Snack Before Night


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Date: November 10, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
Synopsis: L'han visits Eastern to get a late night dinner. Teallan is there working on papers. They wind up chatting and splitting a dessert.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

Evening has come to Eastern as folks are either catching a late dinner or going to bed, so the Living Cavern is mostly empty, some riders talking or crafters hanging out after a long day's work. A lone figure comes down the stairs into the cavern, his presence prompting a call from the riders, some having had a few drinks. "Hey L'han! Aren't you supposed to be at Landing?" The young man shakes his head at those present and says, "Even I need to eat." The greenrider goes over to the kitchen tables, beginning to load up a tray with whatever is left to eat tonight.

Hidework is stacked precariously on a table in front of a young Harper. She wears two knots right now; that of a Senior Apprentice and that of the Weyr Harper. Yep, the interim teaching Harper is up late working on hides again. She stifles a yawn with the back of her hand and looks up at the calls, watching L'han for a moment. "Missed the meal at the cafeteria over at Landing? I hate when that happens."

L'han glances over to the Harper when she speaks, smiling with a nod as he finishes filling his plate, walking over to where Teallan is sitting. "Yeah, either ferry, sweep, or guard duties always take up my time. But there's always folks needing to come here so it works out." Indeed, some folk would rather catch the ferry ride than go overland to Eastern. L'han glances over the stack of hides and realizing he doesn't know the woman's name smiles and says, "My name's L'han, miss. If I recognize your knot right, you're the Weyr Harper for our new home here?" His knot is only that of Eastern Weyr.

There's been numerous times that Teallan has been one of those. Largely because she realizes the paper work or hides she needs for a lesson aren't enough and she has to visit Landing. And one can see there is paperwork mixed into the hides. Not everything's been converted to paper yet. Priorities and all that. Teallan tilts her head in a slight nod. "Until Harper sends a replacement for me, yes. Uveline, the previous Teacher, Impressed and I'm filling her shoes for now."

L'han nods as he checks his memory. "Uveline… green Enceth's rider if I recall and my Escaeth is correct." He smiles, glancing over the papers and hides. "How goes the teaching? I must imagine these turns are extremely busy and Harpers are in great demand with all the new things to be taught."

"Well, the kids are largely learning the same things they were," Teallan says, looking woefully into a mug of klah that's gone empty. She gets to her feet, stretching somewhat as she does. "But changes have been made, or we're able to go more in depth on certain topics. It's a blessing to have Landing so near."

L'han nods in agreement with the Harper. "Indeed. Landing is a great well of knowledge with AIVAS to help us learn more… part in parcel of why I came down here from Fort to help the new Weyr. Being Landing's Watchrider lets me have some time to work with the computer, once the Masters finally got me taught how much of it works." He didn't know anything about it when he first came and now has some reasonable degree of proficiency with it.

"Ohh," Teallan says, stepping over to the klah pot nearby to refill her mug. "I'm jealous. It's difficult to get time with a terminal. Between the Masters and Computer people, it's so rare there's one to use or if there is, someone willing to let you use it."

L'han smiles and says, "Once you learn the habits of the regulars or have some pull with the Masters, it's easy to get one. If you want some time with the computer, just ask one of the riders to bespeak my Escaeth and I can take you there and get you on a terminal reasonably quick enough. How many times have you gotten to use it?"

"Only a couple," Teallan admits with a slight roll of her shoulders in a shrug. She sits back down, stretching her legs before her. "I wasn't posted to Landing long before I was Searched and now that I'm filling in as Teacher here, I've not had the time."
L'han nods and says, "I see. Will you stand for the next clutch that comes? You're allowed to I think, since you were already Searched for a prior one. Within a turn or two, we should have clutches on the sands regularly with the four golds that we have." He picks through his meal, enjoying what he can, but thankfully not speaking with his mouth full.

Teallan chews at her lip thoughtfully, with the question. She prods at a couple sheets of paper, pulling one nearer to regard it. "I likely will," she finally admits. "Though, I'd try to make sure that someone was either there to fill in the Teaching duties or that I'd continue them. I know Uveline still did them a lot while she was a Candidate."

L'han considers Teallan while she's thinking about it and when she gives her answer he nods. "It's alot to consider, but even though I really never saw myself as a dragonrider when young, it's something that I've never regretted." He smiles at Teallan and grabbing a sip from his mug before he asks, "You do know… I've not gotten your name."

Teallan laughs briefly, flashing a grin. "Well, I've… always been fascinated by the dragons. To have been Searched and Stood," even if it wasn't a traditional Searching, "was an incredible dream, but I also don't want to seem like I'm abandoning my duties." She exhales in a long, perhaps dramatic sigh. Old habits die hard, even if many have been buried under work. "Oh! Ah, Teallan."

L'han smiles at Teallan. "Teallan… a pleasure to get your name." He winks before he glances to the kitchen tables where there is still some desserts left out and he looks back to Teallan. "Fancy splitting one of the small pies?"

"And your name? I've gathered your lifemate, Escaeth." She's not fortunate enough to have a dragon to supply information. The question draws her attention to the same tables and she chews at her lower lip a moment. "Ahhh, why not. Certainly, I'd love a pie."

"L'han." With his name given, the greenrider walks on over to the table to fetch a pie and two small plates for them to share it. Walking on back with it he smiles at the smell. "Apple it is, hope you like it." Settling back down and using a knife he borrowed to cut it into several pieces he says, "You'll get to meet Escaeth eventually if you ever ride with me to Landing. She also says hi."

"I love apple," Teallan admits brightly, moving paperwork further out of the way. She'll get to it. The pile never diminishes, so who will notice a few more that weren't done? "Well, tell her hello as well. I may end up needing that someday. I often find someone on this end, but who knows."

L'han smiles as he places a piece on one plate and sets it in front of Teallan and then gets one for himself. "No worry. She loves to fly and will take just about any excuse to feel air under her wings. Similar to Rio's Eovarijath." He bites into the still warm pie with a smile and remarks, "The cooks do well with desserts here."

"They really do," Teallan affirms, setting into the pie swiftly. She rarely allows herself such things, but ohh- maybe she should. "Eovarijath is a gorgeous dragon," she adds briefly. "A shame it wouldn't be easier to contact you if I did need a lift. I've been hoping maybe being here in the south would make it easier to find some wild firelizard clutches, but I've had no luck yet."

L'han nods to Teallan. "Yeah, I've always wanted to find some for myself too, but they're rare and extremely elusive. Although it would be great to have a firelizard." He thinks for a moment and says, "Still, if you just ask a rider to have their dragon talk to mine, it's just as quick, if indirect." He continues into his piece of the pie, but no worry, there's still plenty left in the pan he brought over.

"Mm, that's true," Teallan affirms with a slight nod. "I may do that sometime, if you and your lifemate truly don't mind." She finishes the pie fairly rapidly and is soon snagging another slice for herself. Mmm, pie.

L'han smiles at Teallan and says, "We don't." The greenrider is silent for a moment before he asks, "Oh, have you heard any new gossip or news around the Weyr? I'm out at Landing so much these days that unless it comes through the dragon gossip chain I never hear that much anymore."

"Honestly, Rauzath is so up on gossip herself that I bet the dragons are more current than most everyone else," Teallan says with a soft chuckle. "I don't really know much myself, I'm afraid. I've been rather busy."

L'han raises an eyebrow. "You either know Rauzath's reputation or talk to Alara much." It's a statement and a question. "But yeah, that's very true." He chuckles too, but nods to the fact that she's been busy. "So we all are. It will likely stay such for the next few Turns, lots of work to do and lots of dragons to raise."

"I know Alara from before she was Searched," Teallan explains, eating her pie slower now. The first slice got the desire out of her system, now she's properly enjoying it. "I often take gossip to Rauzath when I do have it, but I've not had time in a while."

L'han nods and ahhs, "Do you know Randi then?" Since Alara and Randi are close, it figures as much. He has also started on a second piece, eating it as leisurly as Teallan. He's in no rush to fly back to Landing. Neither is his green.

"Somewhat, I suppose, but not as well as I know Alara," Teallan admits. She glances up at the emptying cavern and breathes a sigh. "I should get some work on these done before it's too late and I'm too tired."

L'han nods in consignment to that, but he says, "I understand, although I was enjoying talking to you, Teallan." He spares a smile for her, before he says, "Don't worry about the plates and such, I'll clean it up. Have a good night and maybe I'll see you again soon."

Teallan gets to her feet and scoops up her paperwork, after finishing off the last of her pie. "Thank you, L'han. I may take you up on that offer to get some terminal time soon."
— Fade to Black —

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