Shirks And Measures


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Orralth, Riordanth, Voldrath, & Escaeth

Date: Aug 23, 2010, just before Thrown
Location: EW: Lakeshore pit
Synopsis: Aladie finally shows up to his candidate chore, Neythan and Lenia measure progress, and Ahnika is encouraging.
Rating: PG.
Logger: Lenia

Though it's a winter (read wet) evening, the sun is still out for a short while, so Orrath, the digging blue, is still working at his job, digging slowly but surely through the dirt and rocks that make up the ground where the lake will be. He is being even more careful than usual, because the job is nearly finished, and the measurements are even more precise at this point. Lenia is in the depression, helping her dragon move the rocks and dirt that he's dug up. There is a Smith overseeing the process which is strangely silent, but for the grunts and groans of the working bluepair, and the occasionial laughter from Lenia.

And while there is just a short while left to the day, Aladie decides it's best to get on with the chore he's been assigned. Yeah, he'll probably get in trouble for not exactly being here on time…but, such it his life. This whole Candidate thing is an adjustment for him. And most people probably know that anyhow. Regardless, he shows up at the lakeshore and glances over the work that's already done. "This shouldn't be too hard." he says, almost talking to himself.

As Orralth and Lenia are down working in the muck, they hear something. Well, Orralth does, to be honest. He lifts his muzzle up and gazes at the boy. Lenia lets out a a chuckle. "Now, stop it, Orry. He's not hiding this time. He's in plain sight. Isn't he?" She moves a rock, and stops, wiping her wrist across her forehead to catch the odd mixture of sweat and rain. "You're … Ala- something. I can't remember, and Orry doesn't either. Been too long for him." She grins brightly. "The one hiding out in that building, if I remember right?"

Aladie turns his gaze to stare at the blue for a moment before nodding. "Aladie." he says, grinning. "And somehow I don't think there's anywhere to hide around here." Looking at the dirt and stone that's already been moved, and add the rain…at least what he's wearing will help hide some of the muck.. "So….this is my chore for today. I get to play in the mud."

Neythan's off on the other end of the pile of mud, but he's actually reviewing the schematics that will lead to the lake's eventual filling up and how far is too deep to dig. "Not for too much longer!" he calls out to the dragonrider and the other bloke with her. The man wearing his spare 'work' kilt paces off through the mud. "This'd be easier if we just had one of those firelizards to hover straight over the rim of this hole and just hold a line down here." Squinting at the edge and then how far he is, he nods to himself. "Ma'am, we might be just about there, actually…"

"Orry could do that, couldn't you?" Not necessarily quite how a firelizard could, but he could help somehow. "I don't know anyone here who has a flit. I mean, they're not as common as they used to be for some reason." Something strikes Lenia, and she turns to Aladie. "Weren't you supposed to be out here hours ago? Where the shards have you been?" Whoops. Someone's touched on a sore point for the former starsmith.

Sheepishly running his fingers through hair to slick it back, Aladie grins. "Yeah, about that…" he replies, glancing around quickly. "I uh….got distracted. Sorry. Where should I start?" As he asks, he looks around, hoping to spot where the tools are kept.

Neythan is striding over the bottom of the mess that keeps getting hauled out by the others, hide in hand as he skims the instructions. "Well, that'd be awfully helpful, thanks," he replies to Lenia, even as she lays into the other candidate. "Er, I think one of the others has a firelizard, but I haven't seen her. And she's not here, and you are, so that's splendid. All we have to do is have him hover exactly on a level with the rim of the depression… right about here in the middle," he says, pointing to the exact spot. "And if he can hold a piece of rope and dangle it down here, we can then measure the rope and see how deep this thing is. We can't go too far, else the ladies running the living caverns would be very upset with us…"

Rolling her eyes at the shirking candidate, she gestures over to the pile of rocks. "Look I left all of that just for you." She snickers. "Ok. You want the measurements to start at the rim and work…" She pauses. "Orry, can you stand on your hindlegs?" The astonished and amused whuffle that is the response gives the answer pretty clearly. "Well, it was just an idea. Ok." She smiles. "Then, here's what we'll do. I'll sit … here… " She moves to sit on one of his forelegs. "He can't exactly hover for a really long period of time, I don't think, so if you'll give me the rope, we'll lower it until…" There is somewhat of a method to her madness. "Will that work?" She tilts her head "I do know how to measure things." She gives the former smith a wide grin. "That's one thing that my master drilled into me. Of course, it was more on paper and in the sky than on the ground, but surely it's similar?"

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes as she usually does. « Evening, Eastern. How is everyone tonight? »

<Weyr> Voldrath grumbles. « We were doing just fine. »

<Weyr> Riordanth returns the chime with the sound of a bell, bright and cheery despite the slight pout to his words. « When will the lake be done? And will it be stocked with fish? »

<Weyr> Orralth looks up from his digging, and discussing with Lenia about measuring things. « No, no fish, Riordanth. It's mainly for the weyrlings, and queens when they're sands-bound. We'll all still really need to go over to the river. It's not that far … as the firelizard … or dragon, I guess … flies. »

<Weyr> Escaeth sends a nice summer breeze in Voldrath's direction. « Well you're doing even better now that you can talk to me. » She turns her attention to Riordanth, « Don't know really. There's a river nearby that has them though I think… »

<Weyr> Voldrath snorts at Escaeth. Then his touch nudges Riordanth. « Got lazy from having that lake under your ledge all those years? »

Following behind a small group of smiths as they arrive after taking their evening meal, either to check on the progress, or to collect things they left behind at the Lakeshore earlier in the day, Ahnika breaks off as she comes into view of more people. Her chore duty apparently over for the day, not being that of the lakebed apparently, the redhead whose hair is normally in a bun but is now loose and swept to the right side in an effort to cover a yellowing bruise on her right cheek, comes around to the side of Lake Hopeless, taking in a moment to observe the working blue dragon and the others in the lakebed, seeming genuinely interested in what is being done. Her grey-eyed gaze lands on Neythan briefly, and her expression shifts to apprehension before it is schooled calm and indifferent once more, and the young woman calls down to them, "Need more help? You're losing daylight." Ever the practical one.

<Weyr> Riordanth snorts at Voldrath, splashing mental water at him. « I am not lazy. I do not know where to *go*. And mine is sitting on me. With Crispin. » He has always named the boy. « I don't want to disturb them even though I want to *move*. It's so hard to stay still. »

A pile of rocks. Well, it could be worse, Aladie supposes. "Really, you shouldn't have." he says, smirking and heading in the direction of said pile. "Maybe I should have stayed distracted a little bit longer." Or may that would have been worse than this, he thinks as he starts to move a rock off the pile into wherever it should be going.

<Weyr> Voldrath « Mine is on the way. Maybe he'll take them from you so you can go fishing. »

<Weyr> Escaeth giggles at the two bantering back and forth.

<Weyr> Orralth listens to the conversation, and joins it. « I like fishing. There's this one spot… I'm not sure there's actually any fish there, but it's fun to sit and watch them. » He sounds nostalgic. « Maybe one day, you and I can fish together, Riordanth. »

<Weyr> Riordanth is simply happiness. Then he brightens even more, mind springing towards Orralth's. « Truly? I would love that. I'm *great* at fishing. I have the patience for it. » No, really.

"It's pretty similar," Neythan affirms to the dragonrider as he looks to the arriving smiths and whistles to one that's got a rope, beckoning to the other to toss it to him. The coil goes flying through the air with scary smith precision, and Neythan catches it neatly, undoing the two twine ties keeping it together. "We don't need it to be held very long," he says to Lenia and Orralth. "Just long enough for you to grab one end at the very end here," he says, offering the one bit of rope to her, "And just drop it down here, and I'll grab hold where it touches, and then measure that bit." He waves up to Ahnika and frowns at that look that he's not sure he caught. "I'm almost done here…"

Lenia grins, and Orralth whuffs his agreement. That he can do. Lenia positions herself on the foreleg, laying across it on her belly as he slowly rises from the ground. Those around better beware as his wings are dirty and probably muddy from all the digging he's done. He's not always careful about where the dirt goes. "Alright. Little bit higher… Just a little more…" Lenia turns her head to see where the edge of the hole is, and shakes her head. "No, Orry, you've got like two meters more…" He replies to that apparently, as she grins and sits up. "You're right. We'll do it this way." She raises her hand slowly until it reaches the right place. "Mark." She calls loudly, as Orry attempts to maintain position for as long as he can.

Not exactly the response Ahni was either expecting or, perhaps, even hoping for - being that she is a young woman who doesn't like to just sit idle - her attention wanders over the group working on the lakebed and, spotting Aladie, she climbs down or heads over as the case may be and moves in his direction, rolling up her sleeves a bit in anticipation of the heavy lifting, even if the sun is going down. Sweat (and wing-flung dirt and mud) washes off and she hates to just be standing around. She offers Aladie a small, polite smile on approach, saying simply, "Hi," in greeting. Then she eyes Lenia and the blue dragon and Neythan once more, and not wanting to interrupt them or disturb their concentration since it all looks rather complicated to Ahnika, she asks Aladie, "What're they doing?" Genuinely curious. Without waiting on an answer, she grabs one of the rocks from the pile he is moving and hefts it in both hands on over to where it needs to be deposited.

Aladie's dream day certainly isn't moving rocks from one place to another. But, it is definitely a change from the life he came from that he's willing to make a small sacrifice to keep. "Hi." he replies, towards Ahni, as he lugs another rock over to the designated spot. "I haven't the faintest idea." he adds, shielding his face from the mud stirred up by the dragon.

<Weyr> Orralth grunts and groans as he attempts this feat that his rider has asked. « You know, this is kind of fun, if it wasn't such … hard … work. » He exhales loudly.

Neythan stoops and grabs the bit of the rope on the ground at the bottom of the depression. "Got it!" he calls up to the blue and his rider. "Thanks to you both!" And then he smiles toward Ahnika. "That's a nice look for you," he says, missing the bruise on her face due to her changed hairstyle and the twilight around them. He's still very careful about holding his end of the rope exactly so, in order not to lose the measurement as he starts coiling it up and counting how many of his arm's lengths it is.

Orralth lowers himself slowly to the ground, Lenia cheering like a little weyrbrat on his first dragonflight around the bowl. "That was amazing, you!" She dismounts, turns around and throws her arms around his neck. "I don't think he could have done it for much longer, but it's done." She grins over at Neythan. "How's it lookin, then?" She watches him wind up the rope, and counts in her head, trying to figure some of the math out. "We were measuring the depth. See, if we get it too deep, it'll fall down into the inhabited caverns. But if we don't get it deep enough, then dragons can't get completely clean. It's kind of a tough process finding the happy medium." As the sky starts to get dark in earnest, she scowls over at Aladie. "Are you going to let her outwork you, then?" She shakes her head. "That is a bit of a different style." This to Ahni's hair. "It looks … nice, though." She's sincere, it's just not often that the woman deals with stuff like that. Avoids it like the plague, usually.

Ahnika is helping Aladie move a pile of rocks as the daylight dwindles. Her hair is down and swept to the right side in order to try and hide a yellowing bruise on her right cheek. Otherwise, however, she looks no worse for wear, if perhaps starting to get a little muddy and sweaty from the rock-hauling. She gives Aladie a curious look as he admits to not knowing what Neythan and Lenia and the blue dragon are doing in and around the depression. And then rather than fill the awkward silence with small talk, the redhead just continues to work, picking up another rock and carrying it off to where they need to be instead. She slows and then flushes at Neythan's compliment, not smiling, and looking away toward where the rocks are being deposited, "Thanks …" She puts the rock down then, where it belongs, and dusts off her hands, looking over to Lenia as she speaks and explains what they were doing. Her expression shows interest, and she nods. "Oh, right. That makes perfect sense," she says earnestly, and then colors again with the compliment coming from Lenia. "Um, thanks," she says quietly, and pointedly looks any other direction but Neythan and Lenia as she gets back to the task of hauling rocks in the twilight, not seeming to notice or care if she is outhauling Aladie. She's just lending a hand and going at her own efficient pace.

<Weyr> Escaeth sighs as she gets done doing something. « Why do people insist on traveling heavy? Big fat traders and their bags. »

Aladie is definitely not hauling at what could be considered an 'efficient' pace. Nope. The lad is just toting the rocks leisurely from one place to the next. Oh, and taking in what is going on with the dragon. Yes, they still fascinate him somewhat. Ever since that first ride on one. As he's tugging one fairly large size rock, he overhears the compliment about Ahni's hairstyle and in turning to look, ends up tripping over his own two feet with the rock resting only a few inches from his head. Of course, he's always been quick on his feet and is back upright, slinging mud off himself. "Must've been a soft spot in the ground. Or something." he says, resuming the rock hauling activity.

Neythan continues counting under his breath and then a frown appears when he's done. "Looks like we all get a bit more hauling to do," he announces with a sigh, tying the rope back into its coil and flinging it easily back to the other smiths who'd come with Ahnika. "We're still a good dozen feet to go, just here in the middle," he adds. "And if I'm correct…" he begins mumbling the maths right then and there, taking a charcoal stick and writing on the back of the hide he'd brought, he says, "I don't think we're gonna get this done before the hatching, not unless we get a good half-dozen dragons to help out as well."

"Rats." Lenia scowls, and even Orralth lowers his muzzle down on his forelegs, gazing up soulfully at Neythan. "I thought we were closer than that." She sighs. "I don't know how much longer J'cobi will let us slack from training. Though I think he realizes …" She hopes he realizes how important it is. "Well, hopefully, it'll be longer than everyone is predicting, and we'll just get it in?" That's her wishful thinking, though, and it shows. "Are you okay, Aladie?" She gazes over at him, and watches him get up. To the idea of other dragons digging, Lenia snorts. "I'm not sure that'd work. I mean, Orry digs pretty precisely. He might be willing to go a bit faster if you sweet talk him, and let him go through all the dirt and rocks when you're done? Wherever you're putting them, I mean." She grins, and looks over at the pouting blue. He lifts a foreleg to cover his eyes for a moment, while talking to Lenia via the mindlink. "Or not." She snorts.

Pausing a moment to regard Aladie with somewhat of a wide-eyed look as the other rock-hauler nearly clobbers himself with a large rock, Ahni asks, "Are you okay?" Even as he his getting up again and commenting about soft spots and resuming work. She waits and watches him as he resumes his work, perhaps watching for any limping or other obvious signs that he'd hurt himself, and then gets distracted by something overheard from Neythan, calling out, "What if we set out some lighting and work through the night in shifts?" Leave it to Ahni, the workaholic, to suggest how to work people to death. And then a slow smile breaks across her features for Orralth, because, well, she can't help herself. He looks too damn cute like that. And then she gets back to the task of hauling rocks.

No. No obvious signs of injury to Aladie. Or if there are, they are well hidden. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine." he says, grinning sheepishly as he hauls the rock over to the new pile. "I'm just kinda clumsy is all." he adds, moving back towards the other pile. The mention of working through the night draws a curious look from him though.

"I was /hoping/ so, to be perfectly honest," Neythan admits, rubbing a dirty hand on his neck. "But I wouldn't want you two to get into trouble," he adds worriedly as he watches Aladie and Ahnika and then frowns thoughtfully this time at Ahni's suggestion. "That could help, certainly, but I don't think we should impose on Rocio and her assistant glowtenders… not sure we have enough glows for that amount of light needed. Unless we borrowed something from Landing. They've still got electricity, but not much has been wired up here, certainly not enough to keep this day-bright all night long. Good thought, tho."

Lenia snorts, gazing around. "It's too bad we couldn't figure out some way to use the river water to power those thingies." Technical term, yes. "I don't know how it's all done…" Not many really do, "but it'd be really cool!" The bluerider's face brightens up at the thought of electricity in her weyr. However, she can be realistic, so she doesn't say anymore about that part of the discussion. "Well, Orry and I could be out here most of the night, if you really need it. I know my way around here in the dark, and I wouldn't mind just keeping working… but … we'd have to sleep sometime." She frowns. "Maybe if we can find another dragon who digs as … not as slowly, but as precisely as Orry, then we could work in shifts." She runs a tired hand over her face. "I don't know."

With Ahni's reputation of introducing her head to table-edges, the redhead shoots Aladie a commiserating smile with the clumsy comment and nods, before grunting a little under the weight of a particularly large rock as she lifts it from the 'from' pile and picks her way carefully toward the 'to' pile. At least she is lifting with her legs and not her back. "Well," she says through her teeth and obviously strain, "Got no where else t'be," to Neythan and his suggestion to work a little longer, at least until they aren't in pitch black darkness and liable to kill themselves in the lakebed. Releasing the rock, she exhales and dusts her hands, nodding once in Neythan's direction to his final comments, without really looking at him, and instead offers a slight shrug for Aladie and his curious look, perhaps mistaking its intent. Returning to the other pile, she muses aloud, "Electricity," like the country girl is trying the word on for size. Then, lifting another rock, Ahni looks with open concern for Lenia as she runs a tired hand over her face, "Well, I can keep working for now, and if you want to break for dinner, ma'am, or make a run for Landing to talk to someone about that … electricity …" her voice trails off with the suggestion. She carries the rock over to where they are being deposited then, lapsing quiet for the moment.

Neythan's grin is a bit mild, since he hasn't been doing as much hauling today as the others. "It would make things more efficient… but I'm not sure I wouldn't be beaten up by the other candidates for suggesting it." His words are light and joking. "I think it's actually better if we don't overexert ourselves," he adds more seriously. "We're not drudges or whatever prisoners who've been sentenced to work in a Lord Holder's mine. We have to be able to rest sometime… and do other stuff too."

Just as Aladie returns to starting rock pile, one of the brown riders appears with a summons for the lad. Well, at least he made it through most of the day before it caught up with him. "Sorry. I have to go, apparently." he says, giving a smile to the others around before slicking some of the mud off himself. "Hopefully this won't take long and I can come back to finish out my chore." With a wave, he starts back towards the main area of the weyr. Wish the boy luck.

"Well, we'll keep at it, and hope that they'll let him finish. I mean, since he's been doing it so well, and since we aren't too far behind on the other stuff…" She gazes down to the blue. "It's okay, Orry. I'm sure it'll get done in not too long." She sighs. "Welll, he needs to hunt, and I need to bathe." She rolls her eyes, and sniffs pointedly at her armpit. "Whew. Yeah. I need to bathe. We'll be back here bright and early in the morning." She gives a cheerful grin that doesn't quite reach her tired eyes. "C'mon, you big lump. Let's go."

Still quiet for the moment, Ahnika just regards the others with fleeting glances as she continues to haul rocks. To Neythan's suggestion that they don't overdo it, the recently nightmare-ridden candidate comments, "Easier to sleep if I'm bone-tired and exhausted, honestly. I don't mind." To the 'other stuff' comment, her gaze lingers on Neythan once more, a distracted frown tugging at her lips, and she actually opens her mouth as if about to say or ask him something, and then swiftly shuts it and turns back to the rock hauling task, despite that it's probably starting to get darker now, at least that will make it easier for her to hide her face. She pauses to wave to Aladie as he gets summoned off, watching him go a moment before returning to the rock-hauling. It doesn't matter that she wasn't assigned to the lakebed today. It just simply needs doing and she's there to do it. Smiling a little to Lenia and Orry, she waves at them as they start to make their departure, "Clear skies, ma'am. And Orry." Then there's another rock in her hands.

"Yeah, clear skies," Neythan says to Lenia and Orralth with a graceful bow for the lady and her dragon, but he's still a bit distracted, and he looks at Ahnika, making a shooing motion to a couple of the other workers to give them a bit of space. "Are you all right?" he asks with concern in his voice, rolling up the hide and giving it to one of the other smiths with an instruction on where to put it for now so it doesn't get dirty or lost in the mud.

Ahnika reaches for yet another rock and then stops and looks at Neythan for his question. Uncertainty flickers in her eyes and then she looks away again. She mistakes the question for the condition of her face, after all, despite her attempt to keep it as obscured as possible, she's still getting questioned about it. So she clears her throat and then says, "I'm fine. Was … just a kind of … accident." Ahnika is a terrible liar and doesn't even try to say she walked into a wall. She grabs one of the smaller rocks from the pile, one that she can carry one-handed and looks at him again, "I wanted to ask you something though. Needed to, that is. Weyrwoman Alara …" she shifts uncomfortably, "I'm looking for someone who can sketch … people, for her." Yes. That's right. Something Alara needs done. Absolutely. Nothing to do with Ahni and her face, not at all. She waits there, rock in hand, to see what Neythan says.

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