine right now, and if she hurts mine, I will take her *between* with me. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath projects « Alright. Voldrath. » She says that in the tone that calls, 'spoilsport.' The sounds of a wagon on the road, taking its sweet time filter through. « Oooh. Gossip. I haven't heard this bit yet. Who is this 'She Who Chops Up Men'? What is her name? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath's mind voice doesn't register the spoil sport tone, since he is still seething. « She call herself Rocio. Some daft blue has decided she should stand for an egg! »

<Weyr> Voldrath broadcasts another emotion along with his usual disdain, which incidentally is heightened. He also broadcasts anger… « All right, who's the daft idiot who thought She Who Chops Up Men should stand for an egg? »

<Weyr> Rauzath snorts. « D'you think our Search dragons consult anyone when they make their choices? » She's a bit miffed at him taking this Weyr-wide, but if that's what he wants. « If so, there are several riders who would never have been on the Sands. » The sounds degenerate quickly into the mild aural annoyances of a meeting, complete with the headache inducing white noise. « They don't check whether they deserve it, they just do. » She settles back in, for a long conversation. « It is done. »

<Weyr> Voldrath grumbles. « No one will admit to it? Cowards. Fine. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath sounds plenty miffed himself that she's just letting it be, « And what if she decides to start stabbing men here like she did that man up north? »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath rears up, even emitting a bugle both internally and externally. « Then I will stop her, Voldrath. » The anger flares now. He is questioning her decisions. « Alara has vouched for her, and taken her as her own responsibility. You are undermining that. Not everything is always as it appears! Do you have a problem with our Headwoman? Or with the One Who Was to Wed? Or The Fixer Boy? Or any of the other candidates? I've heard stories, Voldrath. Verrrry interesting stories. If we kept everyone who made a mistake out of the Weyr, no one would be here, Me and My Own included. So, shut your yap about it! »

<Weyr> Rauzath projects, clearly angered, and the scents of the midden and the laundry and the creche and the feeding pens all roll around together, and combine, making a sludge smell that 'She Who Chops Up Men' would definitely want for her glows. « Do not question my choices, nor that of our Search Dragons. We approved each one, and have seen no problems. This one has worked diligently for a long time. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath retorts hotly, « Did the Fixer Boy KILL anyone? She undermined herself when she killed her mate! When are you going to sto - » His mind voice snaps off abruptly and is quiet for long moments. When it returns, it is grieving, as if he has already lost his lifemate. « I will be most unhappy if she does to Mine what she did to her mate. He is daft enough to think nicely of her, too. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath is aware of some of the known details of the situation. « Did you know they waited until her egg was ready to hatch, and took it? And then left her, with no care in a cell? Did you know that she wears those extra clothes to hide the scars of her time with the people who had put her into the cells? It was not right to kill her mate. But she does not appear to be the kind of woman who would chop up another without a very good reason. You and Yours may be wary of her, and that is your call. However, if she becomes one of MY riders, she will be under MY command, and that will be all there is to it. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath's mind voice turns from worry and sorrow to incredulity. « Are you asking me to feel sorrow for her? Of course I know they took her egg from her, I was there! If she killed Mine, I'd take her egg from her and then drop her off *between*! I'll be wary of her all right. » There's a pause, and then he comes back with the question, « What exactly would be a very good reason to kill your mate? »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath projects « If Kaseth found out that it was E'ro who had killed her hatchlings before they were ever able to Impress, nothing would stop Randi from killing him on the spot, dragon suicide or not. If someone were hurting My Own, and causing her to carry a Hatchling without her permission, or if he was twining necks without her choice, then, yes, I would want him exiled, or perhaps sent Between. Nothing is so easy or cut and dried with the humans, Voldrath. You know that. » Rauzath's anger softens somewhat, and the screaming of angry weyrbrats fades to a dull roar. « What do you mean, you were there? » »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath projects « Humans make humans twine necks whether they want to or not all the time. It's the way the Outside Ones do things. » At the question he seems puzzled. « What do you mean? Mine was Wing Second Whiteout Wing at High Reaches Weyr. We were there for all of it. Handfasting, murder, everything. » »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath projects « You were not in the room, nor was Your Own, though, correct? » Being lifemated to a Harper-raised rider for six turns has its effects. « So, you do not know all of the pieces. » Rauzath's voice lowers slightly, and hardens, and it nears the cold, calculating mind she becomes during Thread. « It might well have been that we are a refuge. » The last handfasting they attended gave her pause, and possibility. « Leave it. And you are on extra sweeps for a month. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath projects « You are telling me you were in the room and know all the pieces? SHE is the only one who was in the room. You do not know if she is telling the truth any more than I do or Mine does. You choose to believe her story. » Voldrath is as cold in return. « Very well. Sweeps will keep Mine away from Her. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath snorts. « I wasn't in the room either, and I haven't heard her story. However, I trust the dragons in my Weyr. If they say she is a fitting person to Stand, then I will let her Stand. I do know the risks, but seeing as we've all taken them to keep this place running, this one is mine, and mine alone. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. » However poorly it was done.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath snorts something about never trusting a blue, and the waves of his emotion make it clear that he will hold her responsible for taking the risk if anything happens to his because of it.

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