Small Packages, Great Gifts


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Date: 1/23/11
Location: EW: Infirmary
Synopsis: Nenienne presents Cheusia (and Bowen in a lesser extent) with her wedding gift, and Cheusia is pleased (which makes Bowen pleased), and Cheusia promises to discuss another commissioned project with Nenienne later, after she's had a chance to talk with Bowen about it first. Meanwhile, poor Bowen looks not entirely unlike a confused dog whose been startled by his own fart.
Rating: PG
Logger: Bowen

Late evening, just before supper time is when Che is getting off this evening. Luckily, a rather uneventful day so she's done early and awaiting her husband's arrival. She's sitting near the doorway, twisting the ring on her finger idly, and thoughtfully as she waits.

Nenienne peeks hesitantly into the infirmary and, upon seeing Cheusia, says, "Hello. Do you have a few minutes?"

It’s well past the months of those initial concerns that Cheusia’s safety might be at risk, but Bowen’s never really given up the pleasant habit of coming by to pick Cheusia up after her shift, unless there are extenuating circumstances of some kind. Today, for some reason, the man went ahead and bathed before coming to the Infirmary. Perhaps he finished early, too, or perhaps someone made a rude comment and asked if he had actually went for a swim in the tanning vats himself. Whatever the case, his hair is still a little damp as he comes up the stone corridor ramp leading to the Infirmary and he actually smells tolerably well. As such, the man sees Nenienne peeking into the Infirmary before he sees his lovely wife, and tips his hat to the former. “Journeywoman,” he greets before stepping in and past and only taking one quick look before stepping toward Cheusia where she waits for him near the doorway. He offers his wife no verbal greeting for the moment, but does give her a warm smile where he’d given Nenienne none.

Cheusia glances at Nenienne and lifts a brow curiously, "of course.. You don't have to stay in the doorway, either, Neni." Her brows furrow only slightly, concerned for the other woman if only for a moment before Bowen is stepping in. She brightens instantly, moving from her seat to stand beside him. "How was work, love?"

Nenienne walks in, holding a small, plain wooden box. Her expression softens as she sees the affection between Bowen and Cheusia, though as per usual she doesn't actually smile. Without any prior small talk she says, "I brought you something. I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I've been buried in work and commissions since I heard. Congratulations on your wedding." She holds out the box to Cheusia.

“Fine,” Bowen says in answer to Cheusia, reaching to take her hand gingerly if allowed as she stands beside him. But he is somewhat distracted now, coming to the conclusion that Cheusia might have one last patient here. He seems ready to kiss her hand and step back outside to wait for her when Nenienne makes it clear she isn’t there as a patient. The corners of his lips turn up a bit more and he nods in silent gratitude to the smith before his blue eyes settle on the box itself, and if he had managed to capture Cheusia’s hand, he lets it go now so that she can open it.

Cheusia tilts her head slightly as Neni comes forward with the box, a brow ifting once more. "Oh! Thank you. You didn't need to get me anything, really.. But, I appreciate it." Her hand has been taken by Bowen and she gives it a gentle squeeze but releasing it once he does so so she can take the box. There's no hesitation in opening it to check what is inside.

Inside is a plain silver chain from which a silver ring hangs. Two tinier rings each have a dangling chain with a gemstone bezel set. One is gray, the other is yellow; both have been cut to the same size and are round. Neni looks eagerly at Cheusia, for once looking at someone rather than just over their shoulder.

Pushing his hat back off his head a little more so he can lean and look over Cheusia’s shoulder as she opens the box, Bowen’s eyebrows shoot up nearly to his hairline at seeing the exquisite piece of jewelry in the box. Yeah, likely not ever able to afford anything like this in the man’s entire lifetime, and a little piece of his heart aches for that, even if Che has never asked for anything like this of him. She wasn’t Darla by any means. But forgive the tanner if he still would like to be able to get something like this for her on his own one day. For the time being, he keeps his cloudy thoughts to himself, just looking openly impressed for the workmanship. His now free hand comes to rest affectionately against Cheusia’s back if she doesn’t move away. Tender moment? Or reminding himself that she’s his and there and he doesn’t need to prove himself anymore? He finally tears his eyes away from the pretty sparkly, and looks at Nenienne, giving her a nod and quiet smile. At least he doesn’t have to feel in competition with Jarvys anymore for bestowing Che with pretty trinkets. Neni knocked him clean out of the running.

Cheusia is in quiet awe at the jewelry presented in the box, her eyes taking in the tiniest details. She's looking up to Neni with a soft smile touching her lips, "thank you so much. It is lovely." Grey eyes shine with what could be considered unshed tears as she holds the box a little higher for Bowen to see better. "Isn't it lovely, Bo? I'll have to wear it for something special." Her gaze returns to the Smith and she smiles wider. "Thank you so much, Neni. It's perfect."

Nenienne looks as relieved as if this had been a paid commission. Aloud, she says, "The stones are both tourmaline, one for Bowen's favorite color and one for yours.And Bowen helped by telling me what your favorite color is. And his, of course."

The man of few words replies earnestly but succinctly, “Ayup,” to Cheusia’s question. Then Bowen manages to actually look somewhat bashful at having played a part in this. He’d blush if he was the blushing type. “Aww, shucks, now. Don’t go tellin’ it like I did sumpthin’ grand. Ya did fine work, Journeywoman. Fine work, indeed. Thank ya kindly.” He tips his hat at her again with his free hand.

Cheusia looks rather lost at the name of the gems, but nodding nonetheless. "They're perfect. Thank you so much, Neni." It is likely she'll continue her thanks for as long as she can. Bowen's bashfulness is given a loving smile and she shifts to gingerly place a kiss on his cheek. "The colors are also important, love. You played a big part." A nod of agreement follows, "wonderful work, Neni. I'd like to commission something from you later."

Nenienne can't help but perk at the mention of a commission. Also a bit bashful in the face of praise, she nods and says in a businesslike voice, "Of course; I would be happy to help."

Cheusia’s reassurance, kiss to the cheek, and praise in his small part of the whole matter serves to wash a lot of his uneasiness away and he moves that hand up her back to her shoulder so his arm is draped across her back. He squeezes her shoulder then, if she hasn’t moved away, his thumb slightly stroking where it rests there. He looks slightly curious about the commission, but doesn’t inquire aloud at this time. He avoids inviting Neni to supper with them to discuss it, mostly because he has no clue what the commission is about and whether Cheusia wants to discuss it in front of him. He does, however, glance a little behind him, deeper into the Infirmary, perhaps wondering if Jonavan is lurking somewhere, ready to pounce with that rapier, acidic wit of his that Bowen can’t possibly keep up with.

Cheusia grins widely, "I'll seek you later to talk about it… I need to get a few ideas, first." Then to Bowen, she smiles sweetly, "I'll tell you about it soon, dear. I promise…. Because I need to see if you are okay with it, afterall. We make the decisions together." She leans into him gently before she's straightening away from the man. "I'll wait until after dinner before we talk about it."

Nenienne nods and says, "Understood. I probably should get going now and leave you two to yourselves. Congratulations again!"

Bowen apparently isn’t unruffled by what or who he sees elsewhere in the Infirmary, and he returns his attention back to the two ladies he’s standing with in time to catch that sweet smile and comment from his wife. To see if he’s okay with it? His blue eyes look to Nenienne a moment and then back to Cheusia, momentarily wondering if he missed something, which wouldn’t be the first time, especially in the presence of women. After one of his customary lengthy pauses, however, the tanner simply nods, “Aww-right,” in agreement. And then his lips turn up in a slight smile to Nenienne once again, “Thank ya kindly, Journeywoman.” Another tipping of his hat, this time completely off his damp head, and then he settles the hat back on his head again and looks to Cheusia, “Ready ta go?”

"Thank you!" Che chimes brightly and then moves to take her husband's arm, settling the box into the other as she leans against him in her normal way. "Want me to fix your plate today?" She asks idly as she begins to start out of the Infirmary, eager to get their food and talk.

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