Sneaking Some Time


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Date: 9th December 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Kitchen/Corridor
Synopsis: L'ron and Ciara meet up in the kitchen. After the…appropriation…of some tartlets, the pair spend some time together in a nearby corridor.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ciara

A typical Weyr kitchen, this room contains a small section for immediate storage, large stoves, pans and containers of immense size, and continuous activity. The cooks and Bakers claim their domain, utilizing almost every bit of space in this smallish kitchen. Hooks for cutlery and pans stick out of the walls, and the gleaming polished countertops usually boast plates and platters full of various kinds of food.

The heat is oppressive today, and even the drizzling rain is failing to dispel it. So why Ciara is in the kitchen, surrounded by all the heat of the fires and ovens, is another matter. She's chatting to a young cook, apparently a friend of hers, but the girl moves off soon enough to leave Ci looking around with interest. A platter of little tarts on a nearby countertop catches her attention, and she moves closer to it to peer at them with interest, taking her closer to the door to the living cavern. Is she going to pick them up? It certainly looks like she might do.

Somewhere along the way, L'ron must have missed a meal, or he hasn't and he's simply after a mid-meal snack. Either way, the aromas of the kitchen have drawn the blue weyrling toward them. Stopping in the entranceway a wide smile breaks free when his attention lands on Ciara, lingering on the gold weyrling until it shifts to that platter of tarts. His smile turns teasing, "You know its easier to shove them into pockets if you're thinking of trying to lift them rather than walking out with the whole platter."

Ciara starts at the sound of a voice addressing her, and her look is one of guilt when her head whips round to see who's speaking. As soon as she realises it's L'ron, her face relaxes into an easy smile, and the tarts get another glance before she looks back round at the other weyrling. "Maybe I wasn't thinking of taking them? Maybe I was…inspecting the fine work of our cooks?" Her subsequent grin is too cheeky to have that be the absolute truth, though. Her hands do go into her pockets, as if putting them out of the way shows she's not about to take a treat.

"Mmhm," L'ron utters as he steps into the kitchen proper, moving over to where tartlets and Ciara are situated. A long, long look is given the pastries and then he pronounces in grave tone, "Fine workmanship for sure. But," and here he holds up a finger, "there is one test that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt." Glancing about the kitchens, the blue weyrling deftly palms several tartlets off of the platter and with a grin tips his head toward the exit, not another word said as he heads off, likely expecting her to simply follow him or stay and be blamed for the disappearance of said treats. His hands however, appear to be treat free and yet…they're gone off of the platter.

Ciara puts a hand over her mouth to hide her smile as L'ron palms the tarts, but when she drops her hand to follow him, a little smile is still there, not quite gone even as she tries to act natural about it all. She follows after with easy steps, glancing about her. "We could get in so much trouble!" She whispers as they leave, but the excitement in her tone indicates she's not angry about the 'theft'. Hey, they were going to get eaten anyway, right? A few missing isn't going to make a difference.

Sauntering down the hallway and around a corner, away from line of sight of the kitchens, L'ron comes to a stop, back leaned up against the rocky wall with a booted foot lifted and braced against it. A grin turns out for the excited tone Ciara takes and he lifts empty hands away from himself, "Get into trouble for what?" Brown eyes and expression emitting the picture of innocence. He did take them, right? "Unless," a sly note enters his tone, "You're the real pasty thief here, hmm?" A pointed look drops to the pockets of her trousers which if she checks them, will be found to contain two tartlets each. Magic!! Or else she's simply in the company of one very good pick-pocket.

Ciara trots after, crossing her arms when L'ron finally stops. His empty hands are given a look…then Ci does a double take. "Real pasty - huh?" She looks down when he looks at her pockets, and now the weyrling gets what he's saying. Her right hand slips into the appropriate pocket and pulls out…two of the tartlets! Ci's initial expression when she looks back up again is surprise, but it turns to amusement with a dash of respect. "How on Pern did you do that?" She dips her left hand into the other pocket and draws out the remaining tarts, lifting them up in opened hands with some awe. "Now why would you ever need to know how to do something like that?" She adds, with a sly smile at L'ron.

"Tsk," the sounding coming from the back of L'ron's throat in mock dismay at her having been the pastry thief. He can't keep the act up for long however for soon a wry smile pulls into place as broadened shoulders lift and fall in a shrug, "You do what you have to when you run out of marks and you're hungry." Not seeming in the least bit upset or sorry for himself over the matter. Dropping his boot down, he slides his back down the rock face until his butt meets the floor and there he remains, grinning up at Ciara and patting the cold rock next to him, "Picnic time." Yeah, L'ron style.

Any thoughts Ci may have on that matter she keeps to herself. Her sitting down on the floor is somewhat more dignified than L'ron's. Once settled cross-legged, the tartlets cupped in her palms, she offers one pair to L'ron. She's sat right next to him, leaning a little so that their shoulders can touch. "We probably could have just asked, you know. I saw some nice stew bubbling on one of the fires." Her stomach growls as she speaks and she flushes, popping one of her tarts in her mouth.

Watching as she settles herself next to him, L'ron shifts a knee to bump against hers, grinning, "It wouldn't have been as much fun though. And," taking up the pair of tartlets offered over to him, "they'll be the best tasting pastries you've ever eaten." Not looking one bit apologetic for having lifted what he could have just asked for. Talk of the stew that had been cooking away in the kitchens draws a similarly growled response from his stomach and a snicker lifts up, "They're talking to each other." Their bellies. Eyes close in bliss for the stolen treat, his head going back against the wall as he chews and then swallows and then turning slightly afterward toward Ciara, "How long do figure we could hide here before W'red finds us?" this asked as the hand closest to her steals toward hers.

"The taste of illicit goods," Ci teases, once she's swallowed the first tartlet of hers. "Mmm…" She wastes no time eating the second, though does savour the flavour with an appreciative lift of her eyebrows before it's gone. Then she's laughing at their stomachs. "How romantic." She lets her hand creep into his, her fingers moving to twine with his. "Can W'red even fit down these corridors?" She jokes, but her mischievous grin is softened as she looks sideways and up at L'ron, eyes adoring more than joking. The quiet moment together is, clearly, appreciated.

A brow goes up and an entirely devilish smile curves around L'ron's mouth as he leans right in close against Ciara after she's eaten that second tartlet, looking to be about to kiss her, though he stops just short of doing so, his eyes dropping to her mouth "Mmm…indeed." He is still talking about their stolen treats right? Erm, likely not. Leaning away again, fingers tighten about hers laughter greeting her comment of their Weyrlingmaster. Being as how he's almost the same height as the brownrider, though lacking in similar breadth a grin washes into place, "Maybe if he turned sideways?" Jesting falls aside, leaving a warm smile in place as brown eyes meet those of a similar hue, "I've missed you." He states quietly. Like this, quietly together and away from the hustle and bustle of the barracks.

Ciara's breath catches when L'ron leans in. All too quickly he's back in his previous stance though, leaving the gold weyrling a little dizzy-looking. She giggles softly at the W'red comment, though her eyes dart about as if she's wary the weyrlingmaster's going to pop up and catch them talking about him. She stares into L'ron's eyes, then, eyes looking moist…not that she'd admit they're getting that way, of course. "Me too…how much longer do you think we're going to be all…restricted, like." That pinkness in her cheeks is back, a clear signal of her Holder girl embarrassment at even hinting at such things.

L'ron's smile stays in place broadening a touch as she giggles over the comment he'd made over W'red and then a light frown fits into place as he notes those moist eyes. Settling his second tartlet onto a knee, his hand lifts and he brushes the pad of his thumb lightly against the corner of Ciara's eye, "What's the matter, Sweetheart?" Not realizing the term of endearment used for his concern for the gold weyrling. Talk of how much longer they'll be kept under restrictions for has that frown lingering and then washes away as a smile curves into place for the blush she exhibits. Leaning in once again, his lips seek hers out, murmuring against them, "Hopefully not too much longer." A gruff undertone of frustration little often heard, tainting his tone.

Ciara blinks instinctively when L'ron's thumb touches to the corner of her eye, and her eyelids remain a little lowered as she composes herself. "Just…you." Her eyes open fully again, and she smiles up at him, bringing her other hand over to touch his closest knee. "Mm." She leans a little closer in order to press their lips together gently, pulling away just a little to say, "we'll have our own weyrs…freedom to do what we want." Her voice is quiet.

While he might had a little experience when it comes to women, he's certainly no Don Juan and as such L'ron is at first a little confused by her reply. Him? He's upset her somehow? His expression pulls rueful, "Because I took the pastries?" Ciara's hand touching to his knee has about the same effect as a jolt of electricity, except…in a good way but to his credit he internalizes most of it and so hopefully doesn't come off looking like too much of a fool. With the gold weyrling leaning in and meeting that press of lips, there comes a short intake of breath and then he's deepening that kiss, his lips parting over hers and tasting the sweet remains of the tartlet. Luckily, Balkrith breaks in and brings him to his senses. Although the young blue is less upset and more curious as to how turnips can apparently taste one way one day, and completely another the next. Breathing a little shallower than normal, one corner of his mouth crooks up into a lopsided smile, eyes fixed to hers, "If we're lucky maybe our off days will match up?"

"No," And Ci struggles to say what she's feeling, looking down now. "Just…being here with you." She leaves it at that, and closes her eyes as she lets L'ron deepen the kiss. When he pulls back, so does she, with a worried look initially for what's made him stop. Her eyes dart left and right as she watches his face, before she smiles just a little. "I'm sure I could work something out. I guess…." She could do that when she's a junior weyrwoman, right? Suosith is there at the back of her mind, all bubbly and curious about what's making her rider feel this odd way. "You don't think W'red's going to wonder where we are, do you?" She asks next, looking worried again - though not too much.

Oh. That gives L'ron pause for thought, and then a shy smile of pleasure fits into place, "I like being here with you too." A short chuckle spills out when Ciara looks about worriedly and he lifts a hand and waves vaguely at his head, "Balkrith asking turnip related questions." And now it's his turn to colour as he avoids explaining what type of turnip related questions those had been. Ahem. Leaning in again, he plants the equivalent of a chaste kiss to the gold weyrling's cheek as he shifts to stand, a lopsided grin in place. "Certainly not playing favourites," winking at the tease on her being able to organize their off days to coincide. The blue weyrling wrinkles his nose at mention of the Weyrlingmaster and then a mischievous expression falls into place, "Maybe if we took him the rest of those tartlets he won't ask too many questions?"

"Always turnips," Ci says, amused, though the fact that he blushes gets a curious look from her. She smiles at the kiss, and when he gets up, so does she, dusting off her legs where they've been in contact with the floor. "Oh, no. The schedule would just happen to end up that way." Her smile is devilish, but an eyebrow goes up at the tartlets. "If you could make a whole tray vanish, I'd be really impressed. I think he might have a few questions about the food, though!" She laughs, softly, moving her hand to catch his for a squeeze.

Despite the fact that it causes that faint deepening of colour to linger a little longer, L'ron chuckles, looking down at his boots and then back up at Ciara, "He wanted to know how come my turnip tasted…so sweet this time." His hand is easily caught by hers and he uses that twining of fingers to pull the gold weyrling lightly in against him, unless she disallows such a move. Dropping a grin down to match her devilish smile, the blue weyrling states with approval, "I like how you think." If she's allowed herself to be caught up against him, arms will tighten briefly about her, "Aaah yeah. You got a point there. Maybe we should lift a bottle of whiskey for him from Jaya's bar or something. Make ourselves 'master's pets and then we'll get away with doing whatever we want to." Jesting outright despite the grave expression pulled into place for his 'plan'.

Ciara lets herself be pulled, leaning against L'ron and smiling up at him. "They really do feel everything, don't they." There's a look of slight irritation, but it's gone as soon as Suosith's in her head, questioning her. After giving the gold the reassurance she needs, Ci focuses on L'ron again, face a little more serious now. There's a smile at least for the blue weyrling's whiskey plan. "I wish I thought that would work…it's not him I'm that worried about anyway, it's them." She taps the side of her head with one finger to try and indicate that she means their draconic partners.

Chuckling low, L'ron nods, "So it would seem." His expression turning concerned for that flash of irritation that Ciara exhibits, "Suosith's unhappy?" Realizing her gold likely responds to things differently than his turnip-head of a blue. An arm unwraps from about the gold weyrling and moves to capture the hand that taps a finger to the side of her head. If he's been successful, he draws it back to his mouth and presses a light kiss to her knuckles, "Yeah, me too." He feeling the same way she does about the mental and emotional safety of their life partners and likely why he's quite happy to stay within the boundaries set by their Weyrlingmaster despite his jesting words to the contrary.

"Not unhappy, she just…doesn't understand it all." Ci's hand is caught, and she smiles at the kiss L'ron places on it. "We'll be fine." Her words are confident, not up for argument. She looks up at him with a strong look, though her lips are curved into a soft smile. "Until they're old enough to understand. Yeah?" Okay, so maybe she does need a little reassurance from him. The hand twining fingers with his squeezes slightly.

L'ron's face touches into a slight wince and he gives in slightly rueful tone, "I guess…its a little harder for you to explain than it is for me." Because you know - turnips! That head of dark brown, slightly curled hair gives a firm nod, "We'll be fine." He confirms repeating her words, a warm smile of reassurance in place. And then does so again, arms moving up to her shoulders to pull her in against his chest, his chin resting atop of her head, eyes staring off into the distance with an odd smile playing about his mouth, "Until they're old enough." A brief squeeze and the blue weyrling pulls away slightly to put a soft smile and searching look down onto Ciara, "You okay?"

Ciara shrugs slightly. "Yeah…she's not freaking out, so it's okay. I just don't want to push it too far, y'know?" She leans against him fully, closing her eyes for a moment. Until L'ron pulls away, anyway, and is asking her a question. Now the gold weyrling opens her eyes and looks up at him again with a larger smile, the worry gone from her expression. "Yeah." Pause. "And you?" Because if he's okay, then everything is fine.

"Yup," L'ron replies popping that 'P' in his usual manner and then going quiet, enjoying the moment of simply standing there out of the way of general foot traffic and holding her against him. The distinctive sound of V'tol's gratingly irritating voice suddenly cuts through above the steady hum of activity in the hallways, A'kon's equally annoying laughter responding to something said by the brown weyrling. A low growl loosens unbidden from the blue weyrling's chest and he steps back from Ciara despite the fact that they're unlikely to be discovered by the two. Her hand is given a light squeeze and despite his obvious dissatisfaction at the two being anywhere near their vicinity, puts a warm smile down to her, "Always better for being with you," he states.

Ciara looks questioningly up at L'ron when he steps back, then turns her head to look for the source of his ire. She turns back to catch his smile and returns it, but the worry on her face isn't quite gone, yet. "What is it?" She keeps her voice low enough not to be overheard with any ease. "That sounded like…V'tol? Is it something to do with him?" She's not missed the tension in their classes, but apparently is unaware of what exactly the true nature of the problem is.

Brown eyes push off in the direction the other two weyrlings' voices had gone in, his jaw tightening fractionally and then L'ron's shaking his head, "It's nothing, Ci. Just two idiots throwing their weight around is all." Two idiots that he could probably quite easily take on in a physical face off if he weren't the pacifist that he is. But everyone has their limits and there'll come a day when his are reached. Again her hand is given a reassuring squeeze, "W'red's on top of it." A faint smirk tracing out for V'tol having been given the blue weyrling's duties outside of their usual training schedule for his infractions. Which is likely how it is that L'ron has the spare time to meet with his girl, like he's currently able to.

Ciara continues to look concerned, but the squeeze and L'ron's dismissal of the issue has her happy enough to move the subject on. "You can always talk to me if you want to, you know that, right?" She squeezes his hand back, before turning her body slightly ready to move off - but still keeping their hands linked. "I think I want to go see if that stew's out in the living cavern. How about you?" She turns her head back to give him a warm smile.

L'ron puts a long and quiet study onto Ciara for the offer to talk to her about it and then he nods slowly, and puts out a smile, "Yeah, I know. Thanks, Sweetheart." Its not that he doesn't trust her, but more that for all that the other two weyrlings have been giving him a hard time, he's loathe to speak ill of them or appear like he can't handle his own battles. "Starved!" he gives suddenly breaking out of that rare moment of brooding, a wide grin in place. "Lead the way, weyrwoman," teasing as he allows her to lead them out and back into the busy passageways to fill grumbling stomachs before heading back to more of the same with regards to their training schedule.

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