Silver Linings


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Date: 2011.05.22
Location: EW - Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Max seeks Nenienne out and asks her to get what she can for the necklaces she’d made for him. He also has another favour to ask of her.
Rating: PG
Logger: Max

It's lunchtime, but not everyone is at lunch. Several crafters, including Neni and a few of the other Smiths are consulting about something, motioning around various parts of the workplace as if partitioning it. Whatever they're talking about is decided, and they disperse. Most of them, including Neni, seem to be heading toward the living cavern for lunch.

It’s been something Max has put off doing for a while now but he’s finally had to come to admit certain things to himself and so the last of loose ends now needs tying off. It is this that brings the beast manager with a carrysack slung over one shoulder into the lower caverns when most are heading toward the living caverns for lunch. Dark eyes pick across the departing smiths and then land on Nenienne. It’s not so much a smile that appears but more an expression of recognition that forms as he heads toward her. “Nenienne, got a minute?”

Nenienne pauses as she hears her name, then her expression lightens as she recognizes Max. "Of course," she says, heading over toward him. "What's up?"

There does come a smile now, though it’s a fleeting pale little thing as Max sets the carrysack down onto one of the work tables and extracts two wooden boxes that might be familiar to the jewellerysmith. “I uhhh…” a brief frown appears as he slides them toward her, “I was hopin’ maybe you could see what you could get for these?” If Nenienne opens the boxes she’ll find nestled inside the two necklaces he’d commissioned from her over a turn ago. The one might show signs of wear while the other more expensive one, is still in pristine condition.

Nenienne blinks, then looks confused, as she notes the contents. "Was something wrong with them?" she asks, perhaps a touch forlornly.

That was not a question Max was expecting and so he regards Nenienne silently for a moment before lips purse and he gives a faint shake of head. “Naw, they’re beautiful, darlin’,” offering reassurance, “Its just…” here he falters and then clears his throat and pushes on with determination, “Me and Ahni, we ain’t together no more. She gave ‘em back.” That last spoken in a flat tone of voice.

Nenienne ohs softly, then says, "I'm sorry." She looks back at the necklaces reflexively. Remembering his initial question, she says, "I'm not so sure I could sell them with your name on them, but I could extract the emerald; it's worth quite a bit. And I suppose I could sell the silver if I melt it down."

A shoulder shifts awkwardly in response to Nenienne’s first with Max keeping his gaze cast firmly down to the jewellery under discussion. “I don’t care what you do with ‘em. Melt ‘em, take ‘em apart, whatever. Get what you can and I’ll consider it a favour.”

Nenienne nods, not making eye contact, though this is not strictly unusual. "Are you sure?" she asks softly.

Brows press toward each in a heavy frown and Max exhales a tight sigh, “Aye. She made it pretty clear. Ain’t got much else I can do with ‘em.” For passing jewellery made for one woman to another is just not his style. A small smile is produced for Nenienne, “It don’t change that you do good work, Neni.” Using the abbreviation of her name, “You’re my favourite jewellerysmith, aye? I got anythin’ else that needs puttin’ together there ain’t no one else I’ll go to. On that you got my word.”

Nenienne nods, sighing quietly. "Disassembling these won't take as long as making them. Would you like me to give you what I think it'll be worth now?"

Surprise colours Max’s tone, “You carry those kinda marks on you?” and then he frowns a little, “That ain’t wise, darlin’. Not with the types you spoke of down Landin’ way what’s been hangin’ around, aye?’ And then he pauses, “Actually, I was wonderin’ if you could do me one last favour?”

Nenienne shakes her head. "But my room is just over there. I have a press with a lock Neythan made me when we were still in the common dorms — it's a good one." She cants her head curiously, "What is that?"

“Ah,” relief evident in the beast manager’s tone and expression when Nenienne comments to not actually having the marks on her person. Max’s sends a smile to her query and taking out a sheet of paper and a pencil, quickly jots something down. Folding it he hands it back to her, “See to it that the marks get sent to this man. Anonymously. He ain’t gotta know my name or yours. Used to work a small fishin’ boat off the main docks. Lost a leg in a storm at sea. Decent sort of chap.” The man under discussion being none other than young Nikro’s father.

Nenienne nods solemnly. "I'm pretty sure I can do that. I don't know many Harpers," she pauses, then says, "Or traders, for that matter. But I'm sure someone at the Hall can give me a lead." Although she appears curious, she doesn't press any further as to why Max knows of him.

There’s a smile of more genuine and warmer proportions when Nenienne agrees to running the errand for him, “Just ask Yaron, he’ll point you in the right direction.” Though why he’s not asking Yaron to run the errand is anyone’s guess. “Thanks, darlin’,” Max leans forward and presses a kiss to the jewellerysmith’s cheek, much the way a sibling or good friend might, “You’re a doll.” And then he’s scooping up the carrysack and instead of turning toward the living caverns, looks to be heading off toward the kitchens.

Nenienne is taken completely by surprise by the gesture, and actually just blinks for a few seconds, before calling out a goodbye to the Beastmaster. She looks sadly at the necklaces, then heads toward her room to put them in her press, along with Kaskan's carving, which has shown noone, as promised.

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