Something Exotic And Bitran


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Date: Sept. 24, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: During one of her late nights at the bar closing up, Jaya meets a stranger named Kaskan. His behavior very much likened to the men she's dealt with in the seedy bars she worked in up north, she plays the familiar tease to his running game and leaves him high and dry.
Rating: PG-18 for heavy adult innuendo and talk
Logger: Jaya

The bar is not too busy this late evening, with most of the tables having already been cleared and cleaned up and those few left busy in their own conversations to deal with a scarred-faced bar owner behind the counter and her pockmarked towering barmaid sweeping the floor. Jaya is busy going over her inventory lists at the counter, passing glances here and there towards those sitting at the counter talking and clearly, she's eavesdropping. Best way to get information. Her barmaid, Suli, is over by the tables, sweeping and seeming to remain oblivious to everything. Or she could just be tired, but one never knows with the older woman.

Kaskan stops just inside the entrance. Light blue irises shrink in the low lighting as he glances slowly about the room. Having gotten the layout he moves forward to the bar at an unhurried pace and claims a stool a few arms away from those already seated. Bracing his arms along the edge of the counter he favors one hand, dull white bandages wrapping it from palm to wrist. Over-long bangs shadow his expression, and although his posture is casual there's a marked alertness about him. Watching the woman behind the bar he waits for a chance to catch her attention.

Jaya is quick to notice anyone that comes into her bar - especially someone she hasn't seen before - so Kaskan is given a long once-over before she acknowledges his presence with a nod. It's only when he seats himself at the counter that the dark haired woman gives him a much closer study and notes the bandages. Her writing stylus goes down on top of the hides and she steps towards him with one of her tight smiles. "Evening, shuga," she drawls, a distinct Bitran accent possibly detected within her husky alto as she moves to place an empty mug in front of him. Dark eyes flicking over him, "What can I get you for tonite?"

Kaskan's closed lips twitch at her nicknaming and amusement brushes a few extra crinkles around his eyes as he looks to her. Giving his chin a jerk he manages to momentarily shift ebony wisps from his view, revealing an old scar across one brow, though they fall right back into place as soon as he tilts his head again. Jaya's accent is noted and a quick drop of his regard takes in the rest of her visage, appreciation plain in the resulting expression. "Well that just depends on what might be on the menu, miss," he returns with a rugged smile and a flash of slightly crooked, white teeth.

"Any and everything, traveler," Jaya is quick to answer, perhaps used to answering such questions considering the number of patrons that come in and out of the bar. Of course, the easy way she answers that question, one could take her words the wrong way. Suggestive, even. She's not masking it either way. Dark eyes take in those scars of his openly, because they're there, the brush of movement he does drawing her notice. "I've got something tamed, and something heavy," she continues on, meeting his eyes. "Looking to be tame tonite? Or?" Brow lifts, and the woman is keeping a straight face through it all.

Kaskan leans a little harder on the counter, broad shoulders hiking higher as he braces his pose on elbows. The rich, husky male scent of sweat and sand drifts about him, aided by the smudges marring his clothes at random intervals. An evening shadow darkens the strong line of his jaw as it twitches at her response, obviously not having seen the use of a razor in too many days. Dark brows arch sharply as she explains, though his regard remains fixed on hers. Humor dances like sunshine in the sky blue of his eyes, vying with the suave nonchalance adorning the rest of his expression. The fingers of his bandaged hand tap the counter lightly as he appears to consider her question. "I prefer wild and exotic, myself. Got anything like that?"

Dark eyes flick only briefly beyond the man, possibly towards the towering barmaid that's still sweeping up the place. "Wild and exotic," Jaya seems to taste those repeat words, leaning back a little to regard the man open interest. "The responses I could give to that." It's probably best that she hadn't, for the bar owner takes a step back to peer down below the counter at her large stash of bottles for a possible blend. When she straightens up, she holds a dark brown bottle in hand and she sets it down beside the empty mug. "Neratian brandy," she explains, eyes lingering on his now. "Spiced. Got a little something in it that might satisfy you. A little taste of redfruit. Wanna try it?" Bottle is still in hand despite it being on the table, and the bar owner is giving him her full attention as she waits for his answer.

If Kaskan is disappointed it doesn't show on his face. He continues to watch Jaya closely as if no one else exists in the room, the attempted serious line of his lips in jeopardy as the corners waver. "Spiced sounds good," he notes, pausing to tilt a brief glance downward to the bottle then back with a pointed detour up Jaya's figure. Once his blue find her dark brown again he adds in a musing tone, "I was hoping for something with a touch of Bitran, perhaps?" Oh yes, he recognized that accent. That might seem strange for someone from westernly located Southern Boll. But he's not from Boll, no matter what his knot says.

Well. Jaya, sometimes, can miss signals. It's especially so when she's on the tired end of a long day at the bar. But she definitely catches that look up her figure. If she's surprised he picked up on her accent, it's not registering on her gambler's mask of a face. Full lips will twitch, however, at what he says, and there's a slight shift in her posture as his words get met with very low, rumbly laughter. Dropping her gaze from him, "Something Bitran," she answers to that then, her tongue clicking audibly against her teeth at the end of it. "I think I can pull something up." She does just that, replacing the dark brown bottle for a dark blue one instantly - as if she knew already they very one he wanted. She doesn't even wait this time to ask if this was fine, or give any introductions to it. She pours an amber-colored liquid into the waiting glass before saying, "Spiced. Crushed mint. Bitran," she adds the last with a flick up to his eyes. There's a little smile there, too. Once poured, "I don't usually serve this one, so tell me how you like it. I'd be interested," she notes, setting the bottle aside and taking to leaning her hips against the counter towards him as she watches.

Kaskan loses his hold on coy control and barks a quick laugh as the bar's resourceful owner serves up something Bitran alright. Sensing a challenge he isn't about to back down now, however, even if it isn't the type of Bitran vintage at which he was hinting. Sitting up straighter he drops his crossed arms from the counter and reaches for the glass, taking a moment to swirl the contents and observe the play of light within the amber liquid. Looking to her again there's a definite hint of mischief in the blue that sifts through over-long bangs and humor plays across the plains of southernly tanned skin. Tilting the glass he takes a drink, still watching her over the rim. A moment of thoughtful uncertainty flickers, but then his lips part on a soft exhale. "Not bad. Not bad at all," he concludes clearing his throat with exaggerated care. Rugged smile returns as he adds, "I don't suppose you've a suggestion for something to accompany such a fine Bitran selection?"

"That exotic enough for you?" Jaya all but tosses his way once he tastes the unusual drink, the scar slightly pulling at the smirk that appears on her features. She seems pleased enough by the response in either case, returning that look of mischief all too briefly. Once that rugged smile appears again, the bar owner just can't help but to be drawn by it. His question gets a brow raise from her, expressive in its deliverance, and she doesn't stir from her lean against the counter. Dark hair falling forward as her chin drops, covering the scar on her face when she fastens a long study onto the stranger, "Depends on what you're looking for, shuga," she drawls, injecting just a bit of dryness now into her husky alto.

Kaskan knows exactly how to ply that smile and though the fall of raven layers conveniently shadows his own scars he knows it also gives him a mysteriously roguish air. "Exotic? Yes," he confirms with a tilt to his lips. "Enough for me? No." To demonstrate, he takes another long drink, his reaction more prepared for the unusual flavor this time. Smoothly setting the glass down he leans forward again, wiry muscles apparent as he crosses bare forearms. The room could be empty for all the attention he appears to give it, patrons and barmaid dismissed. His steady regard focuses on Jaya as if he is sketching her in his mind's eye, noting every detail and nuance as she leans on the counter across from him. "I could handle a whole lot more," he drawls in return, letting his own northern lilt pepper his tone. "Why don't you close up and we can discuss it in more detail?"

Jaya watches every move the man makes, intrigued. Well, she tries not to be so, the flippant expression she pins on seems to block much of it as she finally takes her intense gaze off of him. Bottles gets taken up and she moves to put it back where it belongs, then she straightens up and replies with, "Insatiable. Where haven't I seen that before?" There's some sarcasm here, the bar owner briefly lifting her chin to the small group of patrons that peel themselves from the counter with a wave in her direction. Effectively, they were the last and Suli is by the counter in an instant. "You got the rest of this?" the barmaid notes in her grave voice, curious eyes turning to the one remaining still before the bar owner. Jaya merely waves her off, and she watches the older woman put the broom away and walk with heavy steps out of the bar without a backward glance. It also effectively rendered them alone. So naturally, at his question, there's an arrogant spread of hands as she silently indicates that the the floor was his before adding now, "I should give warning that you're playing with fire right now, shuga, so unless this call is about business…" There's challenge in her eyes now as she faces him fully, picking up that northern lilt with interest. "You have my attention, stranger. For now," she notes with a slow draw of her lips. "Talk, and I'll decide whether or not I want to close up." Even though there's no one else in the bar at this point, but she still seems adamant on the point.

Kaskan finally deigns to give the other patrons a bit of attention - enough to note their exit, at least. A hungry shadow enters his poise as the two of them are conveniently left alone. Hitching his heels on the bar stool he leans forward, breadth of shoulder at ease within the confines of a loose, grey tunic and the 'v' of the neckline left casually open. "What about business of a different sort than wine and drinks, but still involving skin?" he proposes, arching brows for a smoldering look to counter her challenge.

With no one else to dote on, Kaskan gets Jaya's full, undivided attention. That might not be a good thing, but for the moment, the scarred-faced woman seems willing to play along. She equally leans her elbows on the counter, leaning forward to regard him when he asks his rather bold question. Such a bold question deserves an equally bold answer, in her mind. "I don't fuck men I don't know." It's dropped point-blank, countering that counter to her challenge, her dark eyes looking as much the predator than the prey in this particular game. Then, achingly slow, she looks up and down his frame before meeting his eyes again. "It's going to take a lot more than that smile and those mesmerizing eyes of yours to get me to drop my skirt, shuga." Passing him a rather dangerous smile, though muted enough to not be alarming, "Nice line, though. Need to use that one myself."

"Kaskan." The name is supplied without missing a beat. Blue pour into brown as Jaya echoes his leaning pose on the counter, leveling her gaze to his. Dark brows arch in question as he lowers his voice to a husky baritone, angling his chin forward as if conveying secrecy in a crowd. "There. Now you know me. Problem solved." Noting her wandering observation he slowly sits up straighter, letting his arms slide from the counter to his chest, still crossed, and giving her a fuller view of him than when he was leaning on the bar. What she can see of his frame is wiry but muscular, currently encased in clothes marked by a day spent laboring under the sun. "Just what does it take then?" he tosses back with a pointed glance toward her mid-section.

"Kaskan," Jaya echoes that name without a beat as well, not moving an inch of her body as she stares him down. "A name hardly equates to knowing a person, Kaskan," she notes then, and when he straightens to her study, that gets low laughter. And oh, that pointed glance, and that question. Jaya could answer with all sorts of comments to that one. She even raises an amused brow at his glance towards her mid-section, shoulders hitching up and down slightly as if in a shrug. She'll let the silence linger for moments, and then she states very carefully, "My, my. Aren't you a bold one? A name's all I get and already you're looking to plow me." Snorting, "But since you seem to have all the answers tonite on problem solving," she adds all-too dangerously, "then why don't you answer my question for me. You seem to know. Apparently." Yep, she's putting him on the spot, openly voicing his pointed glance and calling him out on it with dare.

Kaskan toys with a grin at her reasoning, his eyes conveying the confidence that he knows all he needs to know to enjoy the pastime under discussion. With panther-like grace he shrugs to her question and tilts forward again, tone drawn out in a husky sleepy cadence. "Who needs background filler…" he asks as he fixes her with that light blue regard, now lit with a banked promise. "… to thoroughly kiss a woman? To trace every luscious curve and every silky plain?" His voice trails off as he tilts his head ever so slightly, brows raised in heated observation.

At that answer, Jaya's breath gets exhaled in one whoosh. It's almost a whistle. "You're good," she drawls those two words out long, the smile full of trouble now. "Really good. I'm almost curious." Then, abruptly, she straightens and steps back away from him, her easy demeanor replaced with something a bit more cooler now as she ends the game. Pointedly turning back to her inventory lists, "Well then," she says, clearing her throat to perhaps hide the effect he had on her despite the words said, "I'll keep the fact that you like to, ah, thoroughly kiss women in mind. It's late. Pay and scram." Perhaps cold words considering the play moments before, but the bar owner at least passes the man a glimmer of a smirk when she briefly looks up and over his way. As far as she was concerned, her interest in the game ended there. At least for the night.

"Damn tease," Kaskan stage-murmurs at Jaya's retreat, lightening the insult with a smirk of his own. His good hand rises to rake raven wisps back from his face, filtering down to his neck and lingering there for a moment while he stretches before thudding back to the counter beside his bandaged hand. "Alright woman, have it your way." Sliding from the bar stool he pulls marks from his pocket and tosses them onto the counter, but as he turns to leave he pauses. Half-turned, he flashes another white-toothed smile that so contrasts his darkened skin and scruffy jaw. "But keep in mind that thoroughly kissing is only the beginning of what I like to do." Giving her a jaunty salute with his good hand he saunters out, favoring the bandaged hand against his stomach and whistling a softly wordless tune.

"The best kind," is all Jaya chases in words on him calling her a tease, the woman picking up her writing stylus and looking as if anything else said didn't have anything to do with her. Of course, the last gets her pause as such innuendos do, and her heavy gaze follows him out with no other words other than barely held amusement.

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