Soul Sistas


Ahnika.jpg Nara.jpg and greenrider Nara (NPC)

Date: 11/8/10
Location: EW: Beast Caverns
Synopsis: Ahnika and Nara both arrive separately in search of their respective male … interests. Introductions, awkward though they are, are made. More on Nara can be found on Ahnika's Wiki under the Relationships section.
Rating: PG-13 (vague nudity and suggestive conversation)
Vignette: Ahnika

The day slipped into gloaming as Ahnika left Jhath outside the Feeding Pen area to watch and draw conclusions and strategies about her future prey, climbed over the fencing and into the Beast Cavern proper to hopefully catch a few minutes with Max before heading back into the bowl for the evening’s exercises.

Unfortunately, Max was not to be found in his office or otherwise. In fact, Ahnika couldn’t find anyone about, not that she called out, preferring to not draw attention to herself unnecessarily. Something must have drawn all of the stablehands away from the Beast Cavern and pens here. Ahni frowned thoughtfully, mildly wondering what could have happened to warrant it. Perhaps another fence broke and they all had to go help round up herdbeasts. Of course, it was at the end of the day, so reasonable to assume that some of the men and women simply ended their days.

Ahni walked back down the main aisle, nearly lost in internal conversation with Jhath as the weyrling headed for the exit to the Feeding Pens once more. It was the naked woman approaching her from that same exit that made Ahni do a double-take and blink rapidly, stunned to speechlessness and drawn to a stop.

The curvaceous and lithe raven-haired woman, who was currently wearing it in two pigtails just under and behind her ears, was wearing nothing but two wineskins, tied together and resting across the back of her neck so that the wineskins draped down her chest. The wineskins did not quite cover her breasts. Not a stitch else covered this woman, even down to her bare feet. “Hello, Darling,” the woman said, smiling winningly, “Is Waine about?”

Ahni gaped in silence, her mouth even flapping a few times.

“Oh, terribly sorry. Where are my manners? I’m Nara,” the woman said, offering her hand out to the weyrling to shake, which was when she noticed Ahnika’s knot. “Oh, you’re one of the weyrlings,” Nara’s grin got broader and more mischievous, “Fabulous!” There was a brief pause as Nara mentally checked in with the ravenous and distracted green raiding the herdbeasts in the pens behind her, “I’m Inefredath’s, and she tells me that tall and stocky green dragonet outside, Jhath, is yours. Ahnika is it? That so?”

Ahnika pulled her eyes back up to Nara’s face and blinking again several times she stammered out a simple, “Y-yes.” She glanced back at the door to Max’s office, as if some help might be coming from within, and then she realized that if Max was there, the last thing she’d want would be for him to see this beautiful nude and obviously forward greenrider in his stables, let alone actually ‘help’ her. Ahnika sniffed a bit and turned her attention back to Nara, “I haven’t seen Waine. I haven’t seen anyone at all, really. You should put some clothes on.” Beat pause, “Ma’am.” Ahnika, so flustered, completely forgot to salute, but then she really didn’t want Nara to snap off a return salute to her right now, either. Ahem.

“Not anyone at all?” Nara asked with a slight tsk, apparently ignoring the suggestion about clothes for the time being, the smile fading and expression replaced with a faint look of concern, “That’s not good. Have you been to the Infirmary to have your eyes checked?” Nara grinned at Ahnika’s scowl for the teasing, and then adds, “You’re precisely right, Darling, I should put some clothes on, or a Waine on, whichever I find first.” When Ahnika flushed at that, it only seemed to encourage Nara, “Tell you what, My-Ahnika,” using the term Jhath used with Inefredath when exchanging introductions, but doing so in a fond voice, “Since I seem to be fresh out of clothes right now, we’ll share yours. I can take your pants and you can wear the tunic. No? Well, I suppose I can take the tunic and you can wear the pants, but I’d suspect the tunic would cover you better, Darling, and until you’re closer to graduation, we need to keep the men off of you.” Beat pause, “And the women for that matter. Eastern does seem to have a fair share of female blue riders. But we still need to keep them at bay for the time being. A torment, I’m sure, for both you and the men and women of the weyr, but one you must endure for the sake of your Jhath.” Nara snapped her fingers as if suddenly landing on an idea, “Oh, I know, how about I stay naked and we walk out together and no doubt all the fellows and blueriding girls will be watching me and leaving you alone? Better?”

Rendered speechless again, Ahnika nodded quickly, cheeks flushing again. Nude in the Infirmary or Baths was one thing, but … this was definitely outside the bounds of comfort for the redheaded weyrling at this point in her life.

“Yes, I thought you might like that better,” Nara grinned widely. And then she moved in beside Ahnika, slipping her arm through Ahnika’s, completely disregarding her personal space, “I think you and I are going to get on famously, Darling. You’re going to be my pet project, like a little sister.” Soul sister, that is, “Mark my words, Darling, one day I will have you showing up here in nothing but wineskins … when your Jhath is old enough, of course. It's still against the rules for weyrlings to drink, right?" as if the wineskins were the only thing wrong with that scenario.

Ahnika’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head, “Pet project?” and then she burst into laughter as she imagined Max’s reaction to her showing up in his office one day wearing nothing but wineskins, and the laughter did numbers for getting her to relax. The two greenriders, one very nude and one very not, walked toward the exit, with Ahni saying through a lingering chuckle, “That could be interesting … maybe … one day.”

Nara grinned, “Exactly, how do you think traders make marks if they don’t advertise their goods, Darling? Come along, now,” she prompted as she continued to escort the weyrling, her bare hips sashaying as she moved as if to prove the point about advertising the goods, “So, tell me all about this weyr and yourself and your Jhath. I can’t wait to hear and learn everything there is to know, and something tells me, My-Ahnika, that you are just the person to help me get acquainted with everything and everyone. Aren’t you?”

“Well,” Ahnika said, still a little floored by Nara, but moving along anyway, and now started to seem even a little disarmed and amused by her, “As a matter of fact, I was next in line for a junior headwoman knot …”

Nara grinned even more broadly and they stepped into the warm evening together. “Fabulous!” she said exuberantly.

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