Shipfish, Not Idiots


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Date: June 27, 2011
Location: Landing: Cove
Synopsis: Jarvys discusses shipfish with Gaelene and Nuri
Rating: G
Logger: Jarvys

It is a warm day, and Jarvys has just finished his midday meal. He strides out toward the cove, rolling up his sleeves and moving with an economy of motion borne of long practice and time. His gold firelizard flits happily around him, causing the corners of the man's mouth to turn up just slightly. When they arrive at the cove, he speaks softly to the small creature. "You have a half a candlemark, my dear. Any longer, and you shall have to subsist on the scraps." As though she understands, Jahra starts digging in the dirt. Jarvys, for his part, stands stock still, moving only his eyes to scan the area.

Sitting out on the pier with feet dangling into the water Nuri having just returned from supper with her parents it as normal quiet but a smile keeps playing across her face as she watches one of the recent additions to the cove splash a tail-full of water at another shipfish. "Honestly no getting me wet." She wags a finger at the lot and looks up towards the beach. Not recognizing the man the young woman just raises an eyebrow.

The Master Gemsmith's question is preemptory, requiring an answer from the apprentice, though it's not his apprentice. "Is this where they discovered the shipfish?" The man just gazes out across the water. He refuses to call them doll-fins. "Jahra, watch out." As if a dolphin would leap out of the sea and grab her spiderclaws.

Nuri nods and noticing the man's knot quickly scrambles to her feet and stutters out, "Oh yes Sir. Or so I've been told. I wasn't here for it obviously…" A blush creeps up her cheeks. Brushing black hair out of her eyes the girl continues looking nervous, "Though Dare," She points at one particularly acrobatic, show of of a shipfish, "keeps saying doll-fins not shipfish. I think it's what they call their selves sir."

Jarvys just keeps his eyes trained out on the sea. "They call themselves? Fisher tales, Apprentice." He doesn't buy them. "Speaking animals. Hmmph." He crosses his arms across his body. "Musings of the untrained brats of fish crafters." He lowers his eyes, expression softening just a little, as he watches the gold dig for her food. Something crosses his mind from her words, and he turns to face the young woman. "Dare? Who or what is a Dare?" Other than a stupid apprentice prank designed to mak him pull out his hair.

Nuri blushes a deeper red now and says rather strongly for once, "Well sir it's what he says his name is. They do talk I've heard 'em." She looks rather nervous correctly a master of her second favourite craft but the young woman points towards the shipfish in the midst of turning a stunning backflip at the mention of his name.

"You are certain it was this — animal? And not some young human with a penchant for trickery?" Jarvys doesn't do big change like this well. His voice is harsh, and his gaze unyielding. "Be certain, apprentice." He does allow his eyes to follow her point, watching the dolphin flip in the water. "They are efficient in their movement, at the very least." It's a grudging acceptance of the sheer joy seen in jumping swimmers.

Brows furrow as Nuri considers this possibility but quickly dismisses it, "Well when I met them first it was with someone but right now as you can plainly see it's just been me and they are still talking. So yes sir I'd have to say it was the shipfish…um doll-fin." She smiles out towards the creatures and then asks the master without thinking it through, "Would you like to meet them?"

Meet them? Jarvys is a bit thrown by the girl's boldness. It does have an advantage or two. He frowns, lifting a be-ringed hand to stroke his chin in thought. "I cannot hear them myself." He says so, but then cocks his ears to listen. "I suppose it would not harm either of us to be introduced." New information is always prized highly. Especially in the right hands.

Nuri's face breaks into a wide grin as the man accepts her offer, "Oh good, from what I've gathered they love meeting more people." She bites her bottom lip none to lightly and looks from the pier to the water then back to the man, "I'm guessing you probably don't want to go into the water do you sir?" She asks tentatively.

Jarvys just snorts at the thought. "Not in these … " He gestures to his fine clothing. "I also do not wish to be splashed. If that breaks a deal, I shall send Jahra to be splashed in my place. She much prefers it." There's a fond smile for just a fraction of a second.

Nuri shakes her head quickly and bites her poor lip again before saying, "I'm sure if you just ask them nicely they won't splash you sir." She says and turns to walk back towards the pier when the shipfish are gathered about and a large bell is positioned on. Sitting down on the edge again a course of voices saying "Nuri" and playing with the name as if testing it can be heard. "I'm Nuri Sir." The apprentice explains quickly with another blush for her lack of manners.

"Jahra. Come along." Jarvys commands his gold as he steps toward the creatures. "I am Master Jarvys. Gemcrafter. I take stones and ore, and make them into jewelry." He holds out his hands, showing his rings to the dolphins, feeling utterly stupid. Jahra flits around the shore, much more closely than her owner, and dips once or twice into the spray. "I am told you speak?" He speaks slowly, and draws his words out as though talking to a recalcitrant apprentice or a lack-wit drudge.

"Gem." Says one dolphin getting close to the mastersmith's rings. "Jary." The one Nuri pointed out as Dare says and the girl quickly corrects the critter, "Jarvys Dare." She intones as if talking to a child herself and a hint of a smile lifts the corner of her mouth. "See they do talk sir." The apprentice says and reaches down to stroke Dare as he flits past her trying to say the gem master's name properly.

"Well, what do you know." Jarvys murmurs. "Intelligence." He is somewhat surprised by the turn of events. "I do not suppose any of you would wish to take up the Smithcraft?" He alludes to his (probably well-known) tirades about the empty heads of apprentices. "Or perhaps merely advise those apprentices who are currently the bane of my existence." He rolls his eyes, and listens to Dare trying to master his name. "If Master Gem is easier, that would suffice." There are many who merely call him by his title. Jahra continues to swoop and tease the shipfish. "Apprentice, thank you for your assistance." It's not a dismissal, but it is rather perfunctory.

Feeling a touch proud of herself the apprentice printer smiles at the old master as the dolphins try out master gem and it seems to be an easier solution. "Well done Dare." She says happily to the critter and it shows how much she likes them on her face. At the mastersmith's words Nuri snorts and tries to hid it by clearing her throat.

"Jahra, return to your meal." That's all the comment Jarvys will make for a few moments as he watches the shipfish continue to play. Master Gem. He can live with that. "I shall have to ponder this discovery." Nuri's quiet snort gets a long look from the old man. "Am I correct in assuming you are not an empty-headed idiot?"

Raising an eyebrow to the old master Nuri's lip twitches, "I hope I'm not an empty header idiot or they'll never make me journeyman soon Sir." She grins now, "Though really is it my place to say if I'm an idiot? Ask an idiot if they are and most will say they aren't not having known any other way to be." A shrug of her shoulders and she looks out towards the dolphins again. "I wonder if it's the certain sound that bell makes and if it's repeatable." She ponders out loud as her mind whirls.

"Your answer, Apprentice, merely proves my point." He's in teaching mode now, or near enough. "I believe it may have something to do with the waves passing through the water. Sound travels in its own way through water. I had a colleague who tested various sounds against malleable metals to see the patterns they'd create. It ended up being unfeasible as a new molding technique, but it did give us an insight into the properties of the liquid itself." He frowns, eyeing the girl's knot. "That's not a Smith knot." It's one of those new ones. "Printer?" He barely acknowledges their existence, tries to forget they have sprung up, but when he meets a smart person, he'll acknowledge it.
Gaelene has connected.

Nuri touches her knot and nods her head, "Oh yes. It's a fascinating machine and I've done so much hand copying for my mother it's a worthwhile prospect in my opinion." She says in her normal defensive dialogue of her craft. "But yes no smith I apprenticed late Sir." She comments with a wave of her hand, "But that doesn't mean your craft isn't important to mine."

Jarvys and his gold firelizard are standing at the edge of the dock. Well, Jahra is busy digging for spiderclaws and other tasty treats along the shoreline. Jarvys is splitting his attention between the gray critters who now call him "Master Gem" and the not-so-emptyheaded apprentice in front of him. "Well, of course. We provided all the knowledge to create those machines." Machines on Pern equals some sort of connection to a Smith. Whether all the Smiths appreciate the attempt or not. He can see the use of the printcraft, but wants to hang on tightly to his prejudices. "I suppose. But Apprentices need the time to copy and learn to write and draw properly." Besides, if he did it, everyone should have to, right? "However, greater men than I have debated this issue, and we deal with their decisions." However unhappy he is about the results. "Your hands appear — colored."

Nuri nods her head, "Oh no Sir I'm not saying it's not a useful skill to learn. I myself have been studying the machines because if you don't understand it fully how can one make an improvement on the design." She nibbles that bottom lip again and her brows furrow ever so slightly, "While of course I'm bias to my own craft and the uses I see for improving the future, it never hurts to consider what others think of course. If not only to show then uses of the very things they are bias against." She shrugs, "Sorry Sir I've been told I can ramble for days if given the slightest chance."

Gaelene skips into view and heads down toward the water. Spying Nuri, she waves enthusiastically. When she sees Jarvys she dampens herself down a bit and says very politely and formally, "Hello, Master Jarvys."

"Healer child." Jarvys inclines his head to the polite youngster. That's about the level of politeness one can expect from him, especially for one much lower ranked than he. He does listen to the Printer's ramble, and nods abruptly at it. His response is a bit clipped. "That indeed you do, Apprentice." Ramble on, that is. He's not certain about 'improving' the Printers much at all. But he'll keep that thought to himself, for all it's probably worn on his face.

A blush colors Nuri's features again as she looks towards the ground embarrassed to have opened her mouth so much to a master. "Of course Sir." She chimes though and looks up smiling to Gael, "Hello again. She say in a more friendly manner then most people get from the girl.

Gaelene takes the nod from Jarvys as a dismissal, and turns back to Nuri with a grin. "Did you spend any more time with the doll-fins?" she asks. She's edging toward the water even as she asks, with a longing glance toward the pod.

"Doll-fins?" Jarvys heard the term, but was refusing to use it. However, he does show interest; at least it's necessary for him to know the language, even if he sticks to the older forms. "Is this their chosen name, then?" Admitting their intelligence leads to a few problems for the older man.

Nuri smiles again to the younger girl and nods her head, "Oh yes I came back after super and have been here since." A blush at her time wasting and the girl quickly moves on to nod to the master smith, "Yes sir from what I gather it's what they call theirselves or we called them. I'm still not complete on the details I'm sorry to say."

Gaelene also nods. "Yes, sir. To them, shipfish are the fish which Seacrafters toss from their ships — doll-fins are considered good luck by Seacrafters." She says this matter-of-factly, even if she only learned it two days ago. Then she asks curiously, "Have any of them introduced themselves to you yet?"

With another languid stroke to his chin, Jarvys nods. "I can see how that might be confusing, yes." He'll probably continue to call them shipfish, except to their faces. "I met this one here, called Dare." Unerringly, he points toward the appropriate creature. "Jahra seemed to be introducing herself to several of them. Only Faranth knows what they might have found to discuss." He rolls his eyes, but it's a cover for the indulgent look he tosses toward his gold. To be honest, he doesn't really care about the details of the history. "I shall leave all those details to you Harpers and Printers." He actually acknowledges the craft, much to his own dismay.

Nuri grins to the master smith and nods her head, "My mother I'm sure would disagree it's a harper's job but it's taking her long enough to acknowledge I'm even in a craft. Shipfish talking will take her longer then it did you Sir." She bites her lip again relizing she may have overstepped her grounds again, "I mean no offence sir." The young apprentice stutters out.

Gaelene nods enthusiastically. "He was the first one I met, too, sir. And the only one whose name I can remember," she admits, somewhat sheepishly. Then she asks, "I forget, Nuri — did you touch them yet? Their skin is so strange. I bet the Healers will have a field day studying them."

"It is a rather strange appellation." Jarvys lowers his hand back to rest on the other one, continuing to watch the dolphins swim. "They are active. Have either of you seen them silent?" And no, he's not touched them, nor will he any time soon. That'd require getting wet.

Looking from the shipfish again Nuri chimes to Gaelene, "Oh yes I have. It is weird, not fish-like at all. Though I really haven't touched too many fish." She admits and a shake of her head is given to the master, "No sir but I sure they run out of energy sometime." Nuri smiles sheepishly.

Gaelene says, "All of their names seem to be really short — no more than two syllables that I've heard. And yes, they do go on, sir. I wonder if they even talk in their sleep. That or whistle their snores." She nods to Nuri. "I hadn't touched fish before this storm. I had to the other day, though, because they expected some after they did some backflips."

"Hmmph." This is the part where Jarvys is completely uninterested. They want fish for performing. Riiight. He glances sidelong at his gold again, and then returns his attention to the young girls in front of him. "Well, if you do see them staying still, I would like to know about it." He has wondered a couple times how one would sleep in water. "As for myself, I have duties to be attending to." Enough of this tomfoolery, in other words. "Jahra, come." The gold obediently follows, though she grasps the current spiderclaw in her forepaws. "Have it gone by the time we reach the classroom." And with that, he's striding away, not caring about farewells or parting words.

Nuri watches the mastersmith go and shakes he head a little once she knows he can't see her, "Traditional old man but interesting." She says contemplating the meeting and hoping she didn't end up looking as big an idiot as she thinks she did. Brushing hair back from her face the dark haired girl smile to Gaelene, "Sorry to be rushing off on you again but I better get back to the machines and check before I turn in for the night." She smiles to Gaelene, "I'll have to remember to ask you about the doll-fins later, though I'll probably be down here later I'm sure." She smiles and gives a wave to the younger girl before heading back towards Landing proper.

Gaelene nods politely after the Master Smith and waves to Nuri. "If I have any free time, I'll be here!" she exclaims. Then, finally free of social niceties, she wades into the water to spend some time with the dolphins.

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